Outside Market

Dec 15 19:26:03 <Ragazzo> Lanceux searches for this 'market'
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Dec 15 19:31:53 <E4D> Jason's changing into a fresh uniform, waiting for Alice.
Dec 15 19:33:23 <Maddy> Alice comes out of the bathroom wearing http://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/get-a-line-on-lovely-dress
Dec 15 19:34:01 <E4D> Jason raises an eyebrow. "Stripes, huh?"
Dec 15 19:34:32 <Maddy> "I look ok?"
Dec 15 19:37:16 * Nioki (~ten.sndscps.sloop.92304866-CRInys|alliztahc#ten.sndscps.sloop.92304866-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Dec 15 19:42:46 <Praetor> A quiet female voice echoes over the loudspeaker. *Bing* *bing* *bing* *bong* "Attention passagers, the Ninebreaker "Bottom Floor 9 Tails" Market is now open."
Dec 15 19:43:08 <Praetor> "If you need assistence, please ask your local godling for directions, or simply head to the bottom floor."
Dec 15 19:43:19 <Ragazzo> Lanceux ponders this, and then makes for the bottom floor.
Dec 15 19:44:00 <Dexanote> Myr steps out of her room; tank top and urban camo pants. It's all she has, for now.
Dec 15 19:44:32 <Lilah> Adhelami is laying in bed noming sables. She blinks and looks to Artemis.
Dec 15 19:44:40 <Maddy> Alice finds some shoes and adjests her glasses. "S-shall we?"
Dec 15 19:44:53 <Ragazzo> «Shall we all proceed to the market together? Or have we laid to rest our concerns regarding this vessel?»
Dec 15 19:45:12 <Ragazzo> Lanceux has been reading a lot!
Dec 15 19:45:15 <PaulS_laptop> John steps out, he only owns two sets of clothes anymore. This one being the niceish ones without too much blood on them. He grabs up a demolition charge to trade with if he finds something cooler.
Dec 15 19:45:55 <Laito> Artemis nods, intrigued by the announcement as any other. "Let us have a look around."
Dec 15 19:46:17 <Lilah> "Oh, ok." She nods and plops off the bed. CRUMBS. THERE ARE CRUMBS IN THE BED.
Dec 15 19:46:36 * Laito is now known as Artemis
Dec 15 19:47:29 <Artemis> That will not do, no, not at all. Artemis will deal with it later. He dons his fancy cloak and heads out with Adhelami.
Dec 15 19:47:51 <Lilah> Adhelami takes her bag with her with items she would consider tradable on her world…
Dec 15 19:48:30 <Artemis> Artemis takes everything he has in the world - weapons, mostly.
Dec 15 19:49:08 <Ragazzo> Lanceeux has his armor, coat, and clothes. Sword too. That's it.
Dec 15 19:49:16 <Ragazzo> And his bag of diamond shards.
Dec 15 19:49:44 <Praetor> There are several open elevators waiting at the end of the hall.
Dec 15 19:49:56 <Dexanote> Myr's out waiting for them before the elevators.
Dec 15 19:50:03 <Artemis> Artemis walks into one and takes up a corner with Adhelami.
Dec 15 19:50:12 <Lilah> "What do you think is at this market?"
Dec 15 19:50:21 <Ragazzo> Lanceux strolls over to where myr is. "Evening, dear myrtle."
Dec 15 19:50:24 <E4D> Jason wanders out, apparently not wearing vest, but quite obviously rocking his pistol rig.
Dec 15 19:50:29 <E4D> *a
Dec 15 19:50:31 <Maddy> Alice doesn't have anything she's willing to trade, so she's just going to window shop. She heads to the elevator with an arm around his waist.
Dec 15 19:50:36 <Ragazzo> And nods to everyone else.
Dec 15 19:50:56 <Nioki> Alanoch barely owns anything, and wouldn't trade any of it. He walks from his room to join up with the group.
Dec 15 19:51:21 <PaulS_laptop> John heads down. He's got a demolition charge, two grenades and his scalps. He's got the PDW on his hip, and the slight bulges on his torso make it apparent he *is* wearing his poly plate. he joins the group.
Dec 15 19:52:53 <PaulS_laptop> He nods at the others
Dec 15 19:53:15 <E4D> Jason passes Alice a small pouch. Looks like one made for carrying night vision goggles.
Dec 15 19:53:18 <Dexanote> "Hey everyone. We ready?"
Dec 15 19:53:46 <Maddy> "?" She tilts her head at Jason.
Dec 15 19:53:47 <Dexanote> is she… excited?
Dec 15 19:54:09 <Artemis> "Oui. Let us go."
Dec 15 19:55:00 <Dexanote> She slips into the closest elevator.
Dec 15 19:55:06 <Maddy> Alice O_O's and smiles.
Dec 15 19:55:31 <Ragazzo> Lanceux does as well.
Dec 15 19:55:46 <PaulS_laptop> John steps into the same elevator
Dec 15 19:55:51 <Nioki> "I've never been shopping before. Does anyone know what sort of remuneration people in this place will require?"
Dec 15 19:56:21 <E4D> Jason just walks with Alice, content to follow after her. "Nope. Gonna have to figure that out for ourselves I guess, Alanoch."
Dec 15 19:56:49 <Lilah> "I have some things I may share with you, so that you may trade…" Adhelami smiles.
Dec 15 19:56:56 <PaulS_laptop> "Prolly the same shit anyone else takes for things"
Dec 15 19:57:06 <Lilah> MONEY WHAT IS THAT
Dec 15 19:57:09 <Ragazzo> "If the crew are ghosts, I wonder about that."
Dec 15 19:57:12 <PaulS_laptop> "Hope you don' mind me taking some of the grenades, Jason."
Dec 15 19:57:33 <Praetor> Whenever the people get into the elevator, the levers throw back to the lowest level, and they begin a steady descent.
Dec 15 19:57:38 <E4D> "Actually, yeah. We sort of need that shit."
Dec 15 19:57:53 <Dexanote> "… Why don't we pool whatever gemstones the cat spat up?"
Dec 15 19:58:35 <PaulS_laptop> "we got a dozen, figured we could get some 40mm for 'em"
Dec 15 19:59:19 <E4D> "We *got* 40 mike mike. And I dunno if this is that sort of market."
Dec 15 19:59:39 <Ragazzo> Lanceux holds up his pouch odf diamond shards.
Dec 15 19:59:48 <PaulS_laptop> "Ain't nobody told me"
Dec 15 19:59:51 <Ragazzo> "I have some of the cat's refuse."
Dec 15 20:00:00 <Praetor> The elevator begins to descend over, of all things, what appears to be a open air collection of booths. Smoke floats in the air, and the smell of exotic fruits and meats wafts around.
Dec 15 20:00:01 <Dexanote> Eyenarrow.
Dec 15 20:00:04 <Nioki> "Better to see what we'll be trading for before deciding what we'll be trading away."
Dec 15 20:00:17 <Dexanote> "Yes, good idea Alanoch."
Dec 15 20:00:20 <Praetor> The booths stretch almost endlessly, the ends of the ship obsecured by smoke.
Dec 15 20:00:35 <Praetor> Cries in many different languages echo.
Dec 15 20:00:39 <Maddy> "W-well if you got s-something, you can trade for it. This isn't l-like…a group decision unless you find something a-awesome we'll need to pool for."
Dec 15 20:00:41 <Lilah> Sniff. Adhelami blinks. Oh my… She wanders fourth!
Dec 15 20:01:03 <Praetor> The unmistakable sound of haggling - and then the elevators stop and open.
Dec 15 20:01:23 <Artemis> Artemis wanders forth with Adhelami when the lift stops.
Dec 15 20:01:24 <Nioki> Alanoch freezes. Loud noises. Lots of people.
Dec 15 20:01:29 <Maddy> Alice smiles, shuffling into the market, making sure to stay close to Jason.
Dec 15 20:01:53 <E4D> "Hey, Lance. Take those diamonds and see if you can buy something that'll actually protect you."
Dec 15 20:02:15 <Nioki> "I don't like this. Are all markets like this?"
Dec 15 20:02:51 <Dexanote> "A lot of them." She steps out and looks around.
Dec 15 20:02:57 <E4D> "No.
Dec 15 20:03:00 <E4D> "Most aren't."
Dec 15 20:03:25 <E4D> "You can stick with Alice and I if it makes you feel more comfortable."
Dec 15 20:03:26 <Praetor> "Hey, no, that's worth twice your - "Aaah, maliz shuta matta bar!" Yelling in almost every Earth language, and some in things unidentifiable.
Dec 15 20:03:45 <Praetor> A fat man with a pig's head argues with a plant over rump roasts.
Dec 15 20:03:46 <Ragazzo> "Mmnn. This is lanceux, by the way."
Dec 15 20:04:04 <Nioki> "If there is a clearer space, I can survey the area without moving."
Dec 15 20:04:05 <Lilah> Adhelami watches all these people with wide eyes. Dear lord.
Dec 15 20:04:17 <Praetor> A collection of sentient insects buzz endlessly at a child with no hands or legs, pushed by a man with head in wheelchair.
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Dec 15 20:04:38 <Ragazzo> LAnceux regards this child, and sighs.
Dec 15 20:04:39 <Nioki> Alanoch looks around for somewhere nice, quiet(er), and out of the way.
Dec 15 20:04:42 <Ragazzo> "Just like home."
Dec 15 20:04:51 <Praetor> *no head
Dec 15 20:05:18 <Ragazzo> He goes off to look for armor and weapon vendors. "I will see you all later."
Dec 15 20:06:07 <Maddy> Alice just nods, and tries to find a place with weapons herself.
Dec 15 20:06:22 <Dexanote> Myr goes off to find other things.
Dec 15 20:06:48 <E4D> Jason stays close to her, hand resting on the butt of his pistol.
Dec 15 20:06:54 <Praetor> A massive ball of tentacles presides over a collection of guns and armaments and ammo, straight outta Resident Evil 4.
Dec 15 20:07:01 <Ragazzo> "…."
Dec 15 20:07:06 <Ragazzo> Fzzzt!
Dec 15 20:07:17 <Ragazzo> Dumping all points to return to base persona.
Dec 15 20:07:20 <Artemis> Artemis follows the others to the weapon vendor.
Dec 15 20:07:21 <Praetor> Another ball, this one slightly lighter than the other watches over a collection of blades.
Dec 15 20:07:30 <Ragazzo> Doctor Lance Cole approaches grinning like an idiot.
Dec 15 20:07:34 * Artemis > blades
Dec 15 20:08:05 <PaulS_laptop> John heads towards The merchant
Dec 15 20:08:09 <PaulS_laptop> (guns)
Dec 15 20:08:39 <Ragazzo> Lance is looking over the guns.
Dec 15 20:09:17 <Maddy> Alice tilts her head at the guns, happy with the weapons she already has, and looks at the blades.
Dec 15 20:09:35 <Dexanote> Myr is at the blade merchant, expertly flipping a butterfly knife with a gold handle around.
Dec 15 20:09:54 <Praetor> Guns from every time period on Earth- rifles, shotguns, etc. A gau minigun sits on a back shelf.
Dec 15 20:10:16 <Praetor> The tentacled ball runs an 'arm' over them, making a proud noise.
Dec 15 20:10:22 <Ragazzo> "Hmmm."
Dec 15 20:10:39 <Ragazzo> "Do you have anything from around the french reign of terror?"
Dec 15 20:10:41 <Nioki> Alanoch avoids touching the crowd as best he can, using his abilities to slightly expand his apparent size.
Dec 15 20:10:51 <Ragazzo> "Preferably something 'enhanced'?"
Dec 15 20:11:04 <Praetor> At Alice's investigation, the lighter ball withdraws a leather roll and unfurls it, revealing a selection of kitchen cutlery.
Dec 15 20:11:23 <Artemis> Artemis peruses the shorter blades, looking for something very specific. "One moment, Sehlvi, zhere is only one sing I want."
Dec 15 20:11:28 <Praetor> He also points lightly at a selection of combat blades, long and short knives, daggers, and swords from each section of history.
Dec 15 20:11:41 <Praetor> Lances hang on a rack on the back wall.
Dec 15 20:11:48 <Dexanote> "How do we pay for this stuff?" Myr calls over to ALice.
Dec 15 20:11:49 <Lilah> Adhelami nods and steps away, standing off to the side with her hands clutched. She has little interest in weapons.
Dec 15 20:12:43 <Praetor> An old man (human) pushes his way past Adhelami with a cart of jewelry. "Excuse me, miss."
Dec 15 20:13:16 <Maddy> "Ooooh…Shun…and mokume gane…" Alice peeks at Jason, seeing if anything at this booth, or another. "I don't know, e-everyone's on thir own there.
Dec 15 20:13:41 <E4D> "Huh? Mukume gane?"
Dec 15 20:13:46 <Praetor> The darker ball holds up an arm to Lance, and then floats into the back room, returning with a large wooden box and a very old bayonet rifle.
Dec 15 20:14:12 <Lilah> Adhelami blinks and looks at the man, "Ah, hello…"
Dec 15 20:14:33 <PaulS_laptop> "I'll wait til you're finished"
Dec 15 20:14:38 <PaulS_laptop> to Lance/the ball
Dec 15 20:14:40 <Ragazzo> "I see…" Lance holds up both hands, palms flat. "May I?"
Dec 15 20:14:44 <Dexanote> Flatface, then sigh.
Dec 15 20:14:46 <Ragazzo> "Thanks John."
Dec 15 20:15:08 <Praetor> It lightly passes over the rifle with a chitter of discontent.
Dec 15 20:15:17 <Maddy> She points at a set of knives. "It's japanese for w-wood grain." http://i61.photobucket.com/albums/h75/pike444/knives/kaji3.jpg
Dec 15 20:15:20 <Ragazzo> He glances over at myrtle. "I'll be happy to help you, if I can, myrtle."
Dec 15 20:15:34 <Nioki> He finds a relatively empty patch of market, and stares straight up. The space above him seems to warp as he pulls light in to get a fisheye-lense view of the market from above.
Dec 15 20:15:47 <E4D> "Why are they shaped like that?"
Dec 15 20:16:03 <Ragazzo> "I apologize. I meant no offense." He pauses, wondering if the merchant wil ltake the weapon back. But if he doesn't he scans it with both eyes, curiously.
Dec 15 20:16:19 <Artemis> Artemis points at his selected knife. "Zis is perfect. What is your method of payment?"
Dec 15 20:16:37 <Nioki> He looks for any stalls that display things that put off unusual light, or simply look interesting.
Dec 15 20:16:48 <Maddy> "Better f-for the rocking m-motion when doing fancy cuts."
Dec 15 20:16:49 <Praetor> A woman next to Alice in a kimono and with eyes the color of crystal blue takes up a katana with a simple wooden handle and holds it up, studying.
Dec 15 20:17:09 <Maddy> "Good for people with small hands, like mine."
Dec 15 20:17:22 <Praetor> The ball chitters for a moment at Artemis, then reaches under the table and pushes a tab of paper at him.
Dec 15 20:17:43 <E4D> Jason positions himself between the woman and Alice, nodding at her politely as he takes up the space.
Dec 15 20:17:49 <Praetor> It contains a variety of short sentences in various languages, then at the bottom, in english: "All offers considered."
Dec 15 20:18:47 <Maddy> Alice hmms and decides to keep looking around, peeking at the jewlery cart.
Dec 15 20:18:52 <Artemis> Artemis detaches his current knife from his thigh rig, a very nice special forces combat dagger. He's not trading up in quality, but in different form and function. "Yes?"
Dec 15 20:19:08 <Praetor> The woman smiles flatly at Jason and Alice. "You two have quite beautiful lines." She taps the space under her eyeball, then steps off with the sword after throwing a handful of coins on the counter.
Dec 15 20:19:23 <Lilah> Adhelami is looking at the old man's cart…
Dec 15 20:19:53 <Ragazzo> Lance is peering at the gun, checking to see if there's any magical, or obviously special about it.
Dec 15 20:20:00 <E4D> Jason turns to Alice. "Whazzat mean? Lines?"
Dec 15 20:20:00 <Maddy> "Uh…thanks? I think."
Dec 15 20:20:07 <Dexanote> Myr briefly considers flashing the octipus before, rooting around in a pouch on her waist. She pulls out a handful of extremely ornately gilded 9mm bullets, with gold and silver in a cascading pattern down the sides. Mentally counting how many she has left, (probably about… sixteen or so.) she calls up. "A dozen, for the knife?"
Dec 15 20:20:16 <Maddy> Alice looks at Jason like "I don't fuggin know"
Dec 15 20:20:20 <Praetor> On the old man's cart is a variety of jewelry - bands, necklaces, etc. Obsedian, oynx, gold, silver, topaz…
Dec 15 20:20:47 <Praetor> The center piece is very obviously a series of 4 wedding bands made out of a very clear blue crystal, with lines of gold inlaid in their centers.
Dec 15 20:21:21 <Maddy> "…" she tries not to be to obvious about staring.
Dec 15 20:21:40 <Lilah> Adhelami blinks, staring at them… But she is a woman of cloth, not of gems.
Dec 15 20:21:49 <Nioki> Alanoch searches for light-related curiosities while keeping to the less busy parts of the market.
Dec 15 20:22:11 <Praetor> The rifle appears to be a rifle. The ball chitters quietly and holds out the box.
Dec 15 20:22:37 <Ragazzo> Lance places it back in the box gingerly, and hums thoughtfully.
Dec 15 20:22:37 <E4D> His gaze follows Alice's. "Whatcha thinkin?"
Dec 15 20:23:22 <Maddy> "I- uh..nothing, I w-was just. you know we never…" FLUSTER
Dec 15 20:23:29 <Ragazzo> He holds up two shards of perfect,glittering diamond, out of his…let's say 18, in the pouch.
Dec 15 20:23:35 <Ragazzo> "Will you accept?"
Dec 15 20:23:43 <Praetor> The lighter ball takes Artemis' dagger and looks it over, holding it up with an invisible craftmen's eye.
Dec 15 20:24:50 <E4D> Her reaction elicits a grin. "Careful, slow down."
Dec 15 20:24:52 <Praetor> A man with the head of a fox cries out: "Emotional problems, get your emotional problems here!"
Dec 15 20:25:03 <E4D> "It's up to you. That or the tattoos."
Dec 15 20:25:11 <Praetor> "I got anger, I got lust, I got envy, baby I got sloth."
Dec 15 20:25:29 <Artemis> Artemis waits patiently. The weapon merchant is a busy man.
Dec 15 20:25:29 <Artemis> Tentacle man thing.
Dec 15 20:25:44 <Praetor> "Interested, miss?" The old jewelcrafter says with a kindly smile.
Dec 15 20:26:27 <Lilah> Adhelami blinks. Emotional problems? Why would you want such a thing..?"
Dec 15 20:26:33 <Maddy> "W-well…we could always do both? I mean…we'll have to take off the rings sometimes…unless they're magic." she chuckles and smiles at the old man.
Dec 15 20:26:37 <Praetor> The blade merchant chitters apperciatively and stows Artemis' (old) under the counter, and pushes his purchase towards him.
Dec 15 20:27:16 <Artemis> Artemis bow-nods. "Merci." He steps away from the both with his new knife and sheathe, looking for Adhelami.
Dec 15 20:27:20 <Praetor> A couple of red-skinned women are talking to the emotional problems vendor…they look familiar…
Dec 15 20:27:53 <Praetor> The guns merchant stalls for a moment, then hurriedly grabs Lance's diamond shards.
Dec 15 20:27:56 <Nioki> Alanoch pauses, staring at them.
Dec 15 20:28:06 <Praetor> He lifts the box up on the table, and shoves it at him.
Dec 15 20:28:08 <Lilah> She is by the jewelry cart, looking at wedding rings. However, Kehlvonians have a different method, and she does not understand the significance.
Dec 15 20:28:18 <Dexanote> Myr appreciatively flips the bronzed knife. Or smoething, it's a pretty metal.
Dec 15 20:28:30 <Ragazzo> Lanceux blinks, but takes the box.
Dec 15 20:28:38 <Praetor> Holds up a tentacle - 'one moment', and lifts up another box.
Dec 15 20:28:52 <Ragazzo> He waits.
Dec 15 20:29:00 <Praetor> He opens it to reveal a set of ammo for the rifle. They glow dull silver.
Dec 15 20:29:09 <Praetor> It chitters and pushes the box at it him.
Dec 15 20:29:22 <Ragazzo> "…as part of the original deal?"
Dec 15 20:29:28 <Ragazzo> "I can have these as well?"
Dec 15 20:29:38 <Praetor> "Y-e-s-s-s-s"
Dec 15 20:29:39 <Maddy> "Could y-you tell me anything about these r-rings?"
Dec 15 20:30:01 <Ragazzo> "Very well. I appreciate your generosity, sir."
Dec 15 20:30:09 <Ragazzo> He nods, smirking.
Dec 15 20:30:13 <Praetor> It nods, rubbing its hands together like a fly.
Dec 15 20:30:35 <Ragazzo> "I don't suppose you'd have a sling for this as well?"
Dec 15 20:30:39 <Ragazzo> "Any ordianry one."
Dec 15 20:30:47 <Ragazzo> *ordinary
Dec 15 20:31:34 <Praetor> "Ah, these…these are made of pure crystal mined from the crystal heart called ORT. Very rare, takes centuries to deal with it just for a small amount. Cut and inlaid with fine Earth gold by yours truly."
Dec 15 20:31:58 <Praetor> The tentacle ball reaches under the booth and pushes a sling for the rifle at lance
Dec 15 20:32:19 <Ragazzo> He takes it, suspecting he made a bad purchase.
Dec 15 20:32:26 <Nioki> He coughs, politely, behind the crazy demon sisters.
Dec 15 20:32:50 <Maddy> "Anything particularly, uh, magic or anything about them?"
Dec 15 20:33:09 <Lilah> Adhelami blinks at the rings, and smiles as Artemis shows, "Did you get something?"
Dec 15 20:33:18 <Praetor> "Besides looking pretty? No, miss."
Dec 15 20:33:24 <Ragazzo> Lance peers at the bullets with his cat's eye, once he's got his stuff together. Are they magical, somehow?
Dec 15 20:33:35 <Maddy> "W-what do you think, Jason?"
Dec 15 20:34:22 <Praetor> The bullets are inlaid with a variety of runes from several languages - Lance vaguely make out a Norse one that roughly translates to 'BOOM'.
Dec 15 20:34:25 <Artemis> Artemis nods, "I will show you later," he says, not wanting to brandish a deadly weapon amid the crowd.
Dec 15 20:34:29 <E4D> "Hmmm…"
Dec 15 20:34:31 <Ragazzo> "…heh."
Dec 15 20:34:34 <Ragazzo> "Alright."
Dec 15 20:34:56 <Lilah> Adhelami decides to turn and wander, listening to the various voices…
Dec 15 20:35:20 <Praetor> "No, sister, what would we do with envy? We've already painted the castle walls a lovely shade of lust - " Selena turns. Looks at Alanoch. Turns again.
Dec 15 20:35:25 <Praetor> Comedic pause.
Dec 15 20:35:30 <PaulS_laptop> "Scuse me. What do you have in the way of anti-tank weapons?"
Dec 15 20:35:34 <Dexanote> Myr is wandering again! COMMERCE.
Dec 15 20:35:47 <Nioki> "I am given to understand it is polite to say hello when encountering an acquaintance. on has not seen in a long period of time. I apologize if this is incorrect."
Dec 15 20:36:00 <Nioki> *one
Dec 15 20:36:00 <Ragazzo> Lance moves over to the blades shop. Looks for inherently magical, badass swords.
Dec 15 20:36:09 <Praetor> "Ah, y-y-yesss…indeed."
Dec 15 20:36:13 <Artemis> Artemis follows after her.
Dec 15 20:36:16 <Ragazzo> Preferably something roman, befitting a centurion.
Dec 15 20:36:38 <PaulS_laptop> "lookin' for a rifle in the 25mm range, or somethin' recoilless"
Dec 15 20:37:59 <Nioki> "Have you forced anyone else into a death-match recently? I confess to being rather curious how many are able to go through with such a thing."
Dec 15 20:38:13 <Maddy> "I mean the knives might be more useful in the end but these are really pretty but I dont know if you would want one and…" holy runon sentance, Alice. Calm the fuck down.
Dec 15 20:38:37 <PaulS_laptop> John is addressing the gun ball
Dec 15 20:38:43 <Ragazzo> He pauses, looking back over at alice and jason and the jewel cart.
Dec 15 20:38:45 <Dexanote> Myr passes by Alice and Jason. "Get em." And shops off.
Dec 15 20:38:50 <Nioki> He doesn't seem all that perturbed that they forced him to get his throat cut out after doing the equivalent of fae acid.
Dec 15 20:39:26 <E4D> Jason leans in and whispers something to Alice.
Dec 15 20:40:30 <Praetor> Gunball croaks once, then lifts up something at its metahporical feet.
Dec 15 20:40:50 <Maddy> She glances at the bag he handed to her before, actually completely unsure if that would be worth a trade of something so completely sentimental/
Dec 15 20:41:20 <PaulS_laptop> John looks at it
Dec 15 20:41:25 <Praetor> It drops a matte black rifle with a tripod on the table - the thing looks like a cross between a mortar and a AT weapon.
Dec 15 20:42:34 <Maddy> Alice hesitates and then holds out the bag. "W-would this be a fair trade?"
Dec 15 20:42:53 <PaulS_laptop> John pulls a pair of gloves out of his pants pocket, dons them and picks it up to inspect it. Does it look like anything he'd be familiar with?
Dec 15 20:43:30 <E4D> "Actually…"
Dec 15 20:44:19 <Praetor> The man takes a look and whistles.
Dec 15 20:44:23 <E4D> Jason nods up at Dexanote and removes his pack.
Dec 15 20:44:36 <E4D> "Hold on one second sir. You smoke?"
Dec 15 20:44:50 <Praetor> dexanote is there, holy shit.
Dec 15 20:45:20 <Maddy> Alice pauses and looks at Jason.
Dec 15 20:45:37 <Praetor> The man looks up, adjusts his wiry glasses.
Dec 15 20:45:56 <Praetor> Hands the bag back to Alice, then takes a good look at both Jason and Alice.
Dec 15 20:46:01 <E4D> Jason tosses a clear plastic baggy on the table.
Dec 15 20:46:11 <Nioki> The emotional shopkeeper might notice that Alanoch has a colossal supply of cold and directed vengeance, and very little else.
Dec 15 20:46:19 <E4D> Inside is some *extremely* potent-looking red-ass weed.
Dec 15 20:46:32 <Praetor> "Hrm…haha, no thank you. But…"
Dec 15 20:46:43 <Maddy> "Worth a try."
Dec 15 20:46:47 <Praetor> He presses a small key into a lock keeping the rings in place.
Dec 15 20:46:57 <Praetor> Removes two. Places them in a pouch.
Dec 15 20:47:09 <Praetor> Hands it to Alice.
Dec 15 20:47:29 <Maddy> She smiles, holding out the seekrit bag to the man again.
Dec 15 20:48:07 <Praetor> He shakes his head and winks. "Love is rare out here in the forgotten places. It's worth a treasure or two."
Dec 15 20:48:25 <Praetor> After putting the bag in Alice's hand, he pushes the cart off, whistling.
Dec 15 20:49:07 <Maddy> alice is speachless! She looks at Jason. Oh no, it looks like she might cry. Maybe.
Dec 15 20:49:34 <Praetor> John's rifle kinda looks similiar to a 57mm recoiless, only scaled down slightly.
Dec 15 20:49:58 <Lilah> Adhelami is looking around, still, at all the various things. Nothing much seems to catch her fancy. She plucks at various threads on carpets and outfits when she can, that little thief.
Dec 15 20:50:08 <PaulS_laptop> John smiles at it "How much? And for ammo?"
Dec 15 20:50:18 * Nusquam has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Dec 15 20:51:27 <E4D> Jason glances back at Alice and takes the bag from her hand, turning to face her, and shakes the rings out, inspecting them in the palm of his hand for a moment.
Dec 15 20:51:53 <Maddy> She manages to hold herself together, but she is getting misty eyed.
Dec 15 20:52:25 <Praetor> "A-l-l-l-l-l-l offersconsidered." says the thing to John.
Dec 15 20:53:16 <Ragazzo> Lance continues looking for swords.
Dec 15 20:53:33 <Ragazzo> Lazily.
Dec 15 20:53:52 <Praetor> "Ack, do mess up the klavit, child!" A voice admonishes Adhelami and then mutters in Kehlvoinian.
Dec 15 20:53:58 <Praetor> *do not
Dec 15 20:54:17 <Lilah> Adhelami blinks, her eyes suddenly widening at the voice. D:
Dec 15 20:54:44 <PaulS_laptop> John nods, setting the gun down gently. "I will return to pick this up, I have something in my room you might like."
Dec 15 20:54:51 <Nioki> Alanoch suddenly pauses and looks straight up, his eyes glowing pale indigo. A multifaceted mirrorlike indent in space glitters there for a moment.
Dec 15 20:54:52 <Maddy> "T-t-they're…"
Dec 15 20:54:55 <PaulS_laptop> "Until I return, could you please set it aside for me?"
Dec 15 20:55:08 <Lilah> "[I am sorry Dahn, what did you say..??]" She turns around. DAT OLD MAN. DAT BOOTH.
Dec 15 20:55:08 <Praetor> An older woman in traditional clothes pats down the rugs Adhelami was touchin'
Dec 15 20:55:16 <Lilah> sorry, DAT OLD LADY.
Dec 15 20:55:16 <PaulS_laptop> «Guys, I'll be right back, need to get somethin' from my room to trade»
Dec 15 20:55:36 <Lilah> "[You are of the Sohn Kehlvon..??]"
Dec 15 20:55:40 <Praetor> THe demon sisters look at each other and then disappear.
Dec 15 20:55:50 <Nioki> "Actually, I should be moving. Nice to see you two."
Dec 15 20:55:53 <E4D> He presses one into her right hand, then takes her left in his, easing the band over her ring finger. He looks back up with grin. "Been a long enough wait."
Dec 15 20:56:12 <Nioki> He turns and wanders off, barely noticing that they vanished.
Dec 15 20:56:18 <PaulS_laptop> John nods at the ball of tentacles, and then steps off. He returns not too long later(however long the round trip is) with an long looking anti-tank gun
Dec 15 20:56:19 <Praetor> [Ack, the threads - oh. Hello, little one.] She says through a mouth of misalligned, though white teeth.
Dec 15 20:56:50 <Artemis> Artemis looks about for Adhelami, having lost her by a few yards. He walks over.
Dec 15 20:56:55 <PaulS_laptop> "This, for the gun you showed me before, and ammunition for it"
Dec 15 20:56:58 <Maddy> She smiles back, sliding his ring onto his ring finger.
Dec 15 20:57:15 <Praetor> GUNBALL is impressed.
Dec 15 20:57:18 <Lilah> Adhelami looks at the rugs again. She wasn't even paying attention… She suddenly unfurls one. THIS IS A KEHLVONIAN PIECE.
Dec 15 20:57:24 <Praetor> GUNBALL takes John's gun.
Dec 15 20:57:37 <Praetor> GUNBALL passes over the recoiless rifle.
Dec 15 20:57:49 <Lilah> FFFFUUUU "[You escaped the destruction..??]"
Dec 15 20:58:08 <Praetor> [Destruction? Hm?]
Dec 15 20:58:25 <Nioki> Alanoch's getting the hang of this whole 'market' thing. He continues his search for curiosities that could help his luxomancy.
Dec 15 20:59:31 <Lilah> Adhelami frowns. This woman must have been here for some time… "[The Sohn Kehlvon… we are…]" Does she really want to tell this woman?
Dec 15 20:59:46 <Praetor> One booth stands up to Alanoch - a quiet affair with a tassal over the entrance and purple smoke coming from a brazier out front.
Dec 15 21:00:02 <PaulS_laptop> John accepts, and proceeds to pull a length of paracord out of his pocket to sling the beast of a weapon "Thank you. And aand the ammo?"
Dec 15 21:00:29 <Lilah> "[It is of no importance. But you are such a very rare thing.
Dec 15 21:00:29 <Nioki> He walks inside to take a look.
Dec 15 21:00:41 <Lilah> ]" She begins to look among the things…
Dec 15 21:00:58 <Maddy> Alice intertiwines her figers with Jason's. "N-now what?" she's too damn happy too think about those awesome knives right now.
Dec 15 21:00:58 <Praetor> [Rare? Rare…oh dear, oh dear…my son will be home soon, soon, yes…he's coming home any moment now…] She mutters and walks inside her small home/booth.
Dec 15 21:01:17 <Lilah> "Sehlvi, these are Kehlvonian things…" She looks up to the old woman and frowns…
Dec 15 21:02:02 <Artemis> Artemis frowns lightly at the situation and wanders to Adhelami's side and speaks lowly. "Take anysing you want, I will make sure it is paid for."
Dec 15 21:02:14 <Lilah> Rugs and clothes and jewelry and pots and furs and all the various bits and pieces. She starts to look it over…
Dec 15 21:02:27 <Praetor> A woman covered in purple robes sits in Alanoch's booth, in front of a small deck of cards. The design of a golden eye sits on the robe where her face would be.
Dec 15 21:03:04 <Praetor> "Ah, sir?" A man taps Artemis on the shoulder.
Dec 15 21:03:21 <Lilah> "All of these things… I feel like they are treasured things now. Every single one." Her eyes narrow, "All of the artisans that could make such simple things…" She holds up a pot, "The little things we took for granted…"
Dec 15 21:03:25 <Nioki> "Hello."
Dec 15 21:03:29 <Artemis> Artemis smiles at the old woman.
Dec 15 21:03:34 <Praetor> She shakes her head at Alanoch and implores him to sit in front of her and the cards.
Dec 15 21:03:47 <Praetor> The /man/ leans in and whispers something to Artemis.
Dec 15 21:03:50 <PaulS_laptop> John taps his foot at GUNBALL, waiting for his ammunition
Dec 15 21:03:53 <Artemis> Man, rather,
Dec 15 21:04:01 <E4D> Jason leans against Alice, giving her a hug. "I dunno. It's up to you. We can hang around here, see the sights if you want."
Dec 15 21:04:25 <Nioki> His eyes pass over the booth several times, memorizing.
Dec 15 21:05:07 <Nioki> "I have little to pay with."
Dec 15 21:05:28 <Praetor> "No pay, no pay." She mutters in broken English.
Dec 15 21:05:44 <Maddy> "W-why not? M-might see something neat. Maybe something f-for the animals."
Dec 15 21:06:04 <Artemis> Artemis frowns. "Ah… I.. i see. Sank you." Head bownod.
Dec 15 21:06:17 <Nioki> Alanoch blinks down at her, his eyes still radiating a pale indigo. They've been doing that more and more, lately.
Dec 15 21:06:20 <Nioki> He sits.
Dec 15 21:06:20 <Praetor> The man nods and steps away.
Dec 15 21:06:35 <Lilah> Adhelami holds up another vase: http://www.associatedartists.net/images/uploads/xl/Faience-Longneck-Vase_1.jpg "My mother had something like this…"
Dec 15 21:06:47 <Praetor> She cackles excitedly and takes the deck of cards, shuffling them rapidly.
Dec 15 21:06:47 <Artemis> Artemis sildes up to Adhelami and whisper to her.
Dec 15 21:07:24 <Maddy> Alice keeps an eye out for something the bunnies or hammy might like, all thw while watching to see if something catches Jason's eye.
Dec 15 21:07:44 <Lilah> Adhelami blinks and gasps at him softly. She frowns very deeply…
Dec 15 21:08:20 <Praetor> She pauses after shuffling, and then deals three cards, face down, then pushes them towards Alanoch.
Dec 15 21:08:38 <Praetor> She taps the first. "Past." Second. "Present." Third. "Future."
Dec 15 21:09:06 <Praetor> The gunball holds up a tentacle and then passes over an army green ammo tin to John from below counter.
Dec 15 21:09:21 <Lilah> Setting the vase down, she looks a little guilty.
Dec 15 21:09:48 <Nioki> "I already know two of those, and the third has a habit of changing."
Dec 15 21:09:50 <Artemis> "If you want anysing, please do so. Zis may be your last chance."
Dec 15 21:10:04 <Nioki> He flips them regardless.
Dec 15 21:10:08 <PaulS_laptop> John nods at gunball, pleased, and looks it over. Assuming it looks to be the right ammunition, he takes it under one arm. "Thank you." and heads off
Dec 15 21:11:45 <Praetor> It's a tarot deck…though an edited one. The first is The Tower, broken and crumbling. The woman touches its face with a dirty nail, and a completely different voice echoes from her, one with some authority.
Dec 15 21:11:58 <Lilah> Adhelami looks the items over… And in the corner, her eye is caught by something. She moves over to it, mumbling a little…
Dec 15 21:12:35 <Praetor> "A Tower left unused crumbles and falls to dust. No one save the archivers cares for the Tower."
Dec 15 21:12:46 <Lilah> "It is a marriage dress..!!" She suddenly exclaims in excitement.
Dec 15 21:13:00 <Praetor> "The Tower stands forgotten in the field, defying and hating all others."
Dec 15 21:13:14 <Artemis> Artemis' brow quirks. "Does it fit you?" What a foolish question.
Dec 15 21:13:37 <Lilah> However, she understands that these things are supposed to be custom fit. "Ah, it surely does not." She, however, goes to a little wooden box by it and opens it up.
Dec 15 21:14:51 <E4D> Jason wanders idly past the stalls, arm-in-arm with Alice, his right hand still hanging by the pistol.
Dec 15 21:15:00 <Lilah> There is various jewlery bits inside, most of it being of a white-ish metal. There is also what looks to be unusual little items, like a few paintbrushes and little pots
Dec 15 21:15:02 <Praetor> She touches the second. Death, 13. "The Tower finally falls to piece, and the archivers lose interest. The pieces are found and the Tower is rebuilt, anew and grander than before."
Dec 15 21:15:50 <Maddy> Alice grins at Jason, riding a bit of a giddy high. She wants to find something special for him…
Dec 15 21:16:00 <Praetor> The third. It is both the Sun and the Moon - and both sport rictus grins and appear to be attempting to consume each other. "The Tower grows tall and proud, eventually reaches the sky."
Dec 15 21:16:37 <Lilah> She picks up one of the little pots and smells it, "Ah, beautifier."
Dec 15 21:16:56 <Praetor> "But the Sun and Moon cannot stand the Tower's glory and fall atop it, destroying it and themselves."
Dec 15 21:17:11 <Praetor> "And thus the Tower returns to its rightful state."
Dec 15 21:17:18 <Praetor> She withdraws the hand.
Dec 15 21:18:07 <Nioki> Alanoch seems mildly amused.
Dec 15 21:18:48 <Praetor> The woman seems just as amused, cackling in both the old voice and the regal one.
Dec 15 21:19:08 <Lilah> Mumbling in Kehlvonian, she decides she wants this box. And this dress. She can make things from it. She, however, picks a delicate little chain up…
Dec 15 21:19:47 <Artemis> Artemis watches her with curiosity.
Dec 15 21:19:52 <Dexanote> ITT Turnip
Dec 15 21:19:59 <Nioki> "I most likely can't live for more than five to ten more years. I suppose I'll need to move faster."
Dec 15 21:20:02 <Lilah> She sets it onto her wrist, and slides a little clamp-ring around her middle finger. MARRIAGE CHAIN
Dec 15 21:20:05 <Lilah> TAT
Dec 15 21:20:57 <Nioki> "But, thank you. Is there anything you would like to see? So long as I can imagine it, I can create the image."
Dec 15 21:21:18 <Lilah> She quickly takes it off and sets it back in the box. WOMAN YOU ARE NOT A BRIDE. Still… "Dahn?" She tries to urge the woman from her little house.
Dec 15 21:21:44 <Maddy> Out of curiosity Alice peeks to see if there's a tattoo place.
Dec 15 21:22:17 <Ragazzo> Lance goes looking for an armor store.
Dec 15 21:22:30 <Praetor> "There is nothing, child." She takes the cards back into the deck, and then passes the entire thing towards Alanoch. "Here. Hold onto to these and remember old Mother Gaea when you die."
Dec 15 21:23:18 <Nioki> "Thank you. I will."
Dec 15 21:23:58 <Praetor> She nods, and then…the robes simply fall apart, nothing underneath them.
Dec 15 21:24:38 <Nioki> He takes the deck, stands, and walks away.
Dec 15 21:24:58 <Nioki> People randomly vanishing is pretty common for him at this point.
Dec 15 21:25:34 <Praetor> THERE IS A TATTOO PLACE. A booth with several photos of pleased customers out front, and a sign with several Asian characters out front.
Dec 15 21:25:41 <Praetor> kanji. characters.
Dec 15 21:26:15 <Maddy> Alice nudges Jason and shrugs towards the place.
Dec 15 21:26:57 <E4D> He makes a bee-line toward Ye Olde Tattooe Shoppe.
Dec 15 21:27:22 <Lilah> Adhelami decides not to bother the old woman. But, she leaves her some fabric and some of the black pearls, with a note in Kehlvonian that says: "[I decided upon the wedding attire. I did not want to bother you. Please, I do so hope that you find peace in your life. With immense gratitude, The Weaver."]
Dec 15 21:28:57 <Maddy> She chuckles, following along and poking her head inside.
Dec 15 21:29:41 <Lilah> She picks up the dress and the box of things and gives another look around. Many of these things seem as if there is pointlessness in taking them. Rugs? Vases? She can make her own clothing— however, she is fond of many of the colors and styles. She notes perfumed oils and her eyes widen a little.
Dec 15 21:29:42 <Praetor> "One second!" Cries a familiar voice inside the shop. "Tomo, go attend to the customers!"
Dec 15 21:30:00 <Lilah> She searches among the bottles, looking at all the little labels…
Dec 15 21:30:23 <Praetor> A young Japanese woman steps out, rubbing her ink stained hands on a rag. "Ye - " she freezes.
Dec 15 21:30:31 <Maddy> "…"
Dec 15 21:30:54 <E4D> "…"
Dec 15 21:31:05 <Praetor> "Well."
Dec 15 21:31:09 <Lilah> And she picks one up, "AH!" SNIIIFFF… She holds it up to Artemis' nose.
Dec 15 21:31:09 <Praetor> "Um."
Dec 15 21:31:16 <Praetor> "SIS!"
Dec 15 21:31:18 <Praetor> "WHAT!"
Dec 15 21:31:19 <Maddy> "Urh…"
Dec 15 21:31:23 <Lilah> It's the same smell as in her old bedroom.
Dec 15 21:31:23 <E4D> "Deal?"
Dec 15 21:31:32 <Maddy> Alice pinches Jason
Dec 15 21:31:38 <Artemis> Sniff sniff. Brow quirk. "Ah…. i like zis."
Dec 15 21:31:46 <E4D> Jason pinched!
Dec 15 21:31:58 <Praetor> Akane steps out of the booth, a slightly taller version of the woman next to her. "What's the big fucking dea - oh."
Dec 15 21:32:07 <Maddy> "Hi."
Dec 15 21:32:13 <Praetor> "Hi."
Dec 15 21:32:23 <E4D> "Big what? Deal?"
Dec 15 21:32:32 <Praetor> Tomo flinches.
Dec 15 21:32:36 <Maddy> "Hush you."
Dec 15 21:32:40 <Lilah> "…You do not like it…??" :(
Dec 15 21:32:40 <E4D> "Hushing."
Dec 15 21:32:52 <Nioki> Alanoch sets to wandering, taking in the sights and memorizing everything he thinks could prove useful.
Dec 15 21:33:10 <Maddy> "How uh, how've y-you been? You look good." for someone who got eaten last time Alcie checked.
Dec 15 21:33:11 <Praetor> "Tomo." "What?"
Dec 15 21:33:36 * Salmander is now known as Sal_Hunter_Tri
Dec 15 21:33:41 <Praetor> "Kowtow." "What?" "Aplogize to Jason and Alice." "No fuckin' wa -" Akane knocks her sister down to the ground.
Dec 15 21:33:48 <Artemis> "No, I do, yes, please keep it, yes."
Dec 15 21:34:21 <Praetor> "I'm dead, just like almost every else here, Alice. Now apologize, Tomo."
Dec 15 21:34:54 * Sal_Hunter_Tri is now known as Mander_Hunter_Tri
Dec 15 21:35:32 <Maddy> "Huh. W-well…could be w-worse places to end up…"
Dec 15 21:35:54 <Praetor> "Yuki, you're such a goddamn bitch - " *pinch* ""I'm sorry for…hurting people, I guess."
Dec 15 21:36:20 <Praetor> "Yep. Get up and clean the needles. Welcome to Afterlife, guys."
Dec 15 21:37:00 <E4D> "… Sorry we couldn't stop things from happening…"
Dec 15 21:37:09 <Lilah> Adhelami smiles brightly, and then leaves some pearls for this, too. She takes the bottle, and decides to scurry along. Enough old memories.
Dec 15 21:37:42 <Maddy> "W-well…we're not dead…jsut visiting."
Dec 15 21:37:54 <Praetor> "Past is past. It's Tomo's fault for being a needy little whore." She wipes at her cheek. "Good to hear. You want ink done?"
Dec 15 21:38:53 <Maddy> Alice smiles again and looks at Jason. " :D ?"
Dec 15 21:39:15 <E4D> "Been lookin' at a few things for a while."
Dec 15 21:39:17 * Bright has quit (Ping timeout)
Dec 15 21:39:26 <PaulS_laptop> «Where're you guys at?» John is wandering, but hasn't seen sign of friendlies in a while
Dec 15 21:40:32 <Nioki> «I am simply wandering.»
Dec 15 21:40:47 <Ragazzo> «I'm looknig for a place that does armor.»
Dec 15 21:40:50 <Ragazzo> *looking
Dec 15 21:41:26 <Maddy> «Jason a-and I are-» Alice doesn't know if John coming over here is a great idea. «Just looking around. G-got something really s-spectacular»
Dec 15 21:41:54 <Praetor> Akane raises an eyebrow and pats Tomo on the ass, pushing her inside the shop. "Come on in then, Directors."
Dec 15 21:41:56 <E4D> «You know we have top=of-the-line .mil in the Eve, right Lance?»
Dec 15 21:42:16 <E4D> «That was a joke, earlier. No reason to really waste resources on it.»
Dec 15 21:42:41 <Ragazzo> «Ah, well, alright.»
Dec 15 21:42:47 <Ragazzo> «Picked up some magic bullets.»
Dec 15 21:42:55 <Lilah> «I found a Kehlvonian place!»
Dec 15 21:42:58 <Ragazzo> «Pretty sure they go boom.»
Dec 15 21:43:00 <Dexanote> «What?»
Dec 15 21:43:29 <Nioki> «I was given a deck of tarot cards by a woman who then vanished.»
Dec 15 21:43:40 <Dexanote> «What.»
Dec 15 21:43:42 <Dexanote> «What.»
Dec 15 21:43:51 <Ragazzo> «Have you not gotten anything, myrtle?»
Dec 15 21:44:05 <Nioki> «Also I said hello to the insane demon sisters who made us kill each other a few months ago. I think I may have inadvertently unnerved them.»
Dec 15 21:44:12 <Maddy> «Oh n-nice, Vhen!» alice heads inside with Jason and Akane.
Dec 15 21:44:46 <Dexanote> «Lance I took one of the diamond bits was that alright?»
Dec 15 21:44:57 <Ragazzo> «….»
Dec 15 21:45:01 <Ragazzo> «When.»
Dec 15 21:45:10 <PaulS_laptop> «I got a new gun»
Dec 15 21:45:24 <Dexanote> «About twenty minutes ago when you were loo- Oh there you are.» Lance feels a tap on his shoulder.
Dec 15 21:45:30 <Ragazzo> He turns.
Dec 15 21:45:31 <Lilah> «I found a wedding dress, and body scenting and beautifying paint for one's face.»
Dec 15 21:45:34 <Ragazzo> "Oh."
Dec 15 21:45:57 <Ragazzo> "Yeah, it's alright. Hey, let's find you something, and then see if we cant find something really impressive."
Dec 15 21:46:09 <Ragazzo> "They seem to value jewels fairly highly."
Dec 15 21:46:42 <E4D> "So… Alice, what do you think?"
Dec 15 21:46:55 <Dexanote> "I was just making sure it was alright." She has several pair of sunglasses. "Never spent it yet."
Dec 15 21:47:12 <Artemis> Artemis wanders a bit, looking for an apparel merchant.
Dec 15 21:47:20 * Bright (~ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.858F9E73-CRInys|77tahCecI#ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.858F9E73-CRInys|77tahCecI) has joined #afteraction
Dec 15 21:47:25 <Ragazzo> "…where'd you get the glasses?"
Dec 15 21:47:29 <Nioki> «I wonder if I frightened them. Perhaps I should have just said hello rather than try to start up a conversation.»
Dec 15 21:47:48 <Nioki> Alanoch sometimes doesn't get when and when not to use the radio.
Dec 15 21:47:55 <Dexanote> she looks at the radio, then at Lance. "Demon?"
Dec 15 21:47:59 <Dexanote> "Demon sisters?"
Dec 15 21:48:18 <PaulS_laptop> John continues wandering, eventually back to GUNBALL
Dec 15 21:48:42 <Ragazzo> He shrugs.
Dec 15 21:48:46 <Ragazzo> "Hell if I know."
Dec 15 21:49:18 <Ragazzo> Lance ponders, and looks for a vendor or merchant that sells high end stuff, and/or seems classier/better guarded.
Dec 15 21:50:04 <Maddy> "I d-don't know…something we can both get? Together?"
Dec 15 21:50:11 <E4D> "Names?"
Dec 15 21:50:13 * Bright (~ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.858F9E73-CRInys|77tahCecI#ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.858F9E73-CRInys|77tahCecI) has left #afteraction
Dec 15 21:50:23 <Maddy> She just smiles.
Dec 15 21:50:31 <PaulS_laptop> But then he decides to look for somewhere else that sells guns in the area. There's got to be *someone* that sells other guns. And maybe speaks english.
Dec 15 21:50:39 <E4D> "J&A?"
Dec 15 21:50:40 * Bright (~ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.858F9E73-CRInys|77tahCecI#ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.858F9E73-CRInys|77tahCecI) has joined #afteraction
Dec 15 21:50:47 <Praetor> Akane pushes a cloth divider out of the way and leads them to the back, where two chairs sit side by side.
Dec 15 21:51:14 <Nioki> Alanoch slowly makes his way back towards the elevator, now simply looking for anything that could conceivable be useful to the convoy.
Dec 15 21:51:14 <Maddy> Alice nods. "I like it."
Dec 15 21:51:32 <Praetor> "Tomo, bring the carts in here."
Dec 15 21:51:58 <Praetor> Tomo pushes small carts in with a needle setup and ink on each.
Dec 15 21:52:09 <Artemis> Artemis peruses an apparel pavilion, no big deal, just having a look around.
Dec 15 21:52:55 <E4D> Jason takes a seat. "Where should we get 'em?"
Dec 15 21:53:21 <Maddy> "N-not sure…you choose."
Dec 15 21:54:12 <Lilah> Adhelami stands behind him with a smile.
Dec 15 21:55:14 <E4D> "Hmmm…" Jason undoes his jacket, pulls away the concealed vest, and removes his underarmour shirt, indicating a spot by his ribs on the right side of his chest. "Right across from the tags."
Dec 15 21:55:56 <Maddy> Alice feels awkward, realizing she can't just lift her shirt up…what with the dress.
Dec 15 21:57:11 <Praetor> "Just take it off Alice, I don't give a fuck and Tomo isn't homo sapien sexual anyway."
Dec 15 21:57:25 <Maddy> "…fair enough." she does so.
Dec 15 21:57:44 <E4D> Jason whistles.
Dec 15 21:57:44 <Praetor> "Tomo, you heard the request right?" "Yeah…" "Be my hands then."
Dec 15 21:58:46 * Bright_ (~ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.858F9E73-CRInys|77tahCecI#ten.labolgcbs.imzmlk.lsd.858F9E73-CRInys|77tahCecI) has joined #afteraction
Dec 15 22:00:00 <Praetor> "Alright…" Akane pulls up a chair between the two, and starts the automatic needle. "Ready?"
Dec 15 22:00:02 * Bright has quit (Ping timeout)
Dec 15 22:01:27 <Maddy> "Mhm."
Dec 15 22:01:30 <Artemis> Artemis browses gear such as boots, gloves, and various tactical accessories in the pavilion. He plops a silly, obviously very alien hat on Adhelami's head.
Dec 15 22:01:32 <E4D> Jason reaches out and takes Alice's hand, giving it a squeeze. "Just squeeze if it hurts."
Dec 15 22:01:41 * Bright_ is now known as Bright
Dec 15 22:01:47 <Dexanote> Myr stumbles across Artemis and Adhelami.
Dec 15 22:01:51 <Maddy> She smiles at him. dear god they're cheesy
Dec 15 22:04:00 <Lilah> "Sehlvi…" Adhelami blinks and smiles at Myrtle, "Hallo Vhen!"
Dec 15 22:04:43 <Dexanote> "Hello. What's up…" She stares at teh alien hat, smile creeping across her face. "Find anything good?"
Dec 15 22:05:21 <Lilah> "I found Kehlvonian things." She holds up a box.
Dec 15 22:05:23 <Artemis> Artemis nods.
Dec 15 22:05:46 <Praetor> "Tomo, feed me the memory." "Yes, sister."
Dec 15 22:06:04 <Lilah> Adhelami then pulls out an oil-bottle. Perfume! She lets Myrtle smells it. Smells like Earth Nag Champa unburned. Spicy.
Dec 15 22:06:04 <Praetor> She begins to ink, tracing over both them.
Dec 15 22:07:30 <Maddy> Alice winces just a tad, but she's been in much worse pain at this point.
Dec 15 22:07:32 <PaulS_laptop> John wanders around, eventually bumping(literally bumping) into Myrtle
Dec 15 22:08:05 <Praetor> Akane tattoos her memories of Jason and Alice's actions into the black ink, the memories floating out of the needle and into a swirling black mass that slowly forms into stylized letters. Both Tomo and Akane hum in unison, a nostalgic song from their birth.
Dec 15 22:08:09 <Lilah> Severe senses causes her nose to tingle, even.
Dec 15 22:08:53 <Ragazzo> Lance has followed myrtle, out of boredom.
Dec 15 22:08:59 <Ragazzo> He nods at art and adhelami.
Dec 15 22:09:40 <Ragazzo> "Artemis, could you look at this for me?" He shuffles his boxes, and holds out the one with the gun. "It's something I bought, but…"
Dec 15 22:09:51 <Praetor> Tomo puts one hand on Akane's back and uses the other to pass various tools to her.
Dec 15 22:09:52 <Dexanote> She sneezes from the perfume, knocking into John. "Agk- sorry!"
Dec 15 22:10:24 <Praetor> A time passes, the humming fades, and the J+A swirl into solid place.
Dec 15 22:10:43 <Praetor> Akane coughs and swirls away on the chair.
Dec 15 22:11:01 <Artemis> Artemis takes the gun and looks over it. What is it?
Dec 15 22:11:33 <E4D> "You ok, Akane?"
Dec 15 22:11:48 <Ragazzo> Old. Something from around the Reign of terror, other then that, I guess, is up to praetor.
Dec 15 22:11:58 <Maddy> Alice glances at her.
Dec 15 22:12:02 * Nioki has quit (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.87 [Firefox 8.0/20111104165243])
Dec 15 22:12:08 <PaulS_laptop> "Uh, sorry. Didn't see ya"
Dec 15 22:12:18 <PaulS_laptop> "You got anything good?"
Dec 15 22:12:30 <Praetor> "Yep. Doin' fine." She wipes at her face offhandedly and then stands, dusting herself off.
Dec 15 22:13:13 <Praetor> "The livin' is none of the dead's busniess."
Dec 15 22:14:09 <Maddy> Alice raises an eyebrow, but doesn't press matters.
Dec 15 22:14:15 <Dexanote> "Knife, some sunglasses… looking for some other things…" She sniffs. "It's nice, Adhelami. Bit strong for my tastes, but it suits you."
Dec 15 22:14:28 <Maddy> "How much w-we owe you?"
Dec 15 22:15:20 <Praetor> "I don't charge friends."
Dec 15 22:15:24 <Lilah> "Ah, it is my old smell." She smiles sheepishly.
Dec 15 22:15:35 <PaulS_laptop> "You think I got somethin' decent, or should I get something bigger?" he gestures to the new gun
Dec 15 22:16:14 <Maddy> "You sure?"
Dec 15 22:16:27 <Dexanote> "… It suits you, John. I would have gone for something a bit smaller but i think you got a good deal."
Dec 15 22:16:42 <Artemis> Artemis can't evaluate accurately, it's simply too strange for him. "I do not know what to say of it."
Dec 15 22:16:48 <Lilah> Adhelami looks over the apparel area, a rather lazy-looking blue man at the booth. His hands are crossed over his stomach. She stops at BOOTS. "Sehlvi."
Dec 15 22:17:10 <Artemis> Artemis hands the gun back to Lance and wanders over to Adhelami.
Dec 15 22:17:11 <Dexanote> Myr glance- oh god yes.
Dec 15 22:17:47 <Ragazzo> Lance shrugs, and boxes the weapon.
Dec 15 22:17:54 <Praetor> *Bing* *bing* *bing* *bong* "Attention all passengers, the 9 Tails Market is about to close. Please escort your friends, loved ones, and otherworldly sentient body parts to the nearest exit. Thank you."
Dec 15 22:18:13 <Praetor> "Yeah. I'm sure. Show 'em out. I gotta close shop."
Dec 15 22:18:16 <Dexanote> !! sentient body parts?!
Dec 15 22:18:18 <E4D> Jason reaches to the small of his back and draws a P226, flipping it to point grip-first at Akane.
Dec 15 22:18:26 <E4D> "For fae."
Dec 15 22:18:30 <Maddy> "It w-was r-really nice to see you again." she pulling her dress back on.
Dec 15 22:18:56 <Dexanote> Myr nips off elsewhere.
Dec 15 22:19:03 <Ragazzo> Lance exits.
Dec 15 22:19:08 <Artemis> Artemis suddenly picks up a pair of treadless, soft-soled boots. "Zese! I am sorry, I will take zese right away and be gone."
Dec 15 22:19:10 <PaulS_laptop> John starts walking back
Dec 15 22:19:28 <Ragazzo> Finds an elevator, and makes like a tree.
Dec 15 22:19:51 <Praetor> Akane reaches out for the pistol, and her hand goes right through it.
Dec 15 22:20:04 <PaulS_laptop> He's wondering if everyone here is dead, and if not, how he'd go about offing the gunball"
Dec 15 22:20:10 <Praetor> She smiles a little sadly, shakes her head, and then walks through into the back without another word.
Dec 15 22:20:26 <Lilah> The lazy guy sighs deeply, And stands, "Yeah, what you givin for—" Adhelami suddenly holds black pearls out in front of the man, and drops them in his hands. She's all out. The guys blinks, "…Ok."
Dec 15 22:20:51 <Praetor> Tomo watches her guy for a moment, then bows. "This way, please."
Dec 15 22:20:53 <E4D> Jason tucks it back into its holster and gets up to leave.
Dec 15 22:21:04 <Maddy> Alice nods. "T-take care…"
Dec 15 22:21:20 <Artemis> Artemis looks at the boots, then sets them down in favor of the same kind of a slightly different size, then wanders out of the pavilion.
Dec 15 22:21:28 <E4D> "Until then, Akane."
Dec 15 22:21:44 <Praetor> Tomo escorts them to the front. "She loves you. She can't say that for herself, so I'll say that for her."
Dec 15 22:22:01 <Praetor> Tomo goes back inside, and then draws the front doors shut.
Dec 15 22:22:40 <E4D> Jason looks up and down the market as he pulls his clothes and vest back on.
Dec 15 22:23:00 <Lilah> Adhelami grabs Artemis' hand, and drags him along! The scent from the perfume wafts behind her.