Strikeout quotes have been added to CROM.


<Glacon> [2/12] 2011-09-10 <Sabitsuki> loloololol i poast quoat
<Glacon> [3/12] 2011-09-22 <Sabitsuki> bbl starting hard drugs and napping
<Glacon> [4/12] 2011-09-23 <Sabitsuki> Do you a katana
<Glacon> [5/12] 2011-09-23 <Sabitsuki> i have taken a magic potion that allows me to type in english and soon it will run ou nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan
<Glacon> [6/12] 2011-09-23 <Sabitsuki> Prestige Benefits: Reset to level one, receive item (Vodka)
<Glacon> [7/12] 2011-09-28 <Sabitsuki> Do not question the whims of The Claw.
<Glacon> [8/12] 2011-10-04 <Sabitsuki> i'll roll your balls
<Glacon> [9/12] 2011-10-04 <Sabitsuki> No her voice was faint you idiots
<Glacon> [10/12] 2011-10-07 <Sabitsuki> Shank's spirit animal is a wet sack of shit
<Glacon> [11/12] 2011-10-19 <Sabitsuki> The smell is coming from the hole.
<Glacon> [12/12] 2011-10-27 <Sabitsuki> my name is fuckface and this is clowntown
<Glacon> [1/14] 2011-12-07 <praetor> sexy children ftw
<Glacon> [1/4] 2011-09-23 <Tau> I AM THE GODDAMN ROBO-POPE, SCARECROW
<Glacon> [2/4] 2011-12-30 <Tau> "What? …Oh, your lance. I have not held it much, but yes."
<Glacon> [3/4] 2012-01-01 <Tau> "Oi, Direct…you fat fuck rabbits, [Jesus Christ.]"
<Glacon> [4/4] 2012-01-07 <Tau> "I will apologize to your mother." She closes her eyes and assumes prayer hands. "Dear lovely Kehlvonian lady, I am sorry your sopphe would not get off the floor and I had to put a rabbit on her. Amen."
<Glacon> [3/14] 2011-12-22 <Praetor> motion to destroy glacon before he becomes the perfect trolling engine
<Glacon> [4/14] 2011-12-22 <praetor> we were all talking and drinking and laughing and having a good time and rags just rolls the fuck over the party in his pedophile car
<Glacon> [5/14] 2011-12-22 <Praetor> "Good morning…" Oh, dear. Bloodshot eye. Mecheye refuses to open. Headache. The Jedi are going to feel this one.
<Glacon> [6/14] 2011-12-23 <Praetor> we should play with Artemis' lance
<Glacon> [7/14] 2011-12-27 <Praetor> Glacon Praetor: Tapping Sincerity. Bonne nuit. Bonne nuit to you all.: 13
<Glacon> [8/14] 2012-01-05 <Praetor> Praetor: Karna shifts, his feet finding purpose on the ground, and then pauses…and then releases it with all the force of a ballista at Jordan. Compelling Aether Infused for a -2 Physical Defense.: 12 (4df+9=+, 0, +, +)
<Glacon> [9/14] 2012-01-07 <Praetor> Instant Kill Sincerity: 11 (4df+7=+, +, +, +) Tau simply detonates the bullets in the man's body already, cutting his muscle, organs and bone with shrapnel. It's clean and painful, about as messy as a heart attack.
<Glacon> [10/14] 2012-01-14 <Praetor> E4D HELP THE BOT IS FUCKING ALIVE
<Glacon> [11/14] 2012-01-17 <Praetor> rags, congrats on your burn victim fetish
<Glacon> [12/14] 2012-01-18 <PRaetor> i'm black
<Glacon> [13/14] 2012-01-18 <Praetor> fuck war orphans
<Glacon> [14/14] 2012-01-21 <Praetor> guys I love nuts
<Glacon> [1/4] 2012-01-25 <Liebe> 13:59 * Dexanote joined #afteractionooc 13:59 Liebe speaking of penises 14:00 Liebe looks right into camera
<Glacon> [3/4] 2012-01-31 <Liebe> ragazzo why don't you stop derping so hard your asshole threatens to collapse into a singularity of fucking herp for a minute and read the back scroll
<Glacon> [4/4] 2012-02-01 <Liebe> UCC Coffee, you are my only friend on this dead gay Earth.


<Glacon> [2/25] 2011-09-12 <Dexanote> <Alice> she's so ugly time reset her first birth because it didn't want her genes to be carried on
<Glacon> [3/25] 2011-09-23 <Dexanote> Don't shit your pants with characterization
<Glacon> [4/25] 2011-09-23 <dexanote> man lamprey blowjob is bad touch
<Glacon> [5/25] 2011-09-26 <Dexanote> You keep asking why Shank does things when the obvious answer is "because he's a jackass"
<Glacon> [6/25] 2011-09-27 <Dexanote> (12:51:30 AM) Dexanote: piss
<Glacon> [7/25] 2011-09-29 <Dexanote> <Dexanote> Shank's a post human. <Nusquam> No, Shank's a post.
<Glacon> [8/25] 2011-09-30 <dexanote> "Stop talking when people are all freaked out, kay?
<Glacon> [9/25] 2011-10-22 <Dexanote> just pick the crud out of his bits.
<Glacon> [10/25] 2011-10-22 <dexanote> I was segwaying into Light's butt.
<Glacon> [11/25] 2011-11-02 <Dexanote> Your son's pretty
<Glacon> [12/25] 2011-11-07 <Dexanote> I can take 3 at once, but it gets tiring.
<Glacon> [13/25] 2011-11-17 <Dexanote> John knows anti-medical. You put him in to excise a tumour and you get *more* cancer.
<Glacon> [14/25] 2011-11-21 <Dexanote> Adhel: … Can I have the sex with the pohnpohn?
<Glacon> [15/25] 2011-11-28 <Dexanote> 01:13 Adhelami Kaiinithal stumbles the fuck back- Jesus christ, that wound is horrible. Blood sprays from it, but it becomes shadow-stuff as it comes in contact with the air. He looks up, stunned, and huffs… "…Get out." He weakly says… 01:13 Dexanote no u.
<Glacon> [16/25] 2011-12-10 <Dexanote> we've said before that r63 Dodridges would be the badass marine chick with her stuttering manbitch
<Glacon> [18/25] 2012-01-09 <Dexanote> the fucking isn't necessary
<Glacon> [19/25] 2012-01-12 <Dexanote> <Dr_Kens> "T…Tau…you… /bitch/. Better…better by…the Church's hand…than by…the Foundations!" <Praetor> Purple spots mark the arrival of a Ken's train to Knockoutville, incapping him. <Dexanote> No, Kens. No. By your hand.
<Glacon> [20/25] 2012-01-12 <Dexanote> this RP needs a pimp
<Glacon> [21/25] 2012-01-15 <Dexanote> 4df+4 Oh look at me, I'm kicking a moose in the head
<Glacon> [22/25] 2012-01-17 <Dexanote> lance is shaking with ear
<Glacon> [23/25] 2012-01-18 <Dexanote> these go to the dildotrain. it goes to rapeville
<Glacon> [24/25] 2012-01-20 <Dexanote> Ragazzo stop fapping to Magmar porn
<Glacon>[25/25] 2012-01-30 <Dexanote> man i have a craving for pokemon hentai now


Glacon> [1/25] 2011-09-07 <Dexanote> "Time ta piss off Jazon."
<Glacon> [1/11] 2011-09-17 <chainshank> He grabs one of Iyo's discarded arms, whopping her in the gut. Athletics to put the Winded Aspect on her. Oppose.: 7 (4df+3=+, +, +, +)
<Glacon> [2/11] 2011-09-18 <Chainshank> "I only speak tha Queen's English, Frederick."
<Glacon> [3/11] 2011-09-18 <Chainshank> "I flew a plane once… i mean, not very far, an only because i was fireproof, but yea."
<Glacon> [4/11] 2011-09-22 <Chainshank> "You are everythin' I despise. You are one of tha worst things in all creation. I am a Harvester of Souls. I 'm a symbol of growth and death. I am your reaper an you are tha Harvest."
<Glacon> [5/11] 2011-09-30 <Chainshank> "Stop talking when people are all freaked out, kay?"
<Glacon> [6/11] 2011-10-03 <Chainshank> "For me birthday I want tha robot to stop making stupid suggestions."
<Glacon> [7/11] 2011-10-10 <Chainshank> Shank sets the Scythe aside and grabs the hand, twisting it around, to snap it off.: 8 (4df+6=0, +, 0, +)
<Glacon> [8/11] 2011-10-17 <Chainshank> Shank's arms split into six arms and he flips Dusty off with all of them.
<Glacon> [9/11] 2011-10-19 <Chainshank> <Alicel> "Also, I have a name, please refer to me as such." <Shank> "But when I threaten you behind yor back people mishear me an' think it's tha lady Dodridge. An we know thaz off limits."
<Glacon> [10/11] 2011-10-28 <Chainshank> Finally, The Chain Shank catches gravity, plummeting into Foghorn like a rocket. Hi-Jump-Kick: 10 (4df+7=+, 0, +, +)
<Glacon> [11/11] 2011-10-29 <Chainshank> "I'm the fucking Chainshank and he's Jason MOTHERFUCKING Dodridge!"


<Glacon> [17/25] 2012-01-07 <Dexanote> Myr notes how easily they reiterate this, as if it's second nature to brief this. She realizes most Foundation personell are probably morons.


<Glacon> [6/28] 2011-11-05 <Adhelami> Yeah, her vagina was just set on fire.
<Glacon> [13/28] 2011-11-16 <Adhelami> Juicy meat makes me gag
<Glacon> [19/28] 2011-11-29 <adhelami> it's spraying everywhere ahaha
<Glacon> [22/28] 2011-12-03 <adhelami> I will make a pedo character so hard
<Glacon> [1/8] 2011-11-27 <Lilah> god i love girls
<Glacon> [2/8] 2011-11-30 <Lilah> bahaha I love vagoo
<Glacon> [3/8] 2011-12-18 <Lilah> omg im laughing so hard at how much I poop.
<Glacon> [4/8] 2011-12-18 <Lilah> All I wanna do is sneeze and poop…
<Glacon> [5/8] 2011-12-22 <Lilah> remebe
<Glacon> [6/8] 2012-01-07 <Lilah> sorry I was pooping
<Glacon> [7/8] 2012-01-11 <Lilah> he's wearing BOXER BRIEFS. <Praetor> flick his weiner <Lilah> i might
<Glacon> [8/8] 2012-01-15 <Lilah> brb picking my nose <Laito> i am so in love with her it hurts


Glacon> [1/28] 2011-10-27 <Adhelami> "THIS IS PROPER. It is just the strongest!!" She holds her cup up, "Dahn Alicel! Very good 'kaf-fee'. /DARK/ like a tainted soul!!"
<Glacon> [2/28] 2011-10-28 <Adhelami> "Ah… Was I loud?"
<Glacon> [3/28] 2011-11-01 <Adhelami> nods, taking Artemis' hand for support as she gets out of the bed. Her legs shake a little, "Ah, I have been laying for much much too long." She groans and stretches her back a little.
<Glacon> [4/28] 2011-11-02 <Adhelami> Adhelami continues to feel Artemis' blade.
<Glacon> [5/28] 2011-11-03 <Adhelami> "It was very long."
<Glacon> [7/28] 2011-11-11 <Adhelami> Adhelami's breathing is becoming more and more heavy. Her forehead glistens slightly with sweat.
<Glacon> [8/28] 2011-11-12 <Adhelami> She suddenly moves over to him, taking his cheeks,
<Glacon> [9/28] 2011-11-13 <Adhelami> smiles widely, "Maybe she can teach me things??"
<Glacon> [10/28] 2011-11-13 <Adhelami> gasps upon hearing Illia, and immediately retreats her hands between her thighs sheepishly.
<Glacon> [12/28] 2011-11-15 <Adhelami> Ah. no, it is very small and perky.
<Glacon> [14/28] 2011-11-18 <Adhelami> "Th-that was um…an exclamation of dissapproval. O-of Sehlvi's sheer unyielding power…"
<Glacon> [15/28] 2011-11-18 <Adhelami> "It is so hard…" She sniff-sniffs, trying to give Artemis a smile…
<Glacon> [16/28] 2011-11-20 <Adhelami> "Hm… Mine is very small." She pinches her fingers with a smile.
<Glacon> [18/28] 2011-11-22 <Adhelami> And then, "NNGH..!!" The girl tenses up, growling out.
<Glacon> [20/28] 2011-11-30 <Adhelami> "Cat Pants!" Adhelami holds up the project!
<Glacon> [21/28] 2011-12-02 <Adhelami> "But it is SO GOOD, Sehlvi… I… I am… a SLAVE to my TONGUE."
<Glacon> [23/28] 2011-12-04 <Adhelami> Adhelami adjusts her feet and then SPREADS EM like she's supposed to.
<Glacon> [24/28] 2011-12-06 <adhelami> She screws with knobs and Artemis has to fix it.
<Glacon> [25/28] 2011-12-11 <Adhelami> She suddenly drops the knife and holds her head, huffing and tightly shutting her eyes, "H-He's… DEEP."
<Glacon> [26/28] 2011-12-27 <Adhelami> The girl finishes the lovely piece and then groans at Artemis, "I want more."
<Glacon> [27/28] 2012-01-10 <Adhelami> It really is cold and hard to focus- tap tap. She pluffs, "Birds!! You are not angry enough!!"
<Glacon> [28/28] 2012-01-26 <Adhelami> peeks out of a peeky-slot and looks, "…Ah, Lehlna, what a huge thing."


<Glacon> [2/21] 2011-09-25 <E4D> Because everything is worse with bears.
<Glacon> [3/21] 2011-09-28 <E4D> [after a lengthy discussion over whether we should bother rolling persuasion] Nusquam, roll persuasion against Salmander's perception skill, or we're gonna be here all night
<Glacon> [4/21] 2011-10-02 <E4D> They stretched that far?
<Glacon> [7/21] 2011-10-13 <E4D> He barely achieves erection.
<Glacon> [8/21] 2011-10-16 <E4D> Bureaucracy doesn't make punches hurt any less.
<Glacon> [9/21] 2011-10-18 <E4D> I came at 4:14
<Glacon> [12/21] 2011-10-23 <E4D> prances off.
<Glacon> [14/21] 2011-12-18 <E4D> Though, to be fair, I had that happen once, drank a bunch of hot water, and took a massive shit and felt better. Like, the toilet was punished for its transgressions in a past life.
<Glacon> [16/21] 2012-01-15 <E4D> Man, I wish we had thoughtcrime in the United States.
<Glacon> [17/21] 2012-01-23 <E4D> Uh, people with no legs are creepy.
<Glacon> [18/21] 2012-01-26 <E4D> A choir of angels sang Handel's "Messiah," a ray of light shined down through my bathroom window, and I took a poo.
<Glacon> [19/21] 2012-01-27 <E4D> CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT, STAR-TROY
<Glacon> [21/21] 2012-01-31 <E4D> Like, I'd totally stick it in her pooper if she wasn't already COMPLETELY FUCKING ME.
<Glacon> [1/1] 2011-10-04 <E4D> I was rolling my balls off during the 610 run


<Glacon> [6/21] 2011-10-10 <E4D> A thought occurs. "Head! Head, head, head… that's what I need…"
<Glacon> [10/21] 2011-10-20 <E4D> "WE'RE NOT FUCKING."
<Glacon> [13/21] 2011-11-26 <E4D> <You know what? *Fuck* a ladder.>
<Glacon> [1/16] 2011-09-14 <Jason> «Yeah, an 8-incher ain't a daisy-cutter.»
<Glacon> [2/16] 2011-09-23 <Jason> «NOT NOW, FIGHTING AN OCTUPUS»
<Glacon> [3/16] 2011-09-24 <Jason> "Don't take the Lord's name in vain, goddamnit."
<Glacon> [4/16] 2011-09-28 <Jason> "Alice seemed like she got it well enough, but I've put in a lot of work with her before."
<Glacon> [6/16] 2011-10-20 <Jason> <JasonD> «Would you care to meat me by the prow?»
<Glacon> [8/16] 2011-10-20 <Jason> "I w-would k-kill for some calamari, though." "Those Star Wars things?"
<Glacon> [9/16] 2011-10-20 <Jason> Jason's busy going through the roofies.
<Glacon> [10/16] 2011-10-20 <Jason> "Midnight, what if you hit Dingo *really* hard with jerky?"
<Glacon> [11/16] 2011-10-30 <Jason> "SHIT'S ORANGE, DON'T CARE!"
<Glacon> [12/16] 2011-11-03 <Jason> flicks the fire selector back to auto and advances forward, setting up a clear line of fire from the flank and sweeping his rifle left to right, slamming 20 .338 Lapua Magnum anti-materiel rounds into the crowd of midgets.
<Glacon> [13/16] 2011-11-07 <Jason> "Should we treat it like a pirate, or smack it with hammers?"
<Glacon> [14/16] 2011-11-07 <Jason> "Just take this, put it inside, and push up hard."
<Glacon> [15/16] 2011-12-14 <Jason> 02:20 Adhelami "Ah… It is so complicated… How many is seex-tea?" 02:20 Dexanote "Six tens." 02:21 E4D "And that's terrible."
<Glacon> [16/16] 2012-01-31 <Jason> <Fuck *me*, ALICE! OVER HERE! NOW!>


<Glacon> [1/8] 2011-10-24 <Laito> Alex /me shuts his eyes.
<Glacon> [2/8] 2011-10-30 <Laito> "You got angry over somethig ridiculous, as usual, and punished everyone on the boat with your terrible ovarian wrath. How is that anywhere near a respectable attitude?"
<Glacon> [4/8] 2011-11-21 <Laito> "I'm pretty he's just watching"
<Glacon> [5/8] 2011-12-11 <Laito> "Laito: 'THey uh.. well, they were puttering around like they always do…'"
<Glacon> [6/8] 2011-12-25 <Laito> Artemis participates happily. Three-way bonk.
<Glacon> [7/8] 2012-01-20 <Laito> I was going to call them Battered Spouse Balls, because they are so sweet on the outside but bleeding ketchup on the inside.
<Glacon> [8/8] 2012-01-21 <Laito> caln yior tots


Glacon> [1/7] 2011-11-03 <Artemis> Choking up on the hilt, Artemis lazily swings the sword back and forth horizontally.
<Glacon> [2/7] 2011-11-13 <Artemis> smiles at the girl. He likes when she touches his head
<Glacon> [3/7] 2011-11-22 <Artemis> He lightly smacks her cheeks.
<Glacon> [4/7] 2011-12-03 <Artemis> He looks up and nods, rapidly pushing the tiny brush into the strange projectile tube.
<Glacon> [5/7] 2011-12-24 <Artemis> Insta-panic. ~I am going to be eaten by a vampire and Jason will -laugh-.~
<Glacon> [6/7] 2012-01-01 <Artemis> He is NOT afraid of commitment, he is an emotional amputee.
<Glacon> [7/7] 2012-01-07 <Artemis> "I am not selling you for cookies, I promise."


<Glacon> [1/10] 2011-09-10 <Maddy> Shit was so cash register
<Glacon> [2/10] 2011-09-27 <maddy> Saltwater poot
<Glacon> [3/10] 2011-09-30 <Maddy> Soo, kick them in their daddy bags and get the hell out of dodge.
<Glacon> [4/10] 2011-11-18 <Maddy> I fucking love pearlecant paaaain
<Glacon> [6/10] 2011-12-11 <Maddy> I made cookies! They are life changingly good.
<Glacon> [7/10] 2012-01-21 <Maddy> I need gloves to use my wheelchair SURPRISE SEX
<Glacon> [8/10] 2012-01-24 <Maddy> A robot is trying to grab my penis
<Glacon> [9/10] 2012-01-26 <Maddy> I cannot wait to eat this duck. It has been too long.
<Glacon> [10/10] 2012-01-26 <Maddy> [Bou fills out a flight roster] I wish I'd made Bou a sage bush, just so she could've wrote SAGE in every field.


Glacon> [1/10] 2011-09-30 <Alice> "I don't w-want to shoop my friends, Jason."
<Glacon> [2/10] 2011-10-06 <Alice> "Bush that eats p-people." Alice looks like a bush tried to eat her.
<Glacon> [3/10] 2011-10-10 <Alice> "Pshhh. I'm C-canadian, we can do it b-both ways. M-more fun that way."
<Glacon> [4/10] 2011-10-20 <Alice> Alice feels for the seed and shivers a little.
<Glacon> [5/10] 2011-10-20 <Alice> "N-nothing, not really. This is j-just kinda…big."
<Glacon> [6/10] 2011-10-31 <alice> "Who want's unagi?" Alice is covered in eel gore.
<Glacon> [7/10] 2011-11-20 <Alice> «Only my l-love for fish tacos.»
<Glacon> [8/10] 2011-11-23 <Alice> "Guh, gonna have a m-murder on our hands soon." In responce to evil dream crows gathering.
<Glacon> [9/10] 2011-11-24 <Alice> <…wow, you're a total cunt.>
<Glacon> [10/10] 2011-11-30 <Alice> Alice opens the door. "I'm going to s-set Redd on fire."


<Glacon> [1/3] <Maddy> "Fuck yes, being a bear is AWESOME!"
<Glacon> [2/3] <Maddy> "Eagle, globe and anchor." pokepokepoke. "You're a guy what studies whales!" God Bou, you're dumb.


<Glacon> [2/14] 2011-09-10 <Nusquam> That means he dropped the soap in the decontamination shower.
<Glacon> [3/14] 2011-09-12 <Nusquam> The shaft is in Jason's hand. The tip is lodged firmly in Eve's hull..
<Glacon> [6/14] 2011-10-13 <Nusquam> Jesus fucking quote spam.
<Glacon> [7/14] 2011-11-11 <Nusquam> This means that, speaking entirely from the basis of probability, if you search the same area six times you will find him even if he wasn't there before.
<Glacon> [8/14] 2011-11-27 <Nusquam> Aside from some wiring, she quickly concludes that cars make terrible arms.
<Glacon> [10/14] 2011-12-08 <Nusquam> But they gave an eight year old mutant a gun and told 'em to pogo on down to the firing range, apparently.
<Glacon> [11/14] 2011-12-11 <Nusquam> Yes, Ragazzo, the yetis fall to earth as asteroids.
<Glacon> [12/14] 2011-12-18 <nusquam> The fuck would a gun accomplish when your foe is a bad dream?
<Glacon> [13/14] 2012-01-31 <nusquam> Tagging The Flesh That Hates: 10 (4df+6=+, +, +, +)
<Glacon> [14/14] 2012-01-31 <Nusquam> the waffle sandwiches didn't help at all


<Glacon> [1/3] 2011-09-23 <Samil> "Can you smile like a doughnut?"


<Glacon> [1/14] 2011-09-07 <Heiden> She'll just show up at your doorstep and knock once, you'll look through the hole, and a small woman holding up a dildo with a ripcord, grinning maniacally, before she kicks the door in and knocks you out
<Glacon> [2/14] 2011-11-20 <Heiden> Being a player character means never having to apologize for anything
<Glacon> [3/14] 2011-11-21 <heiden> Lilah get Laito to look at this and respond please I think he's too busy touching his body
<Glacon> [4/14] 2011-11-26 <Heiden> Heiden plays with the thing!
<Glacon> [5/14] 2011-11-27 <Heiden> if you're just eating nachos off the toilet lid and shitting yourself then you're already dead
<Glacon> [6/14] 2011-12-13 <Heiden> "Mr. Dodridge, it is very difficult to take back 'I shot your dog'. I hope you understand that."
<Glacon> [7/14] 2011-12-15 <Heiden> Yeah, it's called the Jellymeister's Gambit, and it comes with a side of shame at what a lazy shit you are. (re: Smucker's Goober
<Glacon> [8/14] 2011-12-21 <Heiden> GOTTA FEED MY YAM HABIT. THAT'S WHY I'M AN ADVENTURER.
<Glacon> [9/14] 2012-01-03 <heiden> lol moosejobs
<Glacon> [10/14] 2012-01-12 <Heiden> That's because your genitals are /broken/.
<Glacon> [11/14] 2012-01-18 <Heiden> heh
<Glacon> [12/14] 2012-01-20 <Heiden> Imagine /that/ thing shooting from the head of your penis.
<Glacon> [13/14] 2012-01-23 <heiden> are you cheating on cripplequest
<Glacon> [14/14] 2012-01-27 <Heiden> ox would be okay if he were chemically castrated.


<Glacon> [1/18] 2011-09-07 <Ragazzo> 13:51 *** Ragazzo quit (Quit: Bowels are revolting)
<Glacon> [2/18] 2011-09-11 <Ragazzo> [Dusty] totally had the chance to be [a pedophile] too. He was like 'No.'
<Glacon> [3/18] 2011-10-08 <Ragazzo> "SEE THIS FINE CHUNK OF MANCHEMIST"
<Glacon> [5/18] 2011-10-12 <ragazzo> <Ragazzo> 1d6 Groin Quality Index <Glacon> Ragazzo: Groin Quality Index: 6 (1d6=6)
<Glacon> [11/18] 2012-01-03 <Ragazzo> Kens_Laptop Stop sucking Glacon's dick. :I Glacon Ragazzo: I'm not: 8 (4df+4=+, +, +, +)
<Glacon> [13/18] 2012-01-05 <Ragazzo> *That* is your hindu deity/character. |: He's not even /blue/
<Glacon> [14/18] 2012-01-09 <Ragazzo> Maybe ass some moar pony
<Glacon> [15/18] 2012-01-18 <Ragazzo> "I'm going to make you /beautiful/."
<Glacon> [16/18] 2012-01-23 <Ragazzo> Don't care, the people have spoken, and the people seem to think I should have launce hit on boy.
<Glacon> [17/18] 2012-01-30 <Ragazzo> There is at least someone who everyone in the convoy


<Glacon> [4/18] 2011-10-09 <Ragazzo> <Ragazzo> Dusty needs alicel, intimately. And by intimately he needs alicel to hold his fire extinguisher. And by fire extinguisher I don't mean penis.
<Glacon> [1/2] 2011-09-14 <Dusty> "Fire a large one off, then follow up with smaller ones."
<Glacon> [2/2] 2011-09-21 <Dusty> "He erects it just /behind/ Bruce."
<Glacon> [12/18] 2012-01-03 <Ragazzo> Lance blinks at myrtle's entrance
Glacon> [1/2] 2011-11-04 <Lance> Now…where is John. I need to take care of his face.
<Glacon> [2/2] 2012-01-27 <Lance> "Ugh…" Colmes flumphs onto his back. He makes a piercing observation, groaning it quietly to himself. "I am in quite a lot of pain."


<Glacon> [6/18] 2011-11-02 <Ragazzo> <Ragazzo> "No sir. Time has stolen my pencil away."
<Glacon> [9/18] 2011-11-29 <Ragazzo> Lance nods at myrtle, briefly appraising Myrtle, and her dampness with a lazy scan of his eyes.
<Glacon> [10/18] 2011-12-07 <Ragazzo> «Who is placing hats on vermin?»


<Glacon> [1/6] 2011-09-03 <Alanoch> "Poetic justice. In the form of a bear."
<Glacon> [2/6] 2011-09-10 <Alanoch> "If they keep talking like that, I'm going to cover their car in bears."
<Glacon> [3/6] 2011-09-18 <Alanoch> As the tumbler tips up, Alanoch strikes. A small globe of darkness surrounds it as he focuses. The inside is reflective, and he fills it with the hottest light he can. While he intended to cause a gout of scalding steam, the liquid is incapable of leaving. So what is left is dripping, molten glass and a ball of superheated alcohol, dropping towards his face.
<Glacon> [4/6] 2011-09-18 <Alanoch> «It stopped when you flashed it.»
<Glacon> [5/6] 2012-01-12 <Alanoch> "Hm. I'm surprised he couldn't find any faster methods than hanging."
<Glacon> [6/6] 2012-01-27 <Alanoch> I see a weird owl.


<Glacon> [1/3] 2011-10-24 <Light> Dindins, of course, is code for doctopus' balls
<Glacon> [2/3] 2011-11-01 <Light> I'll be your federal prison, baby
<Glacon> [3/3] 2012-01-07 <Light> Light strokes glacon


<Glacon> [1/8] 2011-09-22 <Waxx> : Dmitri throws the warhead.: 5 (4df+9=-, -, -, -) Gerald: Oh my god: 9 (4df+5=+, +, +, +)
<Glacon> [2/8] 2011-09-24 <Waxx> The fire is spreading rapidly, consuming the dry underbrush like Brush would consume a pan of lasagna, likening him to Garfield if I may.
<Glacon> [3/8] 2011-09-26 <Waxx> It is now officially a three way
<Glacon> [4/8] 2011-09-28 <Waxx> last year i was walking around outside naked and i found a wasps nest so i stuck my willy in it and i got stung on my willy by a wasp and i cried and it rly hurt and my willy got very red and large but not in a good way!!!1!!! and that is my story.
<Glacon> [5/8] 2011-10-21 <Waxx> i will probably have to roll for a heart attack again soon
<Glacon> [6/8] 2011-10-30 <Waxx> : Drop Dusty: 12 (4df+9=+, 0, +, +)
<Glacon> [7/8] 2011-10-31 <Waxx> GM's. i would like to use intimidate on the ocean. to intimidate it to give up alex.
<Glacon> [8/8] 2011-11-21 <Waxx> Dexanote: this dog has the biggest dick i've ever seen > Waxx real talk


<Glacon> [1/10] 2011-09-20 <Dmitri> <Kay> "How will you deal with me dating anyone?" <Dmitri> "I will kill them. That is that."
<Glacon> [2/10] 2011-09-24 <Dmitri> "Motorboating is one of them."
<Glacon> [3/10] 2011-09-24 <Dmitri> He looks up from his mug. "It is a rapid motion of the mouth across the breasts
<Glacon> [4/10] 2011-09-25 <Dmitri> Dmitri clears his throat and offers an explanation. "Yes. You did fine"
<Glacon> [5/10] 2011-09-30 <Dmitri> "You want me to discipline you?"
<Glacon> [6/10] 2011-09-30 <Dmitri> "I am not a capitalist soldier; I am a proletarian revolutionist. I do not belong to the regular army of rite plutocracy, but to the irregular army of the people. I fight for the workers’ revolutionary struggle against the war."
<Glacon> [7/10] 2011-10-11 <Dmitri> "This is not some stupid prehistoric dinosaur gypsy filth monster conjured from some…some witch's asshole."
<Glacon> [8/10] 2011-10-21 <Dmitri> Perhaps when we reach America, I will get my breasts enhanced.
<Glacon> [10/10] 2011-11-11 <Dmitri> I saw a man become a jew once. His nose grew, three sizes


<Glacon> [3/5] 2011-09-22 <Gerald> The charge flies straight and true, an engine of death and destruction. All of a foot and a half.
<Glacon> [5/5] 2011-10-12 <Gerald> [20:48] Gerald Soulless, I have honestly never considered how much charon pees.


Glacon> [2/2] 2011-10-11 <Charon> <Gerald>"John, you are as stealthy as a rhino strapped to a tank."
<Glacon> [1/5] 2011-09-07 <Gerald> «A monkey? There is, in fact, a monkey in the stryker?»
<Glacon> [2/5] 2011-09-07 <Gerald> "The wonders of the arcane and magic beyond the grasp of mortals. Congratulations, you have dug a hole."
<Glacon> [4/5] 2011-09-22 <Gerald> Charon, who was previously preoccupied with the Insurgent assassins that quietly dragged him out of the Florence, starts it back up.


<Glacon> [1/9] 2011-09-06 <Kay> Kay turns to Misha and Dmirti. "I'll be right back, this'll only take a second. Why don't you go into the next room and get ready."
<Glacon> [2/9] 2011-09-08 <Kay> "Vibes…lots of them. And batteries to run them all."
<Glacon> [3/9] 2011-09-12 <Kay> I want your head. No, the other one.
<Glacon> [4/9] 2011-09-21 <Kay> Waxx After a long pause. "You say that as if having breasts is a bad thing." Dawny "I never said that. They can be an effective tool."
<Glacon> [5/9] 2011-09-26 <Kay> "Sir, would you and Misha like more?"
<Glacon> [6/9] 2011-09-29 <Kay> "Fuck them all. And, like I said before, don't worry about Dmitri. I've got my ways to calm him down."
<Glacon> [7/9] 2011-10-16 <Kay> Kay pops the 'P'.
<Glacon> [8/9] 2011-10-20 <Kay> "Johnny…can you please just stop…I don't feel like being worked on right now."
<Glacon> [9/9] 2011-10-21 <Kay> "I could set it up for you. Simple silicone bags, small incision…no need for a woman ever again."


<Glacon> [1/7] 2012-01-24 <TroyL> You're like a troll whore that troll fucked with a monster troll cock and stretched out all your troll holes so they no longer give me troll pleasure. troll. (re: Ragazzo)
<Glacon> [2/7] 2012-01-29 <troyl> whispers "Bark for my dad, you son of a bitch."
<Glacon> [3/7] 2012-01-29 <troyl> I am the classiest and most classic of whores.
<Glacon> [5/7] 2012-01-29 <troyl> I've got my logging setting tailored to copy everything Ecks says in every channel into a single Log. I call it the Ecks log. I use it to hurt my friends.
<Glacon> [7/7] 2012-02-02 <TroyL> I WANT JAPANESE SEX, BURNS! I WANT IT!