Nioki Enoch sits on a black void, surrounded by a great deal more black void. He's been here for days, and it hasn't changed much.
Nioki To be fair, it isn't all black void. There's also the corpses.
Bouncl Any sensation beyond visual? hunger? temperature?
Nioki He can feel his own body heat. He can hear sounds when he makes them, though nothing else seems to be doing it. Outside of that, there isn't much.
Nioki He's hungry, though.
Nioki Very, very hungry.
Nioki Some of the corpses lying on the void look like they died of starvation. It's not very heartening.
Bouncl He's long past clearing his own voice in an effort to hear /something/
Bouncl he hangs in the silence, eyes closed, lost in thought
Nioki It looks like some of the corpses have been partially dismembered, missing hands or legs or other, less easily noticed pieces. It's not hard to tell what did it. That six-lmnbed -thing- had taken great care to take people apart. He'd seen that firsthand.
Bouncl He tries not to dwell on it.
—>| Maddy (~moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.7B5E93A2-CRInys|yddaM#moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.7B5E93A2-CRInys|yddaM) has joined #loss
Nioki Somebody appears.
Nioki It's a black void, surrounded by more black void. The black void that serves as the ground is littered with corpses, some emaciated, some skeletons. And one living man, sitting and staring ahead.
Bouncl Enoch turns his head slowly, as if waking out of a dream. He looks Alice over.
Maddy Alice spins around, looking everywhere. <Jason? W-what the fuck is g-going on?> she seems to be largely ignoring the dude.
Bouncl Enoch, to clarify, stands roughly 5'9". His hair is brown, but slightly sunbleached, and his face is rough and weathered.
Maddy Alice currently looks like a 5'3 femle version of the Crysis dude, wering CADPAT cammies over the suit, and loadbaring equipment
Bouncl He continues to watch, not making a move.
Maddy <Jason? S-someone? Rosa?> She's getting a little frantic. <W-where am I?>
Maddy <I…I…> she finally notices the other guy. <W-what's going on?>
Bouncl He continues to watch, expression guarded.
Maddy <Fine. Ignore me…I'll figure this out…or they will…> she starts mumbling to herself.
Bouncl [I had assumed that <> denoted radio, am I wrong?]
Maddy [Sorry «» is radio, <> is like, talking theough Alice's suit or Jasons, or just a strnges sounding voice ]
Bouncl [Good to know, then]
Bouncl The man seems to zone back in. "Sorry. There's no way out that I know of."
Maddy <Well, w-we ought to try to find one. My f-friends are p-probably flipping their shit r-rght now.> by friends, of course, she means Jason.
Bouncl He seems to shrug. "I've been here a while, and I haven't found one yet. You don't happen to have any food, do you- no, nevermind. It doesn't matter."
Maddy <I have this and t-that…> she sighs. <Y-you injured at all. Might as well d-do something useful while my bbrain tries to think of something.>
Bouncl He nods. "I am, but I'm alright for now. Thank you though."
Maddy <You sure? I'm a doctor.>
Bouncl He gestures to a particularly emaciated corpse. "I considered letting myself bleed out. Better than starvation."
Maddy <Well, I don't know about you, b-but I ain't dying here, so if you n-need anything, let me know. Name's Alice b-by the way.>
Maddy She takes off her helmet and clips it to her harness and sets about fixing her own foot, assuming it's still somehow injured.
Bouncl "Enoch." His eyes take in her suit, curious.
Bouncl "That's a fancy piece of gear."
Maddy "Nice to meet you, too b-bad about the circomstances." she nods. "Yeah, t-thanks. I d-don't know what that thing was, but it put a hole in t-titanium somehow."
Bouncl "Treats metal like a plaything, so I can't say I'm surprised."
Maddy "Huh. Well I'm going to t-try the only thing I can think of." Alice sits cross legged and starts to mumble a spell beneath her breath.
Bouncl "Hopefully you have more luck than I did."
Maddy "Luck is something I've n-never had in abundance."
Bouncl He shrugs.
Maddy "…come on, hun. I know you're coming."
Maddy "How far does the n-nothing go?"
Bouncl "No idea. A not insignificant fraction of forever, I would imagine."
—>| Praetor (moc.rr.ser.submuloc.20734F86-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.rr.ser.submuloc.20734F86-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #loss
Maddy "Might as w-well go for a walk then." she gets up. "Wanna come with?"
Bouncl He nods. "Sure."
Nioki A new guest appears.
Bouncl This time Enoch's head tracks instantly, looking right at Knight.
Nioki Knight finds himself in a black void. It's very definitely a black void. There's lots of void, and it's quite black.
Praetor He sighs and rubs at his head.
Nioki Corpses litter the.. well, void, around them. There are two living people.
Maddy "Hey. W-welcome to here." Alice waves.
Bouncl "Friend of yours?"
Maddy "Nope. Don't know who t-that is."
Praetor He exhales and puts his hands in his pockets. "Two of you. So there was a victim before I arrived."
Praetor "Unfortunate." His tone is quiet.
Nioki Knight may realize that, for him, this may not be hopeless.
Bouncl "So it seems."
Maddy "You know w-whats going on? Well that's an improvment of some s-sort."
Maddy Alice is trying esperately to keep a brve face, still positive Jason's coming for her.
Praetor "Alright. This is a good a spot as any." Knight glances behind him, checking to see if his suitcase voiped with him.
Nioki It has.
Maddy "So…wanna clue us in?"
Praetor He turns, grabs it, and comes slightly closer before sitting it down and opening it - revealing a wide variety of armaments in compartments. "You're sitting in a conceptualized weapon's stomach. A ghost born from loss and regret."
Bouncl Enoch waits for him to continue.
Praetor He removes a cigar box with the insignia of a rose and key on the top of it, and opens it, removing a zip lock bag. "These things tend to materialize in areas where some tragedy has occured - the Holocaust, WW2, ectera. They take victims and cause those who knew them to forget they existed."
Maddy "Lovely. H-how do we g-get out, and h-how can I help?"
Praetor He removes the 3 wooden splinters, shards of a Cross, from the bag, and sets it aside. "The old fashioned way. Cut our way out."
Bouncl "How?"
Maddy "I g-got a knive, bayonet, and some feild surgery shit in t-this pack. Unless our f-friend here mean in a magical sense. I w-wouldn't be surprised anymore."
Praetor He holds his hands out with the wooden splinters. "Take these. And yes, in the magical sense."
Bouncl Enoch takes it!
Maddy Alice takes it. "I'm a w-witch, in the religious sense, anything I can do to a-ad some oomph?"
Praetor "Focus on those. They're pieces of a religious symbol, meant to endow and protect. Should work as strengthening agents in this place. Think about the people you left behind."
Praetor "Failing that, a desire to go home."
Bouncl Enoch gets that zoned out look that Alice saw on him earlier- as if he's not even there anymore.
Maddy Alice nods. Not hard, she hasn't stopped thinking about Jason for a moment. "Goddess show us the W-way."
Nioki Nothing. Just a lot of black void.
Maddy Alice keeps thinking, about Jason, Travis, her rabbits, anyone. She need to go home.
Maddy She has one hand tightly clasped around the splinter, the other around her necklace.
Praetor He takes his own shard in both hands, and closes them in a gesture of prayer. His mouth moves, a tone of force entering his voice.
Bouncl Enoch is gone, reliving memories, playing them over in his head.
Praetor 4df+3 "I kill, I give life. I injure, I heal. There are none who escape from my hands. There are none who escape from my eyes."
Praetor He feeds his own energy into the splinters. "May it be so that you are shattered."
Praetor "I welcome the defeated, the aged. Surrender to me, learn from me, obey me."
Nioki Something gigantic flashes in part of the void that could be called sky.
Praetor "Do not forget the song, do not forget the prayer, do not forget me. I relieve you of all burdens."
Praetor "May it be so that there is no deception."
Nioki Six limbs, bordering them like a cage ten thousand miles across.
Maddy Alice looks around, still focusing. Those eyes, green eyes. If she doesn't see them again…
Praetor He exhales, all circuits full, his own personal prana giving the shards a dull blue glow. "Retaliation unto forgiveness, betrayal unto belief, despair unto hope, darkness unto light, death unto life."
Nioki She will. Soon.
—>| E4D (PI.B08D965B.1E55703B.3EFD6608|tibbiM#PI.B08D965B.1E55703B.3EFD6608|tibbiM) has joined #loss
Nioki Jason finds himself in a black void. And there's Alice. Of course, Alice.
Bouncl [what of the grenade, nioki.]
Praetor "Forgiveness is before you, and so my incarnation vows."
Bouncl [this is important]
Nioki How did he even manage to forget that?
Nioki Jason is also holding a grenade.
Nioki He gets the feeling that he shouldn't let go.
E4D He looks down at it, replaces the pin, and puts it back into its pouch.
Praetor "Forgiveness is before you, and so my incarnation vows. Lord, banish and have mercy.": 8 (4df+7=0, +, -, +)
Nioki There are two other living people. One is the suited man who was taken just minutes ago.
E4D "Alice? Where are we?" He steps over to her, throwing his arms around her. "Christ, your foot. Are you okay?"
Nioki The creature appears again, titanic in size, its limbs touching down miles away on every side.
Maddy "…No time. W-we have to get out of here."
Bouncl Enoch is a man, standing about 5'9" with brown, sunbleached hair, and a weathered face. His eyes are shut. He cracks one at Jason's voice.
E4D "How?"
E4D He looks up. "Holy… shit…"
Maddy She squeezes back, on the verge of breaking, but she's getting out of here "D-do whatever he says." she points to Knight.
Nioki It's wounded, though. And sinking towards them, its mountain-sized body slipping to the side. Jason can see a massive hole from his sword.
Praetor The energy in the shard releases itself, arching out of the splinters in a blue, clear, fount. With a muted whisper of "Fear not", they become an array of scythes.
Praetor And…fall on the creature advancing towards them like a hammer, a metaphysical whirlwind.
Nioki It can't seem to move its claws, as much as tries.
Maddy "Tell me t-to shoot it and I fucking w-w-well will."
Nioki It's trapped there, like an immovable cage.
Praetor The man stands and draws his pistol from a coat holster. "Kyrie elesion. Shoot it."
Nioki The whirlwind of scythes rips through, leaving a new gaping wound.
Maddy Maddy: 2 (4df+4=0, -, -, 0)
Bouncl Enoch unslings his rifle, and takes aim.
Nioki The creature flails, shakes, and tries to get loose. But it took the wrong prey.
Bouncl Bouncl: rollan: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
Maddy Alice wastes no time, dumping all of the boolets ever into it.
Praetor Praetor: add oil to your sins: 5 (4df+4=+, -, 0, +)
Praetor The pistol barks.
Bouncl Enoch adds his measured, controlled fury, rifle stuttering.
Nioki Bullets tear through, leaving the body almost cut in half. It looks enormous, but that doesn't seem to matter.
Nioki And, with a final jerk, the creature tears itself clean in half.
Nioki The body falls, landing on either side of the group.
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Nioki Black dust pours out, smelling like pure rot, but…
Bouncl Enoch watches the halves.
Praetor "Ave maria. Thank you." The shards disperse into nothing more than saw dust.
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