Pipe Dream

Oct 07 01:29:52 <Gerald> Charon sips his wine.
Oct 07 01:29:52 <Ragazzo> "Hey!"
Oct 07 01:29:55 <Ragazzo> "Cups"!
Oct 07 01:29:56 * E4D (PI.B08D965B.17C6AEC6.7D53AD95|tibbiM#PI.B08D965B.17C6AEC6.7D53AD95|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Oct 07 01:30:11 <Ragazzo> Dusty toddles over to the cups.
Oct 07 01:31:01 <Soulless> Alicel similarly follows Dusty.
Oct 07 01:31:09 <E4D> "Alice?"
Oct 07 01:31:44 <Gerald> Charon takes a cup.
Oct 07 01:31:54 * Tom90deg (~moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.A90C65A3-CRInys|ged09moT#moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.A90C65A3-CRInys|ged09moT) has joined #afteractionmission
Oct 07 01:31:57 <Ragazzo> Dusty takes one as well.
Oct 07 01:32:07 <Ragazzo> He examines the cup, does it have contents?
Oct 07 01:32:28 <Tom90deg> Zoe takes a cup and gives it a sniff
Oct 07 01:32:28 <Maddy> Alice looks at Jason. "…"
Oct 07 01:32:29 <Dexanote> It's an empty cup.
Oct 07 01:32:38 <Ragazzo> "Hmmm."
Oct 07 01:32:41 <Ragazzo> "Empty."
Oct 07 01:32:47 <Dexanote> They fill the cups. I presume it smells like powerful apple cider
Oct 07 01:32:56 <Gerald> "I hear drinking with comrades is supposedly more enjoyable than drinking alone."
Oct 07 01:33:22 <Tom90deg> "Naturally. So, how do we drink this? Just normaly? Never had time-traveling cider before."
Oct 07 01:33:44 <Sabitsuki> Akane takes a cup. "It's a suppository, Zoe."
Oct 07 01:33:54 <Ragazzo> "Unfortunate."
Oct 07 01:33:55 <Gerald> Charon chuckles.
Oct 07 01:33:59 <Ragazzo> Dusty has just downed his.
Oct 07 01:34:08 <Ragazzo> "I suppose I'll be missing out."
Oct 07 01:34:46 <E4D> "So, what do you say, Alice?"
Oct 07 01:34:52 <Maddy> "Couldn't hurt."
Oct 07 01:34:56 <Maddy> "Could it?"
Oct 07 01:34:59 <E4D> "Oh…"
Oct 07 01:35:06 <Maddy> "I mean no m-more than last time…"
Oct 07 01:35:15 <Maddy> "Up to you."
Oct 07 01:35:15 <Soulless> Alicel takes a cup just to examine it.
Oct 07 01:35:46 <Gerald> Charon downs his cup.
Oct 07 01:36:00 <Dexanote> Dusty's already out.
Oct 07 01:36:07 <E4D> He frowns inwardly at her question, the answer self-evident in the little stutter she carries.
Oct 07 01:36:19 <Dexanote> Charon notices this is a mite bit stronger than he's used to, and feels incredibly drowsy
Oct 07 01:36:24 <Ragazzo> Presumably dusty crumples neatly on the floor.
Oct 07 01:36:33 <Soulless> Alicel makes a drinking motion. The cider splashes on his shirt and face instead. If it doesn't work at least he tried.
Oct 07 01:36:37 <Bright> Sorry, was AFK.
Oct 07 01:37:04 * Bright does not drink. He is, instead, focusing himself, to make sure this works for them
Oct 07 01:37:15 <Bright> And yes, it smells STRONGLY of apples
Oct 07 01:37:35 <Gerald> "Oh. Heavens, this is why I prefer wine." He slowly sets down the cup before leaning back and nodding off.
Oct 07 01:37:39 <Maddy> Alice takes Jason's hand. "W-we /know/ this time. It's not real."
Oct 07 01:37:43 <Sabitsuki> "…Yeah, this looks like a good idea."
Oct 07 01:38:09 <Sabitsuki> "…Ugh." Akane holds her nose and drinks all of it at once.
Oct 07 01:38:15 * Bright smiles. "It's perfectly safe
Oct 07 01:38:31 <Sabitsuki> "Perfectly safe for wh -"
Oct 07 01:38:36 <Sabitsuki> thump
Oct 07 01:38:41 <E4D> Jason drinks his cup, then looks over at Joey. "That's twice you've told me that."
Oct 07 01:38:49 <Maddy> Alice drinks.
Oct 07 01:38:58 <Dexanote> You're all out.
Oct 07 01:39:04 <Dexanote> Joey takes the floor.
Oct 07 01:39:28 <Tom90deg> Zoe drinks
Oct 07 01:39:51 <Bright> …Actually, Joey drinks. Cause, well, he should be with them, just in case.
Oct 07 01:40:53 <Bright> Joey smiles, feelign the threads of time colesce around him
Oct 07 01:41:04 <Bright> He can feels the others minds there, floating in time.
Oct 07 01:41:26 <Bright> He gathers them to him, and pushes ahead, driving for the time and place they need to be, to see how it all turns out. To the ship.
Oct 07 01:41:45 <Dexanote> It feels like no time passes as everyone wakes up spread around an engine room.
Oct 07 01:42:02 <Gerald> Charon stands. "Far harder than I prefer."
Oct 07 01:42:04 <Soulless> Alicel is quickly to his feet, finding 'waking up' terrifying.
Oct 07 01:42:06 <Ragazzo> "mmngh…"
Oct 07 01:42:16 <Ragazzo> Dusty uncrumples, pulling himself up.
Oct 07 01:42:16 <Maddy> "Bluuuh…"
Oct 07 01:42:18 <Dexanote> Terrifying. I will remember that.
Oct 07 01:42:19 <Gerald> He holds his head. "Far, far harder."
Oct 07 01:42:37 * Bright smiles, his eyes glowing a gentle blue. "That… that should do it, for now."
Oct 07 01:42:51 <Dexanote> The ship is not running, there is no light except for a little bit of a glow from the walls.
Oct 07 01:42:59 <Sabitsuki> Akane sits up and sets her jaw with her hand. She eyes the engine room with one eye closed.
Oct 07 01:43:10 <Ragazzo> Dusty flicks on a lighter, for illumination's sake.
Oct 07 01:43:39 <Tom90deg> "Huh…."
Oct 07 01:44:01 <Ragazzo> "Alright…so this is…a vision?"
Oct 07 01:44:07 <Ragazzo> "Or are we actually displaced?"
Oct 07 01:44:13 <Maddy> "Jason?
Oct 07 01:44:31 <Dexanote> There's a couple doors, one on either end of the room. There's masses of pipes and cords above and to their sides.
Oct 07 01:44:47 <E4D> "Here…"
Oct 07 01:44:50 <Gerald> Charon stretches his back.
Oct 07 01:44:54 <Sabitsuki> "…"
Oct 07 01:45:06 <Tom90deg> "so, what's the plan then?"
Oct 07 01:45:13 <Bright> "A little bit of both."
Oct 07 01:45:13 <Ragazzo> Dusty pops his neck.
Oct 07 01:45:29 <Sabitsuki> "It's a throat," Akane says, to no one in particular, thinking of something far off.
Oct 07 01:45:37 <E4D> "well… John? Shit. John's not here…"
Oct 07 01:45:48 <Maddy> Alice gets a shiver up her spine. "Stop. Popping. Yourbones."
Oct 07 01:46:00 <Ragazzo> "…?"
Oct 07 01:46:10 <Soulless> Alicel is looking around the ship for anything out of place.
Oct 07 01:46:10 <Maddy> "…please."
Oct 07 01:46:10 <Ragazzo> "Alright?"
Oct 07 01:46:18 <Ragazzo> He shrugs.
Oct 07 01:46:20 <E4D> "Well… to see if we could operate the engine."
Oct 07 01:46:33 <Sabitsuki> "…One sec. If things go south, how do we wake up?"
Oct 07 01:46:50 <E4D> "You die."
Oct 07 01:46:56 <Ragazzo> "Ah."
Oct 07 01:47:25 <Dexanote> The pipes start making knocking sounds.
Oct 07 01:47:28 <Sabitsuki> Akane hauls herself to her feet. "This better not be the ship I think it is, then."
Oct 07 01:47:30 <Tom90deg> "So…is this really happening? I mean, can we do some kinda of…dual prong strike?"
Oct 07 01:47:56 <E4D> "No. Well, sort of. This is a future of how things could be."
Oct 07 01:48:03 <Ragazzo> "Hmmm…"
Oct 07 01:48:16 * Bright hums softly, keeping the two time periods linked
Oct 07 01:48:18 <Tom90deg> "Huh…"
Oct 07 01:48:33 <Maddy> "C-can we just…whatever?"
Oct 07 01:48:35 <Ragazzo> Dusty looks up at the pipes thoughtfully, then peeks out the door at the front of the room.
Oct 07 01:49:05 <E4D> "Okay… someone, get topside."
Oct 07 01:49:10 <Dexanote> More pipes.
Oct 07 01:49:12 <E4D> "We need to see what's happening out there."
Oct 07 01:49:13 <Gerald> Charon looks around. "And what ship is that, dearest Akane?"
Oct 07 01:49:22 <Soulless> "We are on a ship. Does this mean we have succeeded?" Alicel looks for a way to get topside.
Oct 07 01:49:27 <Dexanote> There's stairs going up though, at the far far end.
Oct 07 01:49:38 <Soulless> Alicel makes his way up those stairs, pronto.
Oct 07 01:49:41 <Ragazzo> "I'll go..anyone want to come with."
Oct 07 01:49:44 <Ragazzo> "Oh."
Oct 07 01:49:48 <Gerald> Charon walks with Alicel, keeping his head low.
Oct 07 01:49:50 <Ragazzo> Dusty follows alicel.
Oct 07 01:50:03 <Sabitsuki> "…The SCPF had a ship in their possession." she says, walking in the direction of the stairs.
Oct 07 01:50:18 <Maddy> Alice sticks close to Jason.
Oct 07 01:50:24 <Ragazzo> "SCPF?"
Oct 07 01:50:25 <Gerald> "Oh? And what was this magical vessel for?"
Oct 07 01:50:34 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows, carefully looking around. "do you know this ship?"
Oct 07 01:51:00 <Sabitsuki> "We didn't know. But…" She looks around, using the light of Dusty's lighter to get a feel for the walls. "…I don't think it was actually a ship."
Oct 07 01:51:13 <Sabitsuki> "I was, ah, inside it. For a couple weeks."
Oct 07 01:51:33 <Ragazzo> "…huh."
Oct 07 01:51:43 <Ragazzo> "Did it feel like a few weeks, or…?"
Oct 07 01:51:54 <Ragazzo> "Assuming it was a weird ship."
Oct 07 01:52:03 <E4D> Jason clicks on his helmet and rifle lights, flooding the area with the miniature halogen beams.
Oct 07 01:52:15 <Dexanote> the pipes knock together.
Oct 07 01:52:19 <Sabitsuki> "No. Was, uh…wasn't really a ship," she mutters. "It was a body."
Oct 07 01:52:27 <Ragazzo> "Huh."
Oct 07 01:52:31 <Sabitsuki> "A stomach, specifically."
Oct 07 01:52:33 <Ragazzo> "Spooky."
Oct 07 01:52:36 <Dexanote> Clanking and banging wherever the rifle points.
Oct 07 01:52:38 <Tom90deg> "That's…intresting."
Oct 07 01:52:40 <Maddy> "Uuugh, gross."
Oct 07 01:52:41 <Ragazzo> "Almost gruesome."
Oct 07 01:53:00 <Bright> How big does the ship seem?
Oct 07 01:53:02 <Tom90deg> "Hey Jason…do me a favor. Point your rifle over there…" Zoe points to a non-clainking part of the pipes.
Oct 07 01:53:13 <E4D> Jason aims over where she points.
Oct 07 01:53:18 <Gerald> Charon really has to keep his head low.
Oct 07 01:53:24 <Dexanote> It's a hallway right now; seems a bit cramped for a ship.
Oct 07 01:53:46 * Ragazzo has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
Oct 07 01:53:54 <Dexanote> And dusty hits his head on a pipe and wakes up.
Oct 07 01:54:00 <Maddy> "W-why did I do this. Again."
Oct 07 01:54:12 <Gerald> "Tell me, what do these trips usually entail?"
Oct 07 01:54:18 <Tom90deg> "You've done this before? Dosn't seem so bad."
Oct 07 01:54:19 <Dexanote> The pipes start clanking.
Oct 07 01:54:31 <Maddy> "W-well, Charon. E-ever wondered w-why I talk like this"
Oct 07 01:55:03 <Tom90deg> "Ahha….That's intresting. I don't think it likes haveing a gun pointed at it Jason."
Oct 07 01:55:23 <Dexanote> Jason, physical defense.
Oct 07 01:55:33 <Maddy> "…why can't anything b-be normal?"
Oct 07 01:55:37 <Gerald> "For no more reason than others wonder why I appear this way. I assume it has something to do with one of these magical trips, then?"
Oct 07 01:55:40 <E4D> 4df+6 Burning AP.
Oct 07 01:55:40 <Glacon> E4D: Burning AP.: 5 (4df+6=-, -, 0, +)
Oct 07 01:55:52 <Dexanote> 4df+4
Oct 07 01:55:53 <Glacon> Dexanote: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, -)
Oct 07 01:55:55 <Sabitsuki> "Sssh."
Oct 07 01:55:57 <Maddy> "Y-yep."
Oct 07 01:56:12 <Gerald> "Ah."
Oct 07 01:56:16 <Dexanote> One of the thinner pipes necxt to him bursts, spraying boiling oil on him.
Oct 07 01:56:21 <Dexanote> or, rather, tries to
Oct 07 01:56:32 <Tom90deg> "Gah!" Zoe moves out of the way of the oil. "You alright Jason?"
Oct 07 01:56:47 <Gerald> Charon pauses, looking back at Jason. "I see."
Oct 07 01:57:02 <Maddy> "Oh god. I d-don't…oh no."
Oct 07 01:57:10 <Dexanote> Behind you, the engine starts humming.
Oct 07 01:57:14 <Tom90deg> "I think you should be careful where you point your gun Jason, i don't think she ship likes it…"
Oct 07 01:57:14 <E4D> Jason's covered in water-tight goretex, so lol.
Oct 07 01:57:32 <E4D> "Listen, Alice… settle down."
Oct 07 01:57:33 <Bright> "…Hmm. Why is the ship intelligent?"
Oct 07 01:57:39 <Maddy> "I don't t-think it's a ship."
Oct 07 01:57:44 <E4D> Jason slings the rifle, killing the lights.
Oct 07 01:57:48 <Gerald> "Because we are in a drug-induced trip, yes?"
Oct 07 01:57:56 <E4D> "Joey?"
Oct 07 01:58:11 <E4D> "There any way out of this besides… you know, bitin' the big one?"
Oct 07 01:58:33 <Gerald> Charon reaches up, and politely taps a pipe. "Can you understand me?" He's still walking forward.
Oct 07 01:58:49 <Dexanote> Pipes don't clink like that, Charon.
Oct 07 01:58:50 <Soulless> Alicel looks around for a way out of this hallway, because this is definitely not 'topside'.
Oct 07 01:58:50 <E4D> "Stop that."
Oct 07 01:59:04 <Dexanote> Well, that one more "fwumph"d
Oct 07 01:59:15 <Dexanote> Charon, PDef
Oct 07 01:59:29 <Gerald> 4df+4 Well, shit, I was being polite
Oct 07 01:59:29 <Glacon> Gerald: Well, shit, I was being polite: 7 (4df+4=+, +, +, 0)
Oct 07 02:00:03 <Dexanote> 4df+5 the pipe splinters, showering him with paint.
Oct 07 02:00:04 <Glacon> Dexanote: the pipe splinters, showering him with paint.: 3 (4df+5=-, -, +, -)
Oct 07 02:00:13 <Bright> "I can attempt to cancel the trip."
Oct 07 02:00:20 <Gerald> Charon ducks. "Politeness, my dear ship."
Oct 07 02:00:34 <Dexanote> Everyone, perception
Oct 07 02:00:44 <Maddy> 4df+3
Oct 07 02:00:45 <Glacon> Maddy: -1 (4df+3=-, -, -, -)
Oct 07 02:00:50 <Maddy> >:|
Oct 07 02:00:54 <E4D> 4df+4
Oct 07 02:00:55 <Glacon> E4D: 2 (4df+4=-, +, -, -)
Oct 07 02:00:59 <Gerald> 4df Eyes
Oct 07 02:01:00 <Glacon> Gerald: Eyes: -3 (4df=0, -, -, -)
Oct 07 02:01:11 <Dexanote> … it's really dark, isn't it.
Oct 07 02:01:13 <Sabitsuki> 4df+3
Oct 07 02:01:14 <Glacon> Sabitsuki: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, +, 0)
Oct 07 02:01:30 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Oct 07 02:01:31 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 1 (4df+2=0, +, -, -)
Oct 07 02:01:31 <Gerald> Charon pokes himself in the eye.
Oct 07 02:01:52 <Soulless> 4df+2
Oct 07 02:01:53 <Glacon> Soulless: 3 (4df+2=-, 0, +, +)
Oct 07 02:02:17 <Bright> 4df
Oct 07 02:02:17 <Glacon> Bright: -1 (4df=0, 0, -, 0)
Oct 07 02:02:27 <Sabitsuki> Akane exhales a little heavily.
Oct 07 02:02:37 * Bright keeps humming
Oct 07 02:02:44 <E4D> A plastic bag hits Alice in the face.
Oct 07 02:03:08 <Maddy> Alice pulls it off her face. "How in the /fuck/"
Oct 07 02:03:13 <Sabitsuki> "Jason, c'mere."
Oct 07 02:03:18 <Sabitsuki> She stands next to the pipes.
Oct 07 02:03:20 <Gerald> "…."
Oct 07 02:03:38 <Sabitsuki> "Look."
Oct 07 02:03:41 <Tom90deg> "Um…maybe we should head upwards?"
Oct 07 02:03:46 <Tom90deg> "Get on deck, see where we are?"
Oct 07 02:04:04 <Sabitsuki> "This is wood, see. And metal fused to it."
Oct 07 02:04:09 <Maddy> "I still don't t-think it's a ship."
Oct 07 02:04:16 <Sabitsuki> "And…this is a…"
Oct 07 02:04:23 <Sabitsuki> She traces the pipe with her finger.
Oct 07 02:04:28 <Dexanote> The big one Akane's touching has veins.
Oct 07 02:04:34 <Sabitsuki> "A vein."
Oct 07 02:04:35 <Soulless> Alicel pauses a moment. "These pipes abnormal."
Oct 07 02:04:37 <Dexanote> The pipes clatter together.
Oct 07 02:04:39 <E4D> Jason heads over. And :|'s
Oct 07 02:04:45 <Dexanote> everyone Physical Defense.
Oct 07 02:04:48 <Tom90deg> "A vein? great…"
Oct 07 02:04:50 <Maddy> 4df+3 D:
Oct 07 02:04:50 <Tom90deg> 4df+4
Oct 07 02:04:51 <Glacon> Maddy: D:: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, +, 0)
Oct 07 02:04:51 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 6 (4df+4=+, +, -, +)
Oct 07 02:04:52 <Soulless> 4df+4
Oct 07 02:04:53 <Glacon> Soulless: 5 (4df+4=+, -, +, 0)
Oct 07 02:04:54 <E4D> "Let's get mov-"
Oct 07 02:04:56 <E4D> 4df+4
Oct 07 02:04:56 <Gerald> 4df+4 Doo de doo
Oct 07 02:04:56 <Glacon> E4D: 2 (4df+4=-, -, +, -)
Oct 07 02:04:57 <Glacon> Gerald: Doo de doo: 3 (4df+4=-, -, +, 0)
Oct 07 02:05:09 <Dexanote> 4df+6 A cacaphony
Oct 07 02:05:10 <Glacon> Dexanote: A cacaphony: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 07 02:05:15 <Sabitsuki> 4df+4
Oct 07 02:05:16 <Glacon> Sabitsuki: 6 (4df+4=0, +, 0, +)
Oct 07 02:06:10 <Bright> 4df+2
Oct 07 02:06:11 <Glacon> Bright: 3 (4df+2=0, 0, +, 0)
Oct 07 02:06:18 <Dexanote> Pipes all around you begin bursting, spraying at you. Boiling lead, splintered wood, bees, everywhere
Oct 07 02:06:36 <Bright> "… I have no idea whats going on here."
Oct 07 02:06:37 <Tom90deg> "Gaah! Come on, lets get out of here!"
Oct 07 02:06:39 <Dexanote> Describe how you were hurt or were able to avoud
Oct 07 02:06:43 <Dexanote> *avoid
Oct 07 02:06:51 <Bright> "Also, ow."
Oct 07 02:06:55 <Gerald> Charon ducks, or rather tries ducking, yelling out for a second, then moves the hell out. "Bees, bees, BEEES, GODS-DAMNED BEES."
Oct 07 02:07:10 * Bright heads for the stairs up.
Oct 07 02:07:11 <Dexanote> Everyone who failed, -1 Body.
Oct 07 02:07:18 <E4D> Jason's smacked in the back of the head with a solid piece of wood and knocked solidly to the floor.
Oct 07 02:07:19 <Tom90deg> Zoe ducks under the spray, hitting the wall under the broken pipe, the stuff spraying over her head, and starts heading for the stairs.
Oct 07 02:07:47 <Dexanote> Behind you, pipe after pipe burst, before the wound and flow suddenly stop. The door is locked.
Oct 07 02:07:53 <Maddy> Alice has her face peppered with splinters, luckily missing her eyes.
Oct 07 02:07:59 <Sabitsuki> "Upstairs!" Akane exhales as a spray of boiled lead just grazes her nose.
Oct 07 02:08:24 * Bright take sa moment to draw time about him like a cloak
Oct 07 02:08:32 <Maddy> "J-jason!" Alice goes to help him up.
Oct 07 02:08:34 <Bright> 4df+2 maneuvering
Oct 07 02:08:35 <Glacon> Bright: maneuvering: 2 (4df+2=-, -, +, +)
Oct 07 02:08:42 <Soulless> Alicel shields himself with his arms, whose false skin is damaged as he manages to avoid the brunt of this blast. He turns to leave but then turns to help Jason.
Oct 07 02:09:06 <Tom90deg> "Damn it…Let me see the door…" Is ther a lock anywhere that would be pickable?"
Oct 07 02:09:17 <Dexanote> Not on this side.
Oct 07 02:09:20 <Dexanote> 4df+3
Oct 07 02:09:21 <Glacon> Dexanote: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, +)
Oct 07 02:09:27 * Bright mutters… then blows a fate point to attempt to clear the path before them by aging it to death
Oct 07 02:09:33 <Bright> 4df+4 TIME!
Oct 07 02:09:34 <Glacon> Bright: TIME!: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, -)
Oct 07 02:09:42 <Dexanote> A big pipe bursts and sprays brain matter upon everyone
Oct 07 02:09:57 <Sabitsuki> defense?
Oct 07 02:10:00 <Maddy> "Jason, hun you gotta get up."
Oct 07 02:10:06 <Dexanote> No, that was a personal gauge. One sec.
Oct 07 02:10:07 <Gerald> Charon turns, and walks over to Jason. Is he still out cold?
Oct 07 02:10:22 <E4D> He shakes his head as they gather around him.
Oct 07 02:10:34 <Dexanote> 4df+3
Oct 07 02:10:34 <Glacon> Dexanote: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
Oct 07 02:10:40 <E4D> He pushes himself weakly off the floor.
Oct 07 02:10:40 <Gerald> "If I may help, dearest Corporal?" He lends a hand, pulling up Jason.
Oct 07 02:10:52 <Maddy> Alice's face has wood embeded in it. Groce.
Oct 07 02:10:54 <E4D> And stumbles for the stairs.
Oct 07 02:11:06 <Tom90deg> Zoe is still working on the door, trying to figure out someway to get it open that dosn't involve teleporting to the unseen.
Oct 07 02:11:06 <Gerald> "You see, there is a door in our way. You are encased in a metal suit. The door is made of wood."
Oct 07 02:11:09 <Dexanote> The aging wave blasts across the projectiles, slowing them… but not stopping. It's just adding dust to the mix.
Oct 07 02:11:38 <Soulless> Works for Alicel. He leaves Jason who seems to be able to handle himself and seeks looks around if there is another way to open this door.
Oct 07 02:11:47 <E4D> Jason's just in a rain suit and some tactical gear.
Oct 07 02:11:53 <Gerald> Oh, or not.
Oct 07 02:11:55 <E4D> That doesn't stop him.
Oct 07 02:12:06 <Soulless> Maybe a seperate lock or door or something. Anything.
Oct 07 02:12:18 <E4D> 4df+4 He charges at the door. Shoulder check!
Oct 07 02:12:19 <Glacon> E4D: He charges at the door. Shoulder check!: 3 (4df+4=-, -, +, 0)
Oct 07 02:12:23 <Sabitsuki> "Move, Zoe!" Akane tugs her out of Jason's way
Oct 07 02:12:25 <Dexanote> 4df +DOOR
Oct 07 02:12:26 <Glacon> Dexanote: +DOOR: 1 (4df=-, +, 0, +)
Oct 07 02:12:33 <Dexanote> He bashes the door open.
Oct 07 02:12:34 * Bright mutters "I miss my d6."
Oct 07 02:12:35 <Gerald> Charon laughs. "Excellent!"
Oct 07 02:12:45 <Gerald> He walks behind the corporal.
Oct 07 02:12:55 <Soulless> Alicel runs outside as soon as the opportunity presents itself.
Oct 07 02:13:02 <Maddy> Alice is still sticking pretty close to Jason.
Oct 07 02:13:15 <Tom90deg> Zoe follows, looking back at the strange stuff flowing out of the pipes. "OK..that was strange even by our standards."
Oct 07 02:13:32 <Soulless> He is glad, or at least hopeful, that this does not apply to him in reality. He does not want to deal with yet another needing to get new skin situation.
Oct 07 02:14:02 * Bright follows. "I think i got the wrong ship."
Oct 07 02:14:10 <Sabitsuki> Akane heads out last, instinctively reaching up to touch the knife in the sheath on her vest…and accidently pulls it out a little. (compelling/tag hole in the world)
Oct 07 02:14:12 <E4D> "So it seems."
Oct 07 02:14:31 <Bright> "Unless…"
Oct 07 02:14:34 <Dexanote> They're outside, yes. But outside, as far as the eye can see, is wilderness. And through the wilderness, instead of trees, instead of roads, instead of streams or anything natural, are pipes. Thousands of pipes, winding through the ground, of all kinds. There's the sea to the left; pipes poke in and out of the the water.
Oct 07 02:15:07 <Maddy> "I knew it!"
Oct 07 02:15:17 <E4D> "What, Alice?"
Oct 07 02:15:23 <Soulless> "What is this?"
Oct 07 02:15:24 <Sabitsuki> "Pipes." The hand grows tighter around the knife. "Not the ship then." She exhales.
Oct 07 02:15:25 <Dexanote> Bone, steel, stone, glass, wood, potato, cable, all kinds of tubes in and out of the land. Behind them is just a small factory, nothing special.
Oct 07 02:15:45 <Gerald> "Pipes." Charon laughs. "A veritable Nightmare, yes?" Yeah, there's an emphasis on the 'N'.
Oct 07 02:15:46 <Tom90deg> "Huh. Pipeworld or something. This is a future?"
Oct 07 02:15:54 <Maddy> "SCP-015. P-pipe Nightmare."
Oct 07 02:16:07 <Gerald> Charon gives a small bow. "Give the dear Alice a reward, yes?"
Oct 07 02:16:18 <Sabitsuki> "Better. Better than 455."
Oct 07 02:16:19 <Bright> "Fuck."
Oct 07 02:16:24 <Sabitsuki> She exhales again.
Oct 07 02:16:26 <Soulless> Alicel is clutching onto one of his knives. "Is this the most likely outcome of our attempt to escape?"
Oct 07 02:16:32 <Dexanote> Physical defense, Charon.
Oct 07 02:16:45 <Gerald> 4df+4 Oh shit, bring it.
Oct 07 02:16:45 <Glacon> Gerald: Oh shit, bring it.: 4 (4df+4=-, +, +, -)
Oct 07 02:16:52 <Maddy> "I g-guessed this like f-five minutes ago a-and have been /saying/ it's not a ship since t-the boiling oil. N-no one listened. Again."
Oct 07 02:16:55 <Tom90deg> "Don't know what that means…Is this bad?"
Oct 07 02:17:00 * Bright pulls out his GPS, in vain hopes.
Oct 07 02:17:01 <Maddy> "Yes."
Oct 07 02:17:05 <Sabitsuki> "I don't give a shit, as long as it's not 455."
Oct 07 02:17:09 <Dexanote> 4df+3 There's a little pipe right there
Oct 07 02:17:10 <Glacon> Dexanote: There's a little pipe right there: 3 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, -)
Oct 07 02:17:22 <Dexanote> It bursts in your face, spraying sand
Oct 07 02:17:26 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks over at ALice. "How bad, one to ten?"
Oct 07 02:17:31 <Gerald> "Oh, I was, yes." He laughs, dancing around the spray as the it bursts.
Oct 07 02:17:55 <Gerald> "But I was unsure if a dream state would give us an Item such as this."
Oct 07 02:18:02 <Maddy> "Hmm…7"
Oct 07 02:18:12 <Tom90deg> "Well…could be worse."
Oct 07 02:18:18 <Soulless> "Since you are familiar, Alice, what should we do?"
Oct 07 02:18:29 <Sabitsuki> "Never fucking say that again, Zoe."
Oct 07 02:18:29 <E4D> "Only by 3, though."
Oct 07 02:18:53 <E4D> Jason looks to Alice. "What do we do, hun?"
Oct 07 02:19:10 <Maddy> "Wander around t-till something kills us. A-alicel, you're in luck you can s-study pipes killing people."
Oct 07 02:19:38 <Gerald> "So, dear Joey, is this some analogy of the future? What secrets are we to be told by this wonderful little trip?"
Oct 07 02:19:47 <Tom90deg> "Sorry Akane, english. Stiff upper lip and all that."
Oct 07 02:19:58 <Maddy> "It d-doesn't like b-being threatened, t-that fore sure and it reacts…hostily…to…" She stares at Alicel's hands.
Oct 07 02:20:01 <Maddy> "Tools…"
Oct 07 02:20:09 <Sabitsuki> "I'll stiff your lip if you taunt Murphy again."
Oct 07 02:20:10 <Tom90deg> "Oh hell."
Oct 07 02:20:14 <Sabitsuki> Exhale.
Oct 07 02:20:35 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks around the forest of pipes, looking for any sign of, well, anything.
Oct 07 02:20:37 <Dexanote> Everyone PDef
Oct 07 02:20:41 <Tom90deg> 4df+4
Oct 07 02:20:42 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
Oct 07 02:20:42 <Maddy> 4df+3 D:
Oct 07 02:20:42 <Dexanote> Well, not everyone
Oct 07 02:20:43 <Glacon> Maddy: D:: 3 (4df+3=0, +, 0, -)
Oct 07 02:20:46 <Gerald> 4df+6 Taging Twisted
Oct 07 02:20:46 <Glacon> Gerald: Taging Twisted: 7 (4df+6=+, +, 0, -)
Oct 07 02:20:47 <E4D> 4df+4 Gah fuck
Oct 07 02:20:47 <Glacon> E4D: Gah fuck: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, -, +)
Oct 07 02:20:47 <Bright> "We appear to be slightly north of brisbane…
Oct 07 02:20:51 <Dexanote> Ok, everyone then
Oct 07 02:20:54 <Dexanote> 4df+4
Oct 07 02:20:55 <Bright> 4df+2
Oct 07 02:20:55 <Glacon> Dexanote: 5 (4df+4=+, 0, +, -)
Oct 07 02:20:55 <Glacon> Bright: 2 (4df+2=+, +, -, -)
Oct 07 02:21:04 <Sabitsuki> 4df+6 Tag to Hole in the World
Oct 07 02:21:04 <Glacon> Sabitsuki: Tag to Hole in the World: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 07 02:21:10 <E4D> "STAND AWAY FROM US ALL, ALICEL."
Oct 07 02:21:16 <Dexanote> This time, it's an enormous burst of tar.
Oct 07 02:21:44 <Dexanote> A glass pipe, five feet wide, shatters, spraying into the sky, raining down on you all.
Oct 07 02:21:45 <Gerald> Charon, in record time, pulls himself straight onto the ground, getting flatter than a sheet of paper before anybody could blink.
Oct 07 02:22:14 <E4D> "…"
Oct 07 02:22:14 <Gerald> The shards bounce off of his back.
Oct 07 02:22:19 <Sabitsuki> Akane suddenly stands stock still as the glass falls down and…fails to come near her at all.
Oct 07 02:22:20 <Soulless> Alicel quickly takes multiple steps away from Jason and everyone else.
Oct 07 02:22:27 <E4D> "Tar."
Oct 07 02:22:36 <Tom90deg> "Gaah…oh bloody hell." Zoe is splashed rather heavily with the thick black tar. "That's disgusting."
Oct 07 02:22:40 <Dexanote> Hot tar.
Oct 07 02:22:47 <Maddy> Alice now has: splinters in her face, glass and hot tar in her hair.
Oct 07 02:22:48 <Bright> Is it -1 body tar?
Oct 07 02:23:05 <E4D> That's the *worst* kind.
Oct 07 02:23:08 <Maddy> It is not Alice's day
Oct 07 02:23:16 <Dexanote> I was getting to that. Yes. Everyone who lost that gets teribly burned as the tar boils against your skin.
Oct 07 02:23:18 <Sabitsuki> makeover~
Oct 07 02:23:28 <Soulless> Alicel managed to run away fast enough to avoid said tar and glass. Eep.
Oct 07 02:23:45 <Maddy> Alice screams, clawing at the tar trying to get it off.
Oct 07 02:23:47 <Dexanote> It sears, burning 1 point of body.
Oct 07 02:23:52 <Gerald> He stands, brushing himself off.
Oct 07 02:24:06 * Bright Sighs. "Poop. I need to up my body." And he passes out.
Oct 07 02:24:06 <Gerald> "Are we to just sit here, waiting as this monstrosity continues taking potshots at us?"
Oct 07 02:24:23 <Tom90deg> Zoe tears at her jumpsuit, ripping off the burning tar. "Shut UP Charon! I don't see you offering any ideas other than snide remarks!"
Oct 07 02:24:25 <Dexanote> Joey can wake up.
Oct 07 02:24:35 <E4D> Jason helps her scoop it away off of her gear, pulling her suit off.
Oct 07 02:24:57 <Dexanote> Behind them, more burst.
Oct 07 02:25:07 <Tom90deg> "If you have an idea, wonderful, if not just shut up! I think now we should run."
Oct 07 02:25:10 <Soulless> "How is this our most likely outcome?"
Oct 07 02:25:10 * Bright only has 2 body
Oct 07 02:25:11 <E4D> Jason dives over Alice, covering her.
Oct 07 02:25:38 <Gerald> "Snide remarks? Dear gods, Zoe, we are trapped on a ship made out of hatred and pipes, inside a dream. I am not being snide, and am asking a legitimate question."
Oct 07 02:25:43 <Soulless> Alicel looks around for some kind of cover. He is relatively away from the group. "Most of this is hot, right? We should try to get in the water."
Oct 07 02:25:53 <Soulless> "It should be cooler there."
Oct 07 02:26:05 <Maddy> "I t-think J-joey messed up. His power isn't comepelty under his control."
Oct 07 02:26:21 <Tom90deg> "It's an idea, come on Jason, Alice, Asshole."
Oct 07 02:26:27 <Sabitsuki> "Let's not get in the sea full of pipes."
Oct 07 02:26:38 <Sabitsuki> She coughs bit of blood into her hands and flicks it away.
Oct 07 02:26:41 <Sabitsuki> *a bit
Oct 07 02:26:46 <Tom90deg> "I don't wnat to get drenched with hot tar again."
Oct 07 02:26:55 <Gerald> "The only direction not perpetuated by pipes is up." He points. "That would be the safest way, if there was any."
Oct 07 02:27:14 <Tom90deg> Zoe looks at the pipes, if there's any handholds or whatever.
Oct 07 02:27:22 <Soulless> "At least the water would be cooler than standing in the air, burning." Alicel looks for a way up.
Oct 07 02:27:56 <Dexanote> They rumble.
Oct 07 02:28:25 <Dexanote> Behind you, more pipes burst. Is that lava?
Oct 07 02:28:29 <Maddy> Alice whimpers a little, trying to get up.
Oct 07 02:28:37 <Tom90deg> "Oh you have got to be kidding me…"
Oct 07 02:28:42 <E4D> "Just stay there, hun…"
Oct 07 02:28:44 <Soulless> Alicel jumps away from the lava. "Is there anything we can do to prevent it from attacking us?"
Oct 07 02:28:52 <E4D> "Joey'll bring us back."
Oct 07 02:28:54 <Dexanote> Robot, PDef.
Oct 07 02:28:57 <Tom90deg> "I say we run.
Oct 07 02:29:05 <Gerald> Charon looks down.
Oct 07 02:29:08 <Maddy> "Joey's gone."
Oct 07 02:29:11 <Soulless> 4df+6 tagging don't worry
Oct 07 02:29:11 <Glacon> Soulless: tagging don't worry: 4 (4df+6=-, -, -, +)
Oct 07 02:29:15 <Dexanote> 4df+4
Oct 07 02:29:16 <Glacon> Dexanote: 6 (4df+4=+, +, +, -)
Oct 07 02:30:47 <Dexanote> Immediately under ALICEL, a length of ruby pipe splits and launches tiny hunks of something at the robot. There's clattering, as hundreds of tiny magnets stick to his skin.
Oct 07 02:30:53 <Gerald> "Dear pipes, I apologize if I have offended you in any way. Please do not direct your nigh-omnipotent rage at me, or my comrades. We are but humble travelers in a world of chaos, and we are weary. Truly, we mean you no harm."
Oct 07 02:31:06 <Dexanote> Slendy, PDef
Oct 07 02:31:10 <Gerald> 4df+6 PERSUADE THE PIPES
Oct 07 02:31:10 <Glacon> Gerald: PERSUADE THE PIPES: 6 (4df+6=0, 0, 0, 0)
Oct 07 02:31:23 <Dexanote> … you're persuading? Or was that Def
Oct 07 02:31:33 <Gerald> Persuasion. With a Sly Bastard tag.
Oct 07 02:31:34 <Tom90deg> Zoe stays away from pipes as best she can, trying to not be threatening.
Oct 07 02:31:50 <Dexanote> 4df+3 because it's pipes
Oct 07 02:31:51 <Glacon> Dexanote: because it's pipes: 3 (4df+3=+, -, +, -)
Oct 07 02:31:54 <Dexanote> … Hm.
Oct 07 02:31:57 <Sabitsuki> lol
Oct 07 02:32:26 <Dexanote> The clattering and hum becomes still for several seconds.
Oct 07 02:32:38 <Soulless> How powerful are these magnets?
Oct 07 02:32:47 <Maddy> Alice s peretty untreathening, what with being covered in tar.
Oct 07 02:32:55 <Dexanote> They're messing you the fuck up, ALICEL
Oct 07 02:33:04 <Dexanote> Charon, PDef or Ath
Oct 07 02:33:15 <Soulless> Alicel appears to freak out, like, right the fuck out.
Oct 07 02:33:38 <Maddy> Alice clings to Jason a little, trying to get up.
Oct 07 02:34:05 <E4D> He helps her stand. "Just stay behind me."
Oct 07 02:34:19 <Gerald> 4df+4 ffff-
Oct 07 02:34:19 <Glacon> Gerald: ffff-: 6 (4df+4=+, -, +, +)
Oct 07 02:34:33 <Dexanote> 4df+6
Oct 07 02:34:33 <Glacon> Dexanote: 6 (4df+6=-, +, 0, 0)
Oct 07 02:35:33 <Dexanote> Underneath Charon, the ground splits, a huge bone pipe opening up like a mouth.
Oct 07 02:36:01 <Gerald> "!" He hops to the side, dodging the damn thing.
Oct 07 02:36:04 <Dexanote> He barely succeeds in staying out of it.
Oct 07 02:36:45 <Dexanote> The pipes are quiet… The one spewing lava stops.
Oct 07 02:36:53 <Soulless> The processors by the magnets are now fucked as hell. He spasms and twitches.
Oct 07 02:37:15 <Dexanote> ALICEL Pdef
Oct 07 02:37:23 <Soulless> 4df+4 god dammit
Oct 07 02:37:23 <Glacon> Soulless: god dammit: 4 (4df+4=-, +, 0, 0)
Oct 07 02:37:25 <E4D> "Alice? Do you want to go back?"
Oct 07 02:37:30 <Dexanote> 4df+6 Magnetizm
Oct 07 02:37:31 <Glacon> Dexanote: Magnetizm: 4 (4df+6=0, -, 0, -)
Oct 07 02:37:39 <Dexanote> Nope you're being tortured.
Oct 07 02:37:44 <E4D> He glances at the others flailing with pipes?
Oct 07 02:37:56 <E4D> -?
Oct 07 02:38:15 <Tom90deg> Zoe is standing still
Oct 07 02:38:16 <Dexanote> Charon, same roll again.
Oct 07 02:38:20 <Maddy> Alice is leaning heavily on Jason, jesus, how is she moving. She looks at him and nods.
Oct 07 02:38:26 <Sabitsuki> Akane reels and puts her hand on the railing behind her. "Nothing to do but…" She looks at the mess of pipes. "…Shit."
Oct 07 02:38:30 <Gerald> 4df+4 Goddommot
Oct 07 02:38:30 <Glacon> Gerald: Goddommot: 4 (4df+4=0, 0, +, -)
Oct 07 02:38:46 <Dexanote> 4df+6 Again, tagging Something More
Oct 07 02:38:48 <Glacon> Dexanote: Again, tagging Something More: 6 (4df+6=-, +, +, -)
Oct 07 02:38:56 <E4D> He presses the Jericho into her hand and draws his Eagle.
Oct 07 02:39:54 <Dexanote> Over to the side, a stubby, oaken pipe splits, reaming a slot over the ground and underneath Charon. He's swallowed as the pipe closes.
Oct 07 02:39:54 <Maddy> She takes the gun. "S-see you soon."
Oct 07 02:40:01 <Soulless> Alicel tries to shuffle/twitch/move to the group. He is beeping errors.
Oct 07 02:40:01 <Tom90deg> "WE have to be here for some kind of reason…" Zoe looks around yet again for anything.
Oct 07 02:40:11 <Tom90deg> 4df+2 lookin
Oct 07 02:40:12 <Glacon> Tom90deg: lookin: 0 (4df+2=-, -, 0, 0)
Oct 07 02:40:22 <Dexanote> Nope.
Oct 07 02:40:24 <Gerald> He laughs on the way down.
Oct 07 02:40:40 <Maddy> She presses the gun under her chin and pulls the trigger.
Oct 07 02:40:44 <E4D> He presses the Jericho into her hand and draws his Eagle.
Oct 07 02:41:04 <E4D> Derp He presses the barrel to his head and tenses over the trigger. *BOOM*.
Oct 07 02:41:05 <Dexanote> And they wake up. ALICEL shuts down, waking up. Zoe is alone.
Oct 07 02:41:10 <Tom90deg> Zoe jups back as Alice shoots herself. "Shit!"
Oct 07 02:41:16 <Tom90deg> (Zoe and Akane)
Oct 07 02:41:31 <Sabitsuki> im still here
Oct 07 02:41:54 <Tom90deg> "Akane? Um…what should we do?"
Oct 07 02:42:50 <Sabitsuki> She exhales. "We piss it off as much as possible before we bite it."
Oct 07 02:43:03 <Tom90deg> "Um..why would we want to do that?"
Oct 07 02:43:25 <Tom90deg> 'If this is the future, should'nt we try to find something useful?"
Oct 07 02:43:30 <Tom90deg> "A newspaper, some information, anything?"
Oct 07 02:43:47 <Sabitsuki> "You can do that if you want. Pissin' things off is what I do."
Oct 07 02:44:07 <Tom90deg> "Oi…." Zoe takes one last look around for anything.
Oct 07 02:44:10 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Oct 07 02:44:11 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 4 (4df+2=0, +, 0, +)
Oct 07 02:44:54 <Sabitsuki> She sets her bag down and digs through it, looking for explosive.
Oct 07 02:44:56 <Tom90deg> "Over there, some ships…
Oct 07 02:45:10 <Tom90deg> "Can we look at the ships frirst, and then blow some stuff up?"
Oct 07 02:45:42 <Tom90deg> "I'm sure it'll still be here when we get back."
Oct 07 02:45:55 <Sabitsuki> "Oh, god damn it. What? Over where?"
Oct 07 02:46:15 <Sabitsuki> She throws the bag around here and walks forward with a plastic brick in her hand.
Oct 07 02:46:17 <Tom90deg> Zoe points in the direction she saw them. "Over there, rusted out, but hulls."
Oct 07 02:46:46 <Sabitsuki> "You teleport that far?"
Oct 07 02:46:50 <Tom90deg> "Might be something, who knows, this weird jaunt into the future won't be a total wash."
Oct 07 02:46:51 <Dexanote> They're through the fog in the water. One of them looks to be completely connected to the pipes, being dragged slowly across the water. A huge rusted ship.
Oct 07 02:47:03 <Tom90deg> "Oh hell no, I can only do about 15 feet."
Oct 07 02:47:11 <Dexanote> another looks to be a coast guard ship, at one point.
Oct 07 02:47:32 <Sabitsuki> "Short jumps, then. Nightcrawler style?"
Oct 07 02:47:51 <Tom90deg> "Heh, yep. Handy dodgeing, but I suck at actually hitting anything."
Oct 07 02:48:06 <Sabitsuki> How close are the two ships respectively?
Oct 07 02:50:37 <Dexanote> Well, about a half mile out.
Oct 07 02:51:05 <Dexanote> The one attached to the pipes reaches the other, and starts grinding against it, scraping through the hull. You can Percep
Oct 07 02:51:12 <Tom90deg> "So want to jog out there? We might be able to run on top of the pipes to the ship."
Oct 07 02:51:17 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Oct 07 02:51:17 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 2 (4df+2=0, -, +, 0)
Oct 07 02:51:34 <Sabitsuki> 4df+3
Oct 07 02:51:35 <Glacon> Sabitsuki: 2 (4df+3=+, -, -, 0)
Oct 07 02:52:28 <Tom90deg> "Huh…I got an idea. You want to piss off this thing?"
Oct 07 02:52:36 <Tom90deg> "Lets give it some explosive indigestion."
Oct 07 02:53:45 <Sabitsuki> "I've got a couple bricks of C4 and a couple of the alchemist's firebombs. What're you thinking?
Oct 07 02:54:02 <Tom90deg> "We head out there, shove all of that down it's throat and see what happens."
Oct 07 02:54:10 <Tom90deg> "Heh, worked for that amored guy."
Oct 07 02:54:29 <Sabitsuki> "That's what I was actually going to do before you stopped me."
Oct 07 02:54:47 <Tom90deg> "But it looks like the mouth is out there, I swear that ship is Eating that other ship."
Oct 07 02:54:59 <Tom90deg> "If we can get it to actually swallow it, may be worse off."
Oct 07 02:55:50 <Sabitsuki> "Might as well try. Let's move."
Oct 07 02:56:47 <Tom90deg> Zoe nods and starts jogging towards the ships
Oct 07 02:57:10 <Dexanote> The pipeship is almost across the other; it's only like a half mile out now. There's pipes /everywhere/; they seem to shift little bits at a time to compensate for the pipeship.
Oct 07 02:57:38 <Sabitsuki> Akane racewalks, shifting the weight of the pack and her rifle occasionally.
Oct 07 02:57:59 <Tom90deg> "Welp…climb on a pipe when we get near the water I guess, and hope it's too busy eating to notice two ants crawling up it's neck?"
Oct 07 02:59:11 <Sabitsuki> "Ants are mean little fucks." Akane throws herself over while grabbing onto a pole, and slides down it.
Oct 07 02:59:55 <Tom90deg> Zoe teleports on top of the pipe landing gently and moveing out towards the ship. "Heh, yes we are. If all you watch for is the giants you'll get eaten by the ants."
Oct 07 03:00:06 <Dexanote> It's not too difficult; the air's really still, but it's easy enough to get on a foot-wide pipe (possibly made of brushed steel?) towards the thinger.
Oct 07 03:01:18 <Sabitsuki> Akane keeps racewalking on the pipe, reaching up to draw the paranormal-hating knife as she does. She lets it slip completely out and keeps walking, bag in one hand and knife in the other.
Oct 07 03:01:37 <Dexanote> There's a rumble.
Oct 07 03:01:51 <Tom90deg> "Ah geeze…"
Oct 07 03:02:04 <Tom90deg> "I think we should double time it Akane…"
Oct 07 03:02:10 <Sabitsuki> "Heheheh…stuck your dick in the ant hill, fucker…"
Oct 07 03:02:26 <Sabitsuki> Akane keeps walking as a sardonic grins reaches her face.
Oct 07 03:02:41 <Tom90deg> Zoe slows to a walk as well, trying to keep her steps light
Oct 07 03:03:01 <Dexanote> They're moving on a bar of several different pipes. Akane, PDef.
Oct 07 03:03:13 <Sabitsuki> 4df+4 Pdef
Oct 07 03:03:13 <Glacon> Sabitsuki: Pdef: 2 (4df+4=-, 0, -, 0)
Oct 07 03:03:17 <Dexanote> 4df+3
Oct 07 03:03:18 <Glacon> Dexanote: 3 (4df+3=-, +, 0, 0)
Oct 07 03:03:31 <Sabitsuki> Tag for a reroll?
Oct 07 03:03:40 <Dexanote> she slips, falling on a series of thinner pip- yes, tag for reroll.
Oct 07 03:03:45 <Tom90deg> 4df+4
Oct 07 03:03:46 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 4 (4df+4=+, 0, 0, -)
Oct 07 03:03:59 <Sabitsuki> 4df+4 Burning Serenity tag
Oct 07 03:04:00 <Glacon> Sabitsuki: Burning Serenity tag: 6 (4df+4=+, +, 0, 0)
Oct 07 03:04:19 <Tom90deg> "Careful Akane, thought you were over the edge there…"
Oct 07 03:04:41 <Sabitsuki> "More or less." She laughs darkly.
Oct 07 03:04:55 <Dexanote> They're almost there; The pipeship is turning away.
Oct 07 03:05:27 <Sabitsuki> "Move, move, move -"
Oct 07 03:05:44 <Sabitsuki> She takes the pace up.
Oct 07 03:05:54 <Tom90deg> Zoe moves faster, keeping pace with akane
Oct 07 03:06:22 <Dexanote> Now. You can do something to try to throw the bombs on.
Oct 07 03:06:48 <Tom90deg> (How high would the ship be?)
Oct 07 03:07:27 <Tom90deg> "OK, what do you think? Throw it on board or what?"
Oct 07 03:07:55 <Sabitsuki> Akane sets the pack down quickly, and reaches through the pack, arming all the charges and removing the remote detonators for all them.
Oct 07 03:08:10 <Tom90deg> "I might be able to do a dash over there, but it'd be tricky, and I might end up stuck in a wall…"
Oct 07 03:08:22 <Sabitsuki> "Take these and get ready to throw 'em in." She hands over the bricks, 3 in all.
Oct 07 03:08:35 <Tom90deg> "Gimme the charges..this is gonna be really stupid…."
Oct 07 03:09:09 <Tom90deg> Zoe takes the charges and takes a deep breath, sighting in on a rusty hole in the side of the hull.
Oct 07 03:09:35 <Sabitsuki> "Here, take this, too…"
Oct 07 03:09:39 <Sabitsuki> She passes the knife over.
Oct 07 03:09:51 <Sabitsuki> "Cut it open and stuff them in."
Oct 07 03:10:02 <Tom90deg> "Rodger."
Oct 07 03:10:15 <Sabitsuki> "Alright. Go."
Oct 07 03:10:37 <Tom90deg> Zoe takes the knife and runs forward, jumping into the air. AS she pushes off, she teleport dashes through the air, slamming inot the side of the ship.
Oct 07 03:10:46 <Tom90deg> (one AP)
Oct 07 03:11:00 <Tom90deg> 4df+3 try to get a hand hold
Oct 07 03:11:00 <Glacon> Tom90deg: try to get a hand hold: 1 (4df+3=-, -, +, -)
Oct 07 03:11:06 <Sabitsuki> "C'mon, you piece of shit knife…"
Oct 07 03:11:18 <Sabitsuki> Akane thumbs the detonators and watches.
Oct 07 03:11:34 <Dexanote> Nnno… you slide down against the hull.
Oct 07 03:11:47 <Tom90deg> Zoe scrambles for a handhold, but nothing.
Oct 07 03:11:58 <Sabitsuki> "The knife! Jam it in, use it as a handhold!"
Oct 07 03:12:16 <Tom90deg> Zoe jams the knife into the side of the ship, hoping she can pieece the metal
Oct 07 03:12:17 <Tom90deg> 4df+3
Oct 07 03:12:17 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 3 (4df+3=0, +, 0, -)
Oct 07 03:12:42 <Dexanote> The ship shudders. Mental Def, Zoe
Oct 07 03:12:48 <Sabitsuki> Action point spent for Akane's power, to help Zoe piece it
Oct 07 03:12:48 <Dexanote> Akane, Defense.
Oct 07 03:12:54 <Dexanote> It worked.
Oct 07 03:12:57 <Sabitsuki> 4df+4 Defense
Oct 07 03:12:58 <Glacon> Sabitsuki: Defense: 7 (4df+4=+, +, 0, +)
Oct 07 03:13:06 <Dexanote> 4df+4
Oct 07 03:13:06 <Glacon> Dexanote: 8 (4df+4=+, +, +, +)
Oct 07 03:13:15 <Tom90deg> 4df+2
Oct 07 03:13:16 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 3 (4df+2=+, +, -, 0)
Oct 07 03:13:45 <Dexanote> The pipe underneath Akane explodes, splitting into searing, boiling blood.
Oct 07 03:13:50 <Dexanote> 4df+5
Oct 07 03:13:51 <Glacon> Dexanote: 6 (4df+5=+, 0, +, -)
Oct 07 03:14:38 <Dexanote> Zoe feels a pressure on her mind, blazing deep. Something's irritated. 1 Body down as it reams your nervous system
Oct 07 03:14:47 <Tom90deg> "GAaaahhh!!"
Oct 07 03:15:04 <Tom90deg> Zoe almost loses her grip on the explosives, but reaches to shove them inside a hole of the ship. "
Oct 07 03:15:22 <Tom90deg> "AKane! They're in!"
Oct 07 03:15:36 <Sabitsuki> "Jesus fuck -" Akane steps back, but doesn't avoid some scalds. She holds her burnt face with one hand and the detonator with the other. "Alright."
Oct 07 03:16:01 <Sabitsuki> "Eat shit and die, you fucker." *click* *click* *click*
Oct 07 03:16:03 <Tom90deg> Zoe braces her feet against the ship and pushes off, trying to get some air.
Oct 07 03:16:09 <Tom90deg> 4df+3
Oct 07 03:16:09 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, +, 0)
Oct 07 03:16:38 <Tom90deg> Zoe teleports towards Akane, stuttering as she gets closer, the explosives going off behind her.
Oct 07 03:17:00 <Dexanote> The ship blows out, as the whole construct releases a deep, guttural groan.
Oct 07 03:17:05 <Dexanote> Both of you, PDef.
Oct 07 03:17:13 <Sabitsuki> 4df+4 Defense
Oct 07 03:17:15 <Tom90deg> 4df+4
Oct 07 03:17:15 <Glacon> Sabitsuki: Defense: 5 (4df+4=0, 0, +, 0)
Oct 07 03:17:16 <Glacon> Tom90deg: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
Oct 07 03:18:08 <Dexanote> because underneath, around, above, every pipe is turning towards you. They all burst in unison, showering you with magma, tar, blood, saltwater, insects, rats, shards of bone, sand, cocaine, paint.
Oct 07 03:18:12 <Dexanote> 5df+6
Oct 07 03:18:13 <Glacon> Dexanote: 7 (5df+6=-, 0, 0, +, +)
Oct 07 03:18:47 <Dexanote> You die.
Oct 07 03:18:53 <Tom90deg> Zoe is stuck by the wave of stuff, and dies.
Oct 07 03:19:28 <Sabitsuki> Akane's melting hand manages to twist into a middle finger before she evaporates.
Oct 07 03:19:50 <Dexanote> As expected.
[02:27] * Bright wakes up, sighing.
[02:30] <@Flames> Midnight watches.
[02:32] <Bright> "Poop."
[02:41] <@Maddy> Alice wakes up with a gasp. "Gguuuhhh!"
[02:41] <E4D> Jason's sitting where he was when he drank the Ale.
[02:41] <Soulless> Alicel sits up suddenly.
[02:42] <E4D> "Well… not really."
[02:42] <@Maddy> "Y-y-you ok, hun?"
[02:42] <E4D> "The first time actually kinda… yeah, I'm good. You?"
[02:42] <Soulless> He hugs himself and checks internally for damage, looking good and scarred for life.
[02:43] <@Maddy> "Yyyyeah…Tr-Joey? You ok?"
[02:43] <@Dexanote> You guys wake up unharmed.
[02:45] <Soulless> Alicel sits and starts hugging himself for a little bit. Magnets.
[02:46] <@Flames> Midnight regards everyone quietly, her tail lashing.
[02:46] <@Maddy> "W-wonder if they'll find anything…"
[02:48] <Bright> "I think dex screwed us on that one."
[02:48] <@Maddy> "Don't know w-what that menas, b-but are /you/ ok."
[02:49] <Bright> "Yeah, fine."
[02:49] <@Maddy> "Ok."
[02:52] <Bright> Just feeling powerless, sometimes."
[02:53] <@Maddy> "You and I both k-know you get much better at this."
[02:53] <@Maddy> "You're still young, g-give it time."
[02:54] <@Dexanote> Shank wanders by.
[02:55] <Soulless> Alicel slowly stops hugging himself. He waves to Shank.
[02:56] * SpaceMao|work (~PI.CF1CEFB.155703A9.C6D5B482|criordna#PI.CF1CEFB.155703A9.C6D5B482|criordna) has joined #afteraction
[02:58] <Soulless> "It appears Ah Can Ay and Zoe are still there. I hope they are not going through anything like I just did."
[02:58] <Gerald> Charon is still sleeping, too.
[02:59] <@Dexanote> Yeah, jackass.
[02:59] <Gerald> >:l
[02:59] <Soulless> Tack on Charon in that
[03:00] * SpaceMao|work (~PI.CF1CEFB.155703A9.C6D5B482|criordna#PI.CF1CEFB.155703A9.C6D5B482|criordna) Quit (Client exited)
[03:00] * SpaceMao|work (~PI.CF1CEFB.155703A9.C6D5B482|criordna#PI.CF1CEFB.155703A9.C6D5B482|criordna) has joined #afteraction
[03:04] <PaulS_laptop> John, having decided that partaking of Apples is a bad Idea for him, is watching the others sleep.
[03:05] <@Maddy> Alice gets up and nods a goodnight to the others, heading to sleep a normal sleep.
[03:06] <Soulless> Alicel moves to sit by John, watching the sleepers. He is oddly silent other than his wishing for the others to be alright.
[03:07] <PaulS_laptop> "y'allright?"
[03:09] <Soulless> "No."
[03:09] <@Flames> Midnight and Cricket settle next to Alicel.
[03:10] <PaulS_laptop> "173 again?"
[03:11] <PaulS_laptop> "or did you get somethng besides a neck snapping statue?"
[03:11] <Soulless> "We were in a world of pipes. The pipes exploded onto us. Something got magnets onto me. Powerful ones."
[03:12] <PaulS_laptop> "yeesh, gotta suck"
[03:12] <PaulS_laptop> "Now you know why I sat this'n out"
[03:12] <Soulless> "Yes. I am glad that the worst that could happen to the others in those pipes is die."
[03:14] <PaulS_laptop> "ain't that what magnets do to you?"
[03:14] <Soulless> "No."
[03:14] <PaulS_laptop> "oh?"
[03:14] <Soulless> "It wiped my hard drive. I forgot everything, and was left with only self-awareness."
[03:15] <PaulS_laptop> "I have no mouth, and I must scream"
[03:15] <PaulS_laptop> he sips some coffee. siiiiiiiip
[03:15] <Soulless> "I was stuck with the same one, two, maybe three thoughts. I am facing the earth. There is water beside me. I am damaged. I could not go farther than that, as I would immediately forget what I had just thought. "
[03:16] <PaulS_laptop> "And you were aware that those were the only ones you could think?"
[03:17] <Soulless> "No. I forgot too quickly to be able to piece together even that much."
[03:17] <@Maddy> Alice falls into a semi-peacfull sleep.
[03:18] <PaulS_laptop> "Well, at least there's that" siiiip
[03:19] <PaulS_laptop> "Coff-" he stops himself, realizing he was about to offer a robot something to drink
[03:19] <Tom90deg> Zoe starts awake, jerking upright.
[03:19] <@Maddy> Presumably, Jason joins her, cause I think E4D went to bed.
[03:19] <Soulless> Alicel looks to Zoe.
[03:20] <Tom90deg> Zoe blinks for a second and looks over at Akane.
[03:20] <Gerald> Charon is still asleep
[03:20] <PaulS_laptop> "You're up too now?"
[03:20] <&Sabitsuki> She blinks one eye awake and looks up at the night sky. "Got 'em."
[03:20] <Tom90deg> "Hah! We got em! Kind of."
[03:20] <PaulS_laptop> "Y'allright darlin?"
[03:20] <Tom90deg> "Heh, nice job there Akane."
[03:21] <Soulless> Alicel notes the awakening of the two and then goes to sit by Charon.
[03:21] <@Dexanote> Charon sleeps.
[03:21] <&Sabitsuki> "Headache. There's blood in my goddamn mouth." She lays on the ground and grips the knife handle instinctively.
[03:22] <PaulS_laptop> John offers her a mug of Coffee "hangover cure"
[03:22] <Soulless> "What happened in there, Zoe? Ah Can Ay?"
[03:23] <Tom90deg> "We blew up the pipe thing's mouth or something."
[03:23] <&Sabitsuki> "I'm good…just gimme a second." She lays still.
[03:24] <PaulS_laptop> John is actively looking concerned for once in a while. Unlike his attitude towards Alicel. Which the robot may notice.
[03:25] * @Maddy (~moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.7B5E93A2-CRInys|yddaM#moc.sregor.elbac.ten.epc.7B5E93A2-CRInys|yddaM) Quit (Quit: WOOSH)
[03:25] * Tom90deg (~moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.A90C65A3-CRInys|ged09moT#moc.retrahc.om.slts.pchd.A90C65A3-CRInys|ged09moT) Quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - www.trillian.im ~)
[03:25] <&Sabitsuki> "Broke it's fucking teeth."
[03:25] <&Sabitsuki> "If It had ears I would've bite 'em off."
[03:26] <PaulS_laptop> "Sounds like I missed out"
[03:26] <PaulS_laptop> a chuckle
[03:27] <Soulless> Alicel notices. Whatever. John is a human.
[03:28] <&Sabitsuki> "I'm just gonna…mm…" snore
[03:28] <Soulless> He continues watching Charon.
[03:29] <PaulS_laptop> john lays his shirt out over her. Keepin her from catching cold and all that.
[03:29] <PaulS_laptop> stupid sentimental john
[03:29] <Gerald> Charon slumbers.
[03:29] <Soulless> Alicel places one hand on Charon's shoulder. His face is of worry.
[03:30] <PaulS_laptop> "'e'll be fine"
[03:32] <Soulless> "I do not know of that."
[03:32] <Soulless> He doesn't remove his hand.
[03:32] <PaulS_laptop> "somethin bugging ya?"
[03:32] <@Dexanote> Shank looks at ALICEL. '… Leave tha dude alone."
[03:32] <Soulless> "I already told you what was 'bugging' me."
[03:33] <Soulless> Alicel looks over at Shank. "I am worried about Charon, who is my friend. What do you expect me to do?"
[03:33] <PaulS_laptop> "I mean 'bout him"
[03:33] <Soulless> "He was swallowed up by the pipes. If he is in a situation where he cannot kill himself it would be bad."
03:33] * SpaceMao|work (~PI.CF1CEFB.155703A9.C6D5B482|criordna#PI.CF1CEFB.155703A9.C6D5B482|criordna) Quit (Client exited)
[03:33] * SpaceMao|work (~PI.CF1CEFB.155703A9.C6D5B482|criordna#PI.CF1CEFB.155703A9.C6D5B482|criordna) has joined #afteraction
[03:33] <PaulS_laptop> "'e'll die inside eventually"
[03:34] <PaulS_laptop> "and then wake up"
[03:36] <Gerald> An eye cracks open.
[03:36] <@Dexanote> ew
[03:36] <Soulless> Alicel ignores John to look down at Charon.
[03:36] <@Dexanote> Shank tilts his head.
[03:36] <Gerald> "Time."
[03:36] <@Dexanote> "Eh… like… 3 in tha mornin?"
[03:36] <Gerald> "Three? What day?"
[03:36] <Soulless> "The same day you fell asleep."
[03:36] <Soulless> "What happened in there, Charon?"
[03:37] <Gerald> "…..That is all? No time has passed?"
[03:37] <@Dexanote> "Coupla hours."
[03:37] <Gerald> "None at all? Truthfully, nothing has happened?"
[03:37] <Soulless> "Truthfully. Everyone woke up before youl."
[03:37] <Soulless> *you.
[03:37] * &Sabitsuki (PI.07EA0955.AF5E4523.A5501F65|tibbiM#PI.07EA0955.AF5E4523.A5501F65|tibbiM) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
[03:38] <Gerald> Charon stands, and looks at his hands. "One begins to lose track after so long."
[03:38] <PaulS_laptop> "Y'allright, boatman? Hungover?"
[03:39] <Gerald> "Ah, if only, all things considered, dearest John."
[03:39] * Waxx (moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW#moc.rr.ser.oen.1F7C9A8-CRInys|xxaW) Quit (Quit: A bear is just a man who made a choice.)
[03:39] <Soulless> "What happened?"
[03:39] <PaulS_laptop> John offers a cup of coffee
[03:40] <Gerald> "Pipes. There was a vast eternity of countless of the damned /pipes/. More enough to fill the planet, a thousand repeating, twisting, world-engulfing, /pipes/."
[03:41] <PaulS_laptop> "Akane blew it's face off"
[03:41] <PaulS_laptop> "I'm glad I didn't go, but wish I had"
[03:42] <Soulless> "I assume you died of starvation or dehydration?"
[03:43] <Gerald> Charon laughs. "Akane no more blew its face off than one could sneeze at the sun and call that an injury. I did no such thing. There was food, deep in the nether wastes of hell. Water, liquid, everything one could survive upon for countless time. The pipes, they reach infinity. Pipes bigger than a city, smaller than a hair. I met others down their, those who had been consumed by the monster."
[03:44] <Soulless> "That sounds amazing. What did you die from then?"
[03:45] <Gerald> "I believe the beast is commonly known as 'the Heart of Darkness', or rather, 058. Items, too, were lost in this vast reaches of twists and turns. The pipes moved, alive and with thought and feeling. All we managed to do was anger it, an anger it took out upon those unfortunate enough to hold its interest."
[03:46] <Soulless> Alicel is listening eagerly.
[03:47] <@Dexanote> "…" Shank just watches.
[03:48] <Gerald> Charon laughs. "A rather appropriate name, heart of darkness, in this instance. There were only a handful of those remaining, a dozen or so. I met them from time to time, vagrants consumed in one way or another. I do not know what hell that drink created, but it felt far too real to be a dream. A king, a janitor, and O5. The pipes did not care who you were in your old life."
[03:49] <Soulless> "That sounds like something I would've enjoyed."
[03:49] <@Dexanote> Shank steps back, grinning.
[03:49] <PaulS_laptop> "Now you know why I didn't partake, Charon. last time I got jumped by 173"
[03:50] <Gerald> "I assure you, 015 is a live and thinking, much in the same way that a sleeping bear does. You do not, Alicel, that is the closest I have ever seen to a true hell. The monster is malevolent, and hates all that it finds. Those that interest it, it consumes, eternally trapped in whatever sick designs that the pipes deem entertaining enough."
[03:51] <Soulless> "At least I would be aware of my own hell, Charon. What it did to me… was the definition of hell, for me. At least you are here now, that is all that matters. Here. In /this/ reality."
[03:52] <Gerald> "Tubes of pure light, beautifully flowing and streaming in infinite variations of fantasy and delight, mere feet from me as I crawled through a pipe that would scarcely fit Midnight, let alone myself."
[03:52] <Soulless> Alicel just listens to Charon talk. He figures he has to tell -someone-.
[03:52] <Gerald> Charon's face darkens. "Here or the pipes. Both realities are equally real, and both are just as caring."
[03:53] <Soulless> "At least here will allow you small, minor pleasures."
[03:54] <PaulS_laptop> "Apples shit *is* real"
[03:54] <PaulS_laptop> "But it ain't the only reality possible"
[03:54] <Gerald> Charon leans back in his chair. "True, though a small condolence."
[03:54] <@Dexanote> "Les kill em."
[03:55] <Soulless> "I for one am thankful I have woken up. Even if this world is dark and uncaring it is at least better than the one in the pipes. Who are we killing, Shank?"
[03:56] <Gerald> "Oh, how I wish you could end such an entity, dearest Reaper."
[03:56] <PaulS_laptop> "ain't nothin eternal"
[03:57] <Gerald> "That is debatable, I would say."
[03:58] <Soulless> "Charon, I must ask you something."
[03:59] <Gerald> "Yes?"
[03:59] <@Dexanote> "…" He shifts, vexed.
[03:59] <Soulless> "If I ever am in a situation in which magnets are involved, please kill me immediately."
[03:59] <Gerald> "I shall do so."
[03:59] <Soulless> "Thank you."
[03:59] <Gerald> Wow, way to debate on that one, Charon.