left Alex behind!

(12/15/2011 12:03:49 AM) Praetor: The Hawkesberry rocks quietly, buffeted by a wave as it sails dilgently onwards to its destination.
(12:05:30 AM) Praetor: In the distance - a battle is occuring.
(12:05:49 AM) Artemis: Alex wanders up to the deck, yawning and stretching. What a fucking day. And now; relative peace and quiet. Alex observes the commotion in the distance.
(12:07:13 AM) Praetor: The blonde woman in red climbs out of the water, bringing the sword with her - if it could even be rightfully be called a sword. It is more a brush of a mad artist, twisting and turning, as red as her clothes.
(12:08:04 AM) Dexanote: "Myow?"
(12:08:23 AM) Praetor: She stands on the ocean, brandishing the long sword, a splash of blood following it like a stroke of red on canvas.
(12:08:43 AM) Artemis: Artemis slips his hands in his pockets and half turns to face the woman, his expression as casually polite as if they had glanced at each other on an elevator.
(12:09:08 AM) Artemis: Alex.
(12:09:11 AM) Artemis: Fuck.
(12:09:13 AM) Artemis is now known as Laito
(12:09:48 AM) Praetor: The black scaled pillars quiver and swerve, lunging at her as even more rise from the depths. She swings the blade, and even though it does not visibly connect, a tentacle is severed and sprays blood.
(12:10:37 AM) Praetor: Most of it goes on her. A mad laugh escapes her throat.
(12:11:27 AM) Dexanote: Bruce derp :D
(12:11:31 AM) Dexanote: D: *
(12:12:03 AM) Laito: Alex looks about, then down at Bruce, then back out at the spectacle. "Wonder if she'll stop by for tea."
(12:12:14 AM) Laito: "Or coffee."
(12:12:33 AM) Praetor: The thing below the ocean answers with a bellow as loud as her laugh, the ocean surface rising as one as the scaled pillars are joined by the heads of dragons, each neck and head covered in a sightless white eyes.
(12:13:06 AM) Laito: "Or casual sex with a strangerwowitsanicedayoutside."
(12:13:30 AM) Praetor: The clouds roll over, and the moon comes out. It is indeed a nice night.
(12:14:09 AM) Dexanote: "Myeh."
(12:14:52 AM) Praetor: "A good fight!" She cackles, and the blade turns in a 180 degree swing, cutting a head as it lunges.
(12:15:05 AM) Praetor: Laito, perception.
(12:15:24 AM) Laito: 4df+8 Shift, tagging, cuz he can.
(12:15:25 AM) Glacon: Laito: Shift, tagging, cuz he can.: 11 (4df+8=+, 0, +, +)
(12:15:34 AM) Dexanote: 4df CAT
(12:15:35 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: CAT: 0 (4df=+, -, +, -)
(12:16:46 AM) Praetor: Laito feels the presence behind him materialize before the presence itself does. He knows it is a woman. He knows she is holding teacups of black chai, the strong smell wafting over them.
(12:16:57 AM) Praetor: "Tea, sir?"
(12:17:31 AM) Praetor: BRuce derps.
(12:18:01 AM) Laito: Alex smiles. "You read my mind," he says, turning around and gesturing to the prow, where there are still a couple of chairs set out hopefully.
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(12:18:51 AM) Praetor: The woman bows her head, and places the tea on the table. An Asian woman in a light blue maid outfit.
(12:19:03 AM) Praetor: In the distance, the fight continues without end.
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(12:20:46 AM) Laito: "Some day, huh?" There is never a wrong time for small talk. He rights a fallen camping chair and plops into it.
(12:21:51 AM) Praetor: The woman dusts off her dress and sits. "Yes. I aplogize for any issues of convience on the Lady's part."
(12:22:00 AM) Praetor: Sip.
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(12:24:18 AM) Laito: He waves a hand. "No trouble to me. Or Bruce. Ain't that right, Bruce," he asks the cat, looking down at his faithful stone friend.
(12:25:00 AM) Dexanote: ?!? He flops and : D at the new person!
(12:25:30 AM) Laito: Alex looks back at the woman. "He agrees."
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(12:26:34 AM) Praetor: She smiles kindly and a little amusedly. "I see. Thank you. Let me introduce myself, since I already know of you, Mr. Laito."
(12:27:03 AM) Laito: "I figured you did, so go right ahead."
(12:27:19 AM) Praetor: "My name is Aoi. I am the Red Lady's personal servant." She bows her head slightly.
(12:28:40 AM) Laito: Return-headbow, "Pleasure. And who's this Red Lady exactly?"
(12:29:41 AM) Praetor: "The Lady is…" she turns her head to the battle, evident affection on her face. "…she is, I suppose, in the simplest expression, a hunter."
(12:32:50 AM) Laito: Alex nods. "I believe that. Will she be joining us after he engagement?"
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(12:34:02 AM) Praetor: "She most likely will…she always fancies a game of go and some sweets after her hobbies. This may go on for a few days, though, I think…the hydra is a worthy opponent."
(12:35:31 AM) Laito: "Well, she's welcome. I think we have Go downstairs in fact. And who knows how long I'm going to be here -that- is a striking outfit you're wearing." No pause between the two statements.
(12:36:45 AM) Praetor: "Hmm…thank you." A smile touches her lips and she runs a hand through her hair.
(12:37:34 AM) Laito: Goodness, it's like she's paid to be flirty. Maybe she is. "Tell me about yourself, Aoi."
(12:39:40 AM) Praetor: "There is not much to tell. I've lived a very long life, with the Lady being my latest master."
(12:40:27 AM) Praetor: "A time ago, a human being spared my life, and I swore to serve his race after that."
(12:42:24 AM) Laito: "That's very interesting. And what's her story?" He points back at the battle with his thumb.
(12:45:42 AM) Praetor: "I do not know." She shakes her head very slightly, her short black hair barely moving. "She barely speaks to me, except to give me any information she wants to keep, or to give orders."
(12:45:53 AM) Praetor: "All I know of her is that she is human."
(12:49:15 AM) Laito: He seems to ponder that a moment. "So she's fighting the kraken, what's going on in the world exactly? Do you know?"
(12:51:33 AM) Praetor: "A great number of people died. The Outside shuddered at once, as if a wind passed through it. The Hanged King's court grew silent. The Lady turned to me and said it was time to hunt."
(12:51:40 AM) Praetor: She shakes her head and sips the tea.
(12:53:54 AM) Laito: Alex tilts his head in interest. "The Outside. Tell me about that."
(12:59:32 AM) Praetor: "It is where your allies are now. A great vast space, primarily inhabitated by the whimiscal Fae, and things the like neither of us can hope to understand."
(12:59:59 AM) Praetor: "It is a cliche line, yes, but true."
(01:00:39 AM) Laito: ~Home~, Alex thought, infinitely briefly. "Interesting."
(01:01:38 AM) Praetor: "One moment, sir. I am needed for something." She stands, dusts herself off, and takes a step forward, vanishing.
(01:02:29 AM) Laito: Alex frowns slightly.
(01:05:30 AM) Laito: Alex wads up a piece of paper from his pocket and tosses it at Bruces head.
(01:05:43 AM) Laito: "INTERLOPER, BRUCE, GET HIM."
(01:05:43 AM) Praetor: She reappears half a minute later. "Excuse me."
(01:05:48 AM) Laito: "Ahem."
(01:06:20 AM) Praetor: "…Ahah." She laughs quietly.
(01:07:12 AM) Laito: "Bruce takes his anti-guerrilla training very seriously. We keep a strict program."
(01:07:53 AM) Praetor: "I see. He seems a…simple cat." She sits, smiling.
(01:08:38 AM) Dexanote: Note, Bruce hardly seems aware that Meido is there.
(01:08:49 AM) Laito: "I assure you, he is quite deadly."
(01:09:55 AM) Praetor: "Oh, no doubt. Cats were feared for a reason where I am from."
(01:10:03 AM) Dexanote: Bruce twitches.
(01:10:26 AM) Dexanote: he slowly looks at Alex, then at the paper wad. Yes, it took him this long.
(01:10:49 AM) Dexanote: :(
(01:11:50 AM) Dexanote: Sad Cat is Sad
(01:12:14 AM) Laito: Alex looks expectantly at Bruce. "Bruce. Assailants. Get'em." He kicks the paper a bit.
(01:13:07 AM) Dexanote: 4df+4 MOOD SHIFT. He gets angry. BASH.
(01:13:07 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: MOOD SHIFT. He gets angry. BASH.: 1 (4df+4=-, 0, -, -)
(01:13:11 AM) Dexanote: MISS
(01:13:22 AM) Dexanote: 4df+4 REROLL
(01:13:22 AM) Glacon: Dexanote: REROLL: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
(01:13:25 AM) Laito: Paper wad is auto zero in defense.
(01:13:49 AM) Laito: Bruce smashes it once, is unsatisfied with his performance, then smashes it again gooder.
(01:14:22 AM) Praetor: Aoi laughs a little louder this time as her master cackles with glee in the background.
(01:14:48 AM) Adhelami: SMASH BATS
(01:16:26 AM) Laito: "So what is it you do? I assume you've some free time to waste with me and my slately cat friend, but what do you usually do?"
(01:17:51 AM) Praetor: "Read, mostly."
(01:18:33 AM) Laito: "A noble endeavor. Earth books or otherworldly publications?"
(01:19:51 AM) Praetor: "Earth books, of course. Immortals lack the same imagination as human beings." She smiles very slightly.
(01:20:19 AM) Laito: "Funny, that."
(01:20:47 AM) Laito: Alex sips his tea for the first time, brow quirking briefly in apparent approval.
(01:21:08 AM) Praetor: Aoi nods. She is proud of her brewing skills.
(01:24:34 AM) Laito: "What catches your fancy?"
(01:27:52 AM) Praetor: "I am very fond of romantic works, if you can believe it. In both senses of the word." She settles into the chair. "I may be a bit of a escapist."
(01:28:30 AM) Laito: Alex nods. "I can see that. Hit me with some names."
(01:30:47 AM) Praetor: "Ah. Poe. Hawthrone. Byron. Goethe. Kafka. Hugo. Dickinson, when I can stomach her."
(01:31:19 AM) Laito: "Classics then huh? Nothin' wrong with that."
(01:32:25 AM) Praetor: "I've not worked my way into the more moden works, unforunately. It is a wide library."
(01:36:45 AM) Laito: Alex nods knowingly. "Troublesome that. So much to learn and only 72.2 years to learn it."