Next Stop: Coober Pedy

(12:57:50 PM) Rights: «Don't worry, dodridge. If we get mauled by a wild kangaroo, you'll be the first to know.»
(12:57:54 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Alright, small strange town in the middle of the Outback, everyone's dead and I'm part of a rogue convoy. To say nothing of everything else going on. Yep, just another day," he mutters to himself as he sweeps back and forth across the road, covering the advance.
(12:59:25 PM) E4D: Perception!
(12:59:36 PM) Tox|Laptop: 4df+3 Eyes!
(12:59:37 PM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: Eyes!: 5 (4df+3=0, 0, +, +)
(12:59:43 PM) Rights: 4df+3 Geier squints and looks around, grumpishly.
(12:59:43 PM) Quidmore: Rights: Geier squints and looks around, grumpishly.: 3 (4df+3=+, -, +, -)
(12:59:54 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+4
(12:59:55 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
(1:00:17 PM) CondorTalon [~moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.4DCF5DB1-CRInys|resu#moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.4DCF5DB1-CRInys|resu] entered the room.
(1:00:21 PM) Rights: "Hey, if I find a really nice car, can I keep it?"
(1:00:54 PM) Dr_Kens: "Only if you find your own fuel. And pay $5.00 a gallon."
(1:01:03 PM) Rights: "I'm having a bit of a midlife crisis here, what iwth the end of the world and all. I think I need a convertable."
(1:01:22 PM) Tox|Laptop: "I'd be concerned about its drain on our fuel reserves."
(1:01:38 PM) Dr_Kens: "Well, I don't think the people will complain…speaking of which…"
(1:01:50 PM) Tox|Laptop: "I'm struck by the ASTOUNDING fact there are no people here."
(1:02:03 PM) Rights: "Okay, then…replace 'keep' with 'drive it around this shitty little town'."
(1:02:18 PM) Dr_Kens: "Feel free."
(1:02:19 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Alice Springs all fuckin' over again." He swears, and advances.
(1:02:39 PM) Rights: "…Such a small place, you'd think tiny places like this would have survivors. People who were hiding."
(1:02:51 PM) Dr_Kens: "Maybe they hid too well and forgot to come out."
(1:02:57 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens walks further down into the town.
(1:03:04 PM) Rights: "….That is all kinds of creepy shit, Kens."
(1:03:24 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Kens, you try to be funny, but it doesn't work."
(1:03:50 PM) Dr_Kens: "Who said I was being funny." He looks back with a flat face.
(1:04:38 PM) E4D: «Hey, people, guess what I fuckin' found.»
(1:04:42 PM) Rights: "…creepy shit!" Geier smirks. How close are they to the gas station?
(1:04:47 PM) Rights: «Is it a dead guy?»
(1:04:49 PM) Dr_Kens: «What?»
(1:04:49 PM) DawnyWorks [moc.noehtyar.F97808E5-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.noehtyar.F97808E5-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(1:04:52 PM) Rights: «No, wait. Treasure?>
(1:04:58 PM) Dr_Kens: «Fruit!»
(1:06:06 PM) E4D: «We got what looks like a hotel in the middle of town.»
(1:06:11 PM) Tox|Laptop: «You're Publishers Clearinghouse's next million-dollar winner,» he says dryly.
(1:06:30 PM) Tox|Laptop: «A hotel? Here?»
(1:06:37 PM) Dr_Kens: «The weather's always nice in Hotel California.»
(1:06:49 PM) Rights: «…Maybe for people whose cars break down and shit. Tiny town like this…»
(1:06:58 PM) Rights: «Unless there's a tourist trap.»
(1:07:17 PM) E4D: «Yep. Real honest to God hotel.»
(1:07:54 PM) Tox|Laptop: «It'd be nice to sleep in an actual bed for once…» Vance sighs.
(1:08:07 PM) Rights: «Y'all just want private rooms, don't you.»
(1:08:14 PM) E4D: «I'm gonna go ahead and bring Eve down. I'll be at the intersection of Seventeen Mile and Flat Hill.»
(1:08:29 PM) Dr_Kens: «Copy. We'll meet you there.»
(1:08:30 PM) Rights: «…Looks like we'll be picking up a map at the gas station, then?»
(1:08:31 PM) Tox|Laptop: «Understood. Continuing sweep.»
(1:08:35 PM) E4D: «Jill's comin' with, so you'll have some move and shoot behind you.»
(1:08:45 PM) Dr_Kens: «Nice.»
(1:09:46 PM) Rights: «Yaaaay.»
(1:09:52 PM) DawnyWorks: «You really think you could get away from me that easy?»
(1:10:06 PM) Tox|Laptop: «I wouldn't dream of it, Jill.»
(1:11:52 PM) Dr_Kens: "Alright guys, let's head to the station."
(1:11:59 PM) Tox|Laptop: Have they arrived at the station yet?
(1:12:04 PM) DawnyWorks: «I wonder if they have the big, fluffy towels…»
(1:12:41 PM) E4D: Sure they have. They've reached the parking lot, the building and islands to their front.
(1:12:54 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens whistles. "Anyone in there?"
(1:13:38 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance looks at the entrance, gun ready. He halts, even with Kens.
(1:14:02 PM) E4D: Silence greets them.
(1:14:11 PM) Dr_Kens: "I guess not. Rifles at the ready?"
(1:14:26 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens walks towards the store, and starts to look around
(1:14:56 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Sure enough." Vance draws forward and passes the threshold, quickly looking around to cover what he can see.
(1:15:33 PM) E4D: Perception!
(1:15:38 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+4
(1:15:38 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: 6 (4df+4=+, -, +, +)
(1:15:42 PM) Tox|Laptop: 4df+3 Eyes!
(1:15:42 PM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: Eyes!: 0 (4df+3=-, -, -, 0)
(1:16:39 PM) Rights left the room (quit: Quit: ajax IRC Client).
(1:16:42 PM) E4D: Kens immediately spots what looks like an elongated reddish puddle of… gel behind the counter, flecked with silver.
(1:17:03 PM) Dr_Kens: "Eww. Eww…" Kens walks near it. Can he roll science to see what it is?
(1:17:17 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance moves in, loo"What, Kens?"
(1:17:24 PM) Tox|Laptop: He turns aside.
(1:17:25 PM) E4D: He can.
(1:17:33 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+2 Life science roll.
(1:17:34 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Life science roll.: -1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, -)
(1:19:03 PM) E4D: He can't tell much of anything. Gak that's been in the sun too long? Really good jam? Who the hell knows? Kens doesn't, that much is apparent.
(1:19:36 PM) Tox|Laptop: "What the hell is that, Kens?"
(1:19:44 PM) Dr_Kens: "It's /disgusting/ THAT'S what it is."
(1:19:54 PM) Dr_Kens: He pokes the tip with his rifle.
(1:19:57 PM) Dr_Kens: *it
(1:20:05 PM) Tox|Laptop: "No don't do that…."
(1:20:55 PM) E4D: It sticks to the muzzle, dripping off slowly, the consistency of oil.
(1:21:36 PM) Dr_Kens: "I don't want to imagine what this is."
(1:21:49 PM) Maddy [~moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.7B5E93A2-CRInys|yddam#moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.7B5E93A2-CRInys|yddam] entered the room.
(1:21:51 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Well….that's gross. Wipe off you gun and let's ignore it. Pretend it doesn't exist."
(1:21:55 PM) Dr_Kens: He tries to shake it off, and wipes it in the dirt. "Let's get the stuff and go."
(1:22:02 PM) Waxx|Despot [~moc.rr.zib.lartnec.B686027E-CRInys|xxaw#moc.rr.zib.lartnec.B686027E-CRInys|xxaw] entered the room.
(1:22:04 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance gathers supplies!
(1:22:50 PM) E4D: The LAV rolls up to the corner of Seventeen and Hutchison, having missed a turn.
(1:23:51 PM) Dr_Kens: "Christ." Kens takes out a napkin and wipes the tip.
(1:24:16 PM) Maddy: Alice yawns. "W-where are we?"
(1:24:24 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance continues gathering, using one of those baskets to pile up supplies.
(1:24:52 PM) E4D: Jason shouts down from the turret. "Ugh, Coober something." «Guys, what's your status?»
(1:25:40 PM) Dr_Kens: «No hostiles, but we found some weird red goop.»
(1:25:47 PM) Waxx|Despot left the room (quit: Connection reset by peer).
(1:26:12 PM) CondorTalon: "Alice. Good morning."
(1:26:39 PM) E4D: «Weird, red goop. That the technical term for that? Don't you have Kens?»
(1:27:17 PM) Dr_Kens: «This is Kens. The technical term, I believe, is anomalous colloidal substance with a red tint.»
(1:27:18 PM) Tox|Laptop: «Yeah, Kens doesn't know what the fuck.»
(1:27:41 PM) Tox|Laptop: «It's got silver flecks in it, if that means anything at all.»
(1:28:03 PM) DawnyWorks: «What's the consistancy?»
(1:28:20 PM) Tox|Laptop: «Oil.»
(1:28:56 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian takes a drink for her new can 'o energy «Could be tranny fluid…»
(1:29:17 PM) Tox|Laptop: 4df+3 Vance stops to get a closer look at the substance as he sets his first basket on the counter.
(1:29:17 PM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: Vance stops to get a closer look at the substance as he sets his first basket on the counter.: 0 (4df+3=0, -, -, -)
(1:29:48 PM) Maddy: "W-woah! Y-you scared me." she smiles.
(1:30:05 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+2 Life science, closer examination plox.
(1:30:05 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Life science, closer examination plox.: 4 (4df+2=+, +, -, +)
(1:30:35 PM) E4D: The anomalous transmission colloidal goop brooks no further investigation by Vance.
(1:31:15 PM) DawnyWorks: "Em…hunny, could you hand Alice the themos back there. It's green and tall"
(1:31:17 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens takes out his calibration kit, and takes out a few test tubes.
(1:31:50 PM) Dr_Kens: He puts on gloves and takes a bit into the test tube. "This is nasty."
(1:32:21 PM) Dr_Kens: "Does anyone have any water?"
(1:32:38 PM) Dr_Kens: His hands are full, so he can't take his own canteen.
(1:32:43 PM) E4D: They *are* in a gas station.
(1:32:59 PM) Dr_Kens: "Poor some water into this test tube please, vance."
(1:33:12 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Yeah, hang on." Vance gets water from the bathroom using a cup, then returns it and drips some into the tube.
(1:33:22 PM) CondorTalon: She looks around for the thermos, and hands it to Alice when she finds it.
(1:33:39 PM) DawnyWorks: Inside Alice finds….TEA!
(1:33:55 PM) DawnyWorks: "Thought you might need some caffiene.
(1:33:56 PM) DawnyWorks: "
(1:34:12 PM) Dr_Kens: He swirls it, and drops in a few chemicals. "This should let us know at least /what/ it is. If it's biological, it should turn a pink or dark brown. If not, it'll remain clear."
(1:34:46 PM) Tox|Laptop: "It'd be a start, I guess…"
(1:35:06 PM) DawnyWorks: «What does it smell like?»
(1:35:10 PM) Maddy: "Oooh, tea!"
(1:35:18 PM) Dr_Kens: "…well that's bad…" It turns a deep red. "…few things turn that shade, and one of them is unpleasant to think about."
(1:35:31 PM) Maddy: "T-thank you." siiii[
(1:35:32 PM) Tox|Laptop: "What things, Kens? Talk to me."
(1:36:07 PM) Dr_Kens: "…flesh…Animal, insect…and human."
(1:36:34 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Flesh. Human fl
" Vance takes another look at the substance.
(1:36:38 PM) DawnyWorks: «What. Does. It. Smell. Like?»
(1:36:50 PM) Tox|Laptop: "You're tellin' me that MIGHT be a liquefied human?"
(1:36:55 PM) Dr_Kens: "Yes."
(1:37:03 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Jesus fucking Christ."
(1:37:12 PM) Dr_Kens: «Uh, guys, it might be liquified human flesh. A few basic tests told me that much.»
(1:37:34 PM) Dr_Kens: «Smells…bad.»
(1:37:38 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Fuck my life."
(1:37:40 PM) DawnyWorks: "Jason….really now…you need to-«Say again?»
(1:37:47 PM) E4D: «*Liquefied*?»
(1:37:57 PM) Dr_Kens: «I repeat, it seems to be liquified human flesh. You heard that right.»
(1:38:04 PM) Tox|Laptop: «Liquefied human flesh. Consistency of oil, reacts in a fleshlike manner with Kens' kit.»
(1:38:19 PM) Tox|Laptop: «Given that it's behind the counter, well…I'll let you connect those particular dots.»
(1:39:01 PM) Maddy: «W-wait. What?"
(1:39:02 PM) Maddy: »
(1:39:11 PM) DawnyWorks: «How do you even liquefy someone?»
(1:39:25 PM) Maddy: «I d-don't want to k-know.»
(1:39:30 PM) Dr_Kens: «Acid, bases, bacteria…I've known a few ways…»
(1:39:40 PM) CondorTalon: "…"
(1:39:47 PM) Dr_Kens: «But there are silver flecks…which makes me think…no…»
(1:39:52 PM) Tox|Laptop: «….Wasn't there a nanobot swarm released from Site 23 before it went up…..?»
(1:40:09 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens moves back from the puddle.
(1:40:29 PM) E4D: Perception.
(1:40:33 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance's voice is filled with that sort of sick, numb horror.
(1:40:36 PM) Dr_Kens: 4df+4 Perception
(1:40:36 PM) Quidmore: Dr_Kens: Perception: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
(1:40:39 PM) Tox|Laptop: 4df+3 Eyes
(1:40:39 PM) Quidmore: Tox|Laptop: Eyes: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, +, -)
(1:40:59 PM) E4D: Kens notices right away as the rifle's barrel begins to shift.
(1:41:16 PM) Dr_Kens: He tosses it down. "Vance, get out. Get out now."
(1:41:27 PM) E4D: Moments later, it starts… dripping away, then stops just past the muzzle.
(1:41:45 PM) Tox|Laptop: Vance backs off, putting distance between himself and the puddle. "Wh-what?" He looks to where Kens threw down the rifle, then jumps backwards, clattering against the soda cooler.
(1:41:56 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Oh Jesus fuck my life, those things are still active?!"
(1:42:00 PM) Dr_Kens: «Convoy, there are nanobots. Do not touch /any/ liquids.»
(1:42:21 PM) Dr_Kens: "Luckily, only to the extent to where the goop touches it."
(1:42:49 PM) Maddy: «Lovely.»
(1:42:56 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Thank god for small blessings, I suppose…"
(1:43:19 PM) Dr_Kens: «I say no go on any fuel here. I repeat, do NOT fill up with any fuel here. Can't risk contaminated liquids.»
(1:43:35 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Poor bastard. I can't imagine how much that must have hurt."
(1:44:13 PM) Dr_Kens: "He can't feel much more anymore, thankfully."
(1:44:27 PM) E4D: «Fuck. Jill? Seal us up? Copy, we'll see if we can find another one. Get on Seventeen and head east. We're at the end of the road, from your position. Approximately 2 klicks.»
(1:44:42 PM) Dr_Kens: «Copy, Jason. Moving out.»
(1:44:43 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Yeah, but…..shit. Can you even imagine?" Vance trots outside, supplies forgotten.
(1:44:48 PM) Tox|Laptop: «Copy that.»
(1:44:51 PM) DawnyWorks: «Rog» Jillian seals!
(1:45:01 PM) Dr_Kens: Kens looks at Vance. "Come on. Leave everything you scavenged."
(1:45:01 PM) Maddy: Alice sips her tea and sighs a little.
(1:45:05 PM) Dr_Kens: He starts moving out.
(1:45:17 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Yeah, no shit." Vance trots along with Kens.
(1:45:45 PM) E4D: "I guess that, uh, whatsername? Agent Flight, was right."
(1:46:02 PM) Tox|Laptop: "Why, what'd she say?"
(1:46:17 PM) Maddy: "Yeah. R-real unfortunate t-that."
(1:47:30 PM) E4D: Vance probably can't hear him on account of being nearly a mile away.
(1:48:14 PM) Tox|Laptop: redact,t hen
(1:49:25 PM) Tox|Laptop: «Coming in, check fire east, three friendlies inbound.»
(1:49:43 PM) Tox|Laptop: «Wait, no. Crap. Check fire west.»
(1:50:39 PM) E4D: «Holding fire to the west.»
(1:51:01 PM) Tox|Laptop: And then the Three Amigos were home?
(1:51:01 PM) Maddy: "W-we should get him a c-compass."
(1:52:40 PM) DawnyWorks: "And teach him proper radio protocalls"
(1:53:13 PM) E4D: They arrive moments after the ladies' hilarious deprecatory comments.
(1:53:36 PM) Maddy: Alice sips more tea.
(1:54:03 PM) DawnyWorks: Jillian sips the can 'o energy
(1:54:40 PM) E4D: Jason bangs on the hatch. "South to Stuart, then back west, aight, Jill? We'll head back in later…"
(1:55:07 PM) Tox|Laptop: The three arrive back at the LAV. "So, yeah. That was fairly disgusting."
(1:55:29 PM) Dr_Kens: "Dear god…I'm glad I left my test tubs there."
(1:56:22 PM) DawnyWorks: «Rog» Jillian heads south