Make a Deal: Jillian Cunningham

(3:55:53 PM) DawnyWorks: Wondering around outside, Jillian spits out her coffe snuff "I need some tea"
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(3:58:26 PM) Mal: The snake hangs off the back of the cart's tarp, swaying lightly in the wind.
(3:59:37 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian tilts her head and walks closer to it "Oi…snake…what did you say your name was?"
(4:01:19 PM) Mal: "Oh, it's the girl who 'doesn't have time for this'."
(4:02:13 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian takes a drag off her smoke "If you don't want business fine, I don't care" she turns and takes a few steps back.
(4:02:46 PM) Mal: "'Kay."
(4:03:21 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian takes a breath "What all can you offer?" she turns to face the snake again
(4:04:24 PM) Mal: "Anything you can name, girly. Hell, think of something really hard. We'll have that, too."
(4:05:28 PM) DawnyWorks: "Any material item?"
(4:05:45 PM) Mal: "Yep." The snake sounds bored.
(4:06:38 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian nods "Tea?"
(4:06:51 PM) Mal: "Sure."
(4:07:08 PM) DawnyWorks: "Any kind?"
(4:07:23 PM) Mal: "Suuuuuure." Wave, wave.
(4:07:56 PM) DawnyWorks: "Earl Grey?" Jillian takes a few steps closer
(4:08:15 PM) Mal: "Earl Grey, bubble, sencha…"
(4:08:40 PM) DawnyWorks: "And you just…deal in material things and it gets you by?"
(4:09:28 PM) Mal: "Me? No. That's my boss' deal, really. I do…less material things."
(4:09:44 PM) DawnyWorks: "Like?" Jillian takes a drag
(4:10:13 PM) Mal: "Love, knowledge, experience, what. Seriously, name it. We have it."
(4:10:44 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian looks down and thinks for a bit "Can I get something for someone else?"
(4:11:37 PM) Mal: "…Like a gift? Sure, I guess I could do that."
(4:11:53 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian nods "And what are the prices?"
(4:12:25 PM) Mal: "Depends on what you're asking here. We don't do flat rates, so to speak."
(4:13:00 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian chews her lip "What if it's…a person?"
(4:13:46 PM) Mal: "You - you want a person? Uh. Well."
(4:14:29 PM) DawnyWorks: "Someone who's dead…for someone else…"
(4:15:21 PM) Mal: "We *already* offered that to you guys last night, and you all refused."
(4:15:49 PM) DawnyWorks: "Not her…whoever she is…someone else"
(4:16:56 PM) Mal: "Hrm. Hrm-y. I'm listening. Details, girl."
(4:17:52 PM) DawnyWorks: "Some of my friends lost someone…I want to see them happy again…I want them to have their little boy to raise" Jillian looks down
(4:20:50 PM) Mal: "Hm. Well, yes. That's very sad. Going to need some names, here. Names got power, you understand."
(4:21:36 PM) DawnyWorks: "Travis…Travis Tamlin. Alice and Jason Dodridge's son"
(4:22:51 PM) Mal: The snake somehow manages to make a little impressed whistle sound.
(4:23:17 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian bites her lip and takes a drag "Can you do that?"
(4:28:05 PM) Mal: "Girl. You have nothing worth trading for /that/."
(4:28:54 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian looks down "What's it worth?"
(4:31:13 PM) Mal: The snake sighs. "I tell you what. Go get your friends that you're trying to buy for here, and I'll /consider/ it. /Consider/. Otherwise, trading on your own? 'S not gonna cut it."
(4:32:04 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian nods "Okay" she takes another drag "But, please…think about it"
(4:32:38 PM) Mal: "Alright. Alright. Jeez. You still want that tea?"
(4:33:07 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian half smiles "How much?"
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(4:36:36 PM) Mal: "Hrm. Eh. Ehhhh. I don't usually do the mundane deals, so how about…let's see…let me see…let me see a couple of your memories."
(4:37:03 PM) DawnyWorks: "What do you mean my memories?"
(4:37:42 PM) Mal: "Nothing much, just a couple brief glimpses into your past. I ain't taking 'em, or anything." He stops swaying. "They're like story books for me, ya see."
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(4:38:12 PM) DawnyWorks: "Okay…so just…tell you a story?"
(4:39:39 PM) Mal: "Nah, I can handle it. Just, uh…if you're agreed, just stick your hands in that cart and feel around for a canvas bag. Your tea is in there."
(4:40:05 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian nods and reaches into the cart, feeling for the bag
(4:40:22 PM) Mal: It's there, yo. First thing she touches.
(4:40:52 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian pulls it out and looks inside. "What did you see?"
(4:41:56 PM) Mal: "Nothing yet. We've got to shake hands." He opens his mouth. "Touch my fang, and we're done here."
(4:42:27 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian pauses and extends a shaky hand and touches the fang.
(4:43:24 PM) Mal: A single drop of purple venom runs down Jill's hand, onto her wrist, where it twists and spirals into a stylized tattoo of a black mamba snake wrapped around a branch. "Awww, right."
(4:43:51 PM) DawnyWorks: "Can you tell me what memories you got?"
(4:45:36 PM) Mal: "Hold on, girl…jeez." Jill feels something…crawling over her skin, even though the snake hasn't moved. A couple memories come to surface - Sitting in the sand with Akane, sleeping with Chris, getting drunk and dancing with Kens that one time…and then the feeling is gone.
(4:46:19 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian shakes her head "Creepy"
(4:46:36 PM) Mal: "I get that a lot."
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(4:47:27 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian smiles softly "Thank you"
(4:48:02 PM) Mal: "Mmhm. I'll be seeing you soon, Jillian."
(4:48:14 PM) DawnyWorks: "You never told me your name"
(4:48:48 PM) Mal: "Lord Malacoda, The Bridge Between Worlds, The Long, Vast, and Subtle. I have another, better name, but that information will cost you."
(4:49:05 PM) DawnyWorks: "What would you like to be called then?"
(4:49:37 PM) Mal: He sighs wearily, the manner suggesting he's done this conversation about a million times before. "Mal. Mal is fine."
(4:50:16 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian smiles "I'll be back later Mal, thank you for the tea" Jillian takes a drag and heads back to the hospital
(4:50:34 PM) Mal: "So long!" Mal stares at her butt as she leaves.