Project Pennywise: Part Two

Apr 26 21:43:30 <Maddy> What's our timeframe?
Apr 26 21:46:19 <Echo> Next evening. We'll say they've been fiddlefucking with the shit, trying to get the systems online, because how smart would it really be to head out there with no idea where Pennywise is.
Apr 26 21:47:19 <Echo> Mitchell is crouched in the middle of the control room, behind the monitors. He's hunkered over the panel that Brock had popped open previously, and is staring at the breakers.
Apr 26 21:48:11 <Maddy> Is the void still there?
Apr 26 21:48:20 <WalrusKing> Ilya has started patrols of the small space they occupy as a group.
Apr 26 21:48:28 <Echo> It opened back up about 15 minutes ago :o
Apr 26 21:48:33 <Tox> Cana's fiddling with his weapons, leaning against the wall.
Apr 26 21:48:42 <Maddy> "So they han't copletely given up on us."
Apr 26 21:48:50 <MonkeyBomb> Brock's hunched down over by the door, next to Ace, fiddling with the shotgun — Damnit Tox
Apr 26 21:49:24 <Echo> "Be kinda shitty if they did…"
Apr 26 21:50:00 <Echo> He leans over and pinches his fingers around what he thinks is a promising-looking breaker… and doesn't flip it.
Apr 26 21:50:03 <Maddy> "Well, I mean…"
Apr 26 21:50:14 <Echo> "?"
Apr 26 21:50:19 <Tox> "Hm?"
Apr 26 21:53:53 <Maddy> "I kinda assumed they cloed it cause a monster came by."
Apr 26 21:54:45 <Echo> "Well then maybe it didn't come by. You know, like… just leavin' a light on for us. Wouldn't want to leave it open all day."
Apr 26 21:56:28 <Echo> "Fuck it." Mitchell leans back over and flips the breaker, then flips each one in line, then goes back down the row, resetting each one.
Apr 26 21:56:50 <MonkeyBomb> Brock waits for the lights to shut off.
Apr 26 21:57:29 <Echo> They do, for a moment, and come back on just as they did before. The monitors take a while to flick back on.
Apr 26 21:58:22 <Echo> The same message as before pops up, "STANDBY," on each of the dozen large screens arrayed around the desktop festooned with radios and communications gear.
Apr 26 21:59:13 <Echo> This time, though, the message flashes through to what is apparently a BIOS. It loads through quickly, and another message appears on the screens: "AWAITING INPUT"
Apr 26 22:00:10 <MonkeyBomb> "Any luck?" Brock says from his position near the door.
Apr 26 22:01:14 <Tox> "..Huh. So whatever's on the other end isn't feeding."
Apr 26 22:02:06 <Maddy> "Or it wants us to do something?"
Apr 26 22:04:23 <WalrusKing> Ilya pauses his endless systemized pacing, and looks at their actions curiously.
Apr 26 22:05:17 <Tox> "Either or. Push buttons!"
Apr 26 22:05:19 <Echo> "I don't see a keyboard or anything…"
Apr 26 22:05:30 <Tox> "Hey, those radio things have keypads."
Apr 26 22:05:51 <Tox> Cana walks over to the same one he'd been fucking with and snaps the control knob back to ON.
Apr 26 22:06:08 <Echo> Mitchell walks over and looks at them. "That's just how radios are, dude. You use those to enter the frequency and shit."
Apr 26 22:06:21 <Gara> John looks around at people.
Apr 26 22:06:27 <Gara> And checks his weapons.
Apr 26 22:08:10 <WalrusKing> "We can get some information, maybe?"
Apr 26 22:08:39 <Echo> "That'd be the idea."
Apr 26 22:09:04 <MonkeyBomb> "Any way to see if the radio can transmit anywhere, like, a loudspeaker system or something?"
Apr 26 22:09:13 <Echo> "Like, this place looks like someplace where you'd run to if shit hit the fan. There's no way they wouldn't have a way to actually control the computers."
Apr 26 22:09:59 <Echo> Mitchell shrugs and looks over at Brock. "If they had it set up to broadcast like that. I mean, it might be likely. We'd have to know the freq, though."
Apr 26 22:10:24 <MonkeyBomb> He shrugs.
Apr 26 22:10:45 <Echo> Perception
Apr 26 22:10:50 <MonkeyBomb> "Surely there's a chart or something over there." He gets up.
Apr 26 22:10:51 <Gara> 4df+3
Apr 26 22:10:52 <CROM> Gara: 6 (4df+3=+, +, 0, +)
Apr 26 22:10:52 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3
Apr 26 22:10:53 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: 2 (4df+3=-, -, 0, +)
Apr 26 22:10:53 <WalrusKing> 4df+2
Apr 26 22:10:54 <CROM> WalrusKing: 0 (4df+2=-, +, -, -)
Apr 26 22:11:00 <Gara> Finally a good roll fuck
Apr 26 22:11:04 <Tox> 4df+3 SIGHT BEYOND *SIGHT*
Apr 26 22:11:04 <CROM> Tox: SIGHT BEYOND *SIGHT*: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
Apr 26 22:11:21 * LucienTel (ude.saxetu.cilbup.1EF0C451-CRInys|tibbiM#ude.saxetu.cilbup.1EF0C451-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 26 22:12:23 <Maddy> 4df+3
Apr 26 22:12:25 <CROM> Maddy: 5 (4df+3=+, +, 0, 0)
Apr 26 22:12:25 <Gara> He uts a finger up. "Hey hey. Wait." He clears his throat. "Computer, list commands." He tries a thing.
Apr 26 22:12:58 <Tox> Cana tilts his head.
Apr 26 22:13:07 <Tox> "Huh…"
Apr 26 22:13:17 <Echo> An artificial female voice responds from speakers set above the station. "Please clarify request."
Apr 26 22:13:29 <MonkeyBomb> "…!"
Apr 26 22:13:48 <Tox> "They're vocally commanded…" Cana says softly. Clearing his throat, his tone grows clipped. "Computer, display security feed."
Apr 26 22:14:47 <Echo> Each of the monitors' displays immediately split into a dozen panes, three rows of four on each screen, each showing a different location within the facility they're in.
Apr 26 22:15:33 <Tox> Are the individual displays labeled in any way? And are they big enough to clearly resolve what's happening?"
Apr 26 22:15:47 <Echo> Several show what are apparently labs. Hey, everything's lit up now. Elsewhere are living quarters. Hallways, bodies strewn about here and there, mostly human, a few somewhat resembling the thing that busted the decon room's ceiling.
Apr 26 22:16:10 <Echo> Oop, there it is.
Apr 26 22:16:28 <Maddy> "we're officially in space, in star trek."
Apr 26 22:16:30 <Echo> One feed shows the thing they spotted creeping around near an odd-looking Humvee.
Apr 26 22:17:05 <Echo> "I don't think they'd have Humvees in space, Jani."
Apr 26 22:17:20 <Echo> Mitchell points. "There's our buddy, right there."
Apr 26 22:17:24 <Maddy> "They did in that one movie…"
Apr 26 22:17:25 <WalrusKing> "Mmm. There he is, the beast."
Apr 26 22:17:38 <Tox> "Computer. Engage automated defense system." It's a long shot — if present, they're probably unserviceable.
Apr 26 22:18:13 <MonkeyBomb> Brock watches the creature closely on the screen.
Apr 26 22:18:18 <Echo> The voice is audible again. "Please specify the specific system you wish to activate."
Apr 26 22:18:36 <Maddy> "Fire."
Apr 26 22:18:39 <Tox> "Computer. List available automated defense systems."
Apr 26 22:18:44 <Maddy> "Set it on fire."
Apr 26 22:19:58 <Echo> It responds to Jani first. "Alert! Alert! Thermobaric sterilization system is offline in the following sectors: Security Control, Bunker, Lab 1, Lab 3, Transitway."
Apr 26 22:20:16 <Maddy> "Worth a go."
Apr 26 22:20:37 <Maddy> "Thanks fo trying, Computer."
Apr 26 22:21:25 <Echo> It keeps talking. "Alert! Alert! Thermobaric sterilization system is active in the following sectors: Lab 2, Billeting, Administration, Engineering, Reactor Control."
Apr 26 22:21:53 <Maddy> "Oh uh, Computer…where are we?"
Apr 26 22:21:54 <Echo> "Do you wish to engage thermobaric sterilization systems?"
Apr 26 22:22:04 <WalrusKing> "I think we are in the security control?" Ilya whispers. "Perhaps we fire?"
Apr 26 22:22:21 <Echo> "You are currently located in the emergency bunker."
Apr 26 22:22:39 <Tox> "If we turn it on somewhere that the creature isn't, it doesn't do any good," Cana points out.
Apr 26 22:23:01 <Tox> Is there a label for the camera where the creature is?
Apr 26 22:23:32 <WalrusKing> "But these suits, they are for the small germ, yes? Could reduce the chance of the germs getting on us."
Apr 26 22:23:34 <Echo> Yep, there is.
Apr 26 22:24:09 <Tox> "Computer, identify what sector is shown on <Camera ID>."
Apr 26 22:24:11 <Echo> The camera pane's labeled "Transitway East 04"
Apr 26 22:24:15 <Tox> ONevermind
Apr 26 22:24:28 <Tox> "Crud. Okay…hm.
Apr 26 22:24:33 <WalrusKing> Ilya is still whispering, and looks nervous about the computer.
Apr 26 22:24:49 <Tox> "Computer. List available automated defense systems in Transitway East 04."
Apr 26 22:24:58 <Maddy> "I'm just happy this thing can understand me."
Apr 26 22:26:28 <Echo> "Automated defense systems available in the vicinity of Transitway East 04 include: two M832 ballistic machine gun sentry systems."
Apr 26 22:26:53 <Tox> Cana grins. "Shall we introduce Gorilla McGee to the wonders of heavy weaponry?"
Apr 26 22:26:58 <Gara> "Do it."
Apr 26 22:27:00 <Maddy> "Why not."
Apr 26 22:27:03 <MonkeyBomb> "Yes."
Apr 26 22:28:06 <Tox> "Computer. Activate M832 ballistic machine gun sentry system in Transitway East 04. Heat-signature tracking and motion-tracking."
Apr 26 22:28:10 <Tox> Cana grins.
Apr 26 22:28:52 <WalrusKing> Ilya seems to be thinking. "Would it be worth to get thing into section with the fire?"
Apr 26 22:29:03 <Echo> "Please clarify your request. M832 systems do not possess infrared targeting capabilities. "
Apr 26 22:29:24 <Tox> "Countermand heat-signature. Specify targeting capabilities."
Apr 26 22:30:42 <Echo> "M832 systems are capable of remote operation only."
Apr 26 22:31:02 <MonkeyBomb> "Hmmm."
Apr 26 22:31:04 <Maddy> "Oh my god just shoot the damn thing."
Apr 26 22:31:18 <Echo> "Please clarify your request."
Apr 26 22:31:23 <Tox> "Well, boys and girls, looks like we get to fire a HEAVY MACHINE GUN." Cana uses the Metal Slug voice.
Apr 26 22:31:24 <Gara> "Where are the control systems for the M832 systems?"
Apr 26 22:31:35 <Maddy> "Shoot the monster in the halway previously specifid."
Apr 26 22:31:48 <Tox> "Computer, where are the remote operation controls for the M832 system?"
Apr 26 22:32:14 <Maddy> "This is like that shitty voice activted videogame from like, the 90s."
Apr 26 22:32:23 <MonkeyBomb> Brock chuckles.
Apr 26 22:32:51 <Echo> "The nearest contingency control systems for remote operation of the M832 systems are located in the nearest armory to your location. Would you like directions?"
Apr 26 22:33:35 <Tox> "No," Cana replies. "Computer, activate Transitway East 04 M832 system."
Apr 26 22:34:35 <Echo> "Systems are online. Alert! M832 Sentry #14 currently has… 342 rounds remaining. M832 Sentry #15 currently has… 17 rounds remaining."
Apr 26 22:34:40 <Gara> John makes his way to the armory.
Apr 26 22:35:08 <Tox> "Looks like 14's your lucky number, John!"
Apr 26 22:35:11 <MonkeyBomb> Brock's turn. "Computer, what is the primary purpose of this facility?"
Apr 26 22:35:36 <Echo> "Please clarify your request."
Apr 26 22:36:25 <Echo> John, perception!
Apr 26 22:36:29 <Gara> 4df+3
Apr 26 22:36:29 <CROM> Gara: 3 (4df+3=+, -, +, -)
Apr 26 22:36:47 <WalrusKing> Ilya restlessly moves out to the hallway, just outside the control room, so that he has sightlines on both the command room, the security locker and the hallway.
Apr 26 22:36:53 <MonkeyBomb> "Hmmm…"
Apr 26 22:37:19 <Echo> In the cabinets that held the flamethrowers are a pair of control devices that look like tablet PCs.
Apr 26 22:37:39 <Maddy> "What biological creatues are studied and contained here."
Apr 26 22:38:00 <Gara> Are they marked?
Apr 26 22:38:40 <Echo> The only markings they possess are small white lettering along the top of each. "FTPad."
Apr 26 22:39:00 <Gara> How many? he grabs them.
Apr 26 22:39:31 <Gara> Well, all two.
Apr 26 22:40:19 <Gara> He carries them both back into the computer room
Apr 26 22:40:48 <Echo> Mitchell joins Ilya by the door, toting a flamethrower.
Apr 26 22:41:08 <Gara> He checks them out, looking for on buttons
Apr 26 22:42:28 <WalrusKing> "I am thinking that we should try to see if thing is between us and any important place."
Apr 26 22:42:32 <MonkeyBomb> Brock changes gears. "Computer, check contamination levels in this facility." He shrugs.
Apr 26 22:42:34 <Echo> Responding to Jani, "Active and passive sensors currently detect multiple instances of SCP-939-Alpha and SCP-940 in all phases throughout this facility."
Apr 26 22:42:38 <WalrusKing> "We have map, yes?"
Apr 26 22:42:50 <MonkeyBomb> Er, he does that /after/ Jani's report, of course.
Apr 26 22:42:51 <Tox> "Shit. That's not good." Cana pales.
Apr 26 22:42:55 <MonkeyBomb> "…"
Apr 26 22:43:05 <Gara> "… Oh. A Foundation facility."
Apr 26 22:43:12 <MonkeyBomb> "A what?"
Apr 26 22:43:19 <Maddy> "What is SCP-939?"
Apr 26 22:43:35 <Tox> Cana shakes his head. "Bad news, that's what."
Apr 26 22:44:02 <Echo> To Brock. "Biosafety Level Five materials are present in… Lab 1, Lab 2, Lab 3, Billeting, Administration, Transitway, Engineering, Reactor Control."
Apr 26 22:44:31 <MonkeyBomb> "That also doesn't sound good."
Apr 26 22:44:32 <Tox> "Wait! Wait a second, that means…"
Apr 26 22:45:08 <Tox> "John, hold fast on that sentry gun." Cana makes a quick mental check on the names he just heard.
Apr 26 22:45:13 <Gara> "Holding."
Apr 26 22:45:46 <MonkeyBomb> "Computer, list all information on SCP-939-Alpha and SCP-940."
Apr 26 22:46:10 <Tox> Cana takes a breath and opens his mouth, then bites it off as Brock starts.
Apr 26 22:46:17 <Echo> Both tablets suddenly power on. A small voice from each simultaneously announced "Systems slaved. Guns primed. M832 active."
Apr 26 22:47:58 <Maddy> "Watch the way out be in one of those contaminated rooms."
Apr 26 22:48:02 <Echo> In response to Brock, the computer immediately begins a long-winded spiel on SCP-939 and SCP-940, focusing on containment and their descriptions as per their articles.
Apr 26 22:48:14 <MonkeyBomb> "………………………………………….."
Apr 26 22:48:19 <Tox> Cana whistles.
Apr 26 22:48:20 <Maddy> "Nope."
Apr 26 22:48:23 <Tehpillowstar> And…here comes Adelaide?
Apr 26 22:48:36 <Tox> "Computer, activate all available thermobaric sterilization systems."
Apr 26 22:48:42 <Echo> Adelaide trips on the open floor panel in front of the void.
Apr 26 22:48:47 <Maddy> "Yeah do that."
Apr 26 22:48:57 <Tehpillowstar> "Hey guy-GAH, FUCK."
Apr 26 22:48:59 <Maddy> "Hey Addy."
Apr 26 22:49:05 <MonkeyBomb> "Welcome to hell."
Apr 26 22:49:06 <Tehpillowstar> She stumbles and lands flat on her face.
Apr 26 22:49:09 <Gara> "Tell me when you want me to fire the M832s."
Apr 26 22:49:35 <MonkeyBomb> Brock helps her up.
Apr 26 22:49:37 <Echo> There's a loud alarm. The lights in the room switch off, replaced by the read emergency lights.
Apr 26 22:49:43 <Maddy> "Oh god damnit."
Apr 26 22:49:45 <Echo> "Stand by."
Apr 26 22:49:47 <Tox> "I hope that's a good thing."
Apr 26 22:49:58 <MonkeyBomb> "What did you /do/?"
Apr 26 22:50:03 <Tox> Cana studies the cameras.
Apr 26 22:50:08 <MonkeyBomb> Brock does too…
Apr 26 22:50:10 <Tox> "I called down the fire."
Apr 26 22:50:17 <MonkeyBomb> "Jesus. Hope it works."
Apr 26 22:50:30 <Gara> "Thermic purging of every location he could manage."
Apr 26 22:50:33 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide accepts Brock's help. "So uh, Santos, wanted me to tell you guys that we can hear and see everything that's going on."
Apr 26 22:50:41 <Echo> "Initiating. *WARNING*! *WARNING*! Any doors must remain closed until completion of thermobaric purge."
Apr 26 22:50:43 <WalrusKing> Ilya seems tense, almost strains to hear something
Apr 26 22:51:03 <MonkeyBomb> Ace happily licks Adelaide's hand.
Apr 26 22:51:05 <Echo> "Initiating saturation venting."
Apr 26 22:51:32 <Echo> A number of panes visible on the monitor "shudder"
Apr 26 22:51:34 <Maddy> Outside, Santos steps away from the door.
Apr 26 22:51:35 <WalrusKing> Everyone is in the command center, yeah?
Apr 26 22:51:46 <MonkeyBomb> Yep.
Apr 26 22:51:59 <Echo> Their perspective shifts, as if the cameras are being raised, and the corresponding feeds wink out.
Apr 26 22:52:11 <WalrusKing> Ilya steps into the command center, says "Computer, close door please.
Apr 26 22:52:23 <MonkeyBomb> "Hope that didn't just fry our only means of seeing what's going on our there."
Apr 26 22:52:30 <Echo> The door closes obediently.
Apr 26 22:52:35 <WalrusKing> Internally, he hopes his politeness will make the computer like him more
Apr 26 22:52:42 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide pets Ace as she listens to the computer and the others. I presume that she's somewhat up to speed on what the Computer has recently said, about being the Foundation and information on SCP-939 and 940?
Apr 26 22:52:46 <Maddy> "Nah, I cant imagine that would be a terribly good way to run things."
Apr 26 22:53:02 <Echo> The room's voice speaks again. "Saturation levels reached. beginning purge."
Apr 26 22:53:38 <Echo> There's a thunderous, reverberating boom that can be felt in the floor, like a small earthquake.
Apr 26 22:53:39 <Tox> "Here we go."
Apr 26 22:54:52 <Maddy> 1d7
Apr 26 22:54:53 <CROM> Maddy: 2 (1d7=2)
Apr 26 22:55:05 <Echo> "Thermobaric purge complete. Stand by for damage assessment."
Apr 26 22:55:13 <Maddy> A wad of paper flies through the void and hits Jani in the back of the head.
Apr 26 22:55:20 <Maddy> It's wrapped around a lime.
Apr 26 22:55:26 <Maddy> "Jesus ow!"
Apr 26 22:55:34 <Tox> "…"
Apr 26 22:55:38 <Tox> Cana raises an eyebrow.
Apr 26 22:55:47 <Tehpillowstar> "That'd probably be Santos."
Apr 26 22:55:58 <Tehpillowstar> "Like I said, we can hear and see whatever you're doing."
Apr 26 22:56:07 <Echo> "Alert! Lab 2, Billeting, Administration, Engineering, Reactor Control have been successfully purged of Biosafety Level Five organisms. Cycle complete."
Apr 26 22:56:33 <Echo> Mitchell grabs the lime and unwraps the note from around it.
Apr 26 22:56:36 <WalrusKing> Ilya seems to be thinking. "Computer, how are the doors, please?"
Apr 26 22:56:58 <Maddy> The note says. "Your way out is either lab 2, billeting, administration, engineering, or reactor control. Y'all almost set me on fire. Thanks."
Apr 26 22:57:20 <Echo> "…" Mitchell passes the note to Ilya.
Apr 26 22:58:17 <Gara> "Guns clear?"
Apr 26 22:58:18 <WalrusKing> Ilya takes the note, sits for a minute passing an index finger over the individual words and mouthing something. "This is good, no?"
Apr 26 22:58:31 <MonkeyBomb> Brock peeks at the note.
Apr 26 22:58:39 <Tehpillowstar> So does Adelaide.
Apr 26 22:58:41 <MonkeyBomb> "What… How would they know that?"
Apr 26 22:58:50 <Tehpillowstar> "Like I keep on telling you."
Apr 26 22:59:01 <Tehpillowstar> "We can hear and see everything you and that computer is saying and doing.
Apr 26 22:59:19 <Echo> "They can see through the Door. The other one."
Apr 26 22:59:45 <Echo> The computer seems busy with something at the moment. STANDBY has appeared on the screens.
Apr 26 22:59:55 <MonkeyBomb> "Ah."
Apr 26 23:00:08 <Maddy> "That shit hurt."
Apr 26 23:00:12 <WalrusKing> "Computer, are you there, please?"
Apr 26 23:00:29 <Maddy> "Give it a sec, Ilya, it's resetting stuff I guess."
Apr 26 23:00:40 <Gara> What're the tabletsdoing?
Apr 26 23:00:51 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide turns to Mitchell. "Could ya get me up to speed? What's going on here?"
Apr 26 23:01:02 <Maddy> "Monsters."
Apr 26 23:01:12 <MonkeyBomb> "Big… monsters."
Apr 26 23:01:13 <Tox> "I just flash-cooked a shitbunch of them."
Apr 26 23:01:17 <WalrusKing> "Oh…" Ilya tentatively reaches a hand out and touches the door to the command center.
Apr 26 23:01:27 <Tox> "Yeah, /fuck/ you."
Apr 26 23:01:29 <Maddy> "Well, no, cause there's only the one we coudl ee right?"
Apr 26 23:01:35 <Maddy> "And its where the fire aint."
Apr 26 23:01:48 <MonkeyBomb> "I'm guessing that was SCP-939-Alpha."
Apr 26 23:01:55 <Tox> "Yeah, but there was BSL-5 contaminant material in the rooms I torched."
Apr 26 23:02:00 <Tox> "Ergo, more things."
Apr 26 23:02:09 <Maddy> "So you flash cooked the uh…spider things."
Apr 26 23:02:21 <Maddy> "Not the…red thing."
Apr 26 23:02:45 <Tox> "Something. I don't know. It was there, I killed it."
Apr 26 23:03:06 <Maddy> "…WE HAD CAMERAS"
Apr 26 23:03:09 <Echo> The screens flicker back on.
Apr 26 23:03:25 <Maddy> "There was nothing visible there. Ergo, you cooked the spider things."
Apr 26 23:03:31 <Tox> "Would you rather sit around lookin', or just kill the damn shit?"
Apr 26 23:03:50 <MonkeyBomb> "Kill the damn shit, hands down."
Apr 26 23:03:55 <Maddy> "…how are you not understanding what I'm saying. We know exactly what we killed."
Apr 26 23:03:57 <Echo> The panes go back to their previous appearances. The cameras that were shut of lower back down, once again showing what's going on where they're pointing. Apparently, they're tucked away during such occurrences.
Apr 26 23:04:15 <Gara> Again, what are the tablet's doing?
Apr 26 23:04:15 <MonkeyBomb> Brock looks for Godzilla.
Apr 26 23:04:16 <Echo> "I think Jani's got it."
Apr 26 23:04:40 <Echo> Mitchell points at the screens. "Computer was talkin' about BSL-5 shit. That's microorganisms."
Apr 26 23:05:22 <MonkeyBomb> "This place just gets better and better."
Apr 26 23:05:26 <WalrusKing> "Computer, are all door still here, please?"
Apr 26 23:05:28 <Tox> "Oh. I thought it referred to big scary shit that wants to murder us in general."
Apr 26 23:05:33 <Maddy> "So we've killed the things that could have filtred into the town so that's good."
Apr 26 23:05:52 <WalrusKing> "The door between the places." Ilya clarifies for the sake of the computer
Apr 26 23:06:10 <Echo> In response to Ilya: "Structural integrity of the site has been compromised."
Apr 26 23:06:31 <Maddy> "What a predictible gag!"
Apr 26 23:06:42 <WalrusKing> "Which doors between places is broke?"
Apr 26 23:07:32 <Tehpillowstar> "Computer, list all places where the structural integrity of the site has been compromised."
Apr 26 23:07:38 <Maddy> Jani looks at the monitors to see what big red and ugly is up to.
Apr 26 23:08:00 <Echo> "Containment doors in Lab 1, Lab 2, and Lab 3 have been damaged. Alert! Damage has been sustained to decontamination area leading to emergency bunker."
Apr 26 23:08:21 <WalrusKing> "We should mark on the map."
Apr 26 23:08:28 <Tox> "Yeah, we got that last one."
Apr 26 23:08:30 <Maddy> "On it."
Apr 26 23:08:58 <Gara> John continues to fuck with the tablets.
Apr 26 23:09:05 <Maddy> "Computer show map of facility, with lables, if you could."
Apr 26 23:09:17 <Tehpillowstar> "Well, that explains it…" Adelaide mutters to herself.
Apr 26 23:10:00 <Echo> John, you've got a view of the thing through the tablet. It seems to have nestled up on top of the Humvee.
Apr 26 23:10:15 <Maddy> "Explains what?"
Apr 26 23:10:20 <Echo> Hey, you can see it on both tablets' screens.
Apr 26 23:10:37 <Tehpillowstar> "Mmm, nuthin'. Just talking to myself."
Apr 26 23:10:45 <Echo> The computer complies with Jani's request.
Apr 26 23:10:46 <Maddy> "…kay."
Apr 26 23:11:05 <Maddy> She goes back ot her map and marks it down. "Aw fuck." >:(
Apr 26 23:11:07 <Gara> "Ready to go hot with M832 systems. Target in sight."
Apr 26 23:11:19 <Maddy> "Kill it, it's kinda in our way apparently."
Apr 26 23:11:23 <MonkeyBomb> "You've always wanted to say that, haven't you?"
Apr 26 23:11:31 <Echo> The thing looks like it's trying to sleep, or hide, or nest, or something. It's curled tightly into a fetal position. The long, gangly appendages on its back still twitch about.
Apr 26 23:12:06 <WalrusKing> Ilya does more mental calculations. "Suits are yes?"
Apr 26 23:12:34 <Gara> John wakes it up. With many, many bullets.
Apr 26 23:13:00 <MonkeyBomb> Wouldn't someone else need to operate the other gun?
Apr 26 23:13:04 <Maddy> "Probably a good idea."
Apr 26 23:13:11 <Gara> It has 14 bullets.
Apr 26 23:13:15 <Echo> Video games are fun. Especially ones that fire real bullets.
Apr 26 23:13:22 <MonkeyBomb> 14 is better than 0!
Apr 26 23:13:45 <Tox> 17.
Apr 26 23:13:45 <Maddy> "Also, John as I'm sure you know, this thing has no vital organs. Go for dismemberment."
Apr 26 23:13:47 <Echo> There's no audio feed from the tablet John's operating, but the touchscreen's easy enough to operate, and the results of his fire are plain to see both on the tablet and the camera.
Apr 26 23:14:03 <MonkeyBomb> Brock watches, eyes wide.
Apr 26 23:14:10 <MonkeyBomb> Diediediedie
Apr 26 23:14:14 <Echo> The heavy machine gun's fire tears into the thing, ripping off one of the appendages, and throttling the thing with such intensity that it's knocked off the cab of the truck.
Apr 26 23:14:21 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide watches with a slight grin on her face.
Apr 26 23:14:48 <MonkeyBomb> "Blow the fucking truck up." Brock hopes it has gasoline in the tank.
Apr 26 23:14:50 <Echo> It starts rolling on the ground, scampers to its feet, and charges off frame.
Apr 26 23:14:51 <MonkeyBomb> That does work, right?
Apr 26 23:15:04 <Gara> "… Jesus fuck, target still up."
Apr 26 23:15:08 <Echo> A moment later, John's tablet screen goes white with static.
Apr 26 23:15:16 <Gara> "Guns are down."
Apr 26 23:15:19 <Echo> Shortly thereafter, the other does as well.
Apr 26 23:15:22 <Maddy> "Well."
Apr 26 23:15:25 <MonkeyBomb> "………….."
Apr 26 23:15:31 <Tehpillowstar> "…Fuck."
Apr 26 23:15:31 <MonkeyBomb> "Clever girl."
Apr 26 23:15:43 <Maddy> "Cle-damnit Brock."
Apr 26 23:15:45 <Tehpillowstar> "Well, now what?"
Apr 26 23:15:46 <Gara> "Computer. List all other interior defenses."
Apr 26 23:15:50 <MonkeyBomb> He laughs nervously.
Apr 26 23:16:20 <WalrusKing> Ilya begins putting his suit on. "This great fire, can it be fired again?"
Apr 26 23:16:55 <Tehpillowstar> Is the monitoring feed thing still up?
Apr 26 23:17:27 <Echo> Mitchell starts suiting up as well. And yes, it is.
Apr 26 23:17:38 <Maddy> Jani starts to suit up too.
Apr 26 23:17:41 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide looks at the feed to see if the monster shows up.
Apr 26 23:17:52 <Gara> John suits himself u.
Apr 26 23:18:12 <Maddy> "Why in gods name would you keep the red thing and the spider parasite in the same place?"
Apr 26 23:18:44 <MonkeyBomb> "Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more." Brock suits up.
Apr 26 23:18:53 <MonkeyBomb> "Because they're fucking stupid, that's why."
Apr 26 23:18:53 <Tehpillowstar> "Fuck if I know. They probably weren't anticipating something like this happening…"
Apr 26 23:18:57 <Gara> "Yeah. I wonder what could happen. Stuff like, oh, I dunno, killing most of the world."
Apr 26 23:19:18 <MonkeyBomb> Brock apparently quotes a lot of shit when he's nervous.
Apr 26 23:19:25 <Echo> The computer responds to John. "This facility possesses 273 M832 sentry systems, 42 directed energy weapon, systems, gas defense systems, a thermobaric sterilization system, and a Mk84 nuclear package."
Apr 26 23:19:27 <Maddy> "This thing is like…the spider thing at the end of IT."
Apr 26 23:19:40 <WalrusKing> "We need plus one suit for miss Adelaide. Is the great fire still operational? If necessary, we could try to set trap and burn these demons."
Apr 26 23:19:40 <Gara> "… Well. Okay."
Apr 26 23:19:43 <Maddy> Jani looks directly into the camera…feed."
Apr 26 23:19:48 <MonkeyBomb> "This place is absolutely /loaded/."
Apr 26 23:19:55 <Tox> Cana shrugs. "Maybe. Maybe not."
Apr 26 23:20:00 <MonkeyBomb> "Look at all the good it did."
Apr 26 23:20:13 <Gara> "It tore off an appendige."
Apr 26 23:20:16 <Gara> "That's nice."
Apr 26 23:20:18 <Tehpillowstar> "I wonder what made the place break apart."
Apr 26 23:20:22 <Echo> Mitchell heads over to the door, and mashes the plunger to open it, flamethrower aimed dead ahead. "Heads up, door's open."
Apr 26 23:20:31 <Gara> "Understood."
Apr 26 23:20:36 <Maddy> "Well ok, so if it comes down to it, and we can get out of here, we could set of the nuke and atleas make sure nothing else comes outa here."
Apr 26 23:20:36 <Tehpillowstar> "Like, what made all these nasties break open their cages and shit."
Apr 26 23:20:47 <MonkeyBomb> Brock stuffs Ace into his banana suit and scoops him up.
Apr 26 23:21:26 <Gara> John stands up. "Computer, are there any other access points throughout the facility?"
Apr 26 23:21:51 <Gara> "Clarification: Access to the computer system."
Apr 26 23:22:30 <WalrusKing> Ilya stacks up on Mitchell at the front, loitering in the hallway.
Apr 26 23:22:33 <Tehpillowstar> "Guys, I need a suit too."
Apr 26 23:22:41 <Echo> "This system can be accessed by voice command throughout the facility while Silent Night protocols are active."
Apr 26 23:23:12 <Maddy> "Awesome. So who says we tell it to nuke the place once we find the door?"
Apr 26 23:23:26 <Tox> "Me."
Apr 26 23:23:27 * Maddy sets mode +s #afteractionmission
Apr 26 23:23:46 <Gara> "Yes."
Apr 26 23:23:50 <Tehpillowstar> "Why the fuck not."
Apr 26 23:23:53 <MonkeyBomb> "Sounds good."
Apr 26 23:23:54 <Echo> "Go get one, then, Adelaide." Mitchell steps into the hallway adjacent to the control room and points off to his right.
Apr 26 23:23:58 <Echo> "They're down there."
Apr 26 23:24:06 <Echo> "First door on your right.
Apr 26 23:24:07 <Echo> "
Apr 26 23:24:20 <Gara> "Weapons from some fancy manufacturer on the other side."
Apr 26 23:24:39 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide follow's Mitchell's instructions and grabs a suit for herself. She suits up, and then comes back to the room where everyone else is at.
Apr 26 23:24:55 <Tox> "Alright. Let's do it."
Apr 26 23:25:10 <WalrusKing> Ilya goes in for the door lift when everyone stacks up.
Apr 26 23:25:12 <MonkeyBomb> "What's the plan if we run into ugly?"
Apr 26 23:25:12 <Echo> "From the map Jani's got… that thing's toolin' around right by the entrance to the transitway."
Apr 26 23:25:38 <Echo> "Transitway goes to Lab 2. That's the closest option for a Door we got."
Apr 26 23:25:46 <Gara> "We hit there first."
Apr 26 23:25:56 <Maddy> "Any vents we can crawl through?"
Apr 26 23:26:07 <Gara> "That's not gonna work.
Apr 26 23:27:56 <Tox> "Not with Ilya here," Cana says, indicating the big burly Russian.
Apr 26 23:28:38 <Maddy> "Well then, what do?" she looks at Evan
Apr 26 23:28:46 <Tehpillowstar> "Run?"
Apr 26 23:28:49 <Echo> "I say we haul ass to that humvee."
Apr 26 23:28:55 <Gara> "Yeah? Why?"
Apr 26 23:29:27 <Echo> "Uh… cuz I don't want to try to win a footrace down the transitway with that thing tryin' to crawl up my ass the whole time?"
Apr 26 23:29:36 <Gara> "Yeah. Okay."
Apr 26 23:29:37 <Maddy> "Fair."
Apr 26 23:29:37 <Echo> "I figure a car can move faster than I can."
Apr 26 23:29:42 <Tox> "Good point."
Apr 26 23:29:54 <Gara> "Good point. You get to take point, pal. You have a flamethrower."
Apr 26 23:29:55 <MonkeyBomb> Brock is suddenly glad John didn't blow up the Humvee.
Apr 26 23:30:03 <WalrusKing> "This is a good idea, but will we all fit in car?"
Apr 26 23:30:22 <Echo> "Probably not. It's got a flat top, though."
Apr 26 23:30:36 <Echo> "They're super easy to ride on top of."
Apr 26 23:31:05 <Gara> "Right. Lets move? I don't want to stick around here." John still has the tablets, for some reason.
Apr 26 23:31:05 <Echo> "You can fit like two whole squads of Marines on one humvee if you're feelin' like a dumbass."
Apr 26 23:31:18 <Echo> Who knows. They might be useful.
Apr 26 23:31:21 <MonkeyBomb> "Hey, if it works…"
Apr 26 23:31:40 <WalrusKing> Ilya does a door lift.
Apr 26 23:32:36 <Maddy> Jani does a shimy and shake.
Apr 26 23:32:42 <Tox> Cana goes.
Apr 26 23:32:43 <Echo> Mitchell eases through, poking a hazmat-suited head through along with the flamethrower. "You know guys… I was thinkin'…"
Apr 26 23:32:56 <MonkeyBomb> "Do share." Brock shimmies through with Ace.
Apr 26 23:32:58 <Tehpillowstar> "Always a dangerous pasttime."
Apr 26 23:33:28 <WalrusKing> Ilya waits for everyone to cross over to the other side.
Apr 26 23:33:29 <Echo> "Yeah, it is, but… what if we wiped the thing out. You saw all that shit in the bunker, right?"
Apr 26 23:33:41 <Tehpillowstar> "What shit?"
Apr 26 23:34:01 <Echo> "This place is like stocked up for the end of the world."
Apr 26 23:34:06 <Gara> "Yeah."
Apr 26 23:34:11 <Gara> "… Hey."
Apr 26 23:34:13 <MonkeyBomb> "So no nuke then?"
Apr 26 23:34:16 <Gara> "I think I see where you're going here."
Apr 26 23:34:17 <Maddy> "But."
Apr 26 23:34:28 <Maddy> "There's still BSLA or whatever in some rooms."
Apr 26 23:34:31 <Maddy> "So, no."
Apr 26 23:34:37 <Echo> "I don't mean live here."
Apr 26 23:34:47 <Tehpillowstar> "Grab the shit. Take it back with us."
Apr 26 23:34:50 <Echo> "I mean, like… go all ye olde pirates on it."
Apr 26 23:34:58 <Tox> "Yeah. I said we should do that the other day."
Apr 26 23:35:02 <Maddy> "I don't know that risking spider parasites is a good idea."
Apr 26 23:35:22 <Gara> "Then we find /less/ burny decomm."
Apr 26 23:35:31 <Gara> "And, actually, we know this side is clear."
Apr 26 23:35:37 <Gara> "If it's not… well, we're nuking ourselves."
Apr 26 23:36:10 <WalrusKing> "I have question. These little germs, does they come with us once we escape?"
Apr 26 23:36:21 <Gara> "They shouldn't."
Apr 26 23:36:41 <Maddy> "Why wouldnt they?"
Apr 26 23:36:54 <MonkeyBomb> "Yeah, what's gonna stop them from clinging to our hazmat suits?"
Apr 26 23:36:54 <Echo> "Lab 2's clean, but… the transitway. That said… these places, you gotta scrub in *before* you go into a lab."
Apr 26 23:36:58 <Gara> "No. They should not do that. If they do, it would be bad."
Apr 26 23:37:07 <Echo> "So you go through decon on the way *in* /and/ the way out."
Apr 26 23:37:10 <Gara> "They totally /could/."
Apr 26 23:37:30 <Gara> "And yeah. The Foundation took care of their shit."
Apr 26 23:37:34 <MonkeyBomb> "Oh well. I guess we'll worry about that if, you know, we don't get devoured by Godzilla."
Apr 26 23:37:39 <Maddy> "That said," she looks at Evan. "There's a biohazard in the tramay."
Apr 26 23:37:42 <Gara> "I'm guessing this monster was them playing god."
Apr 26 23:38:12 <Gara> "We don't know that for sure. It might be. It could just be a giant asshole."
Apr 26 23:38:22 <Echo> Mitchell punches the plunger on the decon room door and heads inside. As he steps in, jets of a greenish chemical start showering down all over the room.
Apr 26 23:39:20 <WalrusKing> Ilya goes stacks up just behind Mitchell.
Apr 26 23:39:25 <WalrusKing> *minus goes
Apr 26 23:39:32 <Gara> John goes behind Ilya.
Apr 26 23:39:39 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide goes after John
Apr 26 23:40:00 <MonkeyBomb> Brock takes up the rear with Jani then.
Apr 26 23:40:08 <Gara> If you know what I mean
Apr 26 23:40:23 <MonkeyBomb> fuuuuck
Apr 26 23:40:33 <Echo> Mitchell waves the others forward.
Apr 26 23:40:53 <Gara> John moves up!
Apr 26 23:41:30 <Tehpillowstar> So does Adelaide!
Apr 26 23:41:52 <Maddy> Jani does a thing.
Apr 26 23:42:05 <Tox> Cana does more things.
Apr 26 23:42:10 <Maddy> She is the map holder.
Apr 26 23:42:11 <WalrusKing> Ilya continues to move, carefully making sure to stay rearwards of people with flamethrowers.
Apr 26 23:42:12 <Echo> The long hallway to the south is blessedly empty. As they travel, they start seeing EXIT signs.
Apr 26 23:42:17 <Maddy> "Wonder where we are, int he world."
Apr 26 23:42:22 <MonkeyBomb> Brock performs locomotion.
Apr 26 23:42:26 <Echo> "Underground, probably.
Apr 26 23:42:27 <Echo> "
Apr 26 23:42:34 <Maddy> "Not what I ment."
Apr 26 23:42:41 <Echo> "I know."
Apr 26 23:42:44 <Maddy> "Computer, what country are we in?"
Apr 26 23:43:04 <WalrusKing> How wide is this hallway?
Apr 26 23:43:30 <Echo> About four meters.
Apr 26 23:44:22 <Echo> The computer's voice echoes in the hallway in response to Jani's query. "This facility is located in Madagascar. Do you require greater specificity?"
Apr 26 23:44:32 <Echo> It's loud out here.
Apr 26 23:44:42 <Maddy> "No."
Apr 26 23:44:46 <WalrusKing> Ilya thinks a bit. "Computer, report movement in other rooms please."
Apr 26 23:45:30 <Echo> "SCP-939-Alpha/SCP-940 composite organism detected in Transitway East."
Apr 26 23:46:20 <Tehpillowstar> "Hmm."
Apr 26 23:46:23 <Echo> "Right where we're headed."
Apr 26 23:46:45 <Tehpillowstar> "Computer, were there any experiments regarding both SCP-939-Alpha and SCP-940?"
Apr 26 23:46:50 <WalrusKing> "It comes then. Computer, report on movements as they happen."
Apr 26 23:47:01 <Maddy> "Alpha? Implying there are otherr kinds of that thing?"
Apr 26 23:47:05 <Maddy> "Fuck off."
Apr 26 23:47:09 <Echo> They come up on a narrow section of hallway, with a door like the ones the found last night. Looks like it was taken off a submarine, leading off to the right.
Apr 26 23:47:21 <Echo> It's labeled Transitway East Access
Apr 26 23:48:03 <Tox> "Jani, the Foundation is crazy. Don't discount it."
Apr 26 23:48:15 <Echo> The computer picks back up in response to Ilya. "SCP-939-Alpha/SCP-940 composite organism no longer being tracked."
Apr 26 23:48:46 <WalrusKing> "Mmm. It is near car perhaps?"
Apr 26 23:49:52 <Echo> "Or on the other side if this door."
Apr 26 23:49:55 <Echo> Perception.
Apr 26 23:50:01 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3
Apr 26 23:50:01 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, +, -)
Apr 26 23:50:02 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+3 oh shit
Apr 26 23:50:03 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: oh shit: 5 (4df+3=0, 0, +, +)
Apr 26 23:50:06 <Tehpillowstar> :D
Apr 26 23:50:08 <Maddy> 4df+3 "I don't think the foundation makes these things."
Apr 26 23:50:08 <CROM> Maddy: "I don't think the foundation makes these things.": -1 (4df+3=-, -, -, -)
Apr 26 23:50:16 <Echo> …
Apr 26 23:50:21 <Maddy> "If there's another kind of them, it's a species thing."
Apr 26 23:50:22 <Tehpillowstar> lul
Apr 26 23:50:35 <WalrusKing> 4df+2
Apr 26 23:50:43 <WalrusKing> 4df+2 fixed
Apr 26 23:50:44 <CROM> WalrusKing: fixed: 4 (4df+2=+, 0, 0, +)
Apr 26 23:50:45 <Tox> 4df+3 EYES
Apr 26 23:50:46 <CROM> Tox: EYES: 2 (4df+3=0, +, -, -)
Apr 26 23:50:54 <Echo> Pause
Apr 26 23:51:47 <Gara> 4df+3
Apr 26 23:51:48 <CROM> Gara: 3 (4df+3=-, +, -, +)
Apr 26 23:52:04 <Echo> It couldn't be on the other side of the door, leading to the Transitway.
Apr 26 23:52:24 <Echo> All of you saw what it did yesterday in the decon room.
Apr 26 23:52:38 <Echo> The walls are metal, but metal can be moved, and ruptured, and torn.
Apr 26 23:53:08 <Echo> Brock, Adelaide…
Apr 26 23:53:42 <Echo> There's a fine, wispy mist hanging in the air all of a sudden, particulate of some sort in the atmosphere around you.
Apr 26 23:54:33 <Echo> It's not hard to guess what it's coming from. And if the raspy, labored breathing above you is any indication, it shouldn't be hard to guess where.
Apr 26 23:54:42 <Echo> 1d7
Apr 26 23:54:43 <CROM> Echo: 3 (1d7=3)
Apr 26 23:54:50 <Echo> John
Apr 26 23:54:54 <Echo> Roll defense.
Apr 26 23:54:56 <MonkeyBomb> Not John!
Apr 26 23:55:09 <Tehpillowstar> CROM has decided, MonkeyBomb
Apr 26 23:55:14 <Gara> 4df+1 EVERY GODDAMN TIME.
Apr 26 23:55:15 <CROM> Gara: EVERY GODDAMN TIME.: 1 (4df+1=+, -, 0, 0)
Apr 26 23:55:18 <Tehpillowstar> CROM…has…decided.
Apr 26 23:55:19 <Gara> UUCUADC*HdsufvbsdFUCK
Apr 26 23:55:26 <MonkeyBomb> ^
Apr 26 23:55:30 <Echo> 4df+6
Apr 26 23:55:30 <CROM> Echo: 5 (4df+6=-, -, 0, +)
Apr 26 23:56:06 <Echo> The metal above you all shrieks as it's torn from its fitting, and a gangly, fleshy appendage stabs out.
Apr 26 23:56:35 <Echo> It catches John square in the face, the side of the barbed end smacking his suit's faceplate like a chitinous club.
Apr 26 23:57:11 <Echo> The hard plastic spiderwebs from the impact as you sail backwards a good three meters down the hallway. -2 body.
Apr 26 23:57:37 <Echo> As quick as it struck, the thing's gone. Scrabbling can be heard in the ceiling above you.
Apr 26 23:57:38 <Tox> "John!" Cana yelps, flattening against the opposite wall.
Apr 26 23:57:46 <Maddy> "Shhhh."
Apr 26 23:57:53 <Gara> He lies on his back. Is his suit breached?
Apr 26 23:58:21 <MonkeyBomb> Brock crouches down, watching the ceiling.
Apr 26 23:58:21 <MonkeyBomb> Ace growls quietly.
Apr 26 23:58:24 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide's scream catches in her throat. She is silent, eyes wide in shock.
Apr 26 23:58:24 <MonkeyBomb> "Someone get that door open," he hisses."
Apr 26 23:58:25 <Echo> Mitchell dives backward, putting his back to a wall, flamethrower aimed up at the ceiling. It is not, Gara. But that faceplate's not far from it.
Apr 26 23:58:26 <MonkeyBomb> -"
Apr 26 23:58:54 <Echo> Who's going for the door to the transitway~
Apr 26 23:58:55 <WalrusKing> Ilya tries the door, BOOMSTICK out.
Apr 26 23:59:02 <Echo> 1d7
Apr 26 23:59:03 <Gara> He climbs back to his feet.
Apr 26 23:59:03 <CROM> Echo: 3 (1d7=3)
Apr 26 23:59:07 <Gara> NO.
Apr 26 23:59:08 <Echo> …
Apr 26 23:59:09 <MonkeyBomb> Pls no
Apr 26 23:59:10 <Tehpillowstar> hahahahahahaha
Apr 26 23:59:11 <Gara> YOU ARE FUCKING WITH ME
Apr 26 23:59:19 <MonkeyBomb> GM FIAT
Apr 26 23:59:23 <Gara> No, fuck it.
Apr 26 23:59:30 <Tehpillowstar> hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
Apr 26 23:59:45 <Tox> oh lawd
Apr 27 00:00:08 <Echo> As Ilya pops the door, the ceiling above John explodes with a fury again. It swipes at him through the torn metal.
Apr 27 00:00:13 <Echo> John, roll defense.
Apr 27 00:00:28 <Gara> 4df+1 Getting too old for this shit.
Apr 27 00:00:28 <CROM> Gara: Getting too old for this shit.: -1 (4df+1=-, 0, -, 0)
Apr 27 00:00:32 <WalrusKing> Guessing Ilya is to far away to use his power to try to soak the hit?
Apr 27 00:00:32 <Gara> :|
Apr 27 00:00:35 <Tehpillowstar> lol
Apr 27 00:00:37 <Tox> jesus, JOhn
Apr 27 00:00:39 <Echo> …
Apr 27 00:00:44 <Echo> 4df+6
Apr 27 00:00:45 <MonkeyBomb> NO No no
Apr 27 00:00:45 <CROM> Echo: 7 (4df+6=+, 0, 0, 0)
Apr 27 00:00:51 <Gara> :|
Apr 27 00:01:06 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+4 Brock shoots his pistol up at the ceiling. !!!
Apr 27 00:01:06 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: Brock shoots his pistol up at the ceiling. !!!: 4 (4df+4=+, -, +, -)
Apr 27 00:01:13 <Echo> !!!
Apr 27 00:01:18 <Echo> 4df+3
Apr 27 00:01:19 <CROM> Echo: 2 (4df+3=-, 0, -, +)
Apr 27 00:01:41 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+5 Tagging Lady of war, shooting at the ceiling above John
Apr 27 00:01:41 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: Tagging Lady of war, shooting at the ceiling above John: 6 (4df+5=-, +, 0, +)
Apr 27 00:02:08 <Echo> As he sprays fire at the ceiling, lead strikes home on flesh. There's a piercing shriek, a splatter of blood that rains down, and then the target's gone.
Apr 27 00:02:23 <Tehpillowstar> Shit. So much for that roll and AP.
Apr 27 00:02:34 <Tehpillowstar> "Fuck!"
Apr 27 00:02:38 <Echo> All goes quiet. John's been hit again in the confusion.
Apr 27 00:02:42 <Echo> -2 more.
Apr 27 00:03:08 <Tox> Cana's heart pounds. "Jesus."
Apr 27 00:03:09 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to move half-way out the door and try to get a read on the situation out there.
Apr 27 00:03:58 * Arag (~moc.rr.ser.xtas.205987E5-CRInys|araG#moc.rr.ser.xtas.205987E5-CRInys|araG) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 27 00:04:05 <MonkeyBomb> Brock moves to the door instead. "Computer, open door into Transitway East 04!"
Apr 27 00:04:12 <MonkeyBomb> "Now."
Apr 27 00:04:19 <Echo> The accessway on this side looks like a loading dock. The platform they're standing on is elevated about three meters above the roadway below. A single humvee sits there, next to a walkway that leads up to the platform.
Apr 27 00:04:28 * Gara has quit (Ping timeout: 186 seconds)
Apr 27 00:04:32 <Echo> Place must have been used to commute quickly between different parts of the facility.
Apr 27 00:04:39 <Tehpillowstar> "Fuck, someone get to John."
Apr 27 00:04:42 * Arag is now known as Gara
Apr 27 00:05:01 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to go back and pick up John, and sling him over one shoulder
Apr 27 00:05:10 <WalrusKing> pause for gara?
Apr 27 00:05:24 <Echo> yep
Apr 27 00:05:44 <Gara> Logs recieved. Ready to go.
Apr 27 00:05:57 <MonkeyBomb> Brock rushes for the Humvee.
Apr 27 00:06:15 <Echo> Mitchell breaks into a run behind Brock.
Apr 27 00:06:18 <Echo> 1d7
Apr 27 00:06:18 <CROM> Echo: 1 (1d7=1)
Apr 27 00:06:18 <MonkeyBomb> Ace growls furiously, but there's nothing he can do in his yellow banana suit.
Apr 27 00:06:22 <Gara> Thank god.
Apr 27 00:06:31 <Echo> 4df+6
Apr 27 00:06:32 <CROM> Echo: 7 (4df+6=0, -, +, +)
Apr 27 00:06:48 <Tox> Cana's pelting along with the group. Sliiightly distracted.
Apr 27 00:07:05 <Gara> John is being carried.
Apr 27 00:07:07 <Tox> I am, not Cana.
Apr 27 00:07:09 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to move out for the humvee, slinging John over one shoulder and holding the boomstick in the other hand.
Apr 27 00:07:25 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide's hauling ass to the humvee.
Apr 27 00:07:48 <Echo> Out of nowhere, a fairly large chunk of concrete sails down from above you all, and cracks Mitchell squarely in the back of the head, crumpling him like a ragdoll.
Apr 27 00:07:57 <Tox> "Mitchell!"
Apr 27 00:07:59 <MonkeyBomb> "Fucccccck"
Apr 27 00:08:11 <Echo> He rolls off the side of the platform, and lands beside the humvee.
Apr 27 00:08:14 <Tehpillowstar> "Go! I've got him!"
Apr 27 00:08:16 <Echo> Perception.,
Apr 27 00:08:20 <Gara> 4df+3
Apr 27 00:08:20 <CROM> Gara: 3 (4df+3=0, 0, -, +)
Apr 27 00:08:20 <Maddy> 4df+3
Apr 27 00:08:22 <CROM> Maddy: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
Apr 27 00:08:22 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide SPRINTS to Mitchell.
Apr 27 00:08:23 <Tox> 4df+3 ffffffhfhfhhfhf
Apr 27 00:08:24 <CROM> Tox: ffffffhfhfhhfhf: 3 (4df+3=+, -, -, +)
Apr 27 00:08:25 <WalrusKing> 4df+2 but why
Apr 27 00:08:25 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+3
Apr 27 00:08:25 <CROM> WalrusKing: but why: 3 (4df+2=+, +, -, 0)
Apr 27 00:08:26 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: 6 (4df+3=+, +, +, 0)
Apr 27 00:08:27 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 !! ! ! !!
Apr 27 00:08:27 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: !! ! ! !!: 2 (4df+3=+, -, -, 0)
Apr 27 00:08:29 <Tehpillowstar> :D
Apr 27 00:08:38 <Tehpillowstar> MY EYES SEE ALL
Apr 27 00:10:05 <Echo> Adelaide and Jani are the quickest to see where it came from, and are the only ones that have time enough to react. Behind and above them, hanging up in the reaching expanse above the transitway is the thing that's been dogging them. It dangles by the spiderhook from what looks like a tunnel it's dug through the side of the wall, mouth open, fangs bared.
Apr 27 00:11:02 <Maddy> Jani tries to get the flame thrower from Mitchell.
Apr 27 00:11:07 <MonkeyBomb> Brock yanks hard at the back door to the Humvee in this moment.
Apr 27 00:11:14 <MonkeyBomb> PLEASE BE UNLOCKED
Apr 27 00:11:22 <Tox> "Holy—!"
Apr 27 00:11:34 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+5 Tagging Lady of War again. Adelaide shoulders her rifle and shoots the damned thing with her rifle.
Apr 27 00:11:35 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: Tagging Lady of War again. Adelaide shoulders her rifle and shoots the damned thing with her rifle.: 6 (4df+5=-, +, 0, +)
Apr 27 00:11:36 <Echo> They can't even be locked from the outside! Lucky you!
Apr 27 00:11:45 <Tox> Cana brings his flamethrower up to bear as he moves assiduously towards the vic.
Apr 27 00:11:56 <Echo> Maddy: Jani's successful. He's not exactly putting up much resistance.
Apr 27 00:12:04 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to go for a one armed throw of the boomstick at the thing, if he has any reaction time.
Apr 27 00:12:06 <Echo> 4df+3
Apr 27 00:12:07 <CROM> Echo: 4 (4df+3=+, -, +, 0)
Apr 27 00:12:08 <Maddy> SHE SHOOTS THE THING
Apr 27 00:12:12 <MonkeyBomb> Brock rips open the door and stuffs banana-Ace in there. He then pulls out and opens the driver-side door.
Apr 27 00:12:41 <MonkeyBomb> He looks for the ignition and PRAYS there's a key or something.
Apr 27 00:12:50 <Echo> Adelaide's fire strikes home, a few shots nailing the appendage it's dangling from, and it crashes to the ground in a heap, not much more than two meters from the humvee.
Apr 27 00:13:04 <MonkeyBomb> He prays harder.
Apr 27 00:13:05 <Echo> Jani, roll with a bonus of +2
Apr 27 00:13:13 <Maddy> What am I rolling?
Apr 27 00:13:16 <Tehpillowstar> "OORAH!"
Apr 27 00:13:26 <Echo> Brock's in luck. Humvees have a little knob you twist marked ignition. Maddy, ranged.
Apr 27 00:13:34 <MonkeyBomb> He twists the fuck out of that.
Apr 27 00:13:36 <Tox> Can Cana act?
Apr 27 00:13:39 <Gara> What king of ranged?
Apr 27 00:15:04 <Maddy> 4df+5 Flame throw for terrible terrible damage
Apr 27 00:15:06 <CROM> Maddy: Flame throw for terrible terrible damage: 4 (4df+5=0, 0, 0, -)
Apr 27 00:15:08 <Maddy> or not
Apr 27 00:15:19 <Echo> 4df+2
Apr 27 00:15:20 <CROM> Echo: 1 (4df+2=0, -, 0, 0)
Apr 27 00:16:22 <MonkeyBomb> Ace is barking now.
Apr 27 00:16:40 <Echo> Jani's fire engulfs the thing as it lays in a heap after crashing. Bananadog's taunts only make the fire burn more intensely.
Apr 27 00:17:20 <Echo> Bananadog provides a +1 morale bonus to the next attack roll.
Apr 27 00:17:27 <Tehpillowstar> lol
Apr 27 00:17:30 <MonkeyBomb> Oh fuck yeah.
Apr 27 00:17:40 <WalrusKing> Ilya stops his throw, and runs over to Mitchell.
Apr 27 00:18:10 <Echo> the thing lays there screeching and tearing at itself, rolling around as its flesh sizzles and burns.
Apr 27 00:18:43 <MonkeyBomb> Brock tries to start the Humvee.
Apr 27 00:19:27 <Echo> It starts, but… huh. It's electric.
Apr 27 00:19:37 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to dearm the bangstick if at all possible, and discard it otherwise. He is then going to try to haul Mitchell and John both into the humvee.
Apr 27 00:19:44 <MonkeyBomb> What does that even mean?
Apr 27 00:20:03 <Echo> It's easy. Simple little bolt release. And it's an electric car.
Apr 27 00:20:16 <Tox> MonkeyBomb: he's going to make the gun safe
Apr 27 00:20:37 <Echo> Pennywise's thrashing on the ground starts to douse the flames.
Apr 27 00:20:53 <Tox> Cana is free to act?
Apr 27 00:20:58 <Echo> Ilya's strong like bull, and he has no trouble wrestling the relatively smaller men inside the vehicle.
Apr 27 00:21:03 <Echo> Cana is indeed.
Apr 27 00:21:24 <MonkeyBomb> The Humvee roars to life. Brock takes the driver's seat, putting the vehicle in gear.
Apr 27 00:21:47 <Tox> Cana sights in on the ugly hulking brute, and pulls the trigger home on his flameriflethrower.
Apr 27 00:21:51 <Tox> 4df+3 "I like my monsters well-done."
Apr 27 00:21:52 <CROM> Tox: "I like my monsters well-done.": 3 (4df+3=+, -, -, +)
Apr 27 00:21:57 <Echo> 4df+2
Apr 27 00:21:58 <CROM> Echo: 0 (4df+2=0, 0, -, -)
Apr 27 00:22:06 <Maddy> "Shhhh."
Apr 27 00:22:28 <Echo> He immolates it well and good, hosing the thing down with more jellied gasoline.
Apr 27 00:22:48 <MonkeyBomb> Echo: Is there a mounted gun on this particular Humvee?
Apr 27 00:22:49 <Tox> "Suck it."
Apr 27 00:22:53 <Echo> There is not!
Apr 27 00:22:57 <MonkeyBomb> Shame.
Apr 27 00:23:06 <Echo> Perception.
Apr 27 00:23:09 <Tox> Cana climbs on the outside, hunkering down.
Apr 27 00:23:15 <Tox> 4df+3 EYES OF OMENS
Apr 27 00:23:15 <CROM> Tox: EYES OF OMENS: 2 (4df+3=0, 0, 0, -)
Apr 27 00:23:17 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 EYEBALLS
Apr 27 00:23:17 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: EYEBALLS: 5 (4df+3=0, +, +, 0)
Apr 27 00:23:18 <Maddy> 4df+3
Apr 27 00:23:19 <CROM> Maddy: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, -, +)
Apr 27 00:23:47 <Gara> 4df+3 I can seee
Apr 27 00:23:48 <CROM> Gara: I can seee: 1 (4df+3=-, -, +, -)
Apr 27 00:23:50 <Tehpillowstar> 4df+3 Neeeeehh
Apr 27 00:23:50 <CROM> Tehpillowstar: Neeeeehh: 2 (4df+3=+, -, -, 0)
Apr 27 00:23:55 <Gara> No I caaaaan't.
Apr 27 00:23:59 <WalrusKing> 4df+2
Apr 27 00:23:59 <CROM> WalrusKing: -1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, -)
Apr 27 00:26:31 <Echo> Proceed.
Apr 27 00:26:48 <MonkeyBomb> Brock nearly shits himself. "GET IN THE FUCKING CAR."
Apr 27 00:26:51 <Gara> 4df+4 Heal myself….
Apr 27 00:26:51 <CROM> Gara: Heal myself….: 2 (4df+4=0, -, 0, -)
Apr 27 00:26:53 <MonkeyBomb> "Ugly has friends."
Apr 27 00:26:58 <Maddy> "I wanna-WHAT?"
Apr 27 00:27:00 <Gara> 4df+4 Wounds…
Apr 27 00:27:01 <CROM> Gara: Wounds…: 4 (4df+4=-, -, +, +)
Apr 27 00:27:02 <Tox> What sorts of handholds are there on the external of the vehicle for Cana to latch onto?
Apr 27 00:27:05 <Gara> I don't fucking heal
Apr 27 00:27:06 <WalrusKing> Ilya is in the fucking car
Apr 27 00:27:11 <Echo> Nothing much, Cana.
Apr 27 00:27:14 <Gara> Because CROM is a motherfucking monster
Apr 27 00:27:17 <Echo> Lay flat would be his best guess.
Apr 27 00:27:41 <WalrusKing> Or actually, Ilya is going to hop out. "Get in car, I will ride top."
Apr 27 00:27:49 <Tox> Prone is good for stability anyhow. Cana goes prone, aiming off the front of the vic.
Apr 27 00:29:00 <Maddy> Jani scrambls onto the thing so she can set shit on fire if need be
Apr 27 00:29:04 <MonkeyBomb> is everybody in?
Apr 27 00:29:08 <Echo> yup!
Apr 27 00:29:17 <Tox> except for Ilya
Apr 27 00:29:25 <Tox> who hopped out because he is donk
Apr 27 00:29:33 <Echo> No he didn't
Apr 27 00:29:39 <Tox> (12:27:55 AM) WalrusKing: Or actually, Ilya is going to hop out. "Get in car, I will ride top."
Apr 27 00:29:54 <Echo> Ah.
Apr 27 00:29:54 <WalrusKing> I guess if Cana's riding top Ilya's just going to hop back in.
Apr 27 00:29:56 <Echo> GO THEN
Apr 27 00:30:00 <MonkeyBomb> Brock floors that bastard, if everyone's on.
Apr 27 00:30:07 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide's riding on the top too.
Apr 27 00:30:07 <Tox> GOTTA GO FAST
Apr 27 00:30:32 <MonkeyBomb> "Keep your eyes peeled for the junction to Lab 9. Should be on our right."
Apr 27 00:30:52 <Tox> "Got it!"
Apr 27 00:30:58 <Echo> The humvee jolts ahead, nearly sending Cana flying off the back. He tumbles into the tiny little cargo bed.
Apr 27 00:31:10 <Echo> His face smacks the wheel well.
Apr 27 00:31:12 <Echo> 1d2
Apr 27 00:31:12 <CROM> Echo: 1 (1d2=1)
Apr 27 00:31:17 <MonkeyBomb> He watches the speedometer needle quickly jut forwards. Sorry Cana.
Apr 27 00:31:20 <Echo> And cracks his faceplate.
Apr 27 00:31:21 <Maddy> Waht about Jani?
Apr 27 00:31:23 <Tox> Cana yelps, jouncing off the top!
Apr 27 00:31:30 <Gara> 4df+4 I'mma try to bring back Mitchell
Apr 27 00:31:30 <CROM> Gara: I'mma try to bring back Mitchell: 3 (4df+4=0, -, +, -)
Apr 27 00:31:38 <Tox> Cana shakes his head, before he sees…oh dear.
Apr 27 00:31:39 <Echo> 4df+2
Apr 27 00:31:39 <CROM> Echo: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, +, -)
Apr 27 00:31:41 <Gara> Roll your wounds or something I don't fucking know anymore
Apr 27 00:31:43 <Echo> :D
Apr 27 00:31:52 <Gara> You gain 2 health! Welcome back!
Apr 27 00:32:03 <MonkeyBomb> Brock stares at the road, looking for Uglies and the junction.
Apr 27 00:32:38 <Echo> The plastic faceplate's spiderwebbed much like John's, but hey, no pieces have fallen out. Let's hope that airflow is enough to keep anything out that might be trying to get in.
Apr 27 00:33:05 <MonkeyBomb> He checks the rearview mirror occasionally too.
Apr 27 00:33:13 <Echo> No Uglies ahead, but the junction's coming up.
Apr 27 00:33:26 <MonkeyBomb> "Get ready to run."
Apr 27 00:33:34 <Tox> Cana waves his arm energetically to indicate he's still there.
Apr 27 00:33:38 <Echo> The Ugly behind them at the east end is still providing quite a nice impersonation of a pyre.
Apr 27 00:33:39 <WalrusKing> Ilya gets ready to grab his two bodies.
Apr 27 00:34:10 <Maddy> Jani ddoesn't look cause she's pretty much decided to nuke the place.
Apr 27 00:34:10 <MonkeyBomb> Brock gets ready to decelerate.
Apr 27 00:34:27 <Echo> Brock comes up on the junction. His headlights illuminate a massive blast door as the vehicle approaches. Doesn't look like they'd be going much farther this way anyway.
Apr 27 00:34:49 <MonkeyBomb> "Hold on," he yells this time, as he slams on the breaks.
Apr 27 00:34:52 <Echo> There's a service door to the right, on an elevated concrete walkway.
Apr 27 00:34:58 <Tox> Goddammit Brock.
Apr 27 00:35:03 <Tox> You shart fuse.
Apr 27 00:35:11 <MonkeyBomb> Hahaa
Apr 27 00:36:23 <Echo> Wait, Brock.
Apr 27 00:36:27 <Echo> Where did they go?
Apr 27 00:37:04 <MonkeyBomb> The Humvee slows to a hard stop, its passengers jutting forwards violently as friction and momentum have sex.
Apr 27 00:37:20 <MonkeyBomb> He stopped at the junction.
Apr 27 00:37:41 <Tox> And then hydraulics comes by and makes it a threesome.
Apr 27 00:37:51 <WalrusKing> Ilya gets the his two buddy bodies into a shoulder-carry position.
Apr 27 00:38:07 <Tox> Cana clambers out of the cargo bed. Ow..
Apr 27 00:38:12 <MonkeyBomb> Brock throws open the door, and heads to the back for Ace.
Apr 27 00:39:00 <MonkeyBomb> Bananadog, as it were.
Apr 27 00:39:12 <WalrusKing> Ilya pulls John and Mitchell out, and puts the team on his back.
Apr 27 00:39:22 <Tox> Cana gets out…and stops.
Apr 27 00:39:32 <Gara> SPending AP to heal myself to 4.
Apr 27 00:39:35 <Tox> He tilts his head and wanders over to the service door
Apr 27 00:39:44 <MonkeyBomb> Brock collects Ace and starts for the service door.
Apr 27 00:39:49 <Tox> "Oh, thank Christ. One of you! Get over here!"
Apr 27 00:39:52 <Maddy> "Why are we not moving with more haste?"
Apr 27 00:40:22 <MonkeyBomb> Brock worries tremendously about the other Alphas, or whatever the hell they were.
Apr 27 00:40:39 <MonkeyBomb> Because he totally heard more.
Apr 27 00:40:42 <WalrusKing> Ilya roars "Computer, open this door please."
Apr 27 00:40:53 <MonkeyBomb> "Please and thank you."
Apr 27 00:40:53 <Tox> "COMPUTER, COUNTERMAND!" Cana shouts.
Apr 27 00:41:04 <Echo> The door slides open, then slams back shut.
Apr 27 00:41:06 <Maddy> "Explain."
Apr 27 00:41:12 <Tox> "This is our Door."
Apr 27 00:41:14 <MonkeyBomb> "???????????!?!?!???"
Apr 27 00:41:18 <MonkeyBomb> "Wait, really?"
Apr 27 00:41:21 <Maddy> "How."
Apr 27 00:41:25 <Tox> Cana nods. "I'm sure of it."
Apr 27 00:41:27 <MonkeyBomb> "Fuck, someone tell a knock-knick joke."
Apr 27 00:41:30 <MonkeyBomb> *knick
Apr 27 00:41:33 <MonkeyBomb> **knock fuck
Apr 27 00:41:38 <Tox> "Are we detonating the nuke?"
Apr 27 00:41:40 <Maddy> "Then how did fire shoot our of it?"
Apr 27 00:41:41 <Echo> A knockfuck joke.
Apr 27 00:41:48 <Maddy> "It should be open already."
Apr 27 00:41:58 <Gara> "Good point."
Apr 27 00:42:00 <Tox> "I don't know. All I know is this feels like a Door."
Apr 27 00:42:06 <Gara> "… No. I trust Cana."
Apr 27 00:42:11 <Gara> "Try it."
Apr 27 00:42:19 <WalrusKing> "But we need the germ unmaker!"
Apr 27 00:42:28 <MonkeyBomb> "Shit, he's right."
Apr 27 00:42:44 <Tox> "Shit. Oh well, it's here, we can get decon'd and then come back."
Apr 27 00:42:51 <Echo> A trilling sound can be heard in the ceiling above you all, in the tunnel.
Apr 27 00:43:02 <Tox> "Orrrr…."
Apr 27 00:43:02 <Maddy> "Computer, open the door."
Apr 27 00:43:02 <Gara> "Dinner time…"
Apr 27 00:43:38 <Echo> The door slips back open on Jani's command, revealing a sterile-looking room that leads to a setup similar to the decontamination area they passed through before.
Apr 27 00:43:44 <Maddy> She runs in.
Apr 27 00:43:48 <MonkeyBomb> Brock huddles through with Ace over his shoulder.
Apr 27 00:43:50 <Gara> John staggers in
Apr 27 00:43:52 <Tox> "Alright." Cana hups on in.
Apr 27 00:43:59 <WalrusKing> John is still grabbed :/
Apr 27 00:44:08 <WalrusKing> Ilya lets go of the squirming John
Apr 27 00:44:12 <Gara> John staggers in.
Apr 27 00:44:17 <Echo> As she approaches the decon door, it too slides open, and the sprayers activate. On the other side of the room…
Apr 27 00:44:31 <MonkeyBomb> Is another John-killer!
Apr 27 00:44:33 <Gara> NO.
Apr 27 00:44:40 <Echo> She can see a warehouse parking lot.
Apr 27 00:44:42 <Tox> *TWO* John-killers!
Apr 27 00:44:53 <Gara> "This is not the right way."
Apr 27 00:44:54 <Echo> Odd thing to have situated against a wall.
Apr 27 00:45:04 <Echo> Wait, there's a street sign.
Apr 27 00:45:07 <Maddy> "That's our door."
Apr 27 00:45:10 <Echo> And a chain-link fence.
Apr 27 00:45:11 <Maddy> "Get n here."
Apr 27 00:45:28 <Gara> "Oh god it always brainfucks me a tiny bit."
Apr 27 00:45:30 <Gara> John goes in.
Apr 27 00:45:39 <WalrusKing> Ilya brings up the rear, his free hand now grabbing the bangstick.
Apr 27 00:45:48 <Echo> As he steps through, he ends up back in #afteraction
Apr 27 00:45:48 <Tox> "Huh. Sorry." Cana shrugs. He follows, then pauses. "Are we detonating the nuke?"
Apr 27 00:45:49 <MonkeyBomb> "Let's blow this Popsicle stand."
Apr 27 00:45:52 <Maddy> Once everoune is in the decon room. "Close the door."
Apr 27 00:46:24 <Maddy> Santos paces back and forth on the other side of the Door.
Apr 27 00:46:38 <Tox> "Jani. You want me to arm the nuke?"
Apr 27 00:47:00 <Gara> "If it wasn't full of death, I'd say loot."
Apr 27 00:47:07 <MonkeyBomb> "Do it."
Apr 27 00:47:13 <WalrusKing> "Arm the weapon, set short timer."
Apr 27 00:47:15 <Gara> "But it's full of death."
Apr 27 00:47:17 <MonkeyBomb> "Fuck the guns; we can find more when we're not dead."
Apr 27 00:47:24 <Tox> Cana turns back outside the door. "Computer. Arm the nuclear package."
Apr 27 00:47:30 <Maddy> "Too bad about the stuff." she looks at Cana. "You say that like you're th only one who can."
Apr 27 00:47:50 <MonkeyBomb> "Computer, arm the nuclear package." Brock repeats worthlessly.
Apr 27 00:47:53 <Tox> "I've always wanted to do this, Jani." He grins. "Please don't ruin my moment."
Apr 27 00:47:55 <Echo> "User does possess sufficient authorization to process this command."
Apr 27 00:47:55 <Tehpillowstar> Adelaide makes sure that Mitchell is okay and accounted for
Apr 27 00:47:56 <MonkeyBomb> He's only going to get to say that once in his life.
Apr 27 00:48:03 <Gara> Does?
Apr 27 00:48:07 <WalrusKing> ^
Apr 27 00:48:09 <Echo> *not
Apr 27 00:48:09 <Gara> Hey fuck it'll work.
Apr 27 00:48:13 <Gara> Aw.
Apr 27 00:48:18 <MonkeyBomb> "Shiiiiiit."
Apr 27 00:48:20 <Tox> "Welp."
Apr 27 00:48:27 <Maddy> Jani shrugs. "Ok, see you later, computer." She goes through the Door.
Apr 27 00:48:28 <Gara> "… Yeah, thought so."
Apr 27 00:48:29 <WalrusKing> "Computer, does any of users posses authorization?"
Apr 27 00:48:43 <Echo> "Goodbye~. Have a pleasant day."
Apr 27 00:48:50 <MonkeyBomb> "….."
Apr 27 00:48:55 <Tehpillowstar> :…:
Apr 27 00:48:58 <Gara> "….."
Apr 27 00:49:00 <Tehpillowstar> "…"
Apr 27 00:49:02 <WalrusKing> Ilya is still standing in the decon room btw
Apr 27 00:49:04 <Gara> "um."
Apr 27 00:49:14 <Echo> "The current user does not possess sufficient authentication to arm the nuclear package."
Apr 27 00:50:07 <MonkeyBomb> "Let's just get the fuck out of here."
Apr 27 00:50:09 * Arag (~moc.rr.ser.xtas.205987E5-CRInys|araG#moc.rr.ser.xtas.205987E5-CRInys|araG) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 27 00:50:13 <Tehpillowstar> "Computer, what uh, security clearance is necessary to authority to arm the nuclear package?"
Apr 27 00:50:27 <Tehpillowstar> *to have the authority
Apr 27 00:51:07 <Echo> Something slams against the service door.
Apr 27 00:51:18 <Tehpillowstar> "Ehhh let's just go!"
Apr 27 00:51:18 <Echo> Something apparently very large, and very heavy.
Apr 27 00:51:19 <MonkeyBomb> "HEY, FUCK OFF." He yells at it.
Apr 27 00:51:23 <MonkeyBomb> Ace barks.
Apr 27 00:51:40 <Arag> "Computer, do any site defenses face the service door?"
Apr 27 00:51:42 <WalrusKing> Ilya does a mental calculation. "Computer, in 30 seconds fire all weapons and other things." Ilya hurriedly moves through into Tinwald
Apr 27 00:52:00 <MonkeyBomb> Brock hurries out the door back into Tinwald. "that was beautiful," he says to Ilya.
Apr 27 00:52:12 * Gara has quit (Ping timeout: 180 seconds)
Apr 27 00:52:19 <Echo> "No automated defense systems are currently tracking potential targets."
Apr 27 00:52:38 <Arag> "Got it." And John leaves.
Apr 27 00:52:41 <Tehpillowstar> "Let's just leave!" Adelaide fucks off to Tinwald.
Apr 27 00:52:48 <MonkeyBomb> "Worth a shot."
Apr 27 00:52:50 <Tox> "Fuck it!" Cana books.
Apr 27 00:53:30 <WalrusKing> Assuming everyone is through, Ilya closes the door. "I rest a little less easily knowing demons such as these still prowl."
Apr 27 00:53:35 * Arag is now known as Gara
Apr 27 00:53:55 <MonkeyBomb> "Me too, big guy."
Apr 27 00:54:09 <MonkeyBomb> er
Apr 27 00:54:13 <MonkeyBomb> He says that in #afteraction!