Project Pennywise: Part One

Apr 25 20:56:39 <Gara> "So… Here we are, on the cusp of something broken."
Apr 25 20:57:20 <MonkeyBomb> "Maybe it'll be a sunny beach."
Apr 25 20:57:21 <Echo> You're each greeted by the sight of what looks like a control room past the door. Looks like it opens from a corner. A bunch of gigantic, dead LED-screen monitors can be seen over what looks to be a bank of radios hardwired into a table about three meters across, with a pair of office chairs beside them.
Apr 25 20:57:26 <MonkeyBomb> Or not.
Apr 25 20:57:52 <Echo> It's… dimly lit to say the least, with a couple emergency lights running along the ceiling of the circular room, affixed to the metallic walls.
Apr 25 20:58:07 <Tox> "…Uh. This looks not good."
Apr 25 20:58:33 <WalrusKing> "Hm. Keep alert, my friends."
Apr 25 20:58:38 <Echo> A single doorway is visible almost directly across from the Door, a sliding affair, with two halves that meet in the middle, black and yellow hazard tape running vertically where they connect.
Apr 25 20:59:19 <Maddy> "Oh. Lovely."
Apr 25 20:59:34 <Echo> Perception.
Apr 25 20:59:50 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 C'MON MOTHA FUCKA C'MON
Apr 25 20:59:51 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: C'MON MOTHA FUCKA C'MON: 6 (4df+3=+, 0, +, +)
Apr 25 21:00:02 <Gara> 4df+3 Look!
Apr 25 21:00:03 <Maddy> 4df+3 I think
Apr 25 21:00:03 <CROM> Gara: Look!: 2 (4df+3=+, -, 0, -)
Apr 25 21:00:04 <CROM> Maddy: I think: 4 (4df+3=+, 0, 0, 0)
Apr 25 21:00:13 <WalrusKing> 4df+2 unimpresive roll gooooooo
Apr 25 21:00:15 <CROM> WalrusKing: unimpresive roll gooooooo: 2 (4df+2=+, -, -, +)
Apr 25 21:00:24 <Tox> 4df+3 !!
Apr 25 21:00:25 <CROM> Tox: !!: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, 0, +)
Apr 25 21:01:08 <Echo> Brock's eyes are good. So are Jani's. Recessed into the wall and caught in shadow on either side of the doors are what look like two dull metallic cases.
Apr 25 21:01:50 <WalrusKing> They havent gone IN yet, have they?
Apr 25 21:01:59 <Maddy> "What is that?" Jani goes in.
Apr 25 21:02:13 <Gara> John follows after, rifle up.
Apr 25 21:02:15 <Echo> Nope.
Apr 25 21:02:29 <Echo> @WalrusKing
Apr 25 21:02:33 <Gara> He does not like that side of the room with the scary tape.
Apr 25 21:02:37 <Echo> But Jani and John have.
Apr 25 21:02:47 <Tox> Cana goes in as well, unlimbering his pistol. "Remember, the Door's not in the same place, so you can't Knock on this half."
Apr 25 21:02:54 <MonkeyBomb> Brock moves forward with them…
Apr 25 21:02:55 <WalrusKing> Ilya follows, staff raised. "This is bad idea."
Apr 25 21:02:59 <MonkeyBomb> Ace follows closely.
Apr 25 21:03:04 <Echo> Mitchell follows in behind them weapon up.
Apr 25 21:03:11 <MonkeyBomb> "Nothing ventured nothing gained…" he whispers.
Apr 25 21:03:52 <Echo> Behind them, if any look back, in an area of space about the size of the door is a black void, with a purple tinge.
Apr 25 21:04:17 <MonkeyBomb> Brock tries not to let that get to him.
Apr 25 21:04:19 <Tox> Cana does, and he tenses, swallowing. "..That's an interesting effect," he whispers.
Apr 25 21:04:30 <Echo> Thin as a sheet of paper around the edges. Inside the void, to what their eyes seem like millions of miles away, are faint white motes.
Apr 25 21:04:50 <Maddy> Jani tries to TOUCH IT
Apr 25 21:04:54 <Maddy> cause she's stupid.
Apr 25 21:05:32 <Echo> Her hand goes through the threshold. the inside feels like liquid, and it's cold as death.
Apr 25 21:05:35 <Tox> "No, Jani, don't-"
Apr 25 21:05:43 <Maddy> She quickly pulls it back out. "Ok no."
Apr 25 21:05:50 <Gara> "Why would you do that?"
Apr 25 21:05:52 <Tox> Cana half-raises his hand to stop her. "/Bad/ idea."
Apr 25 21:06:00 <Echo> Perception
Apr 25 21:06:04 <WalrusKing> Ilya crosses himself quietly. "Dai mne silu gospadi."
Apr 25 21:06:06 <Tox> from everyone?
Apr 25 21:06:11 <WalrusKing> ^
Apr 25 21:06:20 <Maddy> "So I dont try to run through it to safety later if we;re chaces by something."
Apr 25 21:06:27 <Gara> 4df+3 Where is that!
Apr 25 21:06:28 <CROM> Gara: Where is that!: 2 (4df+3=+, -, -, 0)
Apr 25 21:06:29 <Tox> 4df+3
Apr 25 21:06:30 <CROM> Tox: 5 (4df+3=0, +, 0, +)
Apr 25 21:06:31 <Gara> Who knows.
Apr 25 21:06:32 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3
Apr 25 21:06:33 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: 5 (4df+3=+, +, +, -)
Apr 25 21:06:37 <Maddy> 4df+3 I think
Apr 25 21:06:38 <CROM> Maddy: I think: 4 (4df+3=0, 0, +, 0)
Apr 25 21:06:50 <WalrusKing> 4df+2 why not
Apr 25 21:06:51 <CROM> WalrusKing: why not: 2 (4df+2=+, -, -, +)
Apr 25 21:08:03 <Echo> It wasn't audible before, but now each can unmistakably hear a faint sound in the distance. A short blast, what sounds like a warning buzzer, with two higher-pitched chirps behind it.
Apr 25 21:08:20 <Echo> The sound repeats every two seconds, for those counting. Jani probably is.
Apr 25 21:08:30 <Maddy> Yeeep.
Apr 25 21:08:36 <Maddy> "Hmm."
Apr 25 21:08:41 <WalrusKing> There were windows, right? Ilya peers through a window.
Apr 25 21:09:01 <Tox> Cana tenses. "Sounds like an alarm klaxon."
Apr 25 21:09:28 <Tox> Cana spins in place, taking in the rest of the room that they're in.
Apr 25 21:09:30 <Echo> There are no windows. This room looks like it's got nothing metal along the walls. Ceiling, too. Hey, the floor's a gigantic grated deck panel.
Apr 25 21:09:44 <MonkeyBomb> Brock goes over to examine one of those metalic cases, rifle out in front of him as he approaches.
Apr 25 21:10:01 <Tox> "Uh. The floor's a grate, guys."
Apr 25 21:10:05 <Echo> Seven phones are arrayed in boxes along the wall behind the void.
Apr 25 21:10:15 <Tox> "I dunno about you, but that never means anything good in my experience."
Apr 25 21:10:18 <Maddy> "Is this like that damn cube movie?"
Apr 25 21:10:31 <Tox> Cana represses a shudder. "God, I hope not."
Apr 25 21:10:34 <Echo> "Cube movie?"
Apr 25 21:10:46 <Maddy> "I'll be the math savant with brain problems."
Apr 25 21:10:51 <Maddy> "Oh wait."
Apr 25 21:11:05 <Tox> "Yeah, a buncha dudes are stuck in a buncha rooms that look like cubes. All but the math savant die horribly."
Apr 25 21:11:21 <WalrusKing> Ilya looks down through the floor.
Apr 25 21:11:22 <Gara> "Goddamn it Jani."
Apr 25 21:11:29 <Echo> Mitchell wanders over to check the phones as Brock inspects those cases. Their doors are still ajar.
Apr 25 21:11:41 <Maddy> "I wanna go back to the bloo room." Jani start to poke around.
Apr 25 21:11:58 <MonkeyBomb> Assuming nothing tries to latch onto his face, he reaches over and carefully pulls the door open on one of them.
Apr 25 21:12:03 <Echo> Ilya's inspection reveals nothing much but a heavy rubberized material below the metal.
Apr 25 21:12:08 <Tox> "Jani, please. Don't put me /more/ in mind of that movie."
Apr 25 21:12:33 <Tox> Cana goes over to the bank of radio looking thing.
Apr 25 21:12:54 <Gara> John is keeping an eye on that doorway.
Apr 25 21:12:54 <Echo> Inside the first is a heavy-looking shotgun with something mounted under the fore-end.
Apr 25 21:13:14 <WalrusKing> "I do not like this my friends. This was bad idea." Ilya walks over to the door and surveys the scene a bit.
Apr 25 21:13:18 <Echo> For Brock. It looks like there used to be three others sitting beside it, if the empty foam padding is of any indication.
Apr 25 21:13:51 <Maddy> "Well we can't really go back the wy we came now can we?"
Apr 25 21:14:01 <MonkeyBomb> What's that thing on the front of it?
Apr 25 21:14:03 <Echo> As he approaches the door, a small panel slides open on the left panel as he's facing it, revealing a red T-bar knob.
Apr 25 21:14:35 <Echo> Cana, the radio units sit inert.
Apr 25 21:14:46 <WalrusKing> "Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." Ilya crouches and takes a think.
Apr 25 21:15:07 <MonkeyBomb> Who's approaching a door?
Apr 25 21:15:09 <Tox> Any obvious power switches?
Apr 25 21:15:23 <Echo> Brock, if you had to guess… it puts you in the mind of a beefy-ass cattle prod.
Apr 25 21:15:37 <MonkeyBomb> That… doesn't bode well with him.
Apr 25 21:15:37 <WalrusKing> Ilya was near a door. He is now contemplating a t-bar knob in proximity to it.
Apr 25 21:16:22 <MonkeyBomb> "Hey, guys. Fancy shotgun." He opens the other metal case.
Apr 25 21:17:17 <MonkeyBomb> "Some of 'em are missing, looks like."
Apr 25 21:17:21 <Echo> It's a little odd-looking. It's very heavily-built. Hell, almost looks like something from a sci-fi movie. Pump-operated, but doesn't seem to have a gate for loading shells on the bottom.
Apr 25 21:17:37 <Echo> Hey, that's where they load, right there on the side, toward the back.
Apr 25 21:17:46 <Echo> Hmm, *both* sides.
Apr 25 21:18:12 <Tox> Echo, no obvious power switches on the radio bank?
Apr 25 21:18:25 <Echo> Two tubes run along the side, with numbers marking off the shell count, the individual cartridges visible through a view slit cut down each one.
Apr 25 21:18:53 <MonkeyBomb> Anything in the other gun case? Also, that is one sexy shotgun.
Apr 25 21:19:42 <Echo> Cana can spot a couple knobs marked "volume," with keypads set up for something on the face of each set. Each one has a knob at the top. ON is labeled by one position, with a the others holding a string of letters not immediately obvious as to meaning.
Apr 25 21:20:18 <Echo> What's John and Jani doing?
Apr 25 21:20:26 <Gara> John is staring at that doorway.
Apr 25 21:20:35 <Gara> Waiting for anything to come in, mostly.
Apr 25 21:20:47 <Maddy> Janin's just looking arounf
Apr 25 21:21:26 <Tox> Cana sucks in a breath, then stands in front of one of the radio units, I don't care which, and cranks the knob to ON.
Apr 25 21:21:37 <Echo> The doors look solid. It's now obvious that the yellow and black stripes running along the center of the two-paneled sliding door are colored rubber, pressed tight together.
Apr 25 21:22:42 <Echo> There's a loud click, and a bass-filled hum for a moment as the powerful unit hums to life. The sound subsides after a few seconds, dying off to quiet. There's no broadcasts coming in, it seems.
Apr 25 21:22:53 <Maddy> Jani tries to find something that might indicate where they are.
Apr 25 21:22:59 <Maddy> Emplyee manual.
Apr 25 21:23:00 <Gara> "That… didn't sound good.'
Apr 25 21:23:03 <Maddy> Something.
Apr 25 21:23:30 <WalrusKing> "I have switch to open door here. I do not think we should open until all are ready."
Apr 25 21:23:42 <MonkeyBomb> Brock gives up on the other case and grabs the shotgun. "Any know how to use this thing?"
Apr 25 21:23:44 <Tox> "Well….there's power, but nobody's on the other end." Cana starts tapping at the keypad.
Apr 25 21:24:14 <Tox> If there's anything that looks like a microphone, he plays with that, too, trying to find its activation.
Apr 25 21:24:16 * LucienTel (ude.saxetu.cilbup.1EF0C451-CRInys|tibbiM#ude.saxetu.cilbup.1EF0C451-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 25 21:24:27 <MonkeyBomb> He glances at Cana. "Wha… Don't just start messin' with shit."
Apr 25 21:24:28 <Echo> Hey, Jani, you're in luck. In a glass-paned recess against the wall, over by the phones, there's a map!
Apr 25 21:25:27 <Maddy> "Found a map."
Apr 25 21:26:04 <Gara> "Grab it?"
Apr 25 21:26:17 <Maddy> She picks it up. "S'a shitty map though."
Apr 25 21:26:33 <Maddy> Assuming the glass is removable
Apr 25 21:27:14 <Echo> It's not. Looks breakable, though.
Apr 25 21:27:31 <Gara> "Alright, that's good enough."
Apr 25 21:28:04 <Maddy> Is there a chair she can bread the glass with?
Apr 25 21:28:21 <Tox> After a few fruitless minutes of fiddling with the console, Cana breaks away and wanders over to Jani and Co.
Apr 25 21:28:46 <Echo> Yeah, office chairs.
Apr 25 21:28:56 <Echo> Rather nice ones at that. Lots of levers.
Apr 25 21:29:17 <Echo> In the background, far away, the klaxon's still audible.
Apr 25 21:29:18 <Maddy> She break the damnglass then.
Apr 25 21:29:46 <Echo> It shatters to the floor, much of the smaller pieces slipping through the deck plating.
Apr 25 21:29:56 <Tox> Cana wonders why Jani picked up an office chair to break glass when there are all these people with guns that can be used to smash the glass just as well.
Apr 25 21:30:22 <Maddy> She also has a gun.
Apr 25 21:30:25 <Echo> 1d5
Apr 25 21:30:27 <CROM> Echo: 2 (1d5=2)
Apr 25 21:30:38 <Echo> Carry on.
Apr 25 21:31:00 <Maddy> "So, looks like there's a room to either side of us, but I dont see a way in."
Apr 25 21:31:08 <Maddy> "Nothing labled so…"
Apr 25 21:31:53 <Tox> "Well…maybe we should head on through the door.
Apr 25 21:31:57 <WalrusKing> "There is door here"
Apr 25 21:32:04 <Tox> "We're not gettin' anywhere hangin' around here."
Apr 25 21:32:12 <Gara> "Nope. Well. Lets go."
Apr 25 21:32:26 <Maddy> "Kay."
Apr 25 21:32:45 <WalrusKing> Ilya stands in front of the door, and waits for everyone to stack up, hand on the handle thing.
Apr 25 21:33:21 <Tox> Cana brings up the rear.
Apr 25 21:33:23 <MonkeyBomb> Brock keeps the shotgun. He slings his rifle behind his back.
Apr 25 21:33:37 <MonkeyBomb> (Because nobody seems to want it.)
Apr 25 21:34:30 <Maddy> Jani heads in that direction, looking at the map
Apr 25 21:34:33 <Echo> Mitchell follows, waiting for Ilya to pop the cork.
Apr 25 21:35:04 <MonkeyBomb> Assuming there's nothing funky about the shotgun, Brock switches off the safety and prepares to breach.
Apr 25 21:35:37 <MonkeyBomb> Ace wonder why everybody's looking so intently at that door.
Apr 25 21:35:53 <WalrusKing> Ilya pulls the trigger on the door, and moves on through
Apr 25 21:36:26 <Echo> As he twists the T-handle… nothing happens. It takes some doing, and then…
Apr 25 21:36:40 <Echo> There's a loud pop, and the feeling of an incredible degree of mechanical tension being released.
Apr 25 21:36:58 <Tox> Cana tenses involuntaril.
Apr 25 21:37:01 <Echo> The doors jitter a little, the two halves sliding apart barely an inch.
Apr 25 21:37:03 <Tox> *involuntarily
Apr 25 21:37:21 <WalrusKing> Ilya inspects the area through the crack.
Apr 25 21:37:32 <Echo> Every second or so, a red flash of light washes through the crack between the hazard-tape-printed rubber
Apr 25 21:37:37 <Gara> John keeps his rifle trained on the door. He doesn't like the feeling like a hermetic seal broke.
Apr 25 21:37:53 <MonkeyBomb> Diseases.
Apr 25 21:38:05 <Echo> He can see another door just opposite, this one a single piece, with hazard tape along the bottom. To his left and right run what looks to be a long hallway.
Apr 25 21:38:15 <Echo> There must be a red spinning light above him.
Apr 25 21:38:30 <Tox> "…I don't like this."
Apr 25 21:38:33 <WalrusKing> "Hm." Ilya tries to pull the two halves of the door apart more.
Apr 25 21:38:50 <MonkeyBomb> Ace sniffs the air.
Apr 25 21:39:13 <Echo> His bear-like strength proves useful, and the two halves slide into their recesses in the walls adjacent.
Apr 25 21:39:41 <Echo> The dull red light continues to sweep at intervals. This hallway is lit much like the room they're in now.
Apr 25 21:39:48 <Echo> 1d5
Apr 25 21:39:48 <CROM> Echo: 1 (1d5=1)
Apr 25 21:39:54 <Echo> Carry on.
Apr 25 21:39:55 <WalrusKing> He moves on through into the hallway, letting other people through the door. "Strange…"
Apr 25 21:40:30 <Tox> Cana pokes his head out, following with the rest of his body. "I get the feeling we shouldn't stay exposed longer than necessary. What's in this room here?" Cana indicates the opposite door.
Apr 25 21:40:31 <MonkeyBomb> Brock takes this moment to double check the shotgun, making sure he knows how to operate it.
Apr 25 21:40:32 <Gara> John moves into the hallway.
Apr 25 21:40:57 <Echo> "Wonder what the fuck this place is…" Mitchell eases through the door, heading left. "Dead end down here. Wait, no, door on the left at the end."
Apr 25 21:41:28 <Tox> "I /really/ don't like this place."
Apr 25 21:41:35 <Maddy> "Maybe we're in space."
Apr 25 21:41:39 <Gara> John looks down the right side.
Apr 25 21:41:57 <WalrusKing> Ilya moves a little ways down the opposite side of the corridor.
Apr 25 21:42:13 <Maddy> Jani looks left and right. "Ah, that's how we get in those rooms."
Apr 25 21:42:24 <Echo> "If we was in space we'd be floatin' around." John spots a door at the end of the hallway down the right too, on the right hand side of the hallway. Looks like these doors lead into the rooms beside the one they were just in.
Apr 25 21:42:43 <Tox> "Not if we were on a station with generated gravity."
Apr 25 21:43:16 <Gara> "Door on this side."
Apr 25 21:43:20 <Maddy> "I don't thnk that's actually something we can do."
Apr 25 21:43:31 <MonkeyBomb> "Neither are magic portals."
Apr 25 21:43:36 <Echo> "Check 'em out?"
Apr 25 21:43:37 <Tox> Cana's been pacing their length of hallway. "Okay…so I think we should look in the rooms beside ours, and then….well….hrm, no…I /really/ don't like the look of those rooms.
Apr 25 21:43:40 <Tox> "
Apr 25 21:44:02 <WalrusKing> Is the other corridor also just linked to more doors?
Apr 25 21:44:08 <Tox> "The grating is /really/ out of place. Puts me in mind of a goddamn incinerator."
Apr 25 21:44:16 <Echo> The door just across the way from the control room looks heavy. The wall at the edges projects out a good six inches. That door's *really* set in there.
Apr 25 21:44:18 <MonkeyBomb> "…"
Apr 25 21:44:33 <Gara> John goes to check out that door.
Apr 25 21:45:16 <Tox> Cana frowns, checking through the other doors. He doesn't like the way this feels, but he can't really put a finger on why.
Apr 25 21:45:21 <Echo> The one on the left has a similar handle to the one Ilya popped, but it's… huh, this one's already open.
Apr 25 21:45:31 <Echo> Cana's is similar.
Apr 25 21:45:53 <Tox> He pokes his head in, surveying the room. Similar to the one they came out of?
Apr 25 21:46:03 <MonkeyBomb> Face huggers.
Apr 25 21:46:18 <Echo> Both are open. Inside John's is what looks like… a locker room? Cana's is ringed with lockers like the one Brock found in the control room.
Apr 25 21:46:33 <Gara> "Got a locker room."
Apr 25 21:46:49 <Tox> "I think I found the armory…"
Apr 25 21:47:01 <Maddy> Jani takes out a pen. "Locker room"
Apr 25 21:47:05 <Maddy> "Armoury"
Apr 25 21:47:07 <Echo> Tall lockers line John's, with a metallic bench in the middle, running the length of the room. Those are some high-tech lockers. Wait, it was hard to tell, but now you can see their fronts are lined with a dull, tinted glass.
Apr 25 21:47:08 <Tox> Cana goes and opens each locker in sequence.
Apr 25 21:47:19 <Tox> Like, all of them. Forever.
Apr 25 21:47:20 <Gara> John goes to check out his locker.
Apr 25 21:47:53 <WalrusKing> Ilya paces in the corridor.
Apr 25 21:48:47 <Echo> As Cana starts rifling through them, he discovers rack after rack of weapons. The first four reveal a rifle and pistol, each one tan-colored. Advanced-looking weapons, to be sure. He might have seen them in first-person shooters.
Apr 25 21:49:02 <Echo> The next few reveal sets of shotguns and pistols with similar coloration.
Apr 25 21:49:12 <Tox> "Good /Christ./"
Apr 25 21:49:32 <Echo> Then a set of odd-looking smaller weapons, each with the same pistol as before nestled beside them.
Apr 25 21:49:41 <MonkeyBomb> Brock makes his way into the armory. Who can resist the gift of guns?
Apr 25 21:50:09 <Echo> John, it's hard to tell through the tint, but for a second, you're greeted with the sight of a gas mask looking back at you from behind the glass.
Apr 25 21:50:11 <MonkeyBomb> He lets out a low whistle.
Apr 25 21:50:16 <Tox> Once he's through, Cana picks up one of the odd smaller weapons.
Apr 25 21:50:24 <Echo> Submachine guns, maybe?
Apr 25 21:50:36 * Tehpillowstar (~PI.3BC155FE.EA7E8EA2.EF990D96|arukam#PI.3BC155FE.EA7E8EA2.EF990D96|arukam) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 25 21:50:42 <Echo> Behind Cana is a pair of larger lockers.
Apr 25 21:50:45 <Gara> "Huh. Got gas masks over here!"
Apr 25 21:50:57 <MonkeyBomb> "What is all this shit?"
Apr 25 21:51:03 <Echo> Wait, John, there's something below the masks, hanging.
Apr 25 21:51:04 <Tox> Cana turns and faces the larger lockers, laying the SMG-alike aside for the moment.
Apr 25 21:51:14 <Echo> Both of these are locked.
Apr 25 21:51:14 <Tox> He…he tries /opening/ the lockers.
Apr 25 21:51:17 <Tox> Aw.
Apr 25 21:51:27 <Tox> What's the locking mechanism holding them shut?
Apr 25 21:51:49 <Echo> Heavy padlock.
Apr 25 21:52:07 <Gara> John tries the locker, hopelessly.
Apr 25 21:52:12 <MonkeyBomb> Brock considers shooting it with the shotgun, but he's not sure if that only works in the movies.
Apr 25 21:52:12 <Tox> Well. If there's one thing videogames have taught Cana, it's that padlocks don't like bullets.
Apr 25 21:52:22 <Echo> They look joined by the same lock. The lockers are beside each other, with their panels held shut by the same lock.
Apr 25 21:52:28 <MonkeyBomb> Or if this shotgun is "normal."
Apr 25 21:52:47 <Tox> Cana picks up one of the foreign shotgun type weapons and checks the magazine.
Apr 25 21:53:02 <Echo> John's opens without a hassle. Inside of the one he's checking is a bright yellow hazmat suit.
Apr 25 21:53:17 <Gara> "Hm. Okay, yeah, lets have some of that."
Apr 25 21:53:47 <Gara> He steps out of the door. "We've got hazmat suits down here. I'm.. gonna say we wear those."
Apr 25 21:53:47 <Echo> A rack of large green batteries dangles hangs beside the thing against the side of the locker.
Apr 25 21:54:10 <Tox> "Okay, guys, this is gonna get loud. Time to see if there's any truth in Hollywood. Any objections to me blowing the lock off? Or trying to?"
Apr 25 21:54:11 <Echo> Mitchell wanders into the locker room. "Well holy shit."
Apr 25 21:54:46 <Gara> "Yeah, it's probably a really good idea to have these on."
Apr 25 21:54:46 <MonkeyBomb> "Be my guest." Brock steps back. "If anything jumps out, I'll cover you." He's only half joking.
Apr 25 21:54:52 <Gara> "I already don't like the place."
Apr 25 21:55:07 <Echo> "Got me wonderin' what the fuck this place is still…"
Apr 25 21:55:32 <WalrusKing> "We should look for exit. I think expression was, 'quit while ahead' ?"
Apr 25 21:55:34 <Gara> "Yeah, me too."
Apr 25 21:55:54 <Gara> "So, yeah. Get everyone set up with a suit?"
Apr 25 21:55:59 <Tox> Cana seats the shotgun into his shoulder, drops the barrel to the padlock…sucks in a breath, then finds the trigger and pulls.
Apr 25 21:57:54 <Echo> Mitchell opens the other lockers in turn, just short of two dozen more, each housing a similar suit, some bearing an OD green coloration.
Apr 25 21:57:54 <Echo> Cana, gimme a roll if you're blasting it.
Apr 25 21:58:23 <Tox> ffffack
Apr 25 21:58:59 <Tox> 4df flat for shotgun shootblast
Apr 25 21:59:00 <CROM> Tox: flat for shotgun shootblast: 3 (4df=+, +, +, 0)
Apr 25 21:59:09 <Tox> everythingwentbetterthanexpected.jpg
Apr 25 21:59:52 * Echo has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Apr 25 22:00:15 * Echo (ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.16BC9012-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.16BC9012-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 25 22:00:21 * ChanServ sets mode +q #afteractionmission Echo
Apr 25 22:00:21 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Echo
Apr 25 22:02:33 <Echo> The shotgun's muzzle blast is deafening in the small room.
Apr 25 22:02:42 <Echo> Who's in the room with Cana?
Apr 25 22:02:47 <MonkeyBomb> Brock and Ace.
Apr 25 22:03:15 <Maddy> Jani's in the room outside of the room they started in looking around for what this room might be usd for.
Apr 25 22:03:58 <Echo> Brock and Ace, minus 1 to perception for sounds during for the next 2 rolls.
Apr 25 22:04:36 <MonkeyBomb> Noted.
Apr 25 22:05:19 <Echo> The room they started in looks for all the world to be a control room, maybe. Nah. Not a control room. A monitoring station. You'd probably be able to see all kinds of stuff if those screens were on.
Apr 25 22:05:33 <MonkeyBomb> Brock cringes at the deafening noise. Ace springs up, alert, but otherwise doesn't make a sound.
Apr 25 22:05:34 <WalrusKing> "What is happening?" Ilya calls out concernedly
Apr 25 22:05:37 <Maddy> No the room after that
Apr 25 22:06:10 <Echo> Mitchell runs past Jani in a rush toward the gunshot, half-dressed in a green hazmat suit.
Apr 25 22:06:47 <Tox> "Well shit!" Cana shouts, in that way that people do when they just heard something /impressively/ loud. He lowers the shotgun and surveys the lock.
Apr 25 22:07:01 <Echo> Jani, according to the map, it looks like it opens into a rectangular room, with two small rooms on either side. After that, a big box, and then… a big-ass hallway heading south.
Apr 25 22:07:38 <Echo> The hallway they're in now appears to be nothing more than an accessway.
Apr 25 22:08:09 <Gara> John grabs another green hazmat suit, and starts putting it on.
Apr 25 22:08:24 <Maddy> Jani;s sitting on the floor looking at the map
Apr 25 22:08:57 <Echo> "Well, shit. Don't uh… try not to fire guns without warnin' everybody, dude. John found some hazmat suits down on the other end.
Apr 25 22:08:58 <Echo> "
Apr 25 22:09:10 <MonkeyBomb> "Hazmat suits?"
Apr 25 22:09:13 <MonkeyBomb> "Shit."
Apr 25 22:09:33 <Tox> "I uh, did. I called out askin' if anyone minded." Cana pulls open the lockers.
Apr 25 22:09:56 <MonkeyBomb> Also, is there anything in the armory that would classify as a Sniper Rifle for Brock?
Apr 25 22:10:56 <Echo> Not much, but then again, those two big lockers are open now.
Apr 25 22:11:06 <MonkeyBomb> Indeed they are.
Apr 25 22:11:36 <Gara> John goes to check out the armory.
Apr 25 22:11:45 <Tox> Cana looks to see what kind of bounty he has revealed unto the group, like a ridiculous Santa Claus.
Apr 25 22:12:39 <Echo> Inside each one is a pair of what you'd guess to be rifle-configuration flamethrowers. Each has a large canister screwed in roughly where a magazine would go on a conventional rifle, with a spare embedded in foam beside each one.
Apr 25 22:12:54 <Tox> "/Yes./"
Apr 25 22:13:02 <WalrusKing> Ilya wanders over from the hallway. "Is hazmat suit a suit for protection?"
Apr 25 22:13:07 <Gara> "Oh god why is that there."
Apr 25 22:13:07 <MonkeyBomb> "Flamethrowers and hazmat suits. Wonderful."
Apr 25 22:13:33 <Tox> "Hey. Hey. /Flamethrowers./ Quitcher bitchin."
Apr 25 22:13:37 <Echo> "Yeah, keeps chemicals and shit out, Ilya." Mitchell finishes pulling his on. "That they're here means there's prob'ly a use for 'em."
Apr 25 22:13:46 <Gara> "Exactly."
Apr 25 22:13:51 <Gara> "Shit you need to flame? bad."
Apr 25 22:14:13 <Gara> 'We've… probably got some kinda infection vector."
Apr 25 22:14:34 <WalrusKing> "Should I put on? I am big and suits are small maybe?"
Apr 25 22:14:42 <Tox> "Probably. Like I said, I don't like what I see."
Apr 25 22:15:04 <Gara> "Put it on."
Apr 25 22:15:18 <Echo> "There's a few big ones. Might be one that fits ya."
Apr 25 22:15:49 <WalrusKing> Ilya lumbers off to find a large hazmat suit, if such at thing exists
Apr 25 22:16:26 <Tox> Cana picks up one of the advanced pistols. "We should totally remember where this is, and then when we find the door, just loot all of these."
Apr 25 22:16:32 <Tox> Cana's grinning like a moron.
Apr 25 22:16:37 <Echo> "Jani, what's past this door?" Mitchell taps the thing with the muzzle of his rifle. It doesn't echo much, causing more of a dull thunk/
Apr 25 22:16:46 <Echo> Damn, that thing's thick.
Apr 25 22:17:01 <Maddy> She looks up from her map colouring. "This isnt labled."
Apr 25 22:17:14 <WalrusKing> Ilya returns, presumable suited up and looking silly.
Apr 25 22:17:15 <Maddy> "Looks like a room with smaller rooms attached then a long hall though."
Apr 25 22:17:17 <Gara> Jon checks out a rifle.
Apr 25 22:17:55 <Echo> Mitchell wanders down the way. "Hell, I saw we grab the shit *now*." Mitchell grabs one of the rifles John's looking at. "Fabrique Nationale. Somebody paid top dollar for this shit."
Apr 25 22:18:00 <MonkeyBomb> Brock is more concerned with the fact that hazmat suits are generally not made for dogs.
Apr 25 22:18:05 <Echo> "Might be a door out down there."
Apr 25 22:18:10 <Gara> "The hell is that?"
Apr 25 22:19:04 <Echo> "Weapons manufacturer. Tell ya all about it when we get back. For now, we need to find that fuckin' door."
Apr 25 22:19:06 <Echo> 1d5
Apr 25 22:19:06 <CROM> Echo: 1 (1d5=1)
Apr 25 22:19:13 <WalrusKing> Ilya looks around bigdoor and looks for a similar switch to the earlier ones.
Apr 25 22:19:17 <Echo> Damn, lucky.
Apr 25 22:19:20 <Tox> "Well, do we have a sack or something to carry it all in, or are we just strapping it all to ourselves?
Apr 25 22:19:40 <WalrusKing> "I can carry some weapons if we need to carry."
Apr 25 22:20:14 <Echo> "Maybe. Hell, just finish lookin' for a suit for ya. We can get this shit."
Apr 25 22:20:23 <Maddy> "Where do I get the neato suit?"
Apr 25 22:20:29 <Gara> John grabs some ammo. What're the bullets?
Apr 25 22:20:47 <WalrusKing> I had assumed Ilya just grabs one? Or was one his size not readily available?
Apr 25 22:20:48 <Tox> "Aight." Cana meanders over to the other room, rummaging for a hazmat suit.
Apr 25 22:21:08 <Echo> Mitchell replaces his firearms with things taken from the locker, and pulls his mask down, then gestures at Jani to follow him. "Over here. They're in the lockers down that way."
Apr 25 22:21:29 <MonkeyBomb> Brock heads that way as well.
Apr 25 22:21:38 <MonkeyBomb> No Sniper Rifles?
Apr 25 22:21:54 <Echo> Doesn't appear to be. Not here anyway.
Apr 25 22:22:07 <Tox> Cana gets himself kitted out in suit and mask, and then replaces /his/ stuff as well. Well, more 'adds to.'
Apr 25 22:22:08 <MonkeyBomb> Sadface.
Apr 25 22:22:18 <WalrusKing> Ilya meanders over to the hazmat room. He sorts through suits trying to find the biggest one.
Apr 25 22:22:25 <MonkeyBomb> Wait, uh, Brock grabs one of those fancy pistols before he goes to the locker room.
Apr 25 22:22:39 <Tox> Awwww yes, fancy SMG and pistol.
Apr 25 22:22:43 <Echo> After searching through, Ilya finds *one* that should fit him.
Apr 25 22:23:05 <Gara> He gets a sidearm, too.
Apr 25 22:23:17 <Gara> And then he walks out in the hallway
Apr 25 22:23:33 <Echo> Looks like Jani could fit into just about any of them, and have room to fit another half-Jani or so.
Apr 25 22:23:42 <MonkeyBomb> Brock hesitates grabbing a suit.
Apr 25 22:23:47 <Tox> Cana also grabs one of the flamethrowers and its spare ammo cylinder. "Aw /shit./" Cana sounds happy as hell.
Apr 25 22:23:49 <WalrusKing> Ilya puts it on tentatively. "I have never owned suit like this before. I hope we do not need them."
Apr 25 22:23:53 <MonkeyBomb> Ace watches people put on the funny yellow rubber things.
Apr 25 22:23:59 <WalrusKing> "They are good suits?"
Apr 25 22:25:10 <Echo> "I personally think them bein' here's enough to put one on. An' hell, I dunno. Normally, you'd go through about a three-hour inspection of 'em, make sure they didn't have no rips." As Mitchell talks, he shoves one of the batteries from a locker into a receptacle on his suit. A quiet whine is audible as a fan kicks up, and his suit puffs out a bit.
Apr 25 22:25:30 <Maddy> Jani finds on to get in.
Apr 25 22:25:39 <Tox> Assume Cana did that too. I forgot they were there. Cana also grabbed a couple spares.
Apr 25 22:25:50 <Echo> He carefully situates his gear, slings his guns, and returns to the hallway, standing by the heavy door.
Apr 25 22:25:57 <MonkeyBomb> Brock is suitless and worried deeply about Ace.
Apr 25 22:26:22 <MonkeyBomb> "Damn, you guys. Last I heard, hazmat suits don't fit canines."
Apr 25 22:26:56 <Tox> Cana pauses in his once-over. "…Fuck."
Apr 25 22:27:12 <WalrusKing> Ilya walks over to Brock. "Hmmm. Perhaps put him in suit and enclose, and then just carry your friend?"
Apr 25 22:28:02 <MonkeyBomb> Ace is a big dog.
Apr 25 22:28:26 <MonkeyBomb> Brock's not sure he'd fit.
Apr 25 22:28:38 <Echo> 1d2 yes on 1
Apr 25 22:28:39 <CROM> Echo: yes on 1: 1 (1d2=1)
Apr 25 22:28:43 <Echo> :>
Apr 25 22:28:45 <Gara> Hey, look!
Apr 25 22:28:46 <MonkeyBomb> :D
Apr 25 22:28:53 <Gara> John checks out his weapon.
Apr 25 22:29:12 <Echo> It's gonna be awkward, and if he's carrying Ace, Brock's not gonna be able to do much.
Apr 25 22:29:24 <MonkeyBomb> Doesn't matter as long as Ace's safe.
Apr 25 22:29:34 <MonkeyBomb> And staying here's not much of an option.
Apr 25 22:29:34 <WalrusKing> "It is not great situation, but I can carry him, if you like."
Apr 25 22:29:44 <Tox> "Also, is someone gonna grab the other flamethrower or should I take the fuel cylinders from the other?
Apr 25 22:29:45 <Tox> "
Apr 25 22:29:54 <MonkeyBomb> Ace-in-the-banana-suit squirms.
Apr 25 22:30:05 <Echo> "I'll grab one." Mitchell does so, then waits for the others.
Apr 25 22:30:17 * S-Light (||thgiL) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 25 22:30:40 <Tox> "Awright. Everyone get all the weapons they want? I can't really strap down many more."
Apr 25 22:30:57 <MonkeyBomb> Brock looks at Ilya. "I can carry him. Thanks, though."
Apr 25 22:31:02 <Maddy> "Aw shit my gun is in my pants."
Apr 25 22:31:13 <Gara> "Get another gun."
Apr 25 22:31:16 <WalrusKing> "Alright. I can carry more gun. Do you want me to do this?"
Apr 25 22:31:22 <MonkeyBomb> Brock slips on a suit. "Yes."
Apr 25 22:31:32 <Tox> "Carry /all/ the gun!"
Apr 25 22:31:32 <Echo> Mitchell tosses Jani one of the handguns. "I got more ammo if you need it."
Apr 25 22:31:39 <Maddy> "Cool, thanks."
Apr 25 22:31:50 <Echo> "Now… door number 2."
Apr 25 22:31:55 <MonkeyBomb> He slings both the shotgun and his rifle over his back and scoops up Ace. "It's alright, bud."
Apr 25 22:31:59 <Tox> Cana does not sound like he's making fun.
Apr 25 22:32:00 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to strap as many weapons as is comfortable to himself at random.
Apr 25 22:32:12 <WalrusKing> As in the variety is random
Apr 25 22:32:12 <Tox> Cana grabs some more guns as well. Because why the fuck not.
Apr 25 22:32:19 <Echo> I'll keep that in mind, Ilya.
Apr 25 22:32:26 <Echo> Same with Cana.
Apr 25 22:32:40 <Tox> More dakka is always better than less dakka.
Apr 25 22:32:53 <Echo> "Ilya, you wanna get this door, too? This'n looks like it lifts straight up."
Apr 25 22:33:09 <Echo> 1d5
Apr 25 22:33:10 <CROM> Echo: 4 (1d5=4)
Apr 25 22:33:43 <WalrusKing> Ilya walks over?
Apr 25 22:33:48 <WalrusKing> Pause?
Apr 25 22:33:51 <Echo> Sure.
Apr 25 22:34:04 <WalrusKing> Sure to the first?
Apr 25 22:34:18 <Echo> Thought you wanted us to pause
Apr 25 22:34:42 <WalrusKing> Nah, I was asking, cause you did a DM-special-surprise roll, and then stopped talking
Apr 25 22:34:50 <Echo> You're good.
Apr 25 22:35:11 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to walk over and see if theres any obvious release mechanisms on the door. If not, he's gonna try just pulling it up.
Apr 25 22:35:35 <Echo> There's one set low to the floor, just like the other one.
Apr 25 22:35:36 <MonkeyBomb> Brock levers Ace over his shoulder like a firefighter would or whatever.
Apr 25 22:35:47 <MonkeyBomb> With his free hand he takes the pistol.
Apr 25 22:36:20 <Tox> Cana works out how best to hold all his dakka.
Apr 25 22:36:45 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going, to operate the shit out of that.
Apr 25 22:37:15 <MonkeyBomb> Brock hopes he'll only need the single magazine in this pistol… Reloading isn't exactly an option.
Apr 25 22:42:24 * Echo has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Apr 25 22:42:42 * Echo (ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.16BC9012-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.knilneddus.hd.avnbsa.16BC9012-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 25 22:42:48 * ChanServ sets mode +q #afteractionmission Echo
Apr 25 22:42:48 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Echo
Apr 25 22:44:39 <Echo> The door's manual release pops just like the other did.
Apr 25 22:44:55 <Echo> Let's see Ilya's best strongman impression with an athletics roll.
Apr 25 22:45:01 <Echo> *Strength
Apr 25 22:45:31 <WalrusKing> 4df+4 grr
Apr 25 22:45:31 <CROM> WalrusKing: grr: 3 (4df+4=-, +, 0, -)
Apr 25 22:46:09 <Echo> He manages to lift the door about half a meter off the ground. Christ, this thing's heavy. Heavier than that big-ass pig he hauled back to camp.
Apr 25 22:46:50 <Echo> Mitchell takes the opportunity and starts shimmying under it.
Apr 25 22:47:04 <WalrusKing> Ilya maintains breathing, concentrates on holding it up.
Apr 25 22:47:06 <Maddy> Jani shimmys and shakes under it too
Apr 25 22:47:32 <Tox> Cana goes~!
Apr 25 22:47:34 <MonkeyBomb> Brock slides the giant banana under the door before slipping under it himself.
Apr 25 22:48:27 <Echo> After he gets to the other side, Mitchell grabs the underside of the door, pulling up as hard as he can. "You guys wanna help? Ilya, when we got it, get your ass through here!"
Apr 25 22:48:44 <MonkeyBomb> Brock helps!
Apr 25 22:49:04 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to wait until it seems like they've got it.
Apr 25 22:49:52 <Echo> The two supporting the door seem to be able to hold it up well enough
Apr 25 22:49:55 <Tox> Cana puts his shoulder to it.
Apr 25 22:50:07 <MonkeyBomb> "Jesus Christ, what's this thing made of?"
Apr 25 22:50:52 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to tentatively let it go, slide his stuff under, and then shimmy under it while looking to catch it if it falls.
Apr 25 22:51:03 <Echo> He makes it!
Apr 25 22:51:19 <MonkeyBomb> "On three?" He looks at Mitchell.
Apr 25 22:51:57 <WalrusKing> Ilya stands up, covers their collective rears.
Apr 25 22:51:59 <Echo> The room the troop's standing in now has the same deck plating as before, with a room off to the left and right that look to be little more than supply closets. Dimly-lit as before, but sterile looking. No furnishings, no desks, nothing but an empty room.
Apr 25 22:52:13 <Echo> "Three." Mitchell lets go."
Apr 25 22:52:18 <MonkeyBomb> Brock lets go.
Apr 25 22:52:19 <Echo> -"
Apr 25 22:52:46 <Echo> The door slams down, the rubber at the bottom seating heavily into the floor.
Apr 25 22:52:54 <Tox> "Jesus."
Apr 25 22:52:55 <Maddy> "Hmm."
Apr 25 22:53:00 <MonkeyBomb> Brock scoops up Ace again.
Apr 25 22:53:03 <Tox> Cana pokes his head into one of the supply closet looking things.
Apr 25 22:53:06 <Echo> Perception
Apr 25 22:53:19 <Tox> 4df+3 fnghfngf
Apr 25 22:53:20 <CROM> Tox: fnghfngf: 5 (4df+3=+, +, 0, 0)
Apr 25 22:53:21 <WalrusKing> 4df+2 Ilya should barter for some better eyes
Apr 25 22:53:21 <CROM> WalrusKing: Ilya should barter for some better eyes: 1 (4df+2=-, 0, -, +)
Apr 25 22:53:24 <Maddy> 4df+3 asoids
Apr 25 22:53:25 <CROM> Maddy: asoids: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, +, 0)
Apr 25 22:53:29 <Maddy> :>
Apr 25 22:53:34 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3
Apr 25 22:53:35 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: 1 (4df+3=-, +, -, -)
Apr 25 22:53:52 <Gara> 4df+3 LOOK!
Apr 25 22:53:53 <CROM> Gara: LOOK!: 0 (4df+3=-, -, 0, -)
Apr 25 22:53:55 <Gara> Or not.
Apr 25 22:54:40 <Echo> Jani and Cana are the first to spot the configuration of the heavy door on the other side of the room. Thick glass pane in the center, with bright purple light shining through from whatever's past it.
Apr 25 22:54:51 <Tox> Cana stops and blinks.
Apr 25 22:55:00 <Tox> "Uh. Guys? That /cannot/ be good."
Apr 25 22:55:08 <MonkeyBomb> "…?"
Apr 25 22:55:12 <Echo> "Yeah, maybe."
Apr 25 22:55:21 <Gara> "What?"
Apr 25 22:55:41 <Maddy> "Mmm."
Apr 25 22:55:46 <Tox> "That freaky purple light."
Apr 25 22:55:52 <Echo> Mitchell points, then turns to the room off to the left.
Apr 25 22:56:02 <Tox> Cana goes right.
Apr 25 22:56:18 <WalrusKing> "Hm. Oh. Am I wrong, or have we seen this earlier?"
Apr 25 22:56:43 <Maddy> "I haven't I dont think."
Apr 25 22:56:47 <Echo> Each of these doors looks like perhaps like one on a ship, or a submarine. Pressure door, with a wheel in the center.
Apr 25 22:57:01 <MonkeyBomb> "……………."
Apr 25 22:57:58 <MonkeyBomb> Brock stands in the middle of the room since there's not too much he can do whilst carrying the dog.
Apr 25 22:58:03 <Tox> "Oh, I've seen this kind of door before." Cana sets his hands on the wheel and starts to rotate it.
Apr 25 22:58:06 <Echo> Mitchell gives his a heart spin, waiting for the lock to click over. It stops suddenly, and the door swings free. Anyone looking past him can see quite a few racks packed to the gills with boxes of MREs and cases of bottled water.
Apr 25 22:58:14 <Echo> *hearty
Apr 25 22:58:16 <Maddy> "Don't do thaaaat."
Apr 25 22:58:22 <Maddy> "What if there's an alien?"
Apr 25 22:58:30 <Echo> "… somebody was stockin' up- alien?"
Apr 25 22:58:31 <MonkeyBomb> Brock chuckles nervously.
Apr 25 22:58:37 <Echo> 1d5
Apr 25 22:58:37 <CROM> Echo: 1 (1d5=1)
Apr 25 22:58:40 <WalrusKing> Ilya wanders over to the far thick door and looks through the window.
Apr 25 22:59:34 <Gara> "Huh."
Apr 25 22:59:47 <Tox> Cana pulls his open when the lock releases.
Apr 25 23:01:01 <Echo> In the ceiling on the other side are what look like… spray nozzles? Sorta like a fire sprinkler. Alongside each, and attached to a mechanism at the top is a chain with a handle at the bottom. The walls are all smooth tile, with a similar finish on the floor, with drains running along the center. Floor looks like it angles in slightly from the left and right
Apr 25 23:01:18 <Echo> The center's a little lower than the walls, maybe by an inch.
Apr 25 23:01:24 <Tox> "Decontamination shower."
Apr 25 23:01:39 <Tox> Cana heads back over to Echo's door.
Apr 25 23:02:45 <Gara> "Creepy."
Apr 25 23:02:46 * S-Light has quit (Ping timeout: 181 seconds)
Apr 25 23:02:59 <Tox> Mitchell's.
Apr 25 23:03:21 <Tox> "Once we find the door out of here, we should definitely get these MREs and water."
Apr 25 23:03:33 <Echo> Cana's door opens up to what looks like a spartan little medical station. Simple examination bed, couple of first aid kits along the wall, a cabinet with glass sides. The most interesting thing, though, is a large, blaze-orange cabinet just across from the door, on the opposite wall.
Apr 25 23:03:48 <MonkeyBomb> "Assuming they're not, like, contaminated already."
Apr 25 23:03:51 <Tox> Oh whoops
Apr 25 23:03:52 <Echo> That, and the X-ray station situated by the bed. Looks to be a unit for checking someone's entire body.
Apr 25 23:04:00 <Tox> Cana's still by his.
Apr 25 23:04:19 <Tox> "Hey, look…this is like a neato little medical bay."
Apr 25 23:04:19 <Echo> "Yeah, this place is a fuckin' motherlode…"
Apr 25 23:04:45 <Tox> "So we're definitely stripping it when we find the Door?"
Apr 25 23:04:52 <WalrusKing> Ilya frowns. "There is something dark about this place. I will watch backs."
Apr 25 23:04:53 <Echo> As he steps inside, this room lights up brightly.
Apr 25 23:05:32 <Tox> Cana half-raises the flamethrower rifle. "…Okay, cool. Next time let's try /not/ giving me a heart attack."
Apr 25 23:05:35 <Echo> The orange cabinet across the way has writing along the front panel: SERUM S-213
Apr 25 23:06:05 <Tox> "…That's not good." Cana moves over and opens the cabinet.
Apr 25 23:06:31 <Gara> "Hm."
Apr 25 23:06:42 <Gara> John takes a look.
Apr 25 23:06:44 <WalrusKing> Ilya watches peoples backs. He wanders over towards Jani. "Are you alright, my friend?"
Apr 25 23:06:52 <Maddy> "Mhm, just watching."
Apr 25 23:06:54 <MonkeyBomb> Brock is lingering near them.
Apr 25 23:07:15 <Echo> Inside are a dozen large, silvery autoinjectors with black plastic safety caps. Hanging inside is a binder that dangles as it swings with the panel, attached by a small chain.
Apr 25 23:07:20 <Maddy> "Waiting in case a visious math problem attacks."
Apr 25 23:07:36 <Echo> It bears the same stenciled marking as the cabinet: SERUM S-213
Apr 25 23:07:44 <Tox> "Oh thank god, words." Cana sets the flamerifle down and opens the binder, reading!
Apr 25 23:08:08 <MonkeyBomb> Ace tries to lick the inside of the suit.
Apr 25 23:09:03 <WalrusKing> Ilya gives Ace a reassuring pet.
Apr 25 23:09:09 <MonkeyBomb> Brock shifts his package a bit. "This place is giving off mad evil lab vibes."
Apr 25 23:09:37 <Echo> The front page describes nearly three dozen antibiotic, antiviral, and antiparasitic compounds, each functioning through several different mechanisms, and apparently working in conjunction.
Apr 25 23:09:41 <MonkeyBomb> "Zombie bunker…"
Apr 25 23:09:56 <Tox> Cana whistles. "Okay…huh."
Apr 25 23:10:13 <Echo> This stuff looks like it'd be incredibly hazardous to inject into someone. Good Lord, it'd be like getting a month of chemo in a single dose.
Apr 25 23:10:13 <Gara> John reads at that. He gets that kind of tthing
Apr 25 23:10:37 <Gara> "Now what the fuck would you ever do that to yourself for. That's… Christ.."
Apr 25 23:10:48 <Echo> 1d5
Apr 25 23:10:49 <CROM> Echo: 1 (1d5=1)
Apr 25 23:10:57 <MonkeyBomb> …
Apr 25 23:11:03 <Tox> "Well…if you have to be one hundred thousand percent sure you get rid of whatever the fuck's in you."
Apr 25 23:11:37 <Maddy> "Maybe these guys fought the flies?"
Apr 25 23:11:43 <Tox> "It's…probably /really bad/ for you, but if the alternative's even worse?"
Apr 25 23:11:45 <Echo> The pages after the first describe the various compounds, their dosage, mechanisms of effect and such.
Apr 25 23:11:45 <Maddy> "And so its for if flies get all up ins?"
Apr 25 23:12:00 <Tox> Cana leafs through it.
Apr 25 23:12:08 <MonkeyBomb> "I dunno."
Apr 25 23:12:22 <MonkeyBomb> "This place seems a little too elaborate for just giant-ass insects."
Apr 25 23:12:35 <Echo> "Wouldn't explain the decon."
Apr 25 23:12:52 <Gara> "Okay. Lets get this shit."
Apr 25 23:12:53 <MonkeyBomb> "This is something bigger."
Apr 25 23:12:57 <Gara> "It's here for a reason."
Apr 25 23:12:59 <Echo> "That shit we cut outta John? That wouldn't need none of this."
Apr 25 23:13:22 <MonkeyBomb> "What *would* is the question…"
Apr 25 23:13:31 <Gara> "That was parasitic, not viral or bacterial."
Apr 25 23:13:33 <Echo> "Yeah, load that shit up." Mitchell tosses his backpack over. "First aid shit, too."
Apr 25 23:13:51 <Gara> John gets all the things. He is like a kid in a candy store.
Apr 25 23:14:03 <Tox> "Yeah." Cana loads it the fuck up.
Apr 25 23:14:49 <Maddy> "Killer mold?"
Apr 25 23:15:00 <Tox> "Who the fuck knows.
Apr 25 23:15:02 <Maddy> "Killer, sentient fungus."
Apr 25 23:15:02 <Tox> "
Apr 25 23:15:23 <Echo> "Attack of the Giant Mold~."
Apr 25 23:15:51 <MonkeyBomb> "Heh."
Apr 25 23:15:57 <Echo> Mitchell wanders over to the room with the purple light and presses one of the eyepieces of his mask against the glass.
Apr 25 23:16:04 <Echo> "Yep… decon shower."
Apr 25 23:16:23 <Echo> 1d5
Apr 25 23:16:24 <CROM> Echo: 5 (1d5=5)
Apr 25 23:16:28 <Echo> Pause.
Apr 25 23:16:30 <Maddy> "So what's the pu-" OH FUCK YOU
Apr 25 23:17:11 <Echo> No sooner have the words left Mitchell's mouth before there's a shriek of tearing metal.
Apr 25 23:17:20 <Echo> Perception, full values for Cana and Brock.
Apr 25 23:17:28 <Maddy> 4df+3
Apr 25 23:17:29 <CROM> Maddy: 2 (4df+3=0, -, 0, 0)
Apr 25 23:17:33 <Tox> 4df+3 fnyaaahhh
Apr 25 23:17:34 <Gara> 4df+3 Weapons up, ready to rock.
Apr 25 23:17:34 <CROM> Tox: fnyaaahhh: 5 (4df+3=+, +, -, +)
Apr 25 23:17:35 <CROM> Gara: Weapons up, ready to rock.: 0 (4df+3=0, -, -, -)
Apr 25 23:17:37 <MonkeyBomb> 4df+3 !!!!
Apr 25 23:17:38 <CROM> MonkeyBomb: !!!!: 3 (4df+3=-, 0, +, 0)
Apr 25 23:17:40 <WalrusKing> 4df+2 i don wanna
Apr 25 23:17:41 <CROM> WalrusKing: i don wanna: 0 (4df+2=-, 0, 0, -)
Apr 25 23:17:55 * LucienTel has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Apr 25 23:20:01 <Echo> Cana catches sight of Mitchell dropping low to the ground, and frantically pointing at the floor. So do Brock and Jani. They also see the hulking thing that looks for all the world like a skinless reptile the size of a gorilla. No eyes, no nose, no ears. A mouth too large, and teeth too big, and too many of them.
Apr 25 23:20:31 <Echo> It erupts from the ceiling and lands heavily onto the deck the room over, cracking tile, and lurches drunkenly to one side.
Apr 25 23:20:34 <Tox> Cana drops to his knees, then immediately goes prone, drawing the advanced pistol.
Apr 25 23:20:48 <Maddy> Jani also drops to the ground.
Apr 25 23:21:03 <WalrusKing> Can we assume people with shit rolls noticed the lizard?
Apr 25 23:21:05 <MonkeyBomb> Brock immediately drops, setting Ace down as gently as possible….!!!
Apr 25 23:21:22 <Echo> It roars loudly, arching backward, and turns slowly. As it rotates, anyone looking up can see a pair of fleshy arms that look like they've somehow erupted from the creature's back.
Apr 25 23:21:40 <Echo> They jitter and twitch, apparently uncontrollably, as if they have a mind of their own.
Apr 25 23:22:08 <Echo> At the end of each "arm" is a sick-looking hooked claw, like the end of a nightmarish spider leg.
Apr 25 23:22:08 <Tox> Cana's beyond even screaming. The hands were bad, but this is a million times worse.
Apr 25 23:22:40 <Maddy> Jani take solace in the fact that other people are seeing this too.
Apr 25 23:23:29 <Echo> It stamps around heavily in the decon room, looking for something to lash out at, and selects to take its anger out on the door leading to the room the party's in.
Apr 25 23:23:44 <WalrusKing> Its in the decon room then?
Apr 25 23:23:50 <Echo> Yes.
Apr 25 23:23:59 <WalrusKing> Ilya hasn't noticed it though, right?
Apr 25 23:24:15 <MonkeyBomb> "Holy fucking shit." He hisses.
Apr 25 23:24:17 <Echo> It lunges, slamming itself bodily into the thing once, twice, three times, and spins again, more arms like the larger two visible through the glass sprouting from its chest. Now he has.
Apr 25 23:24:49 <MonkeyBomb> "So, uh, what was in those syringes again?"
Apr 25 23:25:03 <Maddy> Jani tries to scuttl over to the medbay, hoping they can lock themselves in there till this thing fuucks off.
Apr 25 23:25:09 <Echo> A moment later, it shrieks again and charges at the door opposite, heading away from them. It builds momentum across the room and nails the steel door head-on, ripping it away from its hinges and knocking the heavy pressure door outward.,
Apr 25 23:25:20 <WalrusKing> "Aha. Bliiin." Ilya gets crouched, and tries to walk so that he would be between it and other folks.
Apr 25 23:25:21 <Gara> John does not move.
Apr 25 23:25:25 <Gara> He barely things.
Apr 25 23:25:32 <Gara> He gets low, low.
Apr 25 23:25:33 <Echo> It can be heard tromping off through the hallway away from them.
Apr 25 23:25:41 <Tox> "…."
Apr 25 23:25:48 <Tox> "*….*"
Apr 25 23:25:59 <Tox> Cana feels his heart pounding in his chest.
Apr 25 23:26:03 <MonkeyBomb> "*What was in those syringes?*"
Apr 25 23:26:09 <Maddy> "So that's worse than sentient fungus."
Apr 25 23:26:10 <Echo> The sound echoes, quieter and quieter, until it's gone.
Apr 25 23:26:19 <WalrusKing> "Time to leave, friends."
Apr 25 23:26:26 <Tox> "Fffffuck me /running./"
Apr 25 23:26:55 <MonkeyBomb> Brock scoops up Ace and heads to the door with the purple light. The dog is growling.
Apr 25 23:26:58 <Tox> Cana slowly pushes himself to his feet.
Apr 25 23:26:58 <Echo> Mitchell waves his free hand frantically, then points at his masks eyepieces, then at the door to the decon room.
Apr 25 23:27:06 <Echo> He puts a hand up in an exaggerated shrug.
Apr 25 23:27:24 <Maddy> "It fucked off, if that's what you're asking."
Apr 25 23:27:26 <Tox> Cana shrugs back, making a looping motion near his head with his index finger. "Shit's crazy."
Apr 25 23:27:36 <MonkeyBomb> Any way to open this door? Any way to tell if it's /safe/ to open?
Apr 25 23:27:54 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to cautiously move up towards the decon door.
Apr 25 23:28:03 <Echo> Oh, the decon room door can certainly be opened. Pressure door, like the other one.
Apr 25 23:28:43 <MonkeyBomb> Brock is at the door on the opposite side of the room from where they came in from.
Apr 25 23:29:08 <Echo> "Did you fucking see that?"
Apr 25 23:29:17 <MonkeyBomb> "Yes. Yes, we fucking saw that."
Apr 25 23:29:25 <MonkeyBomb> "Now help me get this piece of shit door open."
Apr 25 23:29:26 <Tox> "Y-Yeah. I don't know what I saw, but it wasn't friendly. Not a buddy."
Apr 25 23:29:37 <Gara> "No, no we need to get out.
Apr 25 23:30:42 <Echo> "We don't know where the fucking Door is. Jani, how big is this place?"
Apr 25 23:31:01 <MonkeyBomb> Brock is trying to open the door at the opposite end of the room!!!
Apr 25 23:31:11 <WalrusKing> Monkeybomb: thats the decon room
Apr 25 23:31:25 <Echo> Unless he's heading back to the control room.
Apr 25 23:31:26 <MonkeyBomb> I don't evne nkow
Apr 25 23:31:50 <MonkeyBomb> Wait. Which way did the hellbeast go?
Apr 25 23:31:52 <WalrusKing> Monkeybomb: the two main doors were back towards control room and decon. The minor two doors were MREs and medical shit
Apr 25 23:31:52 <Echo> Control room and armory hallways's north. Decon's south. Monster went out the south end of the decon room.
Apr 25 23:31:59 <MonkeyBomb> Fuck
Apr 25 23:32:01 <MonkeyBomb> Nevermind then.
Apr 25 23:32:09 <MonkeyBomb> I thought it went to the control room.
Apr 25 23:32:15 <Gara> So the only way to go… it behind the monster.
Apr 25 23:32:19 <WalrusKing> Ilya is going to open the decon room door as quietly as he can
Apr 25 23:32:25 <Tox> It'd have to have gone through them to get there
Apr 25 23:32:30 <Maddy> "This place is…fucking huge."
Apr 25 23:32:40 <MonkeyBomb> "Shitshitshit."
Apr 25 23:32:53 <MonkeyBomb> "What. Was. In. Those. Syringes?"
Apr 25 23:32:54 <WalrusKing> "We nado to move bistro."
Apr 25 23:32:56 <Tox> "Great."
Apr 25 23:33:19 <Tox> "And the Door could be anywhere. Fuck, I wish I had Haeta's bullshit Door detector shit."
Apr 25 23:33:23 <Gara> "Hardcore drugs, should murder infections? I don't kno."
Apr 25 23:33:30 <Gara> "Well I do know."
Apr 25 23:33:53 <MonkeyBomb> "How do those injectors work?"
Apr 25 23:34:40 <Tox> "Slam it into your thigh."
Apr 25 23:35:05 <Tox> "The impact will trigger the autoinjector. It'll spring out and pump its whatever into you."
Apr 25 23:35:35 <Gara> "Hit a vein."
Apr 25 23:35:49 <Gara> "Intravenous is better then intramuscular."
Apr 25 23:35:59 <MonkeyBomb> "Think whatever's in them could stop that thing? That concoction was here for a reason."
Apr 25 23:36:19 <Gara> "… No."
Apr 25 23:36:25 <Gara> He shakes his head.
Apr 25 23:36:25 <Tox> "Brock, if you want to get close enough to one of those fuckers to inject it? Be my guest."
Apr 25 23:36:41 <MonkeyBomb> He shrugs.
Apr 25 23:37:37 <Tox> "Let's just…jesus, we have a shitload of ground to cover."
Apr 25 23:37:53 <Gara> "Lets get moving."
Apr 25 23:37:56 <Echo> Mitchell's still staring out through the glass to the decon room, and the now-wrecked door on the other sise
Apr 25 23:37:57 <Echo> *side
Apr 25 23:38:32 <WalrusKing> Ilya helpfully opens the door to the decon room, as quietly as he can.
Apr 25 23:38:44 <Echo> "Wait, *fuck*. We don't know where that thing went."
Apr 25 23:39:11 <Maddy> "We don't have a lot of options."
Apr 25 23:39:16 <Gara> "We have to go."
Apr 25 23:39:19 <Gara> "It'll find us here."
Apr 25 23:39:23 <Gara> "Eventually."
Apr 25 23:39:35 <Maddy> "At some point, if that thing gets to our way out, Haeata will have to close us in here."
Apr 25 23:39:37 <Tox> "Gotta find that damn Door. Our luck, it's in the very last fuckin room."
Apr 25 23:40:12 <Gara> "… Yeah."
Apr 25 23:40:25 <MonkeyBomb> "Let's just get a move on. Gimme one of those injectors."
Apr 25 23:40:25 <WalrusKing> "No more talking, time to move."
Apr 25 23:40:34 <Gara> John hands out injectors.
Apr 25 23:40:49 <Gara> "Who's on point?"
Apr 25 23:41:01 <Echo> "What about those monitors? Did anybody try turnin' 'em on?"
Apr 25 23:41:02 <Tox> Cana takes one. Or two. Whatever.
Apr 25 23:41:02 <MonkeyBomb> He scoops up Ace. "Nope."
Apr 25 23:41:15 <Echo> "That shit looked like a security room. Hell, this whole thing does on this end. Like, a, uh, like a fallback point. Control point."
Apr 25 23:41:38 <MonkeyBomb> "Pretty shitty control point."
Apr 25 23:41:38 <Tox> "Tried the radio things, didn't try the monitors. "Wanna go back and try?"
Apr 25 23:41:57 <WalrusKing> Ilya seems visible impatient. "I can take the point."
Apr 25 23:42:00 <WalrusKing> *visibly
Apr 25 23:42:24 <Echo> "I mean, if we're gonna run facefirst into some bullshit like that, we might as well make sure we're damn ready. Get some intel."
Apr 25 23:42:44 <MonkeyBomb> "Whatever. Let's just not become snackfood for Godzilla."
Apr 25 23:42:45 <Echo> He looks over at Brock. "And, you know, hang our ammo on the outside where we can get to it."
Apr 25 23:42:56 <MonkeyBomb> "Shhh."
Apr 25 23:43:54 <MonkeyBomb> "I got a dog to carry."
Apr 25 23:44:09 <MonkeyBomb> He starts moving back towards the control room.
Apr 25 23:44:25 <WalrusKing> "Mmm. Perhaps you are correct. I should calm myself." Ilya seems to be taking deep breaths.
Apr 25 23:46:12 <Echo> Mitchell starts back toward the control room, and stops at the heavy door. "Ilya, you wanna get this? Puts another big metal thing between us and Godzilla McGee in the hallway down there, too."
Apr 25 23:46:44 * S-Light (||thgiL) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 25 23:47:44 <WalrusKing> Ilya grunts. He does a door lift like all russians ought to. A door lift a day keeps doctors on the other side of the door.
Apr 25 23:47:44 <MonkeyBomb> Brock shimmies through with Ace.
Apr 25 23:47:53 <Maddy> Jani does a thing
Apr 25 23:48:11 <MonkeyBomb> He help hold it up from the other side again.
Apr 25 23:48:12 <Echo> Evan joins him a few seconds later.
Apr 25 23:48:33 <Gara> John goes.
Apr 25 23:48:52 <Tox> So Cana Goes.
Apr 25 23:49:12 <WalrusKing> Ilya holds it until they cross, and then repeats the traversal to the other side.
Apr 25 23:49:17 <MonkeyBomb> They all go into the sardine can.
Apr 25 23:51:02 <MonkeyBomb> "Knew we shouldn't have opened that Door."
Apr 25 23:51:16 <Maddy> "You can say that again."
Apr 25 23:51:23 <Maddy> "Voting we dont open anymore doors."
Apr 25 23:51:35 <MonkeyBomb> "But, God, imagine if that… thing… finds the way out of here."
Apr 25 23:51:45 <MonkeyBomb> "No, nevermind. Don't."
Apr 25 23:51:48 <Gara> "It'll die."
Apr 25 23:51:50 <Echo> "Yeah, Jani. We can take a hiatus after this'n."
Apr 25 23:52:12 <MonkeyBomb> "I say when we get back, we just fuckin' dismantle every door in Tinwald.
Apr 25 23:52:13 <MonkeyBomb> "
Apr 25 23:52:35 <WalrusKing> "As a good friend of mine once told me you say, 'I told you so' "
Apr 25 23:52:43 <MonkeyBomb> "Smart friend."
Apr 25 23:52:55 <MonkeyBomb> He checks on Ace.
Apr 25 23:53:46 <Maddy> "So uh…anyone know any knock knock jokes?"
Apr 25 23:53:52 <Maddy> "Probably gonna need one to get out."
Apr 25 23:53:53 <Echo> "…"
Apr 25 23:53:57 <Echo> "Oh."
Apr 25 23:54:09 <Echo> "I thought you were tryin' to be a smartass. And succeeding."
Apr 25 23:54:19 <Maddy> "Not in my programming."
Apr 25 23:54:47 <WalrusKing> "I do not understand these jokes. This is not funny."
Apr 25 23:54:52 <Maddy> "Just saying, we've been gone a while, Door's probably getting closed soon." she looks around for the void hole to see if it's been closed yet.
Apr 25 23:54:58 <MonkeyBomb> "Believe me, Ilya. They're not funny even if you did."
Apr 25 23:55:25 <Echo> "Beep boop." Mitchell rounds about on the monitors, looking for an on switch, anything. The void's still open.
Apr 25 23:56:17 <MonkeyBomb> Brock helps.
Apr 25 23:56:31 <MonkeyBomb> Ace lays limply on the floor in his banana suit. :c
Apr 25 23:56:52 <Echo> "I don't guess you can do your wizard magic on computer screens, huh."
Apr 25 23:56:54 <WalrusKing> Ilya starts unloading his gunz. Time to find out how many shootbang resources they have.
Apr 25 23:57:17 <MonkeyBomb> He literally tries. "Nope."
Apr 25 23:57:38 <MonkeyBomb> Are they all busted or what?
Apr 25 23:57:41 <Echo> That was at John.
Apr 25 23:57:48 <MonkeyBomb> Oh.
Apr 25 23:57:50 <Maddy> You know
Apr 25 23:57:50 <Gara> "No."
Apr 25 23:57:51 <Maddy> the mage
Apr 25 23:58:23 <Gara> "Only the living things."
Apr 25 23:58:57 <MonkeyBomb> Brock tries to trace their power cords…. if any.
Apr 25 23:59:33 <Echo> They run in a bundle over to a panel in the deck plating under the void.
Apr 25 23:59:37 <Maddy> "Cana:
Apr 25 23:59:49 <Maddy> "What would happen if I threw something into the void?"
Apr 26 00:00:10 <MonkeyBomb> No way to reach the panel?
Apr 26 00:00:17 <Tox> "Uh…" Cana thinks.
Apr 26 00:00:35 <Echo> Looks like the plating's got a set of hinges on one side. It'd lift right up.
Apr 26 00:00:44 <Tox> "It might get lost Outside. See…the way I think about it, the Door's gotten split in the middle, yeah?"
Apr 26 00:00:46 <MonkeyBomb> Oh goodie.
Apr 26 00:00:58 <MonkeyBomb> He opens yet another panel.
Apr 26 00:01:00 <Gara> "Lets not fuck with it."
Apr 26 00:01:03 <Maddy> "Mhm?"
Apr 26 00:01:15 <Tox> "Normally, the same physical door is the Door on both ends. And in between, you're Outside."
Apr 26 00:02:07 <Tox> "Here…it looks like the Door, the path through Outside, got split in half. One half is where we came in, the other half is God knows where. So this…is, I guess, what it looks like 'inside' a Door. Through Outside space."
Apr 26 00:02:38 <Maddy> "What if we set up an elaborate Scooby Doo situation, where the monster chases someone in here, lands on a wheelie chair and sails into the void?"
Apr 26 00:03:00 <Tox> Cana blinks. "You think that thing would fit through here?"
Apr 26 00:03:11 <Maddy> "Part of it would."
Apr 26 00:03:11 <Echo> As he swings it open, it passes through the void, slowing as if it had moved through an incredibly dense liquid.
Apr 26 00:03:12 <MonkeyBomb> "Oh fuck"
Apr 26 00:03:12 <Echo> Beneath the now-open section of deck panel is a shit-ton of unlabeled breakers.
Apr 26 00:03:12 <MonkeyBomb> "Double fuck"
Apr 26 00:03:12 <Gara> "Then it would probably be stuck there."
Apr 26 00:03:12 <Echo> "If you think it'd work…"
Apr 26 00:03:23 <MonkeyBomb> "That's, uh, that's a pretty bold idea, to say the least."
Apr 26 00:03:35 <Maddy> "Its a stupid fucking idea why are you guys entertaining this."
Apr 26 00:03:39 <Tox> Cana dips his head in thought.
Apr 26 00:03:47 <Tox> "Because it's dumb enough to work."
Apr 26 00:03:53 <Echo> "All right, Jani, we need you to build a Cana dummy out of a flamethrower an' hazmat suit, and rig it up on string."
Apr 26 00:04:06 <Tox> "Only problem— Hey, why does it have to be a dummy of me?"
Apr 26 00:04:18 <Echo> "When Old Farmer Godzilla chases it through, pull it up, and it'll go right out the Door."
Apr 26 00:04:20 * ApeGrenade (||hs) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 26 00:04:20 <Maddy> "Cause you're Daphne."
Apr 26 00:04:39 <Tox> "What. I don't know whether to feel complimented or insulted."
Apr 26 00:05:32 <Maddy> "Anyways. Better idea is to just sneak."
Apr 26 00:05:33 * MonkeyBomb has quit (NickServ (GHOST command used by ApeGrenade))
Apr 26 00:05:33 * ApeGrenade is now known as MonkeyBomb
Apr 26 00:06:03 * Gara has quit (
Apr 26 00:06:03 * WalrusKing has quit (
Apr 26 00:06:25 <MonkeyBomb> Brock cringes and flicks a single random switch on near the top.
Apr 26 00:06:42 <Echo> The lights in the control room go out. It's pitch black.
Apr 26 00:07:06 <Maddy> "And now we all die."
Apr 26 00:07:27 <MonkeyBomb> "…"
Apr 26 00:07:30 <MonkeyBomb> He turns it back on.
Apr 26 00:07:35 <MonkeyBomb> Er
Apr 26 00:07:36 <MonkeyBomb> off
Apr 26 00:07:39 <MonkeyBomb> whatever
Apr 26 00:08:03 <Echo> When he resets the breaker, the emergency lights flicker back on, then shut off again.
Apr 26 00:08:17 <MonkeyBomb> "………………………………………………………………………………………."
Apr 26 00:08:48 <Echo> A few moments later, the fluorescent lights along the circumference of the room flicker on.
Apr 26 00:08:59 <Maddy> "Ok that's better."
Apr 26 00:09:07 <MonkeyBomb> There are not enough ellipsis for this.
Apr 26 00:09:10 * WalrusKing (~PI.5241FB9E.F232B274.BC56664|niKsurlaW#PI.5241FB9E.F232B274.BC56664|niKsurlaW) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 26 00:09:10 * Gara (elttil.oot.leef.hcum|oot.kniht#elttil.oot.leef.hcum|oot.kniht) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 26 00:09:28 <Echo> Each of the monitors flash white, then go black, with a single word visible in the center of each: "STANDBY"
Apr 26 00:09:40 <MonkeyBomb> !!!
Apr 26 00:09:57 <Echo> Nearly half a minute goes by before this changes to "SYNCHRONIZING"
Apr 26 00:10:14 <Echo> This changes again a few seconds later to "NO SIGNAL"
Apr 26 00:10:14 <MonkeyBomb> "Eureka! And we only *almost* died."
Apr 26 00:10:18 <MonkeyBomb> "Nevermind."
Apr 26 00:10:40 <Maddy> "Well the point is, you got it off ermergency mode. That could either be a good thing, or a god awefulthing.
Apr 26 00:10:54 <MonkeyBomb> "I'm willing to bet it's the latter."
Apr 26 00:10:59 <Maddy> "Good int hat maybe we can get a monitor working."
Apr 26 00:11:18 <Maddy> "Aweful in that whatever lockdown this place is in has lifted and it's easier for the monster to get around."
Apr 26 00:11:23 <Echo> "Maybe the whole damn thing's just standby'd?"
Apr 26 00:12:02 <Tox> "Well….you wake a computer up from standby by pressing buttons."
Apr 26 00:13:16 * WalrusKing has quit (NickServ (GHOST command used by WalrusKing_))
Apr 26 00:13:17 <MonkeyBomb> Brock gets up and punches the spacebar on one of the computers.
Apr 26 00:13:17 * WalrusKing (~PI.5241FB9E.F232B274.BC56664|niKsurlaW#PI.5241FB9E.F232B274.BC56664|niKsurlaW) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 26 00:13:58 * Light— (||thgiL) has joined #afteractionmission
Apr 26 00:14:33 <MonkeyBomb> Ace bananas on the ground.
Apr 26 00:16:23 <Echo> Brock gets nothing from this.
Apr 26 00:16:43 * S-Light has quit (Ping timeout)
Apr 26 00:16:48 <MonkeyBomb> Didn't think so. "NO SIGNAL" isn't usually a good sign.
Apr 26 00:16:48 <Echo> Mitchell wanders over to Ace and unzips his suit.
Apr 26 00:16:54 <MonkeyBomb> "Fucking hell, dude."
Apr 26 00:17:27 <Echo> Mitchell unzips his own, pulling the section with the mask over his shoulder.
Apr 26 00:17:44 <MonkeyBomb> Ace wiggles his head into the open air. You can see the suit bump up and down as the dog wags his tail.
Apr 26 00:17:48 * Light— is now known as S-Light
Apr 26 00:18:09 <MonkeyBomb> Brock takes his own off now. If Ace is going to die via horrible parasitic infections, so is he.
Apr 26 00:19:08 <Echo> "We're past the airlocks, man. That decon room door, that's the one."
Apr 26 00:19:09 <MonkeyBomb> He pets Ace, who doesn't seem to hold anything against Brock for making him a banana.
Apr 26 00:19:55 <MonkeyBomb> "Better hope the seal doesn't break, then."
Apr 26 00:20:30 <MonkeyBomb> "Otherwise we're all royally fucked."
Apr 26 00:20:39 <MonkeyBomb> He sets his pistol down on the table, along with his rifle and the shotgun.
Apr 26 00:21:15 <WalrusKing> Ilya has laid out all of his spoils
Apr 26 00:21:26 <Gara> John takes off the gear.
Apr 26 00:21:49 <MonkeyBomb> Wait… Are the computers just monitors, or are the actual towers or whatever they are visible at all?
Apr 26 00:21:51 <Echo> 1d5
Apr 26 00:21:51 <CROM> Echo: 5 (1d5=5)
Apr 26 00:21:57 <MonkeyBomb> Oh my God.
Apr 26 00:22:01 <Gara> Oh god
Apr 26 00:22:02 <Gara> What
Apr 26 00:22:03 <Gara> No
Apr 26 00:22:04 <Gara> Please
Apr 26 00:22:08 <MonkeyBomb> pls
Apr 26 00:22:10 <Gara> Please no echo
Apr 26 00:22:12 <Echo> Just kidding.
Apr 26 00:22:16 <Echo> 8D
Apr 26 00:22:23 <MonkeyBomb> You are evil.
Apr 26 00:22:35 <Tox> :D
Apr 26 00:23:42 <Gara> "So! Tell me about these guns."
Apr 26 00:24:10 <MonkeyBomb> My question still stands!
Apr 26 00:24:10 <MonkeyBomb> Brock looks for computer shit.
Apr 26 00:24:10 <Echo> Just monitors.
Apr 26 00:24:10 <MonkeyBomb> Where are the towers?
Apr 26 00:24:10 <Gara> Probably just dumb terminals
Apr 26 00:24:11 <Echo> ^
Apr 26 00:24:21 <MonkeyBomb> Oh well. It was worth a shot.
Apr 26 00:25:57 <MonkeyBomb> Brock massages his temples.
Apr 26 00:26:16 <MonkeyBomb> "Doesn't look like the computers work."
Apr 26 00:27:35 <WalrusKing> "This is no good situation."
Apr 26 00:27:36 <Echo> "Maybe somethin' else just ain't got power."
Apr 26 00:27:40 <MonkeyBomb> "Sure, but I don't think flipping any more random switches is a good idea."
Apr 26 00:29:35 <MonkeyBomb> "I could try, though."
Apr 26 00:29:36 <MonkeyBomb> He shrugs.