May We Meet Again

(11:23:06 PM) Maddy: Alice is packing the last of her stuff into the LAV, having done laundry and taken a nice long bath.
(11:30:35 PM) Nioki: Alanoch is sitting cross-legged on the dock, his eyes closed.
(11:31:42 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty has packed up, and is carefully arranging what chemicals he has left to be carried on his person.
(11:31:50 PM) Ragazzo: He's in his room.
(11:33:22 PM) PaulS_laptop: John is on top of the LAV, securing certain goods to the bustle racks. He doesn't look anywhere near as pleased as he had been. Not since finding out Akane's staying behind.
(11:33:38 PM) Maddy: "H-hey John."
(11:36:58 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Hey. Got your shit ready?"
(11:37:27 PM) Maddy: "Y-you know it."
(11:38:38 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Much the same"
(11:39:03 PM) DawnyWorks [moc.noehtyar.3CAB178D-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.noehtyar.3CAB178D-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(11:39:37 PM) PaulS_laptop: He finishes stowing his gear(it's really not much) and swings his legs down, sitting
(11:39:48 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian plays with a small, slightly shiny disk, still flipping through the binder
(11:39:48 PM) PaulS_laptop: "we doing the right thing, leaving them behind?"
(11:41:06 PM) Maddy: "C-can't force them t-to stay, a-and they'll have a f-fair chance at surviving comfortably here. P-probably a b-better chance than w-we have moving on.'
(11:42:01 PM) Tom90deg_: Simon walks over to alice, carrying River and his statchel. "Hey Alice."
(11:42:18 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian glances at her watch and sighs. She forces herself not to run to her room and pack, biting her lip slightly, and stands.
(11:42:47 PM) PaulS_laptop: John nods at Simon
(11:43:05 PM) Tom90deg_: "Alice, wanted to talk to you."
(11:43:10 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian wonders over to the LAV, forcing a smile "You guys headed out soon?"
(11:43:29 PM) PaulS_laptop: "I know she'll be fine and all, but yeah"
(11:43:38 PM) Maddy: "S-sure, Simon. W-what's up?"
(11:43:52 PM) Tom90deg_: "I don't think I'm going to be going with you guys."
(11:44:17 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian looks over at Simon "You don't have to stay…I'm first aid trained"
(11:44:28 PM) Maddy: Alice nods. "F-figured as much. Y-you've been…quiet for a while."
(11:45:11 PM) Tom90deg_: "Heh, yah…been looking for a good place, and this seems like a good one."
(11:45:57 PM) Tom90deg_: "May be able to do some good here, if we get a community or something going here."
(11:46:38 PM) Maddy: "W-well between you, A-akane and Jill, you could l-live like kings here f-for quite s-some time." She smiles.
(11:47:28 PM) PaulS_laptop: "Do we have a spare shortwave set we could leave with them?"
(11:47:41 PM) Maddy: "Y-you'd have to ask J-jason."
(11:48:09 PM) Tom90deg_: "If you see any other survivors, just point them this way."
(11:48:50 PM) Maddy: "W-will do." she smiles again. "A-and who knows, w-we may bump b-back into eachother."
(11:49:36 PM) PaulS_laptop: John swings himself off the LAV to say some goodbyes, and wanders off.
(11:49:37 PM) Tom90deg_: "Heh, the way things have been, I'd not be surprized if this place drops through a space-time hole and we run into each other in the US."
(11:50:25 PM) Maddy: "I'm s-sure I could ask Joey t-to arrange it." she winks.
(11:51:02 PM) Tom90deg_: "Heh, true true."
(11:51:37 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian sighs and leans against Eve. She pats her side "Take care of my girl…and remember, no meat heads touching her"
(11:52:04 PM) Laito left the room.
(11:52:12 PM) E4D [ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.9ACD50F7-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.9ACD50F7-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(11:52:30 PM) Maddy: "I m-made a promise, J-jill."
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(11:53:33 PM) DawnyWorks: "I know…" Jillian sighs and smiles "Stay safe"
(11:53:51 PM) Tom90deg_: "Yah…Don't get into trouble. Heh, I won't be there to patch you up."
(11:54:20 PM) Tox: Cana's leaning against the wall of the hotel, looking at the night sky.
(11:54:32 PM) E4D: «All stations, Dodridge inbound, check fire, copy?»
(11:54:50 PM) PaulS_laptop: «Rodger that, firing»
(11:54:55 PM) DawnyWorks: «No, Imma shoot you myself fucko»
(11:55:16 PM) Ragazzo: «Look out for the hole in the street.»
(11:55:17 PM) Maddy: «C-copy.»
(11:55:18 PM) E4D: «Be advised, troops in contact, returning fire, stand by.»
(11:55:29 PM) Ragazzo: «It's six feet deep.»
(11:55:31 PM) Maddy: Alice chuckles a little.
(11:55:46 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian giggles and hands her radio over. "Take care of him"
(11:55:59 PM) Maddy: "A-always have, always w-will."
(11:56:03 PM) E4D: Jason ambles into view down a street to east a minute or so later, poking from around a building briefly before hustling out and jogging down the street.
(11:56:15 PM) Sabitsuki: Bel's lure floats around near the docks, aimlessly.
(11:56:47 PM) Tom90deg_: Simon gives Jason a wave.
(11:57:30 PM) Ragazzo: Dusty spots the lure, but doesn't move to talk to Bel. He watches from a distance.
(11:57:44 PM) E4D: Jason nods at Vriska, stepping past and clearing his rifle, slapping the magazine back in, and slinging it. "Doc."
(11:57:48 PM) Tox: Cana watches Jason approach, and pushes himself off the wall.
(11:58:44 PM) Nioki: Alanoch sits on the dock, concentrating with his eyes closed.
(11:58:55 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian chews her lip and sighs "I guess I should go make my rounds"
(12:02:36 AM) Sabitsuki: The lure just kinda rotates in circles.
(12:03:06 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Anyone seen Akane?»
(12:03:38 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian nods a few times and forces another smile. She lights a cigarette and hands the pack to Alice "He's always forgetting his…this'll help"
(12:04:26 AM) Sabitsuki: «What, John?»
(12:05:02 AM) E4D: «Everyone packed up and ready to go?»
(12:05:04 AM) Maddy: She takes them and puts them in a pouch. "R-right."
(12:05:09 AM) Maddy: «Y-yep!»
(12:05:26 AM) Tom90deg_: "I'm not going, gonna be staying here with Akane and Jill."
(12:05:55 AM) E4D: Jason waits a few moments, flipping his radio around in his hand, spinning it flat, then keys it again. «Hey, Jill, can you see me by the front?»
(12:05:56 AM) DawnyWorks: Jillian nods again "Stay safe boss" she takes a drag and extends a hand "It was fun"
(12:05:59 AM) Maddy: Alice unloads a bag of cat food and a couple toys. "H-here, Simon. T-this should d-do you t-till you can get to a petstore h-here."
(12:06:32 AM) Tom90deg_: "Heh, thanks. River'll like these, Stay safe."
(12:06:34 AM) Maddy: She ignores Jill's hand and hugs the shit out of her. "Y-you take care, ok?"
(12:07:10 AM) Tox: Cana is out front, and looks over towards Jason. He'll wait until Jason's done what it is he's doing.
(12:07:17 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane leans against the door frame of the hotel and smokes.
(12:07:48 AM) E4D: Jason notices her, nodding. "Hey, samurai."
(12:08:06 AM) Sabitsuki: "Hey, jarhead."
(12:08:16 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty approaches the lure after a while. If it's still visible. Not exactly amicable to Thu at the moment, but he isn't going to let a blind girl drown either.
(12:08:34 AM) E4D: "God, the disrespect around here, /Agent/."
(12:09:33 AM) Maddy: Alice heads to the Stryker where Emily is colouring. "Hey g-girly. Y-you ready?" the girl looks a little sad. "I don't want you to go, Alice."
(12:09:38 AM) Sabitsuki: She stare at him, puffs once, and then jovially gives him a middle finger salute.
(12:10:07 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Figured I'd say some goodbyes»
(12:10:18 AM) DawnyPhone [ten.sndomt.0F183ED4-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.sndomt.0F183ED4-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(12:10:21 AM) PaulS_laptop: John walks over
(12:11:03 AM) Maddy: "I know s-sweet heart, b-but you're safer here, and you c-can trust these people. T-they're some of my best f-friends."
(12:11:24 AM) DawnyPhone: Jillian wonders over to Jason "stay safe boss, it's been fun" she extends a hand.
(12:11:25 AM) DawnyWorks left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(12:11:32 AM) Sabitsuki: She bites her lip slightly, and then stops. "Yeah?"
(12:12:24 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Be safe, alright?"
(12:12:58 AM) PaulS_laptop: "I'm, not exactly good at goodbyes. This being the first time I've ever had to that wasn't killing someone."
(12:13:00 AM) E4D: He takes it, pulling her into a one-armed hug. "Don't eat yellow snow, watch out for green tracers, keep your ass down, don't smoke crack, and don't jump without a parachute." He lets go.
(12:13:29 AM) PaulS_laptop: "I mean…well, you know what I mean. Right?"
(12:14:01 AM) DawnyPhone: Jillian giggles. "I'll miss you too"
(12:14:05 AM) Maddy: Emily nods, getting up and handing Alice the drawing she did and hugging her. "It's o-ok girly. C-come on now." she takes her hand and head back towards the hotel.
(12:14:06 AM) Sabitsuki: "…You're a bloody moron, John Williamson." She hugs him.
(12:14:30 AM) PaulS_laptop: "I love you too" John returns the hug, obviously
(12:14:54 AM) Tom90deg__ [||ged09moT] entered the room.
(12:15:01 AM) PaulS_laptop: "I wanted you to have something"
(12:15:02 AM) E4D: "You sure you want to stay?"
(12:15:12 AM) E4D: "Not a lot of us left…"
(12:15:17 AM) Sabitsuki: "…?"
(12:15:46 AM) DawnyPhone: "I have no choice…you know the feeling"
(12:16:06 AM) PaulS_laptop: he fishes around and pulls out two things, actually. One is what was at one point a ring, since kind of deformed from that time he threw it at the wall, and from other damage as time went on. The other is his Martini pistol
(12:16:15 AM) PaulS_laptop: "…well, two things."
(12:16:49 AM) Sabitsuki: "…Oh, no, John."
(12:16:51 AM) Maddy: Alice stands near Jill and the others, Emily looks at the ground, idly changing the shapes of pebbles.
(12:16:56 AM) Tom90deg_ left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(12:17:31 AM) PaulS_laptop: "and no, I'm not going to ask you what you think I'm going to."
(12:17:31 AM) Tom90deg: "HEy Emily…Are you staying with us as well?"
(12:17:54 AM) Sabitsuki: The lure stops and is still for a second, and then begins to make a counterclockwise circle in the water.
(12:17:59 AM) PaulS_laptop: "As much as I'd like to, that's kind of in the past and long since over with."
(12:18:10 AM) Sabitsuki: "…Yeah."
(12:18:13 AM) PaulS_laptop: "But I want you to keep these. You might need the gun more than I will"
(12:18:14 AM) DawnyPhone: "how else will she get good chai?"
(12:18:30 AM) Maddy: Em nods to Simon. "Y-yes sir…"
(12:18:33 AM) PaulS_laptop: "and I want it back if, or when, we ever run into each other ever again"
(12:18:51 AM) Tom90deg
: "Heh, no need to call me sir."
(12:18:57 AM) Sabitsuki: "…I, jesus christ, John. Okay. Alright."
(12:18:59 AM) E4D: Jason grins. "Hah. Just… yeah. Take care of yourself then, if you have to stay. They're gonna need you."
(12:19:00 AM) PaulS_laptop: "As for the ring, well, I'd been meaning to give it to you for a long time now"
(12:19:04 AM) PaulS_laptop: "so yeah"
(12:19:20 AM) Sabitsuki: "…Yeah." She pulls him a little tighter.
(12:19:21 AM) DawnyPhone: "hooah"
(12:19:38 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty blinks. "…we're leaving soon, Thu'baan."
(12:19:49 AM) PaulS_laptop: "I still love you"
(12:20:07 AM) Sabitsuki: "I do too."
(12:21:21 AM) Maddy: Em picks up a rock, concentrates and changes it into a little hamster. She shuffles over to Jason and tugs on his sleeve.
(12:22:02 AM) E4D: Jason looks down away from Jill. "Yes, hun?" He o_o-faces.
(12:22:13 AM) E4D: "A hammy?"
(12:22:21 AM) Maddy: She holds out the little stone hammy and nods.
(12:22:22 AM) PaulS_laptop: John's kind of past the point of words right now(his player sucks at sappyness)
(12:22:56 AM) DawnyPhone: Jillian leans on Simon "Ready to raise a ten year old bender?"
(12:23:21 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane kisses him on the cheek, and then lightly pushes him away, holding the gun one handed. The ring is already on her finger.
(12:23:34 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Oh, I almost forgot"
(12:23:36 AM) Sabitsuki: Thu'baan shoots a hand out of the water in Dusty's direction.
(12:24:32 AM) E4D: He takes it, looking at it for a moment, smiling, then lifts her up in a hug before plopping her down. He looks up at Jill, then back down to Emily. "Take care of Jill, okay, Em?"
(12:24:36 AM) Ragazzo: "…" Dusty considers. He leans forward, and grips her hand. Pulls.
(12:24:36 AM) PaulS_laptop: John fishes another item out of his voluminous pockets. It's an Akane-sized cartridge belt full of .577/450 rounds
(12:24:41 AM) PaulS_laptop: "These, I don't need back"
(12:25:15 AM) Maddy: The little girls smiles and lets out a tiny giggle. "Yes sir."
(12:25:19 AM) Sabitsuki: "…Alright. Thank you."
(12:25:26 AM) Lurker: Ex approaches the group slowly, glancing about between people.
(12:25:51 AM) DawnyPhone: "Yeah, you wanna learn how to fix things like I do?"
(12:25:53 AM) Sabitsuki: Bel weighs as about as much as a wet cat, and is pulled up and out of the water easily. She hisses quietly and the lure retracts into her head.
(12:26:10 AM) Maddy: She hugs Alice one last time then stands with Jillian. "I liked fixing the hummer."
(12:26:37 AM) Ragazzo: Naked?
(12:26:55 AM) DawnyPhone: "i'll teach you everything I know"
(12:27:09 AM) Sabitsuki: nothing on but her long red muffler, which seems to dry rapidly as it is exposed to the air.
(12:27:28 AM) PaulS_laptop: John hugs Akane one last time and then heads off back to the LAV. Somewhere deep in his head is registerring that sort of naked feeling you get when you don't have a gun you usually carry on you, but there's other things in the forefront
(12:27:30 AM) Tom90deg: "Heh, I'll teach you some medical stuff as well, always good to know that stuff."
(12:27:40 AM) Maddy: And now Emily is quite, cause I cannot RP a 10 year old.
(12:27:49 AM) DawnyPhone: "hey Ex…keep them safe for me…Dudley will help"
(12:28:36 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty exhales, and grips Thu by her waist before setting her on the pier gently. He ties his jacket around her waist. "You're going to have to start wearing something on your lower half, Thu'baan."
(12:28:46 AM) Lurker: Ex steps closer to Jill, before lunging forward and hugging her.
(12:29:39 AM) E4D: Jason stands, facing Jill again. "There's lots of cars here… you want to keep the Hummer, though? It only carries a few people, just right for you guys, and you're not guaranteed to find anything like it here."
(12:29:55 AM) DawnyPhone: Jillian hugs him back "Hey, everything will be good."
(12:30:08 AM) Sabitsuki: "…'Kay."
(12:30:14 AM) Lurker: "I… better see you again. I have to give you Dudley…"
(12:30:22 AM) Lurker: "You'll need him more than me…"
(12:30:28 AM) Ragazzo: "How are you feeling?"
(12:30:42 AM) Ragazzo: He looks over the little sharkmage carefully.
(12:31:14 AM) DawnyPhone: "Thank boss" Jillian smiles at Ex "He's helped me as much as he can, he's your's now"
(12:31:16 AM) Nioki: Alanoch opens his eyes and stands. There are a couple singe marks on the dock around him. He walks to stand near the group.
(12:32:19 AM) Lurker: "But…"
(12:33:00 AM) Sabitsuki: She looks fine, cleaning her eyes with her tongue. "Okay."
(12:33:35 AM) DawnyPhone: Jillian shakes her head "Just…pass him on to someone who needs him…you'll know who it is."
(12:33:57 AM) Lurker: Ex gives a shiver, then nods. "I'll miss you, Jillian…" Another hug. "Thank you… for everything."
(12:34:08 AM) Ragazzo: "Let me help you back to the others. Have you got your things together?"
(12:34:38 AM) DawnyPhone: "I'll miss you too Ex, stay safe for me?"
(12:35:06 AM) Ragazzo: He lightly takes her hand, fatherly instinct overcoming his grudge.
(12:35:29 AM) Lurker: He nods. "You stay safe too… Ex has - /I/ have to find you again some time… tell you all I've seen."
(12:36:08 AM) Sabitsuki: Thu lets Dusty guide her wherever, idly licking at her eyeballs.
(12:36:53 AM) Ragazzo: To her room, gathering up whatever shit is there, cane, stuff like that.
(12:36:56 AM) DawnyPhone: "if you ever need me, ask for Jason…he'll keep you safe"
(12:37:02 AM) Ragazzo: And then back out to the group.
(12:37:07 AM) Light: Birdy walks towards them from the back of the hotel, a hawk perched on his hand, eating something from his fingers.
(12:37:14 AM) E4D: Jason gives Jill another hug and steps away. "Sorry things were the way they were for a while. Take care of yourself, Jillian." He heads for Eve.
(12:37:57 AM) Tom90deg
: "Take Care Jason, watch that blood pressure."
(12:38:03 AM) Ragazzo: He blinks looking between jill and jason.
(12:38:13 AM) Ragazzo: "Wait…you're staying, jill?"
(12:38:16 AM) DawnyPhone: "You too Jason" Jillian holds back tears and sighs "I love you guys"
(12:38:24 AM) Tox: Cana steps after Jason and (presumably) Alice, staying back a handful of feet and clearing his throat.
(12:39:09 AM) DawnyPhone: "Told you I would't bug you again" Jillian smiles at Dusty.
(12:39:11 AM) E4D: Jason turns. "What's up, mongler?"
(12:39:15 AM) Maddy: "L-love you too Jill." she smiles and nods, before following with Jason.
(12:39:38 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty frowns.
(12:39:50 AM) Ragazzo: "…well. Good bye, Jillian."
(12:39:54 AM) Light: As he approaches, the hawk tugs the rest of the meat out of his hand and flies away, and Birdy walks over to joins them. "Leaving?"
(12:40:20 AM) DawnyPhone: "Bye Dusty, I'll miss you"
(12:40:33 AM) E4D: Jason mutters to Alice. "And her risk of death by arson decreases by approximately 99%…"
(12:40:47 AM) Tox: "I'm sorry for the introduction I made earlier. It wasn't the best." Understatement. "I know a fair bit about the occult, and I can look after myself fairly well. So, if you needed someone knowledgeable who's okay in a fight…" <Cont>
(12:40:48 AM) Maddy: "Hehehe."
(12:41:51 AM) Ragazzo: "Don't die." He remarks, and nods turning to head for whichever vehicle.
(12:42:05 AM) Tox: 4df+3 Persuasion | "Besides, our mutual survival chances go up. You get another person who knows a fair bit about the occult, and who can handle themselves in a fight - my survival goes up by virtue of being in a group with people who quite obviously know what they're doing."
(12:42:06 AM) Quidmore: Tox: Persuasion | "Besides, our mutual survival chances go up. You get another person who knows a fair bit about the occult, and who can handle themselves in a fight - my survival goes up by virtue of being in a group with people who quite obviously know what they're doing.": 3 (4df+3=-, 0, +, 0)
(12:42:15 AM) Ragazzo: "You would have made a good student."
(12:42:55 AM) Lurker: Ex stays, before bowing his head. "I'll see you again. I have to, okay?" he says, before slowly backing away. "Because, I won't forget."
(12:42:57 AM) E4D: "Handle yourself in a fight, huh? Military? Police? Militia?"
(12:43:51 AM) PaulS_laptop: John arrives at the LAV at this point. He was off doing whatever, but is back now. Right about in time to catch the last of that.
(12:43:53 AM) DawnyPhone: "Thanks" Jillian looks over to Alanoch "I would hug you…but I'd like you to not hate me…so take care of yourself kid"
(12:44:07 AM) Tox: "None of the above, I'm afraid. I picked up some things during my job as… an investigator." He glances away, briefly, before returning his gaze to Jason.
(12:44:24 AM) PaulS_laptop: 4df John attempts(clumsily) to sneak up behind the guy talking to Jason and slip him into a choke hold
(12:44:24 AM) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: John attempts(clumsily) to sneak up behind the guy talking to Jason and slip him into a choke hold: 3 (4df=+, +, +, 0)
(12:44:32 AM) Maddy: "Investigator?"
(12:44:36 AM) PaulS_laptop: "handle this"
(12:44:48 AM) Maddy: physdef tox
(12:45:00 AM) Tox: 4df+3 PDef
(12:45:01 AM) Quidmore: Tox: PDef: 0 (4df+3=0, -, -, -)
(12:45:13 AM) E4D: He drops to the ground in seconds.
(12:45:29 AM) Maddy: "…John. W-was that really necessary?"
(12:45:46 AM) PaulS_laptop: John lets him go "He said he could handle himself in a fight"
(12:45:49 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Guess not"
(12:45:49 AM) E4D: "Guy handled himself about as well as a jellyfish in the Gobi."
(12:46:03 AM) Tox: Before he quite knows what happened, he's down on the ground. He gasps, and climbs back to his feet.
(12:46:24 AM) Bright is now known as JoeyDrood
(12:46:31 AM) E4D: "Against *John*. Alice, *you* could beat the shit out of John in a fight. You ever see the video of him and Pryor slap-boxing like little girls?"
(12:46:44 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Hey now"
(12:46:46 AM) *JoeyDrood wanders up, seeing whats the hubbbub
(12:46:52 AM) Maddy: She snickers. "W-what are w-we going to d-do with him?"
(12:47:09 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Can you shoot?" to Cana, who John has no idea who he is.
(12:47:16 AM) E4D: "We leave him here to help Jill's little entourage."
(12:47:36 AM) Tox: He glares at John, massaging his neck. "Ow. And yes, I can. Not as well as Jason, but okay."
(12:48:13 AM) E4D: "You know about the occult? Fine, whatever. You know a few knocks? Great, that'll be good if things start up. You can fight? Good, you can help keep the little girl safe. You can translate? Excellent. That'll be good if they run into anyone else that can help them."
(12:49:02 AM) Maddy: Alice waves to Joey briefly.
(12:49:18 AM) *
JoeyDrood nods back. "Got any asprin?"
(12:49:36 AM) Nioki: "Of course. I wouldn't hate you, but I would hate it if you did that. I'll be fine."
(12:49:52 AM) Tox: Cana sighs. "Looks to me like they've got it handled as far as security goes. That Japanese lady looks like she's enough security for 'em all and then some."
(12:50:04 AM) Maddy: "I g-got ibuprofen."
(12:50:32 AM) Maddy: "N-no such thing as t-too much dakka, Cana."
(12:50:55 AM) DawnyPhone: "one of these days, I'm gonna get a hug" Jillian smiles and waves. "Don't let them die"
(12:50:57 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Indeed. Also, don't hit on her."
(12:51:02 AM) E4D: "You've got safety here. Jillian can build a generator out of bailing wire and sheet metal, Vriska's as good a doc as they come, Akane can fight almost as well as I can. Big town, plenty of places to hide, and there's plenty of resources for the time being, and the towns back north? They're about as secure as anyone can assume."
(12:51:15 AM) Nioki: "I don't intend to."
(12:52:02 AM) JoeyDrood: "Those'll work."
(12:52:15 AM) Tox: He frowns, his mind working. "What would I need to do to convince you I have a place with Convoy?" The question is addressed equally to Jason and Alice.
(12:52:23 AM) *JoeyDrood grins absently, beneath his mask. "I think i'm going to get drunk later this week."
(12:53:20 AM) Maddy: She digs through her pouch, nodding. She pulls out the pills, inadvertently dropping her roses as she does so. "Shit…h-here." she holds out the pills as she picks the flowers back up.
(12:53:44 AM) DawnyPhone: Jillian smiles "We meet up again, I'm gonna want another butterfly"
(12:54:28 AM) Nioki: "Of course. I'll practice."
(12:55:07 AM) E4D: "Fight as well as me, patch people or puppies up as well as Alice, build weapons as well as John, telepathy as well as the cat, or fix machines as well as the lady with the mechanical eye. We don't have room for people who can't perform, and things are only gonna be getting harder for us in the near future. If you haven't noticed…"
(12:55:25 AM) E4D: "we didn't bring this town with us. We showed up in two LAVs and a trio of trucks."
(12:55:34 AM) E4D: "Not a lot we're actually hauling with us."
(12:56:22 AM) DawnyPhone: "Now, go before I cry"
(12:57:41 AM) Light: "Goodbye," Birdy nods.
(12:57:53 AM) E4D: "He who tries to defend everything will lose everything. I'd like to save everyone. I really would." He shakes his head. "But I can't compromise the security and safety of the people I already have with dead weight. The ones staying here are doing so of their own free choice. It's gonna be rough enough without them, without having someone in their place that"
(12:57:59 AM) E4D: "can't perform."
(12:58:45 AM) Tox: 4df+3 Persuasion again | "Yeah. I noticed. But, I can hold my own and make up for the resources I use in transit. More knowledge is as useful as more dakka, sometimes more so. What if you run into something that Dusty and Midnight haven't seen, but I have some insight? Not to mention which, I'm /certainly/ less of a /liability/ than Dusty is. I think I heard him set himself on fire."
(12:58:46 AM) Quidmore: Tox: Persuasion again | "Yeah. I noticed. But, I can hold my own and make up for the resources I use in transit. More knowledge is as useful as more dakka, sometimes more so. What if you run into something that Dusty and Midnight haven't seen, but I have some insight? Not to mention which, I'm /certainly/ less of a /liability/ than Dusty is. I think I heard him set himself on fire.": 4 (4df+3=-, +, +, 0)
(12:59:13 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Someone else besides me's been set on fire?"
(12:59:40 AM) Maddy: "Yes J-john, someone's g-got you beat there." she puts the flowers back.
(1:00:02 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Why wasn't I told?"
(1:00:39 AM) E4D: Jason takes a step forward. "Listen up, asshole: I seriously fucking doubt you've seen anything we haven't" He looks at his suit, then back up at his pretty-boy face. "You look like the type that'd fucking melt down without a Starbucks latte every fifteen minutes and someone to powder your ass and tell you you're a special flower. Tell me…"
(1:01:17 AM) Maddy: Alice is trying to to giggle.
(1:01:19 AM) Maddy: *not
(1:01:23 AM) E4D: "How many times have you died in an alternate future? You ever killed a bender with your bare hands? How bout stabbed a living demon to death that wasn;t alive in the first place?"
(1:01:36 AM) E4D: "I even got around to fathering *Time*."
(1:01:42 AM) Maddy: "Or r-rode a demon horse."
(1:01:46 AM) E4D: "And that's the *least* of it."
(1:01:57 AM) Tom90deg: "I still think the horse was a good plan."
(1:02:05 AM) *
JoeyDrood begins counting on his gloved fingers. They roll over six or seven times before he loses count. "The death question is ahard one."
(1:02:07 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Or repaired a nuclear device with a leatherman"
(1:02:12 AM) E4D: "That cat? Midnight's apparently seen shit that would make me go mad from the revelation or something."
(1:02:17 AM) Maddy: "It g-gave you guys a c-chance to run."
(1:02:29 AM) Sabitsuki: "…Dusty."
(1:02:41 AM) Ragazzo: "Yes?"
(1:02:52 AM) E4D: "Look, you want to start comparing dick size, you're dealing with the wrong man, civvie."
(1:02:53 AM) Sabitsuki: "Can I eat the guy they're yelling at?"
(1:02:58 AM) JoeyDrood: "Or walked into a prison shower and dropped the soap!"
(1:03:00 AM) DawnyPhone: "oi, new guy…stay here, I'll make you some tea"
(1:03:01 AM) PaulS_laptop: "also, how many trains have you blown up?"
(1:03:03 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty considers.
(1:03:04 AM) Maddy: "Shit Cana, I can g-guarantee J-joey's s-see more than you and he's only 19."
(1:03:08 AM) Maddy: "S-sort of."
(1:03:13 AM) Ragazzo: "Only if they kill him."
(1:03:15 AM) JoeyDrood: "Ish."
(1:03:18 AM) Tom90deg
: "I don't think that counts Alice…"
(1:03:27 AM) Sabitsuki: Bel does a tiny little fistpump.
(1:03:31 AM) Tox: He took the barest of steps back as Jason advances. "The first two, no. The second, yes, actually. I'm sure if you ever meet Absel, he'll tell you the story. And I'm sorry if my suit offends, I didn't exactly have a chance to change before the Ways shunted me out here."
(1:03:37 AM) E4D: "So your little power-exec mind-gamey bullshit isn't gonna work on me. I fucking know better."
(1:03:46 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty pats bel on the head lightly.
(1:04:18 AM) Ragazzo: "If you're hungry for meat, I've got a little, you know?"
(1:04:25 AM) Maddy: "W-why not, Simon. J-just cause he time t-travels…"
(1:04:27 AM) Ragazzo: …that sounds so wrong.
(1:04:54 AM) Tom90deg: "Exactly, heh, it's cheating in a way."
(1:05:09 AM) Nioki: Alanoch pauses, and turns to look at Dusty.
(1:05:27 AM) Tox: "Power-exec mind-gamey— I've not once bullshitted you. I'm trying to be logical."
(1:05:52 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty thinks at the look. "…for god's sake, Alanoch, I meant that innocently. I have a daughter, you know."
(1:06:21 AM) Nioki: "Where is she?"
(1:06:28 AM) E4D: "And I'm telling you where the logic you think works makes no sense."
(1:06:54 AM) DawnyPhone: Jillian sighs "New guy, quit. You'll never win"
(1:06:55 AM) Ragazzo: "Somewhere safe. A different world."
(1:07:03 AM) E4D: Jason turns, heading for the Piranha. He circles a hand in the air. "Mount 'em up, people! We're burning night!"
(1:07:04 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Jason, I've got an idea"
(1:07:05 AM) JoeyDrood: "I don't really time travel. I just choose to traverse the flow of time in an alternative fashion to the norm." It's odd. His sunglasses are now horn rims.
(1:07:27 AM) Tox: Cana sighs, having no response.
(1:07:32 AM) Sabitsuki: Bel seems entirely too intent on the conversation between Jason and Cana.
(1:07:45 AM) DawnyPhone: "Oh, Joey…thanks again…stay safe"
(1:07:47 AM) PaulS_laptop: "We take the new guy. He either works out for us, or if he doesn't, I'll kill him on the spot at the first hint of trouble"
(1:07:50 AM) Maddy: "Sweetheart, t-time fuckary is a-all the same to thems t-that can't do it."
(1:07:52 AM) Tom90deg
: Simon nods at the new guy. "Don't worry. We could really use help here. Heh, I've got a feeling Jill is gonna want to keep on learning."
(1:07:56 AM) PaulS_laptop: "everybody wins"
(1:08:04 AM) Nioki: "You probably won't get to eat him, Bel."
(1:08:05 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty produces some beef jerky. He opens it.
(1:08:42 AM) Tox: He turns to the person who spoke to him. He shrugs. "I need to get back to the States, though."
(1:08:42 AM) DawnyPhone: Jillian shrugs "I like to learn"
(1:08:44 AM) PaulS_laptop: 4df+3 intimidation John smiles at Cana. "What do you think, new guy?"
(1:08:44 AM) Quidmore: PaulS_laptop: intimidation John smiles at Cana. "What do you think, new guy?": 1 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, -)
(1:09:11 AM) Tox: 4df+3 Mental Defense?
(1:09:11 AM) Quidmore: Tox: Mental Defense?: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, +)
(1:09:20 AM) Maddy: "You g-getting back to the s-states is not our p-problem."
(1:09:24 AM) Tox: er, shit.
(1:09:42 AM) Tox: 4df+2, my bad
(1:09:50 AM) Tox: 4df+2 Revised MDef
(1:09:51 AM) Quidmore: Tox: Revised MDef: 4 (4df+2=+, 0, +, 0)
(1:10:10 AM) Tox: Cana is rather unfazed. "I never said that it was, Alice."
(1:10:11 AM) JoeyDrood: "And if he doesn't work out, and we have to kill him, hell, fresh supplies." He says it seriously.
(1:10:54 AM) PaulS_laptop: "no we. I wanna kill him."
(1:11:34 AM) Tom90deg: "I'm missing this already." Simon rolls his eyes.
(1:11:35 AM) Light: Birdman, meanwhile, picks rotten meat off his arm feathers.
(1:11:53 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty offers Bel the beef jerky.
(1:12:01 AM) E4D: Jason turns back, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Well, if your objective is getting abck to the States, and you don't even know where we're going, and you acknowledge that it's your bag, not ours… then… holy shit, Batman, but it doesn't make a lot of sense." Jason keys his radio. «Everyone? Load 'em up.»
(1:12:28 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty helps bel aboard.
(1:12:33 AM) DawnyPhone: Jillian smiles to Simon "And you wonder why they can't take Em"
(1:12:34 AM) PaulS_laptop: «Rodger that. Where do you want me, fearless leader. Gun or in the back?"
(1:12:44 AM) Ragazzo: He sits beside her.
(1:13:05 AM) Nioki: Alanoch takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly. He looks at the LAV.
(1:13:21 AM) E4D: «Hop on the Stryker or Humvee's gun. Your choice.»
(1:13:45 AM) *JoeyDrood slides into his usual spot in the Dodridge family death dealer
(1:13:54 AM) Tom90deg
: "Heh, well don't worry. She's gonna be little miss Badass, just you wait."
(1:14:02 AM) E4D: The family that slays together, stays together.
(1:14:03 AM) Nioki: "I can be a spotter. I think I'm ready to shoot things if I have to. If someone shows me how to use the gun."
(1:14:08 AM) DawnyPhone: Jillian sighs "Please, stay safe guys?
(1:14:31 AM) Maddy: Alice waves to those staying behind and climbs into the LAV's turret. "W-we will! D-don't you worry!"
(1:15:01 AM) Tom90deg [||ged09moT] entered the room.
(1:15:11 AM) DawnyPhone: "We'll have tea again some day!"
(1:15:28 AM) Light: Birdy waves a hand, and climbs onto the back of the LAV.
(1:15:30 AM) Maddy: "O-oohrah!"
(1:15:35 AM) *
JoeyDrood doesn't wave. He knows the town, and the people left behind, will never be seen again. Ir happens.
(1:15:35 AM) Tom90deg: Simon waves. "We'll keep in touch, somehow."
(1:17:06 AM) Tom90deg__ left the room (quit: Ping timeout).
(1:17:36 AM) Sabitsuki: Bel takes a handful of the beef and stuffs it in her mouth. It becomes ground mush remarkably fast.
(1:18:28 AM) DawnyPhone: Jillian turns and faces Simon "You ready for this?"
(1:20:14 AM) Tom90deg: "Heh, as I'll ever be."
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(1:21:07 AM) E4D: Jason climbs up, sitting in the rear bustle rack of the LAV turret, and pulls his shemagh up. "We'll be back."
(1:21:27 AM) JoeyDrood: "Will we?"
(1:21:40 AM) Tom90deg: "Don't say that unless you will Jason."
(1:22:13 AM) Maddy: "W-well, we'll t-try. I c-can say that much."
(1:22:26 AM) PaulS_laptop: "Also, Simon, Jill, tell Akane that when we get back, I want my gun back"
(1:22:29 AM) E4D: «Who do we got driving? Sound off, people. We need one for Eve, one for Florence, one for El Diablo, andthe hummer and the RV» "And yeah, have I ever lied to you people before?"
(1:22:31 AM) Tom90deg: "That's good enough, heh, that's all we can ask. Just try."
(1:22:31 AM) DawnyPhone: "If I ever see you again Jason, it's your turn to make chai"
(1:22:41 AM) Tom90deg: "Heh, if you can get it from her, it's yours."
(1:25:01 AM) Nioki: Alanoch climbs in to Florence's spotter position, and waits.
(1:25:04 AM) Maddy: "…I c-could drive E-eve."
(1:25:14 AM) DawnyPhone: "I think this can work" Jillian sighs, the firt of her tears slipping.
(1:25:26 AM) E4D: «Get it, hun. Same setup as Florence."
(1:25:28 AM) DawnyPhone: first*
(1:25:29 AM) Sabitsuki: Akane pats Jill on the shoulder, stepping into the hotel.
(1:25:40 AM) JoeyDrood: "I, uh, actually haven't learned to drive yet."
(1:25:56 AM) E4D: "I'll take care of that."
(1:26:09 AM) Maddy: She hops into the drivers seat, starting her up. "J-jason's a good teacher."
(1:26:19 AM) PaulS_laptop: "You seriously don't want me driving anything. Remember the 4 wheeler in siberia?"
(1:26:30 AM) Nioki: Alanoch doesn't bother saying that he doesn't know how to drive. It should be obvious.
(1:26:38 AM) E4D: "Hell, Alice had never driven before, either. I taught her in the Stryker, and she was tooling around in the Hummer. It ain't hard."
(1:27:06 AM) Maddy: "D-dad wouldn't let me…" she fake grumps. "I t-think Heiden's g-got the hummer still."
(1:27:23 AM) JoeyDrood: "I think i'm okay with just being a gunner."
(1:27:39 AM) Maddy: "W-well as long as you s-shoot better than Brad…"
(1:27:42 AM) Nioki: «We're leaving a car with them, aren't we?»
(1:27:57 AM) DawnyPhone: "DON'T FUCKING BREAK SHIT!"
(1:28:11 AM) JoeyDrood: "I'd be tempted to trick it out with temporal effects."
(1:28:12 AM) E4D: «You looked around town? It's a *city*.»
(1:28:44 AM) E4D: "Pimp mah DeLorean."
(1:29:05 AM) Sabitsuki: Bel sits quiet in the troop compartment of the EVE, Indian style.
(1:29:20 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty offers the beef jerky.
(1:29:47 AM) Maddy: "W-well, I already know you s-shoot better, you h-haven't shot me y-yet." she chuckles.
(1:30:03 AM) Sabitsuki: She shakes her head.
(1:30:30 AM) E4D: Jason climbs forward of the upper turret hatch past Joey, walking on the roof, and bangs the hull above Alice's head. «Get 'er movin', hun. Gotta leave sometime…»
(1:30:47 AM) Ragazzo: Dusty sighs, and nibbles the jerky. "…when's the last time you ate?"
(1:30:48 AM) DawnyPhone: Jillian turns and hugs Simon "You mind?" she's crying pretty hard now
(1:31:07 AM) Sabitsuki: "Alanoch fed me lassst night."
(1:31:11 AM) Maddy: «R-right.» she starts off towards Potts Point again.
(1:31:11 AM) JoeyDrood: «Deloreans are so over-rated. I prefer to use vans or RV's, more room to stash stuff… I had some really weird experiences with a phone booth.»
(1:31:24 AM) E4D: He stands up, walking back to the bustle rack and sitting down, facing to the rear and the other vehicles. He salutes toward Jill as they leave.