New Girl

Jan 04 00:24:51 <DrCole> Lance eyes the new woman with mild curiosity. Mostly checking her for signs of injury.
Jan 04 00:25:11 <PaulS_laptop> "So quit yer bitchin'. I'm entirely too sober to be dealing with your shit."
Jan 04 00:25:11 <Dawny> She looks a bit thin, but otherwise fine.
Jan 04 00:25:39 <Dawny> "If she didn't attack me, you wouldn't have to" She points to Alice.
Jan 04 00:25:58 <Maddy> <Alright, lady. Might a-as well get into it w-while we wait. I g-go by Alice, and a few days a-ago some pretty horror film shit w-when down here, and w-we had to book. I d-did what I did c-cause I had n-no way of knowing if y-you were a threat.>
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Jan 04 00:28:14 <Dawny> "Persephone. And I'm not a threat, nor am I your prisoner."
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Jan 04 00:29:13 <Maddy> Alice sets her faceplate to be clear, letting the faceplate clear. <Nice to meet you, and I never said you were a p-prisoner, and if you've been in China longer than a couple d-days, I'm sure you can understand w-why I might not take someones workd for it.>
Jan 04 00:30:19 * DrCole has taken his attention off the blonde woman, now somewhat anxiously eying hte ospital, peering it's windows, shuffling his feet every so often.
Jan 04 00:30:34 <Dawny> "I've been here for nine months total. And I get it, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about being tackled and having a gun put to my head as a hello."
Jan 04 00:31:30 <Maddy> <Didn't ask you to be happy, just explaining. I o-owe you that much.> she motions to the bag. <Any weapons in there I ought to w-worry about?>
Jan 04 00:32:21 <Dawny> "Closet thing would be my needles and hooks"
Jan 04 00:32:36 <PaulS_laptop> "Junkie?"
Jan 04 00:32:52 <Maddy> <I think I c-can defend myself against those. N-no, John. I'm assuming shes talking knitting, yea?>
Jan 04 00:33:10 <Maddy> <Can't think of a p-piece of drug paref c-called a hook.>
Jan 04 00:33:24 <DrCole> Lance opens his mouth. Shuts it.
Jan 04 00:33:44 <Dawny> "Do I look like a fucking junkie? Yes. I knit and crochet." Persephone shakes her head at John.
Jan 04 00:33:57 <Maddy> Alice slides her back to her gently.
Jan 04 00:34:30 <PaulS_laptop> John looks plainly like he gives no fucks
Jan 04 00:34:35 <Maddy> <Mind if Lance or I t-take a look at you? W-we're both doctors.>
Jan 04 00:34:51 <PaulS_laptop> "too cold, too sober an' too bored to give a shit, darlin"
Jan 04 00:35:00 <DrCole> He blinks, attention retrning to the two women. Nods at Alice, then regards Perse.
Jan 04 00:35:03 <Maddy> <Hush John.>
Jan 04 00:35:25 <Dawny> "No, I don't care. But I'm not stripping out here. And I don't like this guy"
Jan 04 00:35:29 <DrCole> He's got his eyepatch on at the moment.
Jan 04 00:35:59 <PaulS_laptop> That merits a chuckle from John
Jan 04 00:36:23 <Dexanote> nobody likes lance
Jan 04 00:36:46 <Maddy> <Nah, no srtipping, j-just want to make sure you a-ain't hurt.>
Jan 04 00:37:28 <Maddy> <The suit c-can get a-away from me.>
Jan 04 00:37:54 <DrCole> "Whoever your more comfortable with. We could settle for asking you if your hurt, of course."
Jan 04 00:37:55 <Dawny> "Few popped blisters…that's about it" She shows her hands. There are two blisters, one on each hand, that's red and recently popped.
Jan 04 00:38:04 <Maddy> 4df+4 Alice does a basic look over for injury and so forth.
Jan 04 00:38:10 <Maddy> Oops
Jan 04 00:38:14 <Maddy> whatever I'll go with it
Jan 04 00:38:32 <Maddy> <Manual l-labourer?>
Jan 04 00:38:51 <Dawny> "Foreman"
Jan 04 00:39:21 <Maddy> <Any c-combat experience or t-training?>
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Jan 04 00:42:08 <Dawny> "A bit. Nothing military, but I can hunt"
Jan 04 00:44:13 <Maddy> <Fucking nice.> Alice smiles. <You'll get your weapon b-back when Myr g-gets back.> She relaxes a little. <S-so what're you doing in the a-asshole of China. You're o-obvioulsy n-no from round here.>
Jan 04 00:45:25 <Dawny> "Building project. I got stuck here when the shit went down, all I want is to get home."
Jan 04 00:46:22 <PaulS_laptop> "Where you from?"
Jan 04 00:47:34 <Dawny> "Minnesota"
Jan 04 00:48:22 <PaulS_laptop> John mutters something under his breath. she may notice something about "fucking yankees"
Jan 04 00:48:30 <Maddy> <W-well I'm not sure we;re heading there s-specifically, b-but our plan is n-north america.>
Jan 04 00:48:54 <Dawny> "I can make it home from there. I'll figure it out somehow."
Jan 04 00:50:11 <PaulS_laptop> more muttering. Yankees, frozen north, plentiful cussing
Jan 04 00:50:19 <PaulS_laptop> A lot of i is directed at the weather
Jan 04 00:51:00 <Dawny> "You know. Talking shit is more effective when you open your mouth."
Jan 04 00:52:01 <PaulS_laptop> John looks at her. An eyebrow raises, charon-style.
Jan 04 00:52:41 <Maddy> Alice bites her lip. <S-sorry if p-people are…eh w-we've lost a few p-people along the w-way. D-different people t-take it differnt ways.>
Jan 04 00:53:24 <Dawny> Persephone blinks and twirls her wedding band. "Sorry."
Jan 04 00:53:38 <Maddy> Alice nod to her. <F-familly at home?>
Jan 04 00:55:00 <Dawny> "Yeah." She pulls out her wallet and opens it. "Look" She shows a picture of a brunette man and a small blonde girl. "That's Joseph and Melaena."
Jan 04 00:55:26 <Maddy> <Aww, cute. S-she has your eyes.>
Jan 04 00:56:01 <Dawny> "Thanks" Persephone smiles. "Just turned three"
Jan 04 00:56:35 <Maddy> <Got a kid m-myself.> Alice looks away and sighs. <Has his f-fathers eyes.>
Jan 04 00:57:03 <Dawny> "Yeah? How old?" She tucks her wallet back into her pocket.
Jan 04 00:57:55 <Maddy> <…would be…just over 6 months…if shit w-were normal.>
Jan 04 00:58:07 <Maddy> She hsakes her head.
Jan 04 00:58:11 <Dawny> Eyebrow raise.
Jan 04 01:03:10 <Maddy> <Complicated. I'm sure you've s-seen some weird shit since J-july.>
Jan 04 01:03:32 <Maddy> <That w-weird shit has b-been my life f-forever.>
Jan 04 01:03:49 <Dawny> "Lots. Things I thought were dreams"
Jan 04 01:04:20 <Maddy> She jerks her head over to the hospital their sat outside of. <There w-were nightmares in there.>
Jan 04 01:06:57 <Dawny> "There are nightmares everywhere"
Jan 04 01:07:33 <Maddy> <Welcome to the b-brave new w-world.> Alice laughs and spreads her arms.
Jan 04 01:07:47 <PaulS_laptop> "That has such people in it"
Jan 04 01:08:08 <Maddy> <W-when the others get back, w-we can tak you somewhere safer, w-warm food yatta yatta.>
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Jan 04 01:08:43 <Dawny> "It's been…four days? Gave the last of my food to a kid."
Jan 04 01:09:40 <Maddy> <Jesus, how a-are you standing, lady.> Alice takes off her helmet, floofy hair falling around her face. "Sit on this."
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Jan 04 01:10:03 <PaulS_laptop> John casts a glance at Alice
Jan 04 01:10:30 <Maddy> Alice casts a "You know I could take this chick in hand to hand, man."
Jan 04 01:10:33 <Maddy> back
Jan 04 01:10:55 <Dawny> Persephone sits and sighs. "Weaned mysself down to one meal a day when things started getting rough. Body adjusts, you know"
Jan 04 01:11:12 <Maddy> <don't I e-ever.>
Jan 04 01:12:20 <Dawny> "And I've had pine tea"
Jan 04 01:12:31 <Maddy> "Any dietary r-restrictions?"
Jan 04 01:12:57 <PaulS_laptop> John reaches into a pocket of his pants, producing a hunk of bread.
Jan 04 01:13:15 <PaulS_laptop> He offers it to New Chick
Jan 04 01:13:50 <Dawny> "Not that I know of…and thanks" She takes the bread and nibbles it.
Jan 04 01:14:46 <PaulS_laptop> 'it's just been sitting in his pocket for a day or two. Not wrapped up, just a hunk of bread. She's probably hungry enough to not care
Jan 04 01:15:06 <Dawny> She cares not!
Jan 04 01:20:33 <Maddy> head back to AAM!