Old Faces, New Allies

(10:02:20 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight sniffs around, tracking something injured.
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(10:07:46 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance watches Midnight curiously. "Watcha got?"
(10:12:59 PM) MisterFlames: "Something's hurt around here, I smell it."
(10:13:35 PM) Sophos: Johnson is snoozing on the roof
(10:13:37 PM) *Sophos ->
(10:13:40 PM) Yox|Laptop: "Want help taking it down and in?"
(10:14:03 PM) MisterFlames: "I want to see where it is, first."
(10:14:24 PM) MisterFlames: "And what… the scent's a bit different than anything I know."
(10:15:21 PM) Yox|Laptop: "I'll get on the roof. You talk up at me, however you do it, and I'll be your eyes in the sky."
(10:17:01 PM) MisterFlames: "Let me go up with you. I want to look around a bit as well. I'm still… puzzled."
(10:18:04 PM) Yox|Laptop: "Alright." Vance picks up the kitty and makes for the roof, taking the sniper rifle in hand. "Which bearing is it?"
(10:20:09 PM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Sniffing around.
(10:20:10 PM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Sniffing around.: 3 (4df+4=+, -, -, 0)
(10:21:02 PM) Maddy: Alice is already on the roof, having taken watch forever ago. She's a trooper.
(10:22:11 PM) MisterFlames: "Hey, Alice… I'm smelling blood. Not sure from where, though, or what."
(10:22:21 PM) Yox|Laptop: "Hey, Alice." Vance nods. "Mind if I borrow the rifle? Midnight senses something."
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(10:23:19 PM) Maddy: She yawns a little. "W-what you got?"
(10:24:16 PM) MisterFlames: "Smelling blood around here. Fresh, not what the hospital's laundry has."
(10:26:27 PM) Maddy: "S-sure take a look. M-might just be from Novi though. H-he came around, all messed up, k-killed one of the STF guys."
(10:26:44 PM) MisterFlames: "How long ago was that?"
(10:27:17 PM) Maddy: "…a f-few hours? S-shit I've been up here forever."
(10:28:46 PM) MisterFlames: "Maybe it's time you took a break?"
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(10:28:54 PM) Sabitsuki: Alice
(10:28:57 PM) Sabitsuki: Physical Defense
(10:28:57 PM) Yox|Laptop: "I'll relieve you."
(10:29:00 PM) Maddy: "Y-yeah probably…"
(10:29:07 PM) Maddy: 4df+3 Hnnng
(10:29:07 PM) Quidmore: Maddy: Hnnng: -1 (4df+3=-, -, -, -)
(10:29:15 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+3 I'm the goddamn sun
(10:29:16 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: I'm the goddamn sun: 0 (4df+3=-, 0, -, -)
(10:29:36 PM) Sabitsuki: Alice is gettin' a minor sunburn, there.
(10:30:04 PM) Maddy: "Ffff, I'm going to p-peel."
(10:30:13 PM) Maddy: She pokes her face.
(10:30:16 PM) Yox|Laptop: "Get out of the damn sun! I'll take over."
(10:31:05 PM) Maddy: "Y-yeah yeah I'm going." she goes to find aloe for her face.
(10:31:41 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance takes up the sniper rifle and scans the environs.
(10:32:00 PM) MisterFlames: "I'll stay up here with Vance for a bit, too. Let me do a little work."
(10:32:24 PM) Yox|Laptop: "Good company, too. A cute furry animal that can actually talk back."
(10:32:25 PM) Maddy: "C-carful with that rifle. J-jason got it for me." she yells back.
(10:32:33 PM) Yox|Laptop: "Copy!" Vance hollers/.
(10:32:44 PM) Sabitsuki: percep vance
(10:32:58 PM) Yox|Laptop: 4df+3 I'ma eyes
(10:32:58 PM) Quidmore: Yox|Laptop: I'ma eyes: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, +)
(10:33:00 PM) MisterFlames: Midnight works on constructing a circle so she can scan the area for minds.
(10:33:15 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df big hunk of red
(10:33:15 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: big hunk of red: -1 (4df=0, -, 0, 0)
(10:33:27 PM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Maru means Circle, y'know?
(10:33:27 PM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Maru means Circle, y'know?: 4 (4df+4=-, 0, +, 0)
(10:34:04 PM) Sabitsuki: 4df+4 I am fucking retarded and cannot roll dice correctly. My name is Sabitsuki.
(10:34:04 PM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: I am fucking retarded and cannot roll dice correctly. My name is Sabitsuki.: 0 (4df+4=-, -, -, -)
(10:34:36 PM) Sabitsuki: Vance sees a 939 Alpha sprinting through the street, but it quickly ducks into an alley.
(10:34:44 PM) Sabitsuki: And that's a succeed, Midnight.
(10:35:41 PM) Yox|Laptop: "Whoop, that's a 939 Alpha there." He tightens up, swinging the rifle to his shoulder and adjusting the scope, tracking it by dead reckoning.
(10:36:04 PM) Sabitsuki: Can't see it no more, out of FOV
(10:36:12 PM) MisterFlames: 4df+6 Minds in the area, who goes there?
(10:36:12 PM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Minds in the area, who goes there?: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, 0)
(10:36:37 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance can reckon where the alley ends and wait for it to pop out there.
(10:39:57 PM) Nusquam: Midnight can detect the presence of the STF, still in the building off Smith Street, now one fewer. There's also those individuals she'll recognize from the convoy, and this time, two something elses. One, distinctly more human than the other, seems to be in the alley nearby. The exact location of the other is difficult to determine.
(10:43:55 PM) MisterFlames: "Okay, found the agents, now one less. Also found Novikov, he's in the alley there." Midnight hops over and gestures in that direction with her paw. "There's something else around, though. Not human, and I'm not quite able to locate it."
(10:44:16 PM) Yox|Laptop: "That does not make me feel comfortable."
(10:44:44 PM) MisterFlames: "Same. It's not human, whatever it is. Novikov's more human in thought."
(10:44:49 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance shoulders the rifle, giving the area a good visual inspection. "Could you get anything more specific out of it?"
(10:45:07 PM) MisterFlames: "Only that it's around."
(10:45:46 PM) Yox|Laptop: "Fuck."
(10:47:05 PM) MisterFlames: "Might be a good time to finish our business in town, and find new horizons."
(10:48:33 PM) Yox|Laptop: "I think so." «Alice, Vance, come back.»
(10:48:45 PM) Maddy: «Yeah?»
(10:48:49 PM) Nusquam: Actually, redact that, the STF isn't in the building off Smith Street. They've relocated about two kilometers to the north, now near Rotaract Park.
(10:49:19 PM) MisterFlames: "The Agents moved… they're north now."
(10:49:44 PM) Yox|Laptop: «Midnight sensed something not human. NOT human. Can't pin it down, can't locate it. I think it's time we did what needs doing and bug out. Oh, the STF has moved north, out of their hideyhole.»
(10:50:22 PM) MisterFlames: "We could head south to the airport," Midnight says. "Might find vehicles there."
(10:51:01 PM) Yox|Laptop: «We might be able to add to the convoy at the southern airport, Midnight thinks.»
(10:52:20 PM) Maddy: «Yeah, m-moving on sounds like a s-stellar idea, though I'm pretty sure the f'tagn from before a-ate all the vehicles. I'll t-talk to Jason. C-chances are w-we move soon.»
(10:53:09 PM) Yox|Laptop: "Midnight, does this feel like the Eldritch deathbringer we ran into before?"
(10:53:35 PM) MisterFlames: "Can't hurt to look, and they should be fuel there, so we can top off. And we'll have to figure which way to travel."
(10:55:05 PM) Maddy: «Though I c-can guarantee, Jason w-will probably still want to h-hit the STF, see what they know. A-at the very worst, find out which w-way not to t-travel.»
(10:55:45 PM) Yox|Laptop: «Assuming they don't just kill us. Midnight and I could go have a look, if you like. You could come and provide fire support.»
(10:57:04 PM) Maddy: «They wont kill us, t-there four and a h-half left. W-we can take them i-if they're not k-keen on talking, and h-hopefully one of t-them will have info on w-where they came form on th-their bodies."
(10:57:06 PM) Maddy: >
(10:57:07 PM) Maddy: >
(10:57:38 PM) Yox|Laptop: «Wanna go? I'm up for some blood on my hands.»
(10:58:40 PM) MisterFlames: "Best not to do it unless your serious. They're still panicked, and Novikov eating one probably didn't help matters."
(10:58:55 PM) MisterFlames: ((you're serious))
(10:59:59 PM) Yox|Laptop: "I don't fuck around, Midnight. They shot at me; I'm a little irked."
(11:00:28 PM) Maddy: «I w-want to wait to talk to Jason f-first. G-give us a-an hour or s-so to talk shop?»
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(11:00:57 PM) Yox|Laptop: «Yeah, you got it. Just a suggestion from the grunt.» A grin is audible.
(11:01:35 PM) Maddy: «All r-right, Alice out.»
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(11:03:35 PM) Yox|Laptop: Vance returns to his visual patrol.
(11:04:43 PM) Tom90deg: Simon walks out, giveing Alice a nod.
(11:05:23 PM) Maddy: «Also, s-seriously. Don't fuck up t-that rifle. I'll k-kill you.» her grin is also audible. She sits by Eve, drawing. "H-hey Simon."
(11:05:52 PM) Tom90deg: "How's it going?"
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(11:06:26 PM) Maddy: "P-pretty good, just finishing up this s-sketch, then I'm going t-to talk to Jason about moving on."
(11:06:44 PM) Yox|Laptop: «No problem, Alice. I'll be sure to — oh shit!» A scrambling noise is heard as…absolutely nothing happens. Vance is punking Alice.
(11:07:08 PM) Maddy: «…you'd better be fucking with me.»
(11:07:11 PM) Maddy: No
(11:07:12 PM) Maddy: Stutter
(11:07:41 PM) Yox|Laptop: «Yes, Alice. I'm fuckin' with you.» The hint of a laugh plays around the edges of his voice. «I'm fine, rifle's fine.»
(11:08:01 PM) Tom90deg: "Ahh, cool. Where we movin to?"
(11:08:29 PM) MisterFlames: "Vance, don't mess with Alice and her gun." Midnight says. She's still working on tracing that other mind, but not having much luck.
(11:09:01 PM) Yox|Laptop: "Gotta have some fun somewhere along the line, Midnight. Blow some steam."
(11:10:36 PM) Maddy: "Don't k-know yet. That's w-why I w-want to see if we c-can't get something out of t-the STF here. A-at the very least, w-where they came from s-so we can head in the o-oposite dirrection."
(11:11:12 PM) Tom90deg: "Hm…Need any help with that?"
(11:12:07 PM) Maddy: "Might, l-like I said, I'm going to talk to Jason a-about it."
(11:12:17 PM) Tom90deg: "Alright then."
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(11:23:29 PM) Maddy: She finishes the drawing and smiles. "W-well I'm going to go t-talk to Jason. T-talk to you later?"
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(12:08:44 AM) Ragazzo: Lance sits in the hospital, flipping through the charts of people that are almost certainly dead.
(12:09:28 AM) Dawny: Jillian wonders back to the vending machine "More chocolate…"
(12:09:28 AM) Maddy: Alice is looking for Jason, and aloe for her sunburn
(12:10:56 AM) Ragazzo: She hears someone in the room beside the candy machine.
(12:11:48 AM) Ragazzo: Jill, that is.
(12:12:14 AM) Ragazzo: Alice and her sunburn can go be lonely loners.
(12:12:30 AM) E4D: He's down in the parking garage, arranging trailers and fuel tanks.
(12:12:54 AM) Maddy: She moseys down there. "H-hey, hun? C-can I talk to you?"
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(12:13:03 AM) Dawny: Jillian tilts her head and opens the door "Hello?"
(12:13:28 AM) E4D [ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.9ACD50F7-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.9ACD50F7-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(12:14:03 AM) Ragazzo: It's lance, on a hospital bed, flipping through dead patient charts. He glances up.
(12:14:06 AM) Ragazzo: "Ah, hello."
(12:14:15 AM) E4D: Jason's down in the garage, arranging the trailers in Oxide.
(12:14:34 AM) Maddy: She moseys down there. "H-hey, hun? C-can I talk to you?"
(12:14:42 AM) Dawny: Jillian sits in the chair by the bed "Lance…right?"
(12:14:46 AM) E4D: "Hmm?"
(12:15:18 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance is on the roof, on watch.
(12:15:34 AM) Ragazzo: "Mhm. Jillian…cunningham?"
(12:15:45 AM) Maddy: "I w-was talking to Midnight and V-vance, The STF is on the move, a-and she s-sensed something inhuman. I'm t-thinking we should m-move soon."
(12:16:03 AM) Ragazzo: Clickclack. He sets a chart down, picks up a new one.
(12:16:39 AM) E4D: Jason nods at the trailers, hooked up two to a vehicle. "Way ahead of ya."
(12:17:04 AM) Maddy: She grins. "A-also, do we have a-any aloe?" she points to her burnt face.
(12:17:14 AM) Dawny: "Yeah" Jillian smiles and breaks her kit-kat in half, offering it to him "Want some?"
(12:18:37 AM) Ragazzo: "Please and thank you." Lance leans forwards absentmindedly, and takes it in his mouth straight from her fingers. His eyes don't leave the chart. After a few moments, he sets it aside, and picks up another.
(12:19:23 AM) Dawny: Jillian noms the chocolate "Anything good?"
(12:20:12 AM) Ragazzo: "Well, do you consider cancer good? Seems to be a lot of cases of that here.Or rather, there were many cases of that here."
(12:20:17 AM) E4D: "Ugh, I think they have some watergel and burn treatment creams in the Stryker.
(12:20:30 AM) Maddy: "I j-just don't want to peel."
(12:20:57 AM) Maddy: "F-forgot sunblock t-then was on the roof all day." she chuckles.
(12:21:00 AM) E4D: ""Whatever you do, try to make it quick. We're heading out soon."
(12:21:08 AM) E4D: "Oops."
(12:21:11 AM) Waxx [moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW#moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW] entered the room.
(12:21:13 AM) Dawny: Jillian shrugs "Something interesting"
(12:21:35 AM) Ragazzo: "I suppose…" He sighs, crunching his chocolate and swallowing.
(12:21:51 AM) Maddy: "You n-need any help here?"
(12:23:13 AM) E4D: "Nah, I got everything hooked up and organized." He points at the newly-installed bustle racks on top of the Stryker ICV, various supplies packed, tarped, and tied inside.
(12:23:31 AM) E4D: "Could
(12:24:04 AM) E4D: head through and make sure everyone's out of the hospital. I'll go ahead and radio up, but I want to make sure we catch everyone that might not have them on."
(12:24:44 AM) Maddy: She smiles. "Will do." she pecks him on the cheek. "See y-you in a few."
(12:25:13 AM) Maddy: Alice heads into the hospital, looking for people!
(12:25:30 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance is, as already established, onthe roof,radio on.
(12:25:35 AM) Ragazzo: Jill and lanc are in a hospital room. Alone~
(12:25:39 AM) Ragazzo: *lance
(12:25:49 AM) Dawny: funny
(12:25:56 AM) Ragazzo: Looking at dead people's files. Sexy, right.
(12:26:06 AM) Maddy: Not anymore! "H-hey you two! W-we're g-getting out of h-here."
(12:26:25 AM) Ragazzo: "Permanently?"
(12:26:31 AM) Dawny: "Rog" Jillian hops up and nome the last of the chocolate
(12:26:32 AM) Maddy: "Yes."
(12:26:39 AM) Ragazzo: "Alright then."
(12:26:55 AM) Ragazzo: Lance gets to his feet.
(12:27:07 AM) Maddy: "The STF is o-on the move and Midnight s-sensed…something so no t-time like the present."
(12:28:03 AM) Ragazzo: "You mean the six people who were abandoned? I'm really worried about them." He sighs. "Whatever. Let's go."
(12:28:18 AM) Maddy: "F-four and a half."
(12:28:41 AM) Ragazzo: He shrugs. "Even more terrifying."
(12:30:19 AM) Maddy: Alice nods. "H-head to the garage I guess. I'm g-going to go get Vance."
(12:30:22 AM) E4D: Jason's down in garage, with the Stryker and the Piranha side by side.
(12:30:29 AM) *
Ragazzo follows alice.
(12:30:40 AM) Tox|Laptop: He's patrolling the roof, rifle shouldered.
(12:30:40 AM) Ragazzo: The pirahna is eve, right?
(12:30:43 AM) E4D: «All stations, bring it on down to the garage. If you got anythign you want to take, haul it down.»
(12:30:45 AM) Maddy: Alice goes up to the roof.
(12:30:45 AM) Dawny: Jillian heads to the garage and climbs into the Stryker
(12:30:46 AM) E4D: Yes.
(12:30:52 AM) Sophos: Johnson walks into the garage, with his gear
(12:30:57 AM) Sophos: "Are we moving out?"
(12:30:59 AM) E4D: "Hey, Jill, stand by."
(12:31:09 AM) Maddy: "V-vance. Gimme m-my gun."
(12:31:16 AM) E4D: "I need everybody out front."
(12:31:22 AM) Dawny: Jillian sighs and steps back out "You mean I'm /not/ driving?"
(12:31:34 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance turns and proffers it, stock first. "You relieving me already?"
(12:31:56 AM) Ragazzo: Lance also moves to the garage. Clambers in stryker.
(12:32:01 AM) Maddy: "D-do you not have your r-radio on?"
(12:32:05 AM) Ragazzo: "I am not clinging tot he outside again."
(12:32:05 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight runs up to join Vance, and rubs against Alice.
(12:32:08 AM) Tox|Laptop: "I do."
(12:32:24 AM) Maddy: She takes the rifle. "T-then you just heard Jason s-say we're out."
(12:32:28 AM) Dawny: "Oi, Lance, meeting first" Jillian whistles
(12:32:29 AM) E4D: "No, I just want you in the Piranha, I'm gonna try and get some crew stuff straight so that things won't be such a clusterfuck if shit goes down."
(12:32:35 AM) Ragazzo: "Oh."
(12:32:44 AM) Maddy: She reaches down and pets Midnight's ears.
(12:32:46 AM) Ragazzo: LAnce heads wherever he needs to be.
(12:33:16 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance shows Alice his radio. "Huh, nothing came over it." Vance shrugs and scoots to the garage.
(12:33:28 AM) E4D: Jason circles a hand over his shoulder in a universal "bring it in" sign.
(12:33:34 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance does so!
(12:33:40 AM) *Sophos “brings it in”
(12:33:40 AM) Maddy: She jogs down.
(12:33:50 AM) Dawny: Jillian stands "Yes?"
(12:34:20 AM) E4D: "All right, ladies and gents. I want to get some crew stuff straight so that if we get shot at again, we've got a plan and not a clusterfuck."
(12:34:38 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance nods.
(12:34:41 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight follow, joining the others. Her tail twitches since she's neither, but Jason's only human.
(12:36:12 AM) E4D: "All right, Kens? Cole? Can you guys staff the Stryker? We got that thing packed down with all the crap you could possibly use to treat someone at the moment, and you two are probably the best suited for emergency trauma."
(12:36:37 AM) Ragazzo: "I can do that, yes."
(12:36:45 AM) E4D: ""We got any volunteers for drivers? Stryker driver duty?"
(12:37:20 AM) Dawny: Jillian chews a nail
(12:37:22 AM) Tox|Laptop: "How simple a thing is it to drive?"
(12:37:39 AM) Sabitsuki: Ken picks his nose and does what he's told
(12:37:43 AM) Sophos: "Jillian drove the Stryker last time. She should drive if she wants to."
(12:37:44 AM) Maddy: "I m-managed ok, s-so it's not h-hard."
(12:37:46 AM) E4D: "Push button transmission, accelerator and brake, a urn key engine start and a steering wheel.
(12:38:04 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Pff. Dead easy." He nods.
(12:38:44 AM) E4D: "Jillian, you want Eve?"
(12:38:55 AM) Sophos: Johnson looks at Jillian.
(12:39:24 AM) Dawny: Jillian shrugs "I don't mind, wherever you need me"
(12:39:37 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Least this way I personally won't get shot at. Although if nobody else wants spotter on Eve, I'lltake it."
(12:40:01 AM) E4D: "Alice, you want up top in Eve? Got a minigun with your name on it."
(12:40:24 AM) Maddy: "Yes." Huge grin.
(12:40:52 AM) Sophos: "Where do you want me?"
(12:40:56 AM) E4D: "All right… no one else riding on top. Unless you're a cat or can move as fast and agile as one."
(12:41:15 AM) E4D: Anyone
(12:41:52 AM) E4D: "Anyone else? Pack it in where you can. Crew compartments. Enjoy the ride. Someone up top gets tired or can't stay awake? switch out with 'em.""
(12:42:04 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Roger."
(12:42:06 AM) Dawny: "Rog" Jillian nods
(12:42:31 AM) MisterFlames: "Right." Midnight climbs up on Eve.
(12:42:46 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Callsigns. How are we IDing the vehicles by radio? Stryker and Eve, or do we have something else in mind?"
(12:43:06 AM) Maddy: Alice stows her stuff and gets on the turret. Go Alice.
(12:43:32 AM) Dawny: Jillian climbs into Eve and straps in
(12:43:36 AM) E4D: Jason thinks for a moment. "Stryker's name is Florence."
(12:43:43 AM) *
Ragazzo gets in florence.
(12:43:45 AM) Maddy: "…Florence?"
(12:43:48 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Understood."
(12:43:49 AM) E4D: He nods. "Yep. Motherfuckin' Florence."
(12:43:52 AM) Maddy: She shrugs.
(12:43:54 AM) Sophos: Johnson climbs into a crew compartment.
(12:44:22 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance straps into the drivers' compartment of Florence, looking at the controls.
(12:44:29 AM) Dawny: Jillian smiles "I like it"
(12:44:45 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Hee. Cop cars, eat your heart out."
(12:45:09 AM) E4D: Jason climbs up into the turret. He looks up at Alice through the midway hatch. "No misteps. I don't need anyone falling down on me."
(12:45:17 AM) Dawny: «"Need me to tell you how to start it?»
(12:45:38 AM) Maddy: "Haha." she sticks her tongue out.
(12:45:40 AM) E4D: "We need to hit up a gas staion on the way ut of town. We're gonna fill up and… fuck, drive until we find another town."
(12:45:53 AM) Maddy: "Sounds good to m-me."
(12:45:56 AM) E4D: "I forgot the name of it, I'll find it on the BFT."
(12:46:04 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Uhh, that might be helpful. Never driven something this big. Turn this key, like a car?»
(12:46:09 AM) Sophos: <Which direction are we headed?>
(12:46:22 AM) Dawny: "Rog" Jillian checks her straps «Everyone locked and loaded?»
(12:46:33 AM) Ragazzo: «Yes.»
(12:46:33 AM) MisterFlames: "Which way are we heading? I still suggest we check the Airport to the south. Vehicles might have escaped the Hunger."
(12:47:08 AM) Maddy: "Shit, is Novi h-here?"
(12:47:19 AM) Maddy: "S-someone whistle."
(12:47:21 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Fuck. Uh, he said whistle."
(12:47:27 AM) Dawny: Jillian sighs «Press the button to start, turn the key to unlock the steering wheel…I could have sworn Jason told you this already»
(12:47:31 AM) Ragazzo: «Novi?»
(12:47:42 AM) E4D: Jason clicks the all-call. «South. Just follow Eve, Vance.»
(12:47:48 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight concentrates, and a whistle can be heard echoing in the garage.
(12:47:54 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Understood.»
(12:48:02 AM) Maddy: «The 939 g-guy.»
(12:48:26 AM) Sophos: Johnson climbs out and whistles
(12:48:29 AM) Dawny: Jillian looks up to Jason and Alice «You two good up there?»
(12:48:40 AM) Tox|Laptop: "Strapped in, Cole?"
(12:48:49 AM) Maddy: «R-ready.»
(12:49:00 AM) Ragazzo: «Yep.»
(12:49:10 AM) E4D: «Start 'er up Jill. Should be a gas station not too far south.»
(12:49:47 AM) Dawny: «Rog» Jillian fires the engine up and checks her controls «We're green…Stryker, how are your controls reading?»
(12:49:48 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Florence coming online.» Vance turns the key, and the engine grumbles, then roars to life before settling into a throaty purr. «Al-right!»
(12:50:08 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Uh, Eve, Florence shows green across the board. Ready on you.»
(12:50:28 AM) Sophos: Johnson climbs back in. <I don't see him.>
(12:51:11 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance familiarizes himself with the transmission, before settling it in Drive.
(12:51:57 AM) Dawny: Jillian heads south «We're out»
(12:52:12 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Rolling.» Vance gets underway behind Eve.
(12:52:34 AM) Sabitsuki: *thumpthump*thump*
(12:52:49 AM) Tox|Laptop: Coming from Eve or the Stryker?
(12:52:54 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight finds a lap to curl up on.
(12:52:57 AM) Sabitsuki: Outside
(12:53:01 AM) Maddy: «Woah, anyone hear that?»
(12:53:10 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Uh, Eve, what was that?»
(12:53:12 AM) Sophos: «I did.»
(12:53:16 AM) E4D: «Fuck. Alice? What we got?»
(12:53:19 AM) Ragazzo: «Ah…hmmm.»
(12:53:30 AM) Maddy: «C-checking.»
(12:53:36 AM) Maddy: 4df+6 What
(12:53:36 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: What: 5 (4df+6=0, -, +, -)
(12:54:01 AM) Sabitsuki: Alice sees Novikov keeping pace outside the vehicle. It looks at the guncam, and clicks it's teeth at it. Most of its skull is missing.
(12:54:07 AM) Sabitsuki: *its
(12:54:32 AM) Maddy: «It's Novi…poor guy's still missing most of his s-skull…»
(12:54:50 AM) Ragazzo: «…ow.»
(12:54:54 AM) MisterFlames: "Maybe I can fix that when we get a chance." Midnight says.
(12:54:56 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Shit. Those task force schlubs musta done a number on him.»
(12:54:59 AM) E4D: <What? What do you mean '*Still*'?"
(12:55:22 AM) MisterFlames: "Do 939s heal?"
(12:55:48 AM) E4D: «Yeah.»
(12:55:57 AM) Maddy: «He t-took out 1.5 STF g-guys. L-looks like the put up a f-fight.»
(12:56:00 AM) Ragazzo: «Usually fairly quickly.»
(12:56:01 AM) E4D: «Those things are sonsabitches to put down.»
(12:56:12 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Good thing this one's friendly.»
(12:56:25 AM) Maddy: «Also he c-can talk now. His e-english isn't g-great, b-but Johnson s-speaks Russian.»
(12:56:29 AM) MisterFlames: "Maybe it takes a while to regrow the skull."
(12:57:11 AM) Tox|Laptop: «He can talk now? How'
(12:57:16 AM) Tox|Laptop: How'd THAT happen?»
(12:57:30 AM) MisterFlames: "Good question."
(12:57:35 AM) E4D: «Probably fuckin' ate somebody. That's how they operate.»
(12:57:51 AM) Maddy: «They c-can m-mimic their p-prey's voices.»
(12:57:57 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Eerie.»
(12:58:14 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Effective hunting method, though,» Vance comment.
(12:58:15 AM) Tox|Laptop: *s
(12:58:15 AM) E4D: They're coming up on the gas station.
(12:58:52 AM) Maddy: «Oh y-yeah, one a-ate Jason's r-radio once a-and kept talking to us. Fucking pissed m-me off."
(12:58:53 AM) Dawny: «We clear to enter?»
(12:58:54 AM) Maddy: »
(1:01:02 AM) Dawny: «Jason? Are we clear to enter?»
(1:04:26 AM) E4D: «Go for it.»
(1:05:04 AM) Dawny: Jillian pulls up to a pump and cuts the engine «Quick refuel guys»
(1:05:39 AM) E4D: <Hook it up, Alice.>
(1:05:57 AM) Maddy: «R-right…how?»
(1:05:58 AM) E4D: «All right guys, fill up the vehicles, then the fuel trailers.»
(1:06:03 AM) E4D: Tanl
(1:06:40 AM) E4D: <Tank's on the right side. Panel, halfway down, Flip it up, unscrew the lid, then fill it up like a car. Diesel.>
(1:06:45 AM) Sophos: Johnson hops out and works the pump for the Stryker
(1:06:50 AM) MisterFlames: "What's in them already? I don't think you want to mix fuels, right?" Midnight hops up to observe.
(1:06:55 AM) Dawny: «Stryker takes diesel»
(1:07:00 AM) Maddy: «R-right.» She does so. Go team!
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(1:07:23 AM) You are now known as Tox
(1:08:19 AM) Tox|Laptop [~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D1BB1404-CRInys|agemO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D1BB1404-CRInys|agemO] entered the room.
(1:09:15 AM) Maddy: Alice whistles a merry tune as she fills the tank.
(1:09:28 AM) Tox: Vance drums his fingers, observing the BFT.
(1:09:50 AM) Sabitsuki: Novikov stops and waits. He goes pretty much dead still.
(1:10:16 AM) Dawny: Jillian bobs her head to the music in her head
(1:10:54 AM) Maddy: She puts the lid back on etc and hops back into Eve when it's full. «E-eve's good to go.»
(1:10:59 AM) Sophos: Stryker done! Filling up the trailer.
(1:11:21 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight sends a thought to Novikov, ~Are you all right?~
(1:12:00 AM) Dawny: Jillian smiles «Jason, you in the mood for a joke?»
(1:12:19 AM) E4D: <What's up, Jill?>
(1:12:41 AM) Dawny: «Why do the Marines have the lowest intelligence test entry standards of all the services?»
(1:13:23 AM) Maddy: Alice cracks a bit of a grin, having heard this one.
(1:13:31 AM) E4D: Jason rolls his eyes knowing they're the same, but plays along. <I don't know, Jillian, why DO the Marines have the lowest intelligence test entry standards of all the services?>
(1:13:37 AM) Dawny: «Because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.»
(1:13:54 AM) Maddy: She snickers a little.
(1:13:56 AM) Sophos: Johnson finishes up, checks fuel valves, and hops back in. He hands Jillian a box of tissues.
(1:14:00 AM) Tox: Vance's snort of amusement comes across the radio.
(1:14:12 AM) Sophos: "Here, Jillian."
(1:14:22 AM) Dawny: "What's that for?"
(1:14:49 AM) Sophos: "You get a free box of tissues with every full-service visit to the gas station." Deadpan face.
(1:14:56 AM) Sophos: "Can't leave out the full gas station experience."
(1:15:07 AM) E4D: <Hardy-har-har.>
(1:15:32 AM) Dawny: Jillian blinks a few times «Is there a joke I'm not getting?»
(1:15:51 AM) Maddy: «I don't get it e-either, Jill.»
(1:15:52 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Yeah, Johnson's being silly.»
(1:15:54 AM) Sophos: Johnson sits down. "All gassed up."
(1:16:03 AM) Heiden [ten.htuoslleb.mem.AC2F655E-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.htuoslleb.mem.AC2F655E-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(1:16:03 AM) mode (+o Heiden) by ChanServ
(1:16:34 AM) Dawny: Jillian fires up the engine «We green?»
(1:16:44 AM) Maddy: «I'm g-good to go.»
(1:17:02 AM) MisterFlames: "Novikov says that he's not in pain, but he's not healing quickly for some reason. He can keep up, though, and when we make camp, I'll look him over."
(1:17:05 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance fires up. «Florence is green.»
(1:17:23 AM) E4D: There's a sudden satellite marker blip on the BFT of each vehicle.
(1:17:24 AM) Maddy: «S-sounds good, Midnight.»
(1:17:34 AM) Maddy: «B-but that doesn't»
(1:17:45 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Eve, Florence. Contact on the tracker.»
(1:17:57 AM) Dawny: «Man, and I had another joke too»
(1:18:02 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance studies it. Can the BFT tell him anything?
(1:18:04 AM) Maddy: «W-we're getting it too.»
(1:18:12 AM) E4D: Light aircraft
(1:18:20 AM) MisterFlames: "What direction?"
(1:18:32 AM) E4D: It's coming… Southeast, away from town.
(1:19:02 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Light aircraft, coming in hot from the southeast.»
(1:19:05 AM) Sophos: «Is it the STF?»
(1:19:26 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Can't see that much yet.»
(1:19:35 AM) MisterFlames: "Wrong direction. They went North. Southeast would be the Airport."
(1:19:46 AM) Tox|Laptop: Vance fumbles with the BFT, trying to get it to display more information.
(1:19:51 AM) Maddy: «Midnight's right.»
(1:20:22 AM) Maddy: «It's n-not them.»
(1:20:35 AM) Sabitsuki: Novikov runs off in that direction.
(1:20:56 AM) E4D: Perception for anyone outside the vehicle.
(1:20:56 AM) Maddy: «W-woah, Novikov! Shit.»
(1:20:57 AM) MisterFlames: "Better move that way. Novikov's running to see."
(1:20:59 AM) E4D: *s
(1:21:01 AM) Dawny: Jillian stays paused at the wheel «Awaiting orders»
(1:21:10 AM) E4D: «Move it out.»
(1:21:14 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Kitty sight.
(1:21:15 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Kitty sight.: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
(1:21:16 AM) Maddy: Can Alice look?
(1:21:36 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight gets back into EVE.
(1:21:42 AM) Sabitsuki: 4df+4 herp
(1:21:43 AM) Quidmore: Sabitsuki: herp: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, 0)
(1:21:52 AM) E4D: Yes, she can
(1:21:56 AM) E4D: Cuz she'
(1:21:58 AM) Maddy: 4df+6
(1:21:59 AM) Quidmore: Maddy: 7 (4df+6=-, +, +, 0)
(1:22:01 AM) E4D: sjust sitting on top.
(1:22:03 AM) Dawny: Jillian pulls out «Florence, stick to my six for now»
(1:22:28 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Florence copies, Eve.» Vance pulls in behind Eve, sinking into the wind shadow of her sister vehicle.
(1:22:48 AM) E4D: The kitty is shortsighted, apparently, but Alice notices a glint of light streaking down out of the sky at what looks like a dangerous speed.
(1:23:09 AM) Maddy: «Shit, I think the p-plane's going down!»
(1:23:18 AM) E4D: Novikov is left with no guidance but what he heard from the crew.
(1:23:51 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Shit.» He shifts slightly. "Doctor Cole, get ready. We may have wounded in a few."
(1:24:36 AM) E4D: Seconds later following Alice's oservation, there's a muted *whump*.
(1:25:12 AM) Tox|Laptop: «That sounded final. Let's pick up the pace, Eve.»
(1:25:39 AM) E4D: «Jillian?»
(1:25:54 AM) Dawny: «Yes SIr?»
(1:26:25 AM) E4D: «Don't break the trailers, but we need to get to this crash. If anyone's still walking, it'd be nice to see who they are.»
(1:27:03 AM) Dawny: «Rog» Jillian picks up to the fastest safe speed
(1:27:12 AM) Ragazzo: «I'm all set in here.»
(1:27:18 AM) Tox|Laptop: «Matching.» Florence paces Eve.
(1:28:50 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Midnight hops down to do some spell preparation.
(1:28:51 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Midnight hops down to do some spell preparation.: 6 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, +)
(1:28:58 AM) Maddy is now known as AliceD
(1:28:59 AM) Tox|Laptop is now known as Vance
(1:29:03 AM) Dawny is now known as Jillian
(1:29:15 AM) Waxx is now known as Strelnikov
(1:29:36 AM) Sophos is now known as Johnson
(1:29:38 AM) E4D: The BFT puts the marker just south of town off to the east of Stuart highway.
(1:32:11 AM) E4D: Eve pulls off the road, advancing out to the crash site. A small exective plane is twisted into a pile of wreckage. A couple individuals can be seen moving around outside.
(1:32:40 AM) AliceD: «Shit, w-we got live people.»
(1:32:45 AM) Vance: «Got live bodies. What say we back Florence up and drop the ramp? Eve can provide cover.»
(1:32:56 AM) Ragazzo: «Task force members?»
(1:32:59 AM) E4D: «Keep your nose torward the crash.»
(1:33:09 AM) Vance: «Nose towards, roger.»>
(1:33:20 AM) Vance: Florence pulls abreast of Eve.
(1:33:20 AM) E4D: Jason looks up. <Guns up, Alice. Get ready to spin up the barrels.>
(1:33:24 AM) MisterFlames: "Let me check their intent." Midnight says.
(1:33:27 AM) AliceD: 4df+6 Who are you?
(1:33:28 AM) Quidmore: AliceD: Who are you?: 6 (4df+6=-, +, -, +)
(1:33:35 AM) AliceD: «R-right, hun.»
(1:33:56 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+6 Assuming the Maneuver worked. Mind magic!
(1:33:56 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Assuming the Maneuver worked. Mind magic!: 7 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, +)
(1:34:03 AM) Johnson: Johnson writes something down in a book before putting it away.
(1:34:03 AM) Strelnikov: The tall one in a beat up olive drab dress uniform turns and begins approaching them, waving his hands in the air frantically.
(1:34:12 AM) E4D: One of the men… she would recognize him from the last time they met at 23. It looks like… Director Strelnikov from Site [REDACTED].
(1:34:35 AM) AliceD: «Holy shit, J-jason it's S-strelnikov!»
(1:34:45 AM) Vance: «Strelni-who?»
(1:34:53 AM) laito: The other man is sat down beside another individual who is lain upon the ground.
(1:34:54 AM) Ragazzo: «WHAT.»
(1:34:57 AM) E4D: «Shit. Florence, get your asses out there!»
(1:35:06 AM) AliceD: «T-the p-previous sec d-director f-from 23. B-before Jason.»
(1:35:13 AM) Ragazzo: «STRELNIKOV'S ALIVE?!»
(1:35:18 AM) Ragazzo: «STOP»
(1:35:19 AM) Johnson: "The other crazy Russian guy Sargeant Blevins talked about?"
(1:35:26 AM) AliceD: «Stop y-yelling.»
(1:35:31 AM) Vance: «Roger!» Florence rumbles back to life and pulls out, advancing to the crash site.
(1:35:38 AM) E4D: Jason climbs out past Alice, jumping down to the ground. «Yeah, settle the fuck down, retard.»
(1:36:10 AM) Johnson: Johnson runs out too to secure the site and get other survivors
(1:36:22 AM) *
Strelnikov waves his big hat to make sure they see him. As if it were possible to not see them by now.
(1:36:34 AM) Ragazzo: «You, /no/. You do not want to run from strelnikov. It is the second worst idea.»
(1:36:37 AM) Vance: Florence cuts its engines as it draws close to the figures. It sits there, metallic and impassive.
(1:36:50 AM) AliceD: «We're not.»
(1:37:10 AM) Strelnikov: 3d6 Mental Defense
(1:37:10 AM) Quidmore: Strelnikov: Mental Defense: 13 (3d6=5, 2, 6)
(1:37:50 AM) Ragazzo: «I think I'm going crazy again»
(1:38:01 AM) Ragazzo: «Also, none of us are chechen, right?»
(1:38:10 AM) Strelnikov: 4d6+3 Mental Defense
(1:38:11 AM) Johnson: «Oh shut up already.»
(1:38:11 AM) Quidmore: Strelnikov: Mental Defense: 16 (4d6+3=1, 6, 5, 1)
(1:38:13 AM) AliceD: «It h-happens to the best o-of us, Lance.»
(1:38:13 AM) E4D: «Shut the hell up. The guy's not an internet Chuck Norris..»
(1:38:14 AM) Ragazzo: «He can tell if you are.»
(1:38:14 AM) Vance: «Not last time I checked. Why?»
(1:38:29 AM) E4D: Jason shakes his head… what a bunch of fucking amateurs…
(1:38:32 AM) Johnson: 4df+3 Look for other survivors
(1:38:33 AM) Quidmore: Johnson: Look for other survivors: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, +, 0)
(1:39:14 AM) Ragazzo: «There's a thing called respect. You should learn it, Jason.»
(1:39:47 AM) Vance: «Cole, with respect, shut up.»
(1:39:55 AM) E4D: «Yeah, and there's a thing called a goddamn LAV. If we turn around and drive away, there's not a lot plane crash victim can do about it.»
(1:39:56 AM) AliceD: «He should r-respect you r-rambling about C-chechens?»
(1:40:04 AM) *laito is a man in fancy dress, somewhat beaten and torn. http://oi52.tinypic.com/taj31y.jpg He is sat near a body of a still woman, holding her hand.
(1:40:13 AM) *
Strelnikov is standing there, waving his hat, waiting for someone to address him.
(1:40:13 AM) Ragazzo: «No, he should respect that man out there.»
(1:40:22 AM) E4D: Jason advances. <Director Strelnikov?>
(1:40:26 AM) AliceD: «He does. W-where are you getting that h-he doesnt?»
(1:40:35 AM) Vance: Vance, waiting for orders, still has Florence buttoned up.
(1:40:37 AM) AliceD: «I don't g-get you.»
(1:40:37 AM) Johnson: «We got two more here! One seems injured!»
(1:40:50 AM) *Strelnikov 's mouth moves, as if to speak, but there are no words. He motions with his hat towards Laito.
(1:41:01 AM) Johnson: Johnson waves over the medical team
(1:41:01 AM) Ragazzo: «Ugh. I don't know. Injured?»
(1:41:12 AM) *
Ragazzo gets out out, if he can.
(1:41:14 AM) laito: "There's another inside," the other man shouts.
(1:41:15 AM) Vance: «That's your cue, Doc.» Vance lowers the ramp.
(1:41:16 AM) Ragazzo: Lance does.
(1:41:17 AM) E4D: «Cole, get your ass out here.» Jason waves him over.
(1:41:22 AM) Ragazzo is now known as DrCole
(1:41:36 AM) *DrCole moves over, with two first aid kits.
(1:41:45 AM) Johnson: "Whereabouts is the other person?"
(1:41:47 AM) DrCole: Does laito look like laito?
(1:41:56 AM) *
Strelnikov drags his feet through the dirt aimlessly, seemingly in a daze. Blood streams down his forehead and through his hair.
(1:42:10 AM) laito: He does. He waves Cole off. "This one is gone. Go to the cockpit."
(1:42:19 AM) E4D is now known as Dodridge
(1:42:24 AM) Johnson: Johnson runs over to the cockpit.
(1:42:26 AM) mode (+qo Dodridge Dodridge) by ChanServ
(1:42:29 AM) DrCole: "Is Director Strelnikov alright?"
(1:42:35 AM) *DrCole makes for the cockpit.
(1:42:40 AM) Strelnikov: "No she is not, you can save her."
(1:42:45 AM) Strelnikov: "You have to be able to."
(1:42:48 AM) DrCole: He pauses.
(1:42:54 AM) DrCole: Glances at the woman.
(1:42:58 AM) DrCole: Definitely dead?
(1:43:06 AM) laito: "She's gone, Dmitri."
(1:43:06 AM) Dodridge: «Alice, get out here, and take of the Director.»
(1:43:29 AM) laito: The woman has a bit of blood oozing from the corners of her lips. eyes vacant.
(1:43:30 AM) Dodridge: «Anyone else? Check this place out? Try and put out some fires…»
(1:43:44 AM) AliceD: «Y-yeah, on it.» She hops out. "Director? P-please let me take a look at you.»
(1:43:46 AM) AliceD: "
(1:43:58 AM) *
Strelnikov turns away from Alex and fumbles in his pockets for a pack of cigarettes. He finally finds one that isn't broken and tries to bring it to his lips, but his fingers tremble too much and it falls to the ground.
(1:44:01 AM) Johnson: "Anybody here?" Johnson yells at the cockpit
(1:44:05 AM) *DrCole checks the woman for a pulse.
(1:44:13 AM) AliceD: "Sir. Please?"
(1:44:32 AM) Vance: Vance cuts the engines and piles out, skulking around the wreckage.
(1:44:38 AM) Vance: 4df+3 Checkin' it out
(1:44:39 AM) Quidmore: Vance: Checkin' it out: 2 (4df+3=+, 0, -, -)
(1:44:41 AM) DrCole: He sees she is dead.
(1:44:45 AM) Dodridge: Jason pops his faceplate up, lights the cigarette, and passes it to him. "Director, mind if the Doctor here takes a look at you? We'll see what we can do with your friends."
(1:44:49 AM) *
DrCole goes to help and search for other.
(1:45:05 AM) DrCole: *others
(1:45:27 AM) Vance: Vance circles around to the cockpit and approaches as close as he can.
(1:45:29 AM) Dodridge: Cole gimme a perception check.
(1:45:33 AM) Dodridge: Vance too.
(1:45:35 AM) Strelnikov: "Where…Misha, where is Misha?"
(1:45:40 AM) DrCole: 4df+2 Perc
(1:45:40 AM) Quidmore: DrCole: Perc: -1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, -)
(1:45:44 AM) DrCole: …
(1:45:49 AM) Vance: 4df+3 New check for cockpittin'
(1:45:49 AM) Quidmore: Vance: New check for cockpittin': 1 (4df+3=-, -, -, +)
(1:45:55 AM) *Strelnikov doesn't even notice the offered cigarette, he's got a thousand yard stare going on.
(1:46:18 AM) Dodridge: Neither of them notice anything, the heat from the burning aviation fuel keeping them back.
(1:46:36 AM) Vance: "It's too hot! I can't get close!"
(1:46:46 AM) DrCole: "Ah! Fuck!" Lance rubs his eye. A spark from the fuel having landed just under it.
(1:46:47 AM) Johnson: 4df+3 Lookin' around the cockpit
(1:46:47 AM) Quidmore: Johnson: Lookin' around the cockpit: 2 (4df+3=-, +, 0, -)
(1:46:50 AM) Vance: Vance backs off to save his skin, and circles around again.
(1:47:00 AM) AliceD: 4df+3 Alice gives Dmitri a look over.
(1:47:00 AM) Quidmore: AliceD: Alice gives Dmitri a look over.: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, +)
(1:47:03 AM) DrCole: 4df+2 Another perc roll
(1:47:04 AM) Quidmore: DrCole: Another perc roll: 3 (4df+2=-, +, 0, +)
(1:47:22 AM) Dodridge: Johnson spots the form of an unconscious man in the wrecked seat, crumpled over a set of controls, still holding the flight stick.
(1:47:35 AM) Johnson: "I found someone!"
(1:47:43 AM) Strelnikov: 4df+2 Phys. Defense
(1:47:43 AM) Quidmore: Strelnikov: Phys. Defense: 4 (4df+2=+, +, +, -)
(1:47:54 AM) Johnson: Is there a way to the man?
(1:47:56 AM) Vance: "Where?"
(1:48:01 AM) Dodridge: Through the flames.
(1:48:02 AM) *
DrCole follows Johnson's gaze.
(1:48:02 AM) *Strelnikov tries to push Alice away and stumbles towards the fuselage, avoiding looking in Alex's direction.
(1:48:04 AM) Vance: Vance joins up with Johnson.
(1:48:11 AM) DrCole: "…tch."
(1:48:21 AM) DrCole: "Jason, your suit fireproof?"
(1:48:23 AM) AliceD: Alice topples. "Woah."
(1:48:23 AM) Vance: "Through the flames."
(1:48:26 AM) Johnson: Johnson points at the guy. "In the cockpit, he's unconscious!"
(1:48:41 AM) Johnson: "The fire's too strong though."
(1:48:48 AM) Dodridge: "Huh? Shit…" He locks the faceplate back down, charging over.
(1:48:51 AM) Vance: "Shit! He's gonna roast alive if someone doesn't get through."
(1:48:56 AM) Johnson: Johnson wanders around the cockpit to see if there's a way in on the other side.
(1:48:59 AM) Strelnikov: "Mi-Misha! Misha!" Dmitri trips and falls over, then doesn't get up.
(1:49:01 AM) DrCole: "I think Jason's got it."
(1:49:07 AM) *
DrCole sighs.
(1:49:15 AM) DrCole: He goes over to strelnikov.
(1:49:22 AM) DrCole: "Long time, Sir."
(1:49:32 AM) Strelnikov: Dmitri's passed out, it would appear.
(1:49:36 AM) *DrCole lays on hands on Strelnikov.
(1:49:51 AM) DrCole: 4df+4 Medical
(1:49:52 AM) Quidmore: DrCole: Medical: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
(1:50:09 AM) Dodridge: Dodridge drops his deuce gear, unclipping and unstrapping crap as he runs over, and dashes into the plane. A few moments later, he comes back out, a man in a fireman's carry over his shoulder.
(1:50:25 AM) DrCole: "Bring him over here, Jason?"
(1:50:32 AM) Dodridge: "Ugh, I think we got a live one!"
(1:50:33 AM) *
laito huffs a great sigh. "Five minutes with you, Karen, and Dmitri is falling over himself…." He pats the woman's hand.
(1:50:34 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight gets out of the LAV, and looks around. "Not a good thing…" Fire's not something she's good at manipulating, but… ah, Jason's got it.
(1:50:57 AM) Dodridge: He's only human, but humans are good at fireproofing.
(1:51:28 AM) Dodridge: Jason lays him out as gently as he can in front of Cole. <All yours, Doc.>
(1:51:29 AM) DrCole: "Director Laito, I'd like to have a look at you as well."
(1:51:29 AM) Strelnikov: The man, 'Misha', isn't in very good shape either. Aside from various burns and other trauma, his right arm is dislocated and torn until it hands on by a few tendons and shreds of skin.
(1:51:31 AM) Johnson: Johnson walks up and down the length of the plane to make sure nobody's still there.
(1:51:55 AM) Dodridge: Johnson, perception.
(1:51:59 AM) Johnson: 4df+3
(1:51:59 AM) Quidmore: Johnson: 5 (4df+3=+, +, 0, 0)
(1:52:07 AM) laito: "I've got a minor concussion. Help Misha. Look at me later."
(1:52:17 AM) *laito waves Cole away again.
(1:52:22 AM) DrCole: 4df+7 Medicaliing misha
(1:52:23 AM) Quidmore: DrCole: Medicaliing misha: 4 (4df+7=-, -, -, 0)
(1:52:29 AM) AliceD: "W-we got m-more than one d-doctor. I c-can look at you."
(1:52:42 AM) Dodridge: After a thorough investigation, Johnson finds no one else in the plane's burning wreckage.
(1:52:53 AM) DrCole: 4df+7 Fuck that on a +7, he tries again
(1:52:54 AM) Quidmore: DrCole: Fuck that on a +7, he tries again: 10 (4df+7=+, +, +, 0)
(1:52:57 AM) Vance: Vance isn't sure how he can help anymore so he backs off to the Florence
(1:53:07 AM) Dodridge: Johnson, physical defense!
(1:53:13 AM) Johnson: 4df+3 FFFFFFFf
(1:53:13 AM) Quidmore: Johnson: FFFFFFFf
: 3 (4df+3=0, -, 0, +)
(1:53:20 AM) Dodridge: 4df+4 Explosion
(1:53:21 AM) Quidmore: Dodridge: Explosion: 4 (4df+4=0, +, 0, -)
(1:53:23 AM) laito: Alex doesn't respond. He seems fine, more or less.
(1:53:44 AM) DrCole: "…" Lance flinches. Exhales.
(1:54:04 AM) Dodridge: Johnson's hurled back into the dirt as the plane is wracked by a fuel xplosion. He's probably suffering some flash burns.
(1:54:09 AM) AliceD: 4df+3 medicaling Alex anyways.
(1:54:10 AM) Quidmore: AliceD: medicaling Alex anyways.: 2 (4df+3=-, -, +, 0)
(1:54:19 AM) Johnson: Is he unconscious?
(1:54:25 AM) Vance: "Whoa, shit!"
(1:54:27 AM) Dodridge: He is conscious.
(1:54:35 AM) DrCole: After a lot of work, Cole has msha back in mostly working order.
(1:54:43 AM) DrCole: The arm might not make it.
(1:54:44 AM) Johnson: «Unnngh….Medic…»
(1:54:54 AM) DrCole: "On the way, Johnson."
(1:54:56 AM) laito: Alice is pretty sure Alex is fine. He's got some bumps and scrapes, probably a knock on the head, but well.
(1:55:19 AM) AliceD: "Y-you need help s-standing?"
(1:55:36 AM) laito: Alex shakes his head. "I'd very much like to sit for awhile."
(1:55:40 AM) *
DrCole goes to johnson, looks him over.
(1:55:43 AM) Dodridge: Cole manages to stanch the bleeding, somehow. He'll need some treatment outside of what he can offer though to keep alive.
(1:55:43 AM) *Strelnikov lays on his side, eyes open, staring right at Alex and Karen.
(1:56:05 AM) DrCole: 4df+4 Fixing johnson.
(1:56:06 AM) Quidmore: DrCole: Fixing johnson.: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, +, -)
(1:56:10 AM) AliceD: "A-alright…"
(1:56:45 AM) Dodridge: He's gonna have to work on them elsewhere, not much you can do for burn victims and a traumatic amputation outside of the only vehicle with medical supplies.
(1:57:10 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight goes over to Misha, then starts preparing a circle for her healing magics.
(1:57:18 AM) Johnson: Can Johnson get up and walk on his own?
(1:57:19 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 Maneuver.
(1:57:20 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: Maneuver.: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
(1:57:29 AM) DrCole: "…damn. Look, we should high tail it back to the hospital. I can operate there."
(1:57:30 AM) Dodridge: Good to go, Flames.
(1:57:34 AM) *
Strelnikov finally stirs, struggling to stand.
(1:57:47 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+4 It's a kind of magic…
(1:57:47 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: It's a kind of magic…: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
(1:58:15 AM) AliceD: "D-director? Y-you should p-probably s-stay sitting f-for moment."
(1:58:28 AM) Strelnikov: "Help me, help me up. Help me up."
(1:58:52 AM) AliceD: "Ok ok…" Alice, tiny little 5'3 Alice helps him up.
(1:59:33 AM) *DrCole sighs.
(1:59:36 AM) *
Strelnikov manages to haul himself upright with Alice's help, then makes his way towards Laito.
(1:59:52 AM) Johnson: "I think I'm fine."
(1:59:55 AM) Johnson: Johnson tries to get up
(2:00:00 AM) *DrCole goes to the stryker, unfolds a portable stretcher.
(2:00:00 AM) Strelnikov: "Karen. We are here."
(2:00:05 AM) Nusquam: Misha's burns appear to heal somewhat, and some superficial cuts close up, but his arm remains thoroughly fucked.
(2:00:13 AM) DrCole: "Stay down, for now, Johnson."
(2:00:26 AM) DrCole: "One of you help me with Misha."
(2:00:28 AM) Johnson: "It's just a flash wound."
(2:00:37 AM) Johnson: s/flash/flesh/
(2:00:39 AM) Strelnikov: "Karen, we made it. Misha flew."
(2:00:44 AM) Strelnikov: "He flew, Karen."
(2:00:46 AM) *
laito stares off distantly, clutching Karen's hand. "Dmitri…"
(2:01:01 AM) DrCole: "Possible concussion." He glances at Strel, and laito.
(2:01:10 AM) DrCole: "You, not misha."
(2:01:27 AM) DrCole: "Him too, probably."
(2:01:41 AM) *Strelnikov lowers himself to the ground, trying carefully to avoid falling again.
(2:01:53 AM) DrCole: "Jason, alice? Help me get him on the stretcher."
(2:01:55 AM) MisterFlames: "Best I can do," Midnight says. "Healing isn't my best area."
(2:02:19 AM) AliceD: "R-right, sorry…" She helps.
(2:02:25 AM) *
Strelnikov brushes a stray hair from her ashen face with a trembling, dirty hand. "Karen."
(2:02:40 AM) Dodridge: <You want to immobilize the arm?>
(2:03:10 AM) DrCole: "I don't want to touch it till we're in the stryker."
(2:03:23 AM) Strelnikov: "Alex."
(2:03:25 AM) *DrCole moves misha inside presumably with alice's aid.
(2:03:34 AM) Strelnikov: "Alex, is…"
(2:03:47 AM) Strelnikov: "Is…is..?"
(2:04:04 AM) laito: "Yeah, Dmitri." Alex squeezes Karen's hand lightly.
(2:04:11 AM) AliceD: Alice helps and then gets back into the LAV spotter thing cause her player has to go to bed
(2:05:03 AM) AliceD is now known as Maddy
(2:05:15 AM) Strelnikov: "Where is Misha."
(2:05:20 AM) *
DrCole exhales, and stands a carefully determined distance from strel, and break, and laito.
(2:05:25 AM) Strelnikov: "And Fred. Where….Fred?"
(2:05:36 AM) Johnson: Johnson limps over. "What Fred?"
(2:05:41 AM) DrCole: "I've placed him in the stryker. Heiden is with us, sir."
(2:06:08 AM) laito: "Fred's here?" Alex says quietly, to no one in particular.
(2:06:09 AM) Strelnikov: "Rodney, he will know. He must know now, he is O5. He is the boss."
(2:06:27 AM) DrCole: "Gerald is dead."
(2:06:51 AM) *Strelnikov waves a hand dismissively at Cole, still staring at Karen's face.
(2:06:55 AM) Strelnikov: "Lie."
(2:07:07 AM) DrCole: "Heiden told me himself."
(2:07:12 AM) DrCole: "The house is gone."
(2:07:25 AM) Strelnikov: "Go away."
(2:07:28 AM) Johnson: Johnson takes a seat in the Stryker.
(2:07:31 AM) *
DrCole does so.
(2:07:39 AM) DrCole: He heads in to the stryker.
(2:07:40 AM) Johnson: "Unnnnngh. I'm getting too old for this."
(2:07:50 AM) Vance: Vance returned to the driver compartment a while ago. He sits in silence/
(2:07:51 AM) Vance: .
(2:07:53 AM) Johnson: Johnson feels his hair to make sure it's still there
(2:07:55 AM) Strelnikov: "Alex?"
(2:08:09 AM) DrCole: Try to keep misha's arm from dying.
(2:08:14 AM) DrCole: *tries
(2:08:40 AM) laito: "Hm?" Alex doesn't look up at the larger man.
(2:09:09 AM) Strelnikov: "Take Misha, go. I will find someone for her."
(2:10:21 AM) Dodridge: Jason shakes his head. «We need to get out of here… the Foundation's gonna see this shit…»
(2:10:21 AM) laito: Alex releases Karen's hand and stands up, simply going to where Misha is without pause.
(2:10:43 AM) Strelnikov: "Alex, where is my hat."
(2:11:09 AM) Vance: Vance turns around in the drivers' seat and regards Laito wordlessly.
(2:11:12 AM) Dodridge: «Anyone outside of a vehicle, mount up. Cole? You got a handle on Misha?»
(2:11:13 AM) DrCole: "Sir." Says Cole at Alex's approach. "Could you grip what is left of his forearm?"
(2:11:28 AM) DrCole: «Working on it. He'll live. This arm, though…»
(2:11:50 AM) *Strelnikov collapses next to her body and says nothing.
(2:12:04 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight heads back to EVE.
(2:12:08 AM) *
laito ignores Dmitri's question, or does not hear it. He does assist Cole, however, doing as asked.
(2:12:31 AM) Johnson: 4df Johnson tries to apply some silvadine on himself
(2:12:31 AM) Quidmore: Johnson: Johnson tries to apply some silvadine on himself: -2 (4df=-, -, +, -)
(2:12:52 AM) Maddy left the room (quit: Quit: WOOSH!).
(2:12:57 AM) DrCole: Ok, rolling Scholarship hard science for a medical meanuever.
(2:13:00 AM) Dodridge: Jason sighs, the modulated sound rasping out through the speakers. He steps over toward Strelnikov, resting a hand on his shoulder. <Colonel? We need to move. Now. There's nothing left we can do here.>
(2:13:19 AM) DrCole: 4df+4 Maneuver
(2:13:21 AM) Quidmore: DrCole: Maneuver: 1 (4df+4=-, -, -, 0)
(2:13:21 AM) Strelnikov: "I cannot leave her."
(2:13:26 AM) DrCole: |:
(2:13:27 AM) Strelnikov: "Not after all of this."
(2:13:46 AM) Strelnikov: "Help me carry her, please?"
(2:14:24 AM) Dodridge: The attempt fails.
(2:14:35 AM) DrCole: 4df+7 Fate, tapping it doesn't have to hurt, re-attaching arm, keep it working/alive
(2:14:35 AM) Quidmore: DrCole: Fate, tapping it doesn't have to hurt, re-attaching arm, keep it working/alive: 6 (4df+7=+, 0, -, -)
(2:15:13 AM) Dodridge: There's not a lot that can be done with lack of flesh. He can keep it alive, a bit longer.
(2:15:40 AM) Strelnikov: "Direktor, help me carry her. I beg."
(2:15:45 AM) Dodridge: Jason nods.
(2:15:47 AM) DrCole: "…tch. This is…"
(2:15:49 AM) Johnson: Johnson somehow hurts himself more and just gives up. He just sits back and hopes the ride won't be too bumpy.
(2:16:07 AM) Dodridge: He moves to Break's feet.
(2:16:34 AM) DrCole: "Where did you three come from, sir?" To laito.
(2:16:47 AM) Dodridge: Jason flips up the faceplate. "On your mark, Colonel."
(2:17:01 AM) Strelnikov: "No, not like this."
(2:17:07 AM) laito: "Coming back to 23 for reassignment," Alex says lowly.
(2:17:10 AM) Strelnikov: "I have to…I have to do it. I have to carry her."
(2:17:46 AM) *Strelnikov struggles to his feet and manages to slip his arms beneath her body. Somehow, he manages to lift her.
(2:18:09 AM) Vance: "Site 23 is gone, man." He sighs.
(2:19:03 AM) *
Strelnikov shambles towards the nearest vehicle, then stops. His hat is laying on the ground.
(2:19:11 AM) Strelnikov: "Direktor, my hat. Please."
(2:19:16 AM) laito: "Yeah.." Alex said flatly. "Yeah, I got that." he breathed a solemn sigh.
(2:19:47 AM) Dodridge: Jason looks back to where he dropped it, and picks it up, carrying it to Dmitri.
(2:20:25 AM) Strelnikov: "Spasibo." Drawing on his remaining strength, he makes it up the loading ramp.
(2:20:47 AM) Johnson: Johnson makes room for Strelnikov and Break
(2:21:07 AM) *DrCole glances at Strelnikov. "Sir."
(2:21:20 AM) DrCole: "I don't think this arm will make it."
(2:21:34 AM) Vance: Vance looks at Strelnikov impassively, then turns around and faces front.
(2:21:42 AM) *
laito wanders away from the group a few yards.
(2:22:00 AM) *Strelnikov sits down, cradling her body, and says or hears nothing.
(2:22:18 AM) *
DrCole sighs, just keeps misha breathing.
(2:23:06 AM) Dodridge: «Vance? Get Florence spun up. We're the fuck out of here. I guess back to the hospital?»
(2:23:29 AM) DrCole: «The hospital, please.»
(2:23:36 AM) Dodridge: «Johnson! Gun turret! Red button fires, joystick aims, it's like fucking Xbox.»
(2:23:49 AM) Vance: «Understood, Jason. Spinning.» Florence roars to life.
(2:23:52 AM) Dodridge: Jason walks around to the front, preparing to mount up.
(2:23:53 AM) Johnson: «Yes sir!»
(2:24:12 AM) laito: "Fuck," Alex said, again to no one in particular. He moved to the plane and climbed inside.
(2:24:15 AM) Johnson: He gets out of the Stryker and into the LAV's turret
(2:25:53 AM) Dodridge: Jason plops into plops into the driver's seat of the LAV and starts it up, hauling ass up Highway 87, back towards the hospital.
(2:26:02 AM) Dodridge: -1 plops
(2:26:10 AM) Strelnikov: "Where is Alex."
(2:26:14 AM) *Strelnikov looks up for the first time.
(2:26:17 AM) Vance: «Jason! WAIT! We're missing the other guy!»
(2:26:27 AM) Vance: Florence hasn't moved.
(2:26:48 AM) Vance: Vance unbelts from Florence and returns to the plane's wreckage. "Hey! Hey!"
(2:26:53 AM) *
laito comes out a moment later carrying two suitcases. "Yeah, I'm here." No big deal, apparently.
(2:27:01 AM) Dodridge: «Then pick his ass up. We're holding on the highway.»
(2:27:09 AM) Vance: "Jesus. Almost left without you. Get in."
(2:27:20 AM) TroyL_Away [~ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.50D600C7-CRInys|LyorT#ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.50D600C7-CRInys|LyorT] entered the room.
(2:27:27 AM) DrCole left the room (quit: Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).
(2:27:33 AM) Dodridge: Jason flips the external. «Hurry up you stupid fucker, your buddy's gonna goddamn die if you get your ass inside.»
(2:27:40 AM) Dodridge: *don't
(2:27:50 AM) Vance: Vance hops into the Stryker and waits for Laito.
(2:27:51 AM) *laito gets in.
(2:28:01 AM) Strelnikov: "Alex."
(2:28:11 AM) Nusquam: Those in the turrets, or outside the vehicles, give me Perception, if you please.
(2:28:12 AM) *
Vance buttons up the ramp, hops back in the drivers' seat and rolls.
(2:28:16 AM) Johnson: Johnson keeps the gun spinning in case somebody comes by
(2:28:20 AM) laito: "Dmitri."
(2:28:27 AM) Dodridge: That's Johnson.
(2:28:37 AM) *Strelnikov says nothing for a long moment, then just nods.
(2:28:50 AM) Vance: «Eve, Florence. Apparently 'Alex' had to pick up his luggage.»
(2:28:59 AM) *
laito seems to have retrieved one of Dmitri's suitcases.
(2:29:18 AM) Johnson: 4df+3
(2:29:19 AM) Quidmore: Johnson: 5 (4df+3=-, +, +, +)
(2:29:26 AM) Dodridge: «Apparently, Alex is a goddamn retard, holding up a fucking medevac for goddamn luggage.»
(2:29:36 AM) Vance: «Don't fuckin' ask me.»
(2:30:35 AM) Vance: «Comin' up on your position, Eve.»
(2:31:47 AM) Strelnikov: "It is over, Alex."
(2:31:57 AM) Nusquam: In the distance, far to the south, Johnson can see a horsedrawn cart approaching slowly on Stuart Highway.
(2:32:09 AM) laito: Alex only shakes his head.
(2:32:44 AM) Johnson: «Director, I'm seeing a horse-drawn cart coming from the south.»
(2:32:44 AM) Strelnikov: "Rodney is gone. Karen is gone."
(2:32:50 AM) Strelnikov: "I have to be next."
(2:32:55 AM) Vance: «A what.»
(2:33:07 AM) Dodridge: <Say again?>
(2:33:13 AM) Johnson: «It's a horse, pulling a cart.»
(2:33:20 AM) Dodridge: «Fuck it. Whatever. We don't have time for this.»
(2:33:24 AM) Johnson: «On the highway.»
(2:33:28 AM) Dodridge: Jason accelerates.
(2:33:37 AM) Nusquam: Two horses, in fact.
(2:33:40 AM) Vance: Vance keeps pace. What else is he going to do?
(2:33:50 AM) Johnson: «Scratch that, TWO horses.»
(2:34:22 AM) Dodridge: They pull into the town, Jason being unwilling to stop for horses. The hospital is the same as they left it.
(2:35:06 AM) laito: "Shut up, Dmitri," Alex said lowly, casually. He knew the Russian was starting in on those lovely cycles.
(2:35:14 AM) Vance: Vance pulls up beside Eve. «Wonder what the deal was with those horses.»
(2:35:28 AM) Strelnikov: "…Okay." Dmitri looks down.
(2:35:54 AM) TroyL_Away is now known as TroyLogging
(2:36:32 AM) Dodridge: The LAV lurches to a halt.
(2:36:56 AM) *laito rests his head against the interior of the cabin and shuts his eyes.
(2:37:02 AM) Dodridge: «All right! Cole, Get Misha up to a ward! Kens and Alice are gonna be right behind you!»
(2:38:05 AM) Johnson: «Do you want me to stay on the turret or stand guard?»
(2:39:00 AM) Dodridge: «The BFT's still reading the TF personnel up north. We're good for now.»
(2:39:55 AM) Vance: «What about the fucko in the horse cart? Ignore him?»
(2:41:28 AM) Dodridge: «It's a *horse* *cart*. Yes, for now, we ignore him. For the moment, we worry about re-attaching Misha's arm and keeping him alive.»
(2:42:13 AM) Strelnikov: "Alex, do you think Misha will make it." He says it resignedly, all emotion and strength having long since been sapped from his voice.
(2:42:35 AM) Vance: «Right, but as far as that goes, I'm useless. I'm okay at taking people apart, not so much putting them back together. What do you want me to do while the docs are busy?»
(2:42:49 AM) laito: Alex grunts, obviously weary.
(2:43:12 AM) Strelnikov: "He flew, Alex. He flew us. I did not think he would."
(2:43:44 AM) Nusquam: Cole, Kens, and Alice have removed Misha's stretcher from the Stryker and carried him into the hospital, disappearing within.
(2:43:50 AM) Dodridge: Jason clicks the internal on. «Colonel… your friend's gonna be all right. We've got some good people working on him.»
(2:44:58 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight wanders over to Alex and Dmitri, and sniffs them curiously. Just a kitty, don't mind me.
(2:45:36 AM) Johnson: Johnson heads into the Stryker to get some more silvadine.
(2:45:47 AM) Johnson: 4df+0 Goddamn exploding planes
(2:45:47 AM) Quidmore: Johnson: Goddamn exploding planes: 3 (4df+0=0, +, +, +)
(2:46:00 AM) *
Heiden walks out of the hospital, looking like hell. As usual.
(2:46:01 AM) *Strelnikov nods and looks at the kitty. He reaches down and touches the cat's head, between the ears.
(2:47:07 AM) MisterFlames: Midnight purrs softly, then heads up to Dmitri's lap and curls up.
(2:47:40 AM) *
Strelnikov shifts Karen's weight a bit to make room for the cat.
(2:48:58 AM) laito: Alex appears to have dozed off.
(2:49:04 AM) Dodridge: Jason exits the driver's compartment and lowers the ramp, climbing out and heading back around. <Colonel?> He pops the helmet off. "Do you think I can have a word with you?"
(2:49:17 AM) Johnson: Johnson finishes bandaging himself up and goes back outside to head up to the sniper perch.
(2:49:20 AM) Strelnikov: "No."
(2:49:27 AM) Strelnikov: "I have to stay with her."
(2:49:50 AM) Dodridge: "I don't think there's much else you can do for her, Colonel."
(2:50:03 AM) MisterFlames: Jason no doubt can hear Midnight purring softly, a soothing, comforting sound.
(2:50:56 AM) Strelnikov: "Please, do not make me leave her."
(2:51:53 AM) Dodridge: Jason looks around. "I can't make you do much of anything."
(2:52:35 AM) Dodridge: "Stay there, but we need to talk, regardless."
(2:52:52 AM) *Strelnikov coughs, blood spattering across Karen's clothing. "Of course. Sorry. What must we discuss, Direktor?"
(2:54:19 AM) MisterFlames: 4df+2 People should not cough blood (Healing)
(2:54:20 AM) Quidmore: MisterFlames: People should not cough blood (Healing): 2 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, +)
(2:55:21 AM) Dodridge: We'll assume it was successful. No health damage, but we'll go with his internals beginning to mend.
(2:56:44 AM) *
laito jerks awake. "Hm? Oh.." he looks around.
(2:56:59 AM) Ragazzo [ten.llebcap.10ntks.lsd.A853CC41-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.10ntks.lsd.A853CC41-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(2:56:59 AM) Dodridge: Jason glances down at the lifeless body in Dmitri's hands. "How did you end up here, Colonel?"
(2:58:27 AM) ***Strelnikov clears his throat again, remembering he's supposed to be using his accent. "The aircraft. It is all was left in our hangar. Misha said he could fly us here, and we did not believe him. But he flew. Misha flew us."
(2:59:16 AM) Ragazzo: "I'll need help moving misha."
(2:59:23 AM) Ragazzo: Says cole to no one in particular.
(2:59:38 AM) Dodridge: Misha's already up in the surgical ward with Cole, Kens, and Alice.
(2:59:46 AM) Ragazzo: Ok.
(3:00:00 AM) Ragazzo: Redact that.
(3:00:10 AM) Ragazzo: Cole works with the other two to help as much he can.
(3:00:20 AM) Dodridge: Jason raises an eyebrow at the sudden shift in Strelnikov's accent but says nothing. "You don't know what happened."
(3:00:48 AM) Nusquam: Whomever may be keeping lookout, give me perception.
(3:00:53 AM) laito: "We passed over 23, Director. I saw it."
(3:01:33 AM) Johnson: 4df+3 Sniper perch
(3:01:33 AM) Quidmore: Johnson: Sniper perch: 4 (4df+3=0, +, 0, 0)
(3:01:45 AM) Vance: 4df+3 Out of Florence
(3:01:46 AM) Quidmore: Vance: Out of Florence: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, -, +)
(3:02:52 AM) Dodridge: "You saw the crater?"
(3:02:58 AM) Dodridge: "You see what happened to 67?"