Make a Deal: Alexander Laito

(5:08:49 AM) laito: After his chat with Dodridge, Alex takes a long stroll down the road - specifically in the direction the strange merchants had gone.
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(5:10:42 AM) Nusquam: They're stopped at the intersection of Timbira and Madigan, near Rotaract Park. The man is on foot, standing beside his cart.
(5:11:51 AM) laito: "Flat tire?" Laito thinks he's funny.
(5:12:06 AM) Mal: "He thinks he's funny."
(5:12:38 AM) Nusquam: The man just stares.
(5:13:57 AM) laito: "You guys ever spend time apart? I think that might be a bit healthy if you did." Still funny. Or maybe he's asking if they'll deal separately.
(5:14:38 AM) Nusquam: "If only. The things I'd give for that…"
(5:14:51 AM) laito: "That seems a little ironic."
(5:14:51 AM) Mal: "Ouch."
(5:14:55 AM) Mal: "I'm wounded here."
(5:15:15 AM) Nusquam: "You will be."
(5:15:46 AM) Mal: "Mind your manners, snake."
(5:15:56 AM) Nusquam: "Forgive me… you wish to do business with my partner?" he says to Alex.
(5:16:47 AM) laito: "He's my kind of fellow. No offense."
(5:17:02 AM) Nusquam: "None taken."
(5:17:03 AM) Mal: "Oh. Oh *ho*."
(5:17:50 AM) Nusquam: He unwinds the snake from his neck again, reflexively grasping for its tail… but catches himself, and deposits it gently on the ground.
(5:18:08 AM) Mal: "You're so gentle with me. That's why I love you."
(5:18:15 AM) laito: "You guys are cute."
(5:19:02 AM) Nusquam: A series of cracking noises are heard as he doubles his right hand into a fist, then relaxes. "I'm going for a walk. It's such a beautiful night out."
(5:19:35 AM) laito: "Careful. There are men with guns."
(5:19:47 AM) Mal: The snake laughs.
(5:19:52 AM) Nusquam: He heads northbound on Madigan street, turning at the next intersection.
(5:20:09 AM) *laito casually unfolds his shades from his vest and pops them on, watching the man leave.
(5:25:02 AM) Nusquam: He sees a red, inky substance dripping from the man's hands as he walks away. Behind him, he leaves a trail of red footprints, and his cloak paints a streak where it touches the sidewalk. As you watch for a few moments, the inky red substance begins spreading outward from the man's trail, flowing up grass, trees, houses, his cart, Mal…
(5:25:52 AM) Mal: Mal himself is pure red. The red of a heart. Even his eyes are indistinguishable in the red.
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(5:27:00 AM) laito: Alex tilts his head toward the snake, watching the man go. "So. Who's that guy?"
(5:27:47 AM) Nusquam: If Alex happens to cast a glance downward, he'll likely see the substance flowing up his feet and legs.
(5:28:27 AM) Mal: "My Latin lover." The snake whirls himself up onto the cart, forming laying out flat on the tarp.
(5:30:02 AM) *
laito exhales, a bit disconcerted, glancing at the snake before taking his shades off. "Seems like a nice guy."
(5:31:13 AM) Mal: "He has moments, yes." The snake's tongue darts in and out. "But enough about that stick in the mud. I am Lord Malacoda, The Long, Subtle, and Vast."
(5:31:18 AM) Mal: "What's up."
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(5:32:00 AM) laito: "I like your style. What is it a fine snake like yourself can do for a guy like me? Generally speaking."
(5:32:43 AM) Mal: "Generally speaking? Anything, really. What are you looking for?"
(5:33:13 AM) laito: "Mind if I tell you a little about myself?"
(5:34:03 AM) Mal: "Are you offering for free? Sure, I've always got time for a good tragedy."
(5:34:14 AM) laito: "Ehahaha…"
(5:35:31 AM) Mal: The tongue lazily flicks out and cleans a set of fangs.
(5:37:31 AM) laito: Alex looks around the area a bit, thinking. "I was once in charge of a place with a lot of strange people and objects. I had a… tendency to… solve the puzzle, no matter what the cost of success was. As good as I was at avoiding the payment of those costs, they caught up to me at some point."
(5:38:44 AM) Mal: "Hmm. /Hmm/."
(5:40:57 AM) laito: "I uh… I'm not as sharp as I used to be. Paranoia. Hearing things. Can't tell the difference between my reality, and whatever…. else, there is…" Abruptly, Alex changes the subject. "You guys have any fancy ties? I lost all mine on a plane."
(5:41:44 AM) Mal: "We have ties. We have lost sanity, as well."
(5:45:25 AM) laito: "Yeah?" Alex seems thoughtful a moment, before waving a hand and shaking his head. "Nah, I… the curse of it is that I kinda like it."
(5:47:10 AM) Mal: "Hmmm. /Hmmm./" The snake stretches down over the tarp, hanging. "So what exactly are you asking here, bro?"
(5:51:01 AM) laito: "I want a get-out-of-jail-free card."
(5:51:39 AM) Mal: "What, like…insurance?"
(5:52:53 AM) laito: "Yeah. I don't want to find my self in a situation that I can't escape from because I've backed myself into a blind corner. Or dead."
(5:54:01 AM) Mal: "Why don't you just…and I'm not questioning here you, y'know, just saying…not do the thing?"
(5:55:28 AM) laito: Alex shrugs. "Things happen."
(5:56:55 AM) Mal: "Hm." The tongue flails in and out of the mouth, almost as if the snake was panting. "I can do that. Give me a second to think about cost."
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(6:21:26 AM) *laito studies the serpent. "Thoughts?"
(6:21:54 AM) Mal: "Alright, kid. Listen. I gotta better offer. You seem like a smart guy. Nice, silver tongue on you, right? How about I…do some poking around, give you something that'll help you even the odds in a emergency."
(6:22:04 AM) Mal: 4df+7 Mal's Persuasion
(6:22:05 AM) Quidmore: Mal: Mal's Persuasion: 9 (4df+7=+, +, -, +)
(6:22:19 AM) laito: 4df+4 Oh, how serpent tongues are so different from a man's…
(6:22:19 AM) Quidmore: laito: Oh, how serpent tongues are so different from a man's…: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, 0, -)
(6:22:26 AM) laito: "I -do- talk to much…"
(6:23:29 AM) Mal: "We're kindred spirits, you and I. Maybe we're brothers. Do you perhaps remember your mom? Was she a - nevermind."
(6:24:18 AM) laito: "Not your type."
(6:24:42 AM) Mal: "Yeah. Yeh, I can see that. Anyway." He flips over on his stomach. "We're agreed, yeah?"
(6:30:08 AM) laito: "One more thing…" Alex pulls out his wallet and removes a photo, tossing it onto the tarp. "Her. I'd like to forget her." Alex briefly thinks about that movie with Jim Carrey.
(6:31:10 AM) Mal: "Oooh. Sordid." He runs the tongue over the picture. "Oh my. Absolutely, my man."
(6:31:29 AM) Mal: "In honor of your good taste in women, I'll throw it in for free."
(6:31:47 AM) laito: "You're too kind," Alex says dryly.
(6:32:13 AM) Mal: "I'll take things I didn't expect to hear tonight for 500, Alex."
(6:33:28 AM) Mal: "Anyway…agreed, yes?"
(6:34:09 AM) laito: Alex had a witty retort, but he seems to have forgotten it. "Uh. Yeah."
(6:34:47 AM) Mal: "C'mere."
(6:35:05 AM) laito: "Don't bite me, bro."
(6:35:16 AM) *
laito steps a bit closer.
(6:35:51 AM) Mal: "You're a baby." Mal opens his mouth. "Rub your finger on one my fangs, there."
(6:36:56 AM) laito: Alex gingerly prods the serpent's fang with his finger.
(6:38:12 AM) Mal: "That's the stuff, baby." A purple bit of venom slides down onto Alex's hand, where it forms into a stylized tattoo of a serpent on a branch before his eyes. "Alright."
(6:39:11 AM) laito: Eying the mark, Alex ponders. "Are you -that- snake? Cuz I could be a little starstruck here…"
(6:40:16 AM) Mal: Mal closes his mouth and digs into the cart, shuffling around for something. "You're going to have to trade for that kind of information, man." Mal's tail extends out of the cart, wrapped around the shiniest and reddest apple Alex has ever seen.
(6:41:44 AM) Mal: His head pops out next to it. "Take a bite of that, and you've got what you want."
(6:41:57 AM) *laito chuckles. "Seriously, do you guys have a hotline or something?"
(6:43:11 AM) Mal: "Don't worry. I can smell good trades and deals a mile away. Mostly smells like sweat and deseperation."
(6:43:17 AM) Mal: "But seriously."
(6:43:20 AM) Mal: "We'll find you."
(6:44:20 AM) laito: "I appreciate your customer service," he said, looking the apple over curiously. "Thanks for the uh.. fruit."
(6:44:56 AM) Mal: "Yep. I would…not let anyone else eat that. The, uh, effects, are custom tailored, so to speak."
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(6:46:00 AM) laito: "Figured as much. No worries. So long, Snake."
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(6:46:56 AM) Sabitsuki: "Cya around, kid. Say hi to Elroy if you meet him. Oh, the tattoo is complimentary. Now you can tell your friends about the rad dude that gave you it for free."
(6:47:13 AM) Sabitsuki: "Hey, boss! We're done here!"
(6:47:19 AM) laito: "Yeah. Is this permanent?"
(6:47:39 AM) Sabitsuki: "You betcha."
(6:48:07 AM) *
laito lets out a long breath, turning away and walking down the street toward the hospital.
(6:48:14 AM) laito: "Yeah… I've made a mistake here."
(6:48:16 AM) laito: Munch.
(6:52:06 AM) Sabitsuki: Laito immediately feels as though this is the best apple he's ever ate. Then…the headache starts, his head prickling. Memories rearrange themselves in his head. He feels…more powerful, more * knowledgeable*. And then, the headache fades, just as quickly as it came.
(6:52:43 AM) Sabitsuki: His tattoo burns a bit…and that's it.