Make a Deal: Vance Harding

(6:59:54 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance, having reached the end of Jill's directions, looks around, attempting to lay eyes on the cart.
(7:00:56 PM) Sabitsuki: It's there. The snake hangs lazily off the side of it, swaying with every stray breeze.
(7:01:53 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance takes a breath, swallows, then walks up to the side of the cart, coming to a halt a respectful distance from the swaying snake. "…Mal."
(7:02:34 PM) Sabitsuki: "You have to buy me a drink before you can call me that."
(7:03:02 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance recoils, baffled, then smiles slightly. "Then how should I call you?"
(7:03:39 PM) Sabitsuki is now known as Mal
(7:04:10 PM) Mal: "With a phone."
(7:04:48 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance barks a laugh. "Aha. What's your number?" He enjoys this banter.
(7:05:08 PM) Mal: "666."
(7:06:14 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance's grin widens, then his face settles. "In all seriousness. I'd like to first apologize for how I treated you and your companion when we first met. Second…I heard from an associate that you make….deals?"
(7:08:48 PM) Mal: "Oh, boy. Here we go. It's always the same with the fleshbags. Can't do it in front of everyone else, but the second you get a couple minutes alone. Yeah, I guess you could say I make /deals/."
(7:24:31 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance grins. "You must be able to appreciate our initial position. Add to that my previous experience with entities claiming to make deals, and. Well. Anyway," Vance says, waving away his objection. He produces a laminated photo from his vest pocket and shows it to the snake.,beauty,red,head,woman,34,face-bc72588227f9985ef7d58b1682634bc1_h.jpg
(7:25:46 PM) Yox|Laptop: "I left this woman behind when I joined the Foundation. Following the giant clusterfuck that is our lives now, I…I want to make sure she's safe. Part of a survivor group that's doing well enough, sustainably enough, that she's got a good life without being hardscrabble like ours is. I want her to have the best shot of living her full natural lifespan."
(7:28:19 PM) Mal: "Name."
(7:28:37 PM) Yox|Laptop: "Kayla Fairchild." His voice is warm, full of emotion.
(7:33:24 PM) Mal is now known as Sabitsuki
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(7:51:37 PM) Sabitsuki: "Ho hum. Hoooo hum. Alright. I can arrange that. The price is your own safety, kid."
(7:52:21 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance smiles. "That was already in question. A fair price."
(7:53:10 PM) Sabitsuki: "So quick and eager. That's what I like to see. No regrets, huh?" The snake's mouth opens. "Touch my fang and we're done here."
(7:54:18 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance steps closer, to within an arm's span of the mamba. His hand reaches forth and all the fingers but his index curl. That remaining finger taps the mamba's fang.
(7:55:24 PM) Sabitsuki: A single purple drop of venom drips down off the fang, shooting down to his wrist, where it forms a tattoo of a black mamba wrapped around a branch.
(7:56:16 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance flinches a little, a slight stiffening of the arm. He pulls his arm back and eamines the tattoo. "A symbol of our pact, I take it."
(7:57:16 PM) Sabitsuki: "Pssh. Okay, yeah. Get out of here, kid, before the boss comes back. I got work to do, now." The snake slithers into the cart.
(7:57:25 PM) DawnyWorks left the room.
(7:57:48 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance smiles, and turns, briskly walking the two klicks back to the hospital.