Paper World

[00:34] Salmander Redd wanders out on deck, considering the box
[00:35] Soulless Alicel has wandered up on deck to watch the stars and try and re-learn what he's lost. He waves to Redd.
[00:35] Salmander Redd nods his hat and open sthe box
[00:36] Salmander 1d100
[00:36] Glacon Salmander: 98 (1d100=98)
[00:36] Salmander Holy shit
[00:36] Waxx it's a bear!
[00:38] Salmander A light flashes from the box
[00:38] Salmander WOOSH
[00:39] Waxx it's a bear!
[00:39] Salmander It engulfs Alicel and Redd and everything turns white
[00:39] Soulless Alicel looks around curiously. Oh crap is it this same orange shit but it's white?
[00:40] Waxx o r a n g e
[00:40] Soulless Is he going to be talkin to ded kids?
[00:41] Salmander And suddenly they're standing in the middle of a completely white ladnscape
[00:41] Salmander It is pure white in all directions, with only Redd breaking the shear lack of tone
[00:43] Soulless Alicel looks around curiously. "Redd? What did that box do?"
[00:43] Salmander "Transported us, I think."
[00:43] Salmander As they speak the world begins to gain shade
[00:43] Salmander Some thing become darker than others
[00:43] Soulless "Do you know where we are?" Alicel continues looking around at everything, trying to get a bearing.
[00:44] Salmander Soon there're black and shite
[00:44] Salmander White, even
[00:44] Salmander No Shite, that's brown
[00:44] Salmander Depth starts to appear
[00:44] Salmander And suddenly they're in the middle of a forest, with paper trees popping up everywhere
[00:45] Soulless "…Redd?" Alicel is trying to get his bears best he can. Difficult to do so when- what the shit?
[00:45] Salmander The sky overhead is still white, but the trees at least have shading
[00:45] Soulless He carefully pokes a paper tree.
[00:45] Salmander Yep, it's paper alright
[00:45] Salmander Redd shrugs and looks around. "Cool shit."
[00:46] Soulless "…'cool'? I see nothing cool about this."
[00:46] Salmander "Well it certainly ain't borin'."
[00:46] Salmander Redd plucks a tulip and examines it
[00:47] Salmander Everything's flat, to clarify. This isn't origami.
[00:47] Soulless "Agreed." Alicel attempts to pick up the… two dimensional grass with his three dimensional hand?
[00:47] Salmander He grabs it like he would a piece of paper. It's crushed in his hand.
[00:49] Salmander Redd reaches into his pocket and begins drawing on a tree
[00:49] Soulless Alicel watches curiously. He pulls out his own pen.
[00:49] Salmander Redd finishes tracing a door. He kicks it in
[00:50] Soulless He is surprised! What they draw is real? He draws a butterfly, complete with shading, on a tree.
[00:50] Salmander It flutters off
[00:50] Soulless Ah!
[00:50] Soulless Alicel smiles. This is interesting.
[00:51] Salmander Redd looks through the doorway. Just white. He shuts it.
[00:51] Salmander "Shit."
[00:51] Soulless He peeks where Redd went. Wait, then it was closed.
[00:51] Soulless Is the door still there?
[00:51] Salmander No, he doesn't go through it.
[00:51] Soulless Ah.
[00:51] Soulless "Something wrong, Redd?"
[00:52] Salmander "I dunno how to get out of here."
[00:52] Soulless He's drawn himself a cat with butterfly wings.
[00:52] Salmander It's flat, but it flies off all the same
[00:52] Soulless Alicel is surprised! And amused.
[00:53] Salmander "Meoooooow!"
[00:53] Soulless He draws a door, labeled 'To the Convoy'.
[00:53] Soulless He then opens it, wondering if it'll do anything.
[00:54] Salmander He sees several paper tanks and stick figures shouting at one another
[00:55] Soulless Alicel smiles despite himself. Does he see himself or Redd?
[00:55] Soulless Or rather, those he could recognize as such?
[00:55] Soulless Oh wait, maybe the wrong convoy…
[00:56] Salmander Nobody he recognizes
[00:56] Soulless He closes the door, crosses out the label and writes another one. 'To Real World' and opens it again.
[00:57] Salmander he sees paper questions floating around
[00:57] Salmander *question marks
[00:57] Soulless He writes 'To whence we came'
[00:57] Soulless And opens the door again.
[00:58] Salmander You see your rear end
[00:59] Soulless Alicel laughs despite himself, closes the door and begins drawing on the trees. He draws surprisingly striking copies of Redd and himself first, just to see what would happen.
[01:00] Salmander They all argue with one another in some babling language. All the paper alicels take out paper pens and begin drawing their own doors and disappearing. the paper Redds draw dresses and begin getting busy.
[01:01] Soulless Alicel laughs. He draws exactly half a Dusty. Well, he was drawing but then decided that paper Dusty might set everything on fire.
[01:01] Salmander Redd watches himself and nods his hat, making a hand see saw gesture.
[01:01] Salmander Top or bottom?
[01:01] Soulless Left side.
[01:02] Salmander It walks out and attempts to light a fire with just one hand when a paper Redd sees this and stabs it. Dusty crumples.
[01:04] Soulless Alicel laughs again. It's a horrific laugh that is clearly an amalgamation of everyone's laughs, including Shank's, which makes it pretty bad.
[01:04] Salmander Meanwhile all the paper Redds draw hats, shoes and gloves for their dresses. The dresses begin to move themselves. Real redd shakes his fist. "Why can't I fuckin' do that?"
[01:04] Soulless He draws Redd a paper dress and hands it to him.
[01:04] Salmander Redd looks at it. "Too skinny."
[01:04] Soulless Alicel tries to draw a paper dress with -depth-.
[01:05] Salmander Roll… scholarship I guess
[01:07] Soulless 4df D:
[01:07] Glacon Soulless: D:: 1 (4df=0, 0, +, 0)
[01:08] Salmander In spite of his valiant efforts, the dress comes out kind of mangled and falls on the ground, writhing. Redd takes pit on it and cuts it in half with his pen.
[01:08] Salmander "Some thing ya gotta do yourself."
[01:08] Soulless Alicel sighs a bit.
[01:09] Salmander 4df+3 Pulling Clothes Make the Man for some Designer Know-how
[01:09] Glacon Salmander: Pulling Clothes Make the Man for some Designer Know-how: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, 0)
[01:10] Salmander Redd successfully makes a three dimensional dress. The paper is folded on itself but sticks together by it own means. Redd draws a peacock hat, some high-heel shoes, and long white gloves.
[01:10] Salmander "That should do it."
[01:10] Soulless Alicel draws a door that says 'To the Convoy on the Huron-Class boat in the ocean off the Australian coat' and opens it.
[01:10] Soulless *coast
[01:11] Salmander Beneath the door is a vast ocean of pulp. On it is an orgami boat.
[01:11] Salmander *origami
[01:12] Soulless Alicel closes the door and, curiously, writes 'to heaven' and opens.
[01:13] Salmander Pearly, white, paper gates and rolling paper clouds

[01:14] Soulless Alicel hmms a moment. He then writes 'A world lacking of paper' and opens the door.
[01:14] Salmander White
[01:15] Soulless Alicel hmms a moment. This would be problematic. He draws a socket and tries to plug himself in.
[01:16] Salmander He charges
[01:16] Soulless Yay!
[01:17] Soulless He plugs himself out and draws a door that says 'To the world Alicel is from' and then opens it.
[01:18] Salmander Paper machinery and labs.
[01:19] Soulless Alicel hms a moment. He closes the door, draws some wiring and attempts to craft a pseudo arm with it, then tries to connect it to himself.
[01:19] Salmander Congrats, you have a flat arm
[01:20] Soulless Hey! That's interesting. He manipulates it, then tries to put a knife on it to see if it can hold the weight.
[01:21] Salmander It can! Wowee!
[01:21] Salmander Redd shrugs and draws a glove. It scampers away before he can catch it. "Fuck off."
[01:22] Soulless Alicel grins.
[01:23] Salmander Redd turns to the dress, which running its glove up and down his chest.
[01:24] Soulless Alicel draws Midnight. She has no pen, so he's interested to see what paper!Midnight would do.
[01:24] Salmander Paper midnight walks around and levitates random shit
[01:25] Soulless Alicel draws himself another pen and tries to write with it.
[01:26] Salmander It works fine

[01:27] Soulless Alicel grins and draws himself a door. He writes 'A world not made of paper, of flesh and metals'
[01:27] Soulless He opens.

[01:28] Salmander Question marks made of various metals and dripping flesh float around
[01:28] Soulless Oh, so it can produce metal and papr.
[01:28] Soulless *paper
[01:29] Salmander *flesh
[01:29] Soulless Alicel writes a door that says 'Inside is a good replacement battery for Alicel, it'll work forever' (*flesh)
[01:29] Soulless He opens, not expecting much.
[01:29] Salmander An enclosed paper room with a paper battery
[01:30] Soulless He closes it and writes 'The battery must be made of the similar materials he is of or he can't use it' and opens again.
[01:32] Salmander He opens it again to find a duracell AA battery
[01:32] Soulless Alicel faepalms. "I cannot use that as a replacement, paper world!"
[01:32] Soulless *facepalms
[01:33] Soulless He's still smiling though.
[01:34] Soulless He closes the door. 'One that he can actually use as a legitimate replacement to his current one that will last forevr and is made of materials similar to his, no mistakes this time please' and opens.
[01:34] Salmander If he ever looks back he'll see a rather rough round of love making between Redd and the dress
[01:34] Soulless Can Alicel hear Redd's exclaimations?
[01:34] Salmander Yep
[01:35] Soulless He's not turning around.
[01:35] Salmander Alicel opens the door to a large sign that says "WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES SOMETIMES, OK?"
[01:36] Soulless He closes the door and writes 'sorry' and opens the door.
[01:36] Salmander "YOU BETTER BE"
[01:38] Soulless He then writes 'To the world Alicel and Redd are familiar with, where Jason, Alice, Lance, Dmitri, Midnight and the others are on a boat' and opens.
[01:38] Salmander Paper boat
[01:39] Soulless Alicel turns. "Redd, do y-" He sees him and his rough love making.
[01:39] Salmander The sex noises stop
[01:39] Soulless He stares at Redd.
[01:39] Salmander "We're, uh, done here I think."
[01:40] Salmander Redd nods to the dress who folds up into a small slip of paper
[01:40] Soulless "This is fun!" He draws a copy of Jason and Alice, Dmitri and Mikhail, everyone.
[01:40] Soulless He's obvously just having a good time.
[01:41] Salmander Jason and Alice run off and presumably start fucking/ Dmitri eats baked beans while Misha watches.
[01:41] Soulless Alicel hmms a moment, then writes on the door. 'Dear the person who wrote in signs to me before, do you know how we can get back to the home we are familiar with?' door open.
[01:41] Soulless He's hm'd a lot. '
[01:41] Salmander "CLOSE THE BOX DUMBASS."
[01:41] Salmander Redd places the folded up dress into the box
[01:42] Soulless Alicel looks a little sad. He writes about the paper battery he first made, picks it up, and will try to use it later.
[01:43] Soulless He also draws himself knives, and a couple pseudo-limbs, just to show people!
[01:43] Soulless He collects these. "Shall we be going, Redd?"
[01:43] Salmander "Yep." Redd closes the box
[01:44] Salmander The white immediately disappears and they're back on the deck
[01:44] Soulless Alicel looks to see if he has all his paper stuff.
[01:44] Salmander Whatever paper stuff Alicel had is gone
[01:44] Soulless He looks sad.
[01:44] Salmander Redd opens the box and bring out the dress
[01:45] Salmander In a quick snap he unfolds it. It giggles.
[01:45] Salmander "Well that was pretty productive, I'd say."
[01:45] Soulless "Redd,if you plan to open the box again, let me know? I would like to have fun like that again." He is quite happt.
[01:45] Soulless *happy
[01:45] Salmander Redd stows the box and grabs the dress's glove. "Will do, O'brian."
[01:45] Salmander He leads the dress belowdecks
[01:46] Soulless "Ciel." He corrects, then sits back down on the prow, grinning.