OODA Instruction

(4:39:05 PM) Maddy: "Can I c-come?"
(4:41:07 PM) E4D: "Sure. Might learn a little somethin'."
(4:41:23 PM) E4D: He gives her a little wink and steps out, rifle in hand.
(4:41:24 PM) Maddy: "I like l-learning."
(4:41:33 PM) Maddy: She gets up and follows.
(4:41:52 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe gives Jason a wave from on top of the Stryker. "Hey Jason."
(4:41:59 PM) E4D: As he walks toward the entrance, he begins lecturing.
(4:42:22 PM) Dawny [moc.ishcm.tneilc.50E98B64-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.ishcm.tneilc.50E98B64-CRInys|tibbiM] entered the room.
(4:42:44 PM) E4D: "First thing you gotta consider: spacing and arrangement of the troops. You might think that tanks and fighting vehicles like Eve would be a thousand times better than a man on the ground with a gun, right?"
(4:43:27 PM) Maddy: "I m-may have thought so before."
(4:44:37 PM) E4D: "All right… thing *is*, they're damn near useless in a city fight, or even in the open, unless you have rapid-mobility trucks or dismounted infantry to cover them. You notice how long it took for the column to pass last night? It's not just because they were lookin' for us."
(4:44:54 PM) Maddy: "Right."
(4:46:29 PM) E4D: "It's because that armored column can only move as fast as the people covering the heavy vehicles. Take Eve. Big guns. Big' ol' heavy chaingun, anti-tank missile launcher, heavy machine, and a minigun topping it all off. How many directions can it cover at once, though? You can only point so many ways."
(4:47:01 PM) E4D: "Even though it could drop a damn hammer on whatever the crew's looking at, if someone tries to hit it from above, it'd be vulnerable, or to an attack from all sides."
(4:47:05 PM) Maddy: She nods.
(4:47:35 PM) E4D: "Same thing with them." He holds the front door open for her. "They gotta have lots of infantry to cover all those vehicles."
(4:47:47 PM) E4D: He nods at Zoe, noticing her as he steps out.
(4:47:56 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe is sitting on top of the stryker and give Jason a wave. "Hey you two."
(4:48:41 PM) E4D: "See… the vehicles are covering the infantry, and the infantry are covering the vehicles, to make sure no one can run up and disable them or get into their dead zone while they're doing *their* job."
(4:48:51 PM) Maddy: "Makes sense."
(4:48:54 PM) E4D: "Gotta watch windows, blind and narrow alleys, things like that."
(4:49:00 PM) E4D: "SO."
(4:49:18 PM) Tom90deg: "Like those sticky bombs in 'Saving Private Ryan'"?
(4:49:38 PM) E4D: "Whatcha end up with with any force that has its head on straight, is about a squad of infantry or a couple… just like that… couple fire teams for each heavy vehicle."
(4:49:50 PM) E4D: "Usually four to eight guys walking along on each side."
(4:50:11 PM) E4D: "Cuz that tank can't reach down and just swat someone off."
(4:50:32 PM) Maddy: "Hehe."
(4:51:09 PM) E4D: He steps out into the street, after checking both directions, eyeing the same windows and alleyways he was just discussing.
(4:51:23 PM) E4D: He takes a few steps out, then signals Alice and Zoe to come over.
(4:52:52 PM) Maddy: Alice goes!
(4:53:06 PM) Tom90deg: Zoe blinks down and heads on over.
(4:55:04 PM) E4D: He points at a few tracks on the ground.
(4:55:22 PM) E4D: They look similar to the ones Eve and Florence leave.
(4:55:27 PM) E4D: "All right, this is good."
(4:55:43 PM) Tom90deg: "Cause whatever made these isn't here?"
(4:57:31 PM) Maddy: "Well we know t-they're not hee, w-was saw the pass last night." Alice is trying not to get re-mad over her ruined evening.
(4:59:37 PM) E4D: "Well, this means they don't have main battle tanks."
(4:59:56 PM) E4D: "They're working with what we've got. More *of* them, but they're not rocking something like an Abrams."
(5:00:26 PM) Maddy: "That's good I guess."
(5:00:43 PM) Tom90deg: "Hm. Couldn't we just set up some kinda charges that drop them down into th sewer system?"
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(5:01:05 PM) Tom90deg: "Dunno how big that is here though…if you could stop the tanks, then they're just roadblocks, right?"
(5:02:08 PM) Maddy: "I think we're doing fine w-with the whole a-avoiding them and g-getting out of Auz thing."
(5:04:13 PM) Tom90deg: "I still think if we could fake our own deaths that would work. don't know HOW, but I for one don't know anything about naval warfare save Rum, Buggery and the lash."
(5:04:39 PM) E4D: "What Alice said, but yeah. That's ideally how we'd do it."
(5:05:09 PM) E4D: "We're obviously not Stallone or Ahnuld." He grins. "We'd never be able to take on a force like what we're looking at and survive. At all."
(5:05:32 PM) Soulless [~ude.olaffub.sseleriw.BF51967E-CRInys|sselluoS#ude.olaffub.sseleriw.BF51967E-CRInys|sselluoS] entered the room.
(5:05:46 PM) E4D: "So what we would do is evade and escape. Fight a delaying action if found. Disable lead elements, hit important people and things, make it difficult to follow us."
(5:05:54 PM) E4D: "Make it not *worth* it to follow us."
(5:06:49 PM) Tom90deg: "Yah, but what if they come after us when we get on the boat? If we piss them off enough, they could follow us across the ocean. And I don't know how to sail."
(5:07:20 PM) Maddy: "We were doing ok t-till the beacon got lit…." and looks at Zoe. "We keep running, Jason just said we /can't/ fight them"
(5:07:37 PM) Maddy: "They w-won't chase use for ever, it's a waste of r-resources to do so."
(5:08:32 PM) E4D: He duckwalks around the street for a minute, looking at the footprints and vehicle tracks.
(5:08:50 PM) Tom90deg: "Fair enough…"
(5:08:59 PM) Soulless: Alicel watches from the roof, quiet and studying.
(5:11:22 PM) E4D: "Okay. It was like I thought."
(5:11:50 PM) E4D: He points to numerous footprints on either side of the road, crouched in the center, arms extended.
(5:12:17 PM) E4D: "Walkalongs on either side."
(5:12:25 PM) E4D: "All right, students, come here."
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(5:12:33 PM) Maddy: Alice chuckles and heads over.
(5:12:38 PM) E4D: He points at a pair directly in front of him.
(5:13:50 PM) E4D: One set appears to be made by what look like regulation military footwear, deep cavities where the track pressed into the dirt, probably left by one of the lasts men in the column. Inches away is a set that appear to indicate something like regular footwear.
(5:13:58 PM) E4D: "Alice? Zoe? What does this tell you?"
(5:15:36 PM) Maddy: "…no idea."
(5:15:50 PM) E4D: He looks at Zoe. "You?"
(5:20:01 PM) E4D: "All right, this means that the force isn't homogenous."
(5:20:17 PM) E4D: "You've got CI *and* what look like civilians."
(5:20:26 PM) E4D: "Either that, or their gear's gettin' ragged."
(5:20:30 PM) E4D: "Both are a good thing."
(5:20:56 PM) E4D: He looks at her expectantly. "Can you tell my why *that* is?"
(5:22:02 PM) Maddy: "Cause c-civi's aren't going to be ass good as the trained CI, and l-likely don't hold the same loyalties?"
(5:23:07 PM) E4D: He snaps his fingers, pointing at her with his right hand. "That's one side of it. The other is… you ever played Halo? Remember how you had the big guys leading little squads of the small aliens?"
(5:23:27 PM) Maddy: "Yeah, the grunts. So cute…"
(5:24:11 PM) E4D: "What happened if you popped the big one in charge?"
(5:24:24 PM) Maddy: "The grunts would flip out and run away?"
(5:25:02 PM) E4D: "Had no idea what the fuck, right? Couldn't shoot as well, didn't understand the tactics on their own unless they had someone yellin' at 'em, right?"
(5:25:17 PM) Soulless: Alicel decides to get down from the roof and see what they're talking about, it might be something he could learn from.
(5:25:45 PM) E4D: "So, remember when I was talking about causing chaos?"
(5:26:00 PM) Maddy: "Hehe, yeah." she grins.
(5:27:20 PM) Soulless: He approaches the group silently and listens in without a word.
(5:27:25 PM) E4D: "All right, glorious, unorganized chaos is your friend as long as it's happening to the other side." He points again, looking her in the eye, dead serious. "*That* is how you win a fight. It's called 'siezing the initiative' and once you have it, you have to keep it."
(5:28:02 PM) E4D: He stands, dusting the sand from the side of the road off his gloves.
(5:28:08 PM) E4D: "It's called the OODA loop."
(5:28:44 PM) E4D: "Short for Observe, Orient, Decide, and Act." He holds up a finger with each letter.
(5:29:08 PM) E4D: "Let's say they're patrolling down the road."
(5:29:47 PM) Maddy: "Right."
(5:31:03 PM) E4D: "The whole time, each individual member is observing. He's taking stock of his situation, analyzing what's going on, what he sees, what he hears. Observe."
(5:31:33 PM) E4D: "Orienting. He's deciding how this fits in to what he's doing. Where he's at. Orient."
(5:31:52 PM) SpaceMao|work [~moc.ishcm.tneilc.50E98B64-CRInys|criordna#moc.ishcm.tneilc.50E98B64-CRInys|criordna] entered the room.
(5:31:53 PM) E4D: "Deciding. Given what he knows, he makes a decision. Decide."
(5:32:16 PM) E4D: "And Act. After you make a decision, you have to act on it. After you act, you've got a new set of parameters."
(5:32:31 PM) E4D: "You start observing again, and the loop starts over. Basic psychology."
(5:32:48 PM) Maddy: Alice nods, taking mental notes.
(5:32:50 PM) E4D: "The key to delivering organized chaos is by getting inside the other person's OODA loop.
(5:33:21 PM) E4D: "Let's say that the tank commander's patrolling along, and spots us. He decides to fire on out position with the main gun."
(5:33:36 PM) E4D: "He's already got his course of action decided, and has everything figured out, right?"
(5:34:23 PM) Maddy: "Riiiight?"
(5:34:45 PM) E4D: "All of a sudden, we hit his turret with an AM weapon. Or we wreck his optics. He can't shoot, or he can't see. Before he can make a decision and act against us, he has to mentally analyze what happened, and how he's gonna compensate for it. We hobbled his decision-making process."
(5:35:31 PM) Maddy: "Aha."
(5:35:35 PM) E4D: "And that's where you sieze it. Before he can make the decision to bug out or engage us with something else, we keep hitting him. We shoot the tires out. We hit his antenna. We displace and move somewhere else."
(5:35:54 PM) E4D: "We keep him so off-balance mentally that he can't formulate an effective resistance."
(5:36:36 PM) E4D: "At that moment, short of a miracle, or keeping cool, you're fucked. The enemy's in your head, and he's short-circuiting every course of action or thought process you have available."
(5:36:46 PM) E4D: "Chaos. Controlled, well-formed chaos."
(5:37:02 PM) Waxx [moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW#moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW] entered the room.
(5:37:07 PM) E4D: "You inflict that on the enemy, you sieze the initiative, you keep one step ahead, and you stay alive."
(5:37:43 PM) Maddy: She smiles.
(5:38:12 PM) E4D: "So… summin' it up…"
(5:38:21 PM) E4D: You see a group of troops, okay?"
(5:38:55 PM) Maddy: "R-right"
(5:40:04 PM) E4D: "Let's say you've got a guy off to the side, holdin' a radio. There a few guys around him, and not too far away, there's a guy with a bug gun, say an M240, like John carries, or like the DSR-1 you've got. A marksman. Maybe there's a guy movin' around tellin' a smaller team what to do. Those guns look mean. Who do you hit first?"
(5:40:52 PM) Maddy: "…the guy with the r-radio?"
(5:41:17 PM) E4D: "Right. Can you tell me why?" He looks at her in the eye, wanting to make sure she understood.
(5:42:09 PM) Maddy: "It fucks up c-communication, the guy off to the side it p-probably some kinda lookout or s-spotter."
(5:44:33 PM) Maddy: "…right?"
(5:44:39 PM) E4D: "Okay. So you took out the leader. They can't get anymore orders. They're left with what they already know. They can act on that. Those infanty have to move up to get you. Locate, close with, and destroy, right? Somebody's gotta cover 'em as they advance. Who do you hit next?"
(5:46:15 PM) Maddy: "The marksman?"
(5:49:26 PM) E4D: "Right, you hit people who can give support."
(5:49:38 PM) Maddy: Alice grins! She's learning!
(5:51:17 PM) E4D: "Without leadership, without support, those infantry can't advance safely or efficiently."
(5:52:08 PM) E4D: "If you can't advance safely and efficiently, you're gonna take massive casualties. Probably more than it's worth. And you have to pull back to get your bearings."
(5:53:40 PM) E4D: "With a bunch of conscripts or random-ass untrained volunteers like they've got, remember the guys the other day? And the shoeprints here? You're counting on probably a lot of folk not having any idea what the hell they're doing past firing a gun."
(5:54:07 PM) E4D: "You break the attacks back when it starts, and that's when you make the decision to keep the pressure on, or to pull away."
(5:54:22 PM) Maddy: "G-got it."
(5:54:25 PM) E4D: "Remember, this works both ways. This is why it's important for all of us to know what we're doing."
(5:55:00 PM) Maddy: "Well you know y-you can always c-count on me."
(5:55:25 PM) E4D: "To know how to observe, orient, decide, and act. You keep a cool head when the bullets fly. If you get pissed, and get mad, you at least have to keep focused. Cuz when you lose your shit, you're done. You might as well crawl in the body bag yourself."
(5:57:12 PM) Maddy: She nods
(5:57:40 PM) Dawny: Kay rolls over and reaches through the blankets. "Chris…?"
(5:57:47 PM) E4D: He slings his rifle, adjusting it across his back. "And that concludes today's period of instruction."