Sgt. Sargent - Backup

A Bold Proposal
Addendum 217/158- Apha-1
I gave full power of attorney over to the 05s. They said it was just a formality but it sure looked like I was signing my soul away.
I'm no lawyer but it sounds like I'm officially a non-person; I guess that's what has to happen because this probably counts as suicide or murder in the outside world. I can't remember how they sold me on this, the last time I remember any paperwork was right after basic training when the Specialists' Civilian Platoon asked if I wanted to be a grunt or really make a difference.
I should keep this short though, if the note is too long they might get suspicious. I am [REDACTED], I am a was a marine at least through basic training, I signed some forms from a man and a woman in suits that said I would be placed in a special unit that worked outside the conventional military structure, I worked very hard and excelled at the first round of training for this organization that apparently draws candidates from other countries – and not just along the NATO lines, I am an officer in the SCP foundation's task force Omega Seven “The Slush Pool,” I am volunteering for an experiment that will involve SCP-158 – something they call the “soul extractor” – and SCP- 217 – some kind of virus. If you/me have any more questions just ask [REDACTED] or [REDACTED], they should be able to tell you anything the doctors might forget.

From 05, this note will be sealed with the experiment notes and under no circumstance will the subject see this note.

Subject will be pulled from an approved list of “non-critical” personnel that will be approved by all site directors and task force leaders.

Subject will be briefed on the testing goals before testing begins.
From 05, subject will be told nothing but the numbers of the SCPs involved in the test.
Subject will be placed in a level A HAZMAT suit. Two guards and two researchers will enter 217's containment chamber with the subject and inject 10 mLs of 217 into the subject. The group will enter the airlock and follow sterilization procedure outlined in SCP-217. Before exiting the airlock the subject will enter an airtight case and the sterilization procedure will be repeated. The group will then move the subject to SCP- 158.
From 05, 158's containment chamber will be upgraded to the same level as that of 217 to prevent possible containment breech.
Subject will be removed from the transport chamber and strapped to the operating table. When all transport personnel have cleared the airlock a team of researchers assigned to 158 will initiate the extraction process, following all procedures outlined in SCP- 158.
From 05, Extra guards will be posted at the control room, the entrance to the containment chamber and the entirety of Task force Omega 7 will be posted on guard at the site until the experiment is is completed. At least two researchers from SCP- 217 will be present until the virus has run it's course and the chamber has been sterilized.
Reinsertion procedure will commence when the virus has run its course.
From 05, Full sterilization procedures will be taken before any additional action is taken in the experiment.
Subject, now to be known as SCP 217-Alpha will be observed for a period of 72 hours before any personnel enter the containment chamber.
From 05, The end of the observation period will be considered the end of the experiment. SCP 217- Alpha will be destroyed and all documentation will be sealed and sent to the 05 council. This experiment should begin immediately, once it has been approved by the ethics committee.
From The Ethics Committee, Testing Procedure approved.