Red Shard: Rewarded

Sep 12 00:54:50 <Nusquam> Perception!
Sep 12 00:54:57 <E4D> 4df+4
Sep 12 00:54:58 <Maddy> 4df+3 Eyeballs
Sep 12 00:54:58 <Glacon> E4D: 6 (4df+4=0, +, 0, +)
Sep 12 00:54:59 <Glacon> Maddy: Eyeballs: 5 (4df+3=+, 0, +, 0)
Sep 12 00:55:04 <DawnyWorks> 4df+2 what?
Sep 12 00:55:04 <Glacon> DawnyWorks: what?: 2 (4df+2=0, +, -, 0)
Sep 12 00:55:07 <Waxx> 4df+2 bollocks to this
Sep 12 00:55:07 <Glacon> Waxx: bollocks to this: 3 (4df+2=0, +, 0, 0)
Sep 12 00:55:13 <MisterFlames> 4df+4 Perception.
Sep 12 00:55:13 <Glacon> MisterFlames: Perception.: 6 (4df+4=0, +, +, 0)
Sep 12 00:55:28 <Rights> 4df+3 hurr durr ghost
Sep 12 00:55:28 <Glacon> Rights: hurr durr ghost: 4 (4df+3=+, +, 0, -)
Sep 12 00:56:26 <Nioki> 4df+4
Sep 12 00:56:26 <Glacon> Nioki: 6 (4df+4=-, +, +, +)
Sep 12 00:56:40 <Nioki> Alanoch sits at the edge of camp, hugging his knees.
Sep 12 00:56:52 <Nusquam> Everyone but Kay notes a glint of light off in the distance.
Sep 12 00:56:58 <Gerald> ~Ah, I am simply what a human /should/ look like~ He doesn't seem happy about the idea of mentally conversing, but it's better than everyone hearing what he has to say. ~I am an improvement on the human form.~
Sep 12 00:57:10 <Gerald> df eyes
Sep 12 00:57:10 <Glacon> Gerald: eyes: -1 (df=-)
Sep 12 00:57:12 <Gerald> df eyes
Sep 12 00:57:12 <Glacon> Gerald: eyes: -1 (df=-)
Sep 12 00:57:15 <Nioki> «I see something.»
Sep 12 00:57:18 <Gerald> 4df work, damn 4 key
Sep 12 00:57:18 <Glacon> Gerald: work, damn 4 key: 0 (4df=0, -, 0, +)
Sep 12 00:57:24 <Maddy> Alice turns her head to the glint. «I see it t-too…»
Sep 12 00:57:25 <Rights> ~…Isn't that called, like….posthumanism or something? I haven't been paying very good attention- did you see that?~
Sep 12 00:57:43 <Rights> The ghost's voice fades as she drifts upwards, though only Midnight can see, and looks.
Sep 12 00:57:50 <E4D> "What the hell is that?"
Sep 12 00:57:54 <Nioki> Alanoch stands, focusing on the glint.
Sep 12 00:57:55 <Gerald> Charon keeps an eye out.
Sep 12 00:58:17 <E4D> «Everyone, be advised, we got something on the horizon to the [direction here].»
Sep 12 00:58:18 <Gerald> "I am not sure. I only managed a glimpse, and it takes quite more than that to correctly identify something."
Sep 12 00:58:44 <Maddy> Alice shuffles the rabbits away and stands with Jason.
Sep 12 00:58:51 <MisterFlames> "Does anyone have binoculars handy?"
Sep 12 00:59:05 <Nioki> «There's something else. Look out.»
Sep 12 00:59:08 <Salmander> 4df+3 wait what
Sep 12 00:59:08 <Glacon> Salmander: wait what: 3 (4df+3=-, +, -, +)
Sep 12 00:59:27 <PaulS_laptop> John swings himself down off the top and in
Sep 12 00:59:32 <E4D> Jason scrambles to dive under the Eve.
Sep 12 00:59:37 <Salmander> Redd gets in the Eve and gets low, not necessarily in that order.
Sep 12 00:59:40 <MisterFlames> "Something's coming this way…" Midnight heads into Eve quickly."
Sep 12 00:59:45 <Waxx> Dmitri and Kay are already inside, so he pushes her further in.
Sep 12 00:59:49 <Nioki> Alanoch moves as fast as he can towards the armored vehicles.
Sep 12 00:59:53 <Gerald> Charon starts moving over, legs propelling him forward and low to the ground.
Sep 12 00:59:56 <Maddy> alice follows along, fitting under the LAV easily being leetle.
Sep 12 01:00:03 <Rights> The ghost's does not get into Eve, because she's a ghost. Instead, she drifts higher to look!
Sep 12 01:00:13 <DawnyWorks> "Sir…what's going on?"
Sep 12 01:00:24 <E4D> «Drop the ramp, Alice and I are coming in.»
Sep 12 01:00:31 <Waxx> "I do not know, stay here."
Sep 12 01:00:39 <Nusquam> There's a flash of sparks from Eve's side and a loud *clang* as it's impacted by something metallic.
Sep 12 01:00:42 <E4D> «We got something inbound, airborne.»
Sep 12 01:00:50 <E4D> «Shit. Stand by.»
Sep 12 01:00:51 <MisterFlames> ~Ghost, can you see it better?~ Midnight asks.
Sep 12 01:00:53 <Salmander> «The fuck?»
Sep 12 01:01:01 <DawnyWorks> Kay jumps and looks around. "What the fuck was that?"
Sep 12 01:01:13 <Maddy> She winces as it clangs, shifting a little closer to Jason.
Sep 12 01:01:15 <Waxx> "It would seem we are under fire."
Sep 12 01:01:19 <Rights> ~I'm looking!~ The ghost looks!
Sep 12 01:01:48 * Troy (~ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.50D600C7-CRInys|LyorT#ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.50D600C7-CRInys|LyorT) has joined #afteraction
Sep 12 01:01:52 * Troy is now known as Z-4
Sep 12 01:01:57 <E4D> Jason shakes his head a little, rolling to the side away from the clang, and circles around the LAV, gun up, toward the side of the CLANG.
Sep 12 01:02:09 <Sabitsuki> clang clang clang robot sex
Sep 12 01:02:19 <Nusquam> It's a pilum! Its tip is embedded two inches into the armor plating of Eve's hull. A scroll of parchment appears to be wound around it, with something tied to it with a bit of twine.
Sep 12 01:02:37 <Maddy> "Wh-….how?"
Sep 12 01:02:47 <Rights> ~It's a thing! IT's got a note tied to it!~
Sep 12 01:02:53 <E4D> Jason looks around, letting the rifle hang, and approaches carefully.
Sep 12 01:03:09 <Maddy> Alice keeps looking around, keeping Jason covered.
Sep 12 01:03:13 <Nusquam> The pilum remains stationary.
Sep 12 01:03:33 <Rights> The ghost says this to Midnight, then, hovers around Jason and waits.
Sep 12 01:03:43 <Nioki> «If someone can get a clear look, I can magnify it for them.»
Sep 12 01:03:49 <E4D> He grabs it with both hands, attempting to pull it out. "Come on, Oxide…"
Sep 12 01:04:06 <DawnyWorks> "I don't like being stuck in here Sir, makes me feel useless"
Sep 12 01:04:29 <Waxx> "I have a feeling this will pass very quickly. Just wait."
Sep 12 01:04:32 <E4D> "Alice… let 'em know… I'm too busy to key the radio."
Sep 12 01:04:37 <Gerald> "I am quite fond of the idea, personally."
Sep 12 01:04:41 <Nusquam> The wooden shaft detaches from the metal tip, the latter of which remains firmly embedded in Eve's side.
Sep 12 01:04:53 <DawnyWorks> "That's because you're a fucking pussy"
Sep 12 01:04:54 <Maddy> «W-we got a pilun w-with a note. S-stand by.»
Sep 12 01:04:55 <MisterFlames> "There's something on the side of the LAV with a note."
Sep 12 01:05:23 <E4D> He unwinds the twine, removing the parchment carefully.
Sep 12 01:05:45 <MisterFlames> "A pilum? They use soft steel, how could that penetrate the armor?"
Sep 12 01:05:53 <Sabitsuki> very carefully
Sep 12 01:05:58 <E4D> Jason passes the parchment to Alice, checking what was attached to it.
Sep 12 01:06:05 <Gerald> "That is because I am not here for direct combat. One does not use a hammer to unscrew something."
Sep 12 01:06:11 <Salmander> «The fuck is a pilum?»
Sep 12 01:06:31 <Maddy> Alice checks out the parchment.
Sep 12 01:06:36 <Nusquam> Something drops to the ground as the parchment is undone. It's dark and flat, and judging by the sound it makes against the rocks on the ground, glass.
Sep 12 01:06:37 <DawnyWorks> "I'm here to fix people, but I don't run from a fucking fire fight."
Sep 12 01:06:38 <E4D> «A short Roman javelin.»
Sep 12 01:06:52 <Rights> The ghost ducks to look at the glass thing.
Sep 12 01:06:56 <Salmander> «…What?»
Sep 12 01:07:03 <Waxx> "This is no fire fight."
Sep 12 01:07:07 <Gerald> «A roman javelin. Attacking our tank.»
Sep 12 01:07:12 <E4D> «I say again, a short Roman javelin.»
Sep 12 01:07:30 <Z-4> Z-4 wanders out of nowhere, literally nowhere. "There was a loud noise?"
Sep 12 01:07:32 <Nusquam> The parchment contains a message, written entirely in Latin.
Sep 12 01:07:35 <Salmander> «Eh, fuck it, ok, whatever you say boss.»
Sep 12 01:07:42 <Rights> ~This is the most useless note.~
Sep 12 01:07:44 <DawnyWorks> "I know Sir, but that's not the point. He puts *everyone* between himself and the fighting, even the fucking kid."
Sep 12 01:07:53 <Rights> ~Did we just get shot at by /literal romans/?~
Sep 12 01:07:57 <Rights> She speaks to Jason.
Sep 12 01:07:58 <Maddy> "…damnit Too…" she hits her radio. «Anyone know l-latin?»
Sep 12 01:08:02 <Waxx> "Who does?"
Sep 12 01:08:14 <E4D> «No. We just got shot at by Too.»
Sep 12 01:08:25 <E4D> *""
Sep 12 01:08:35 <Rights> ~Oh.~
Sep 12 01:08:35 <DawnyWorks> "Charon, the CI fuck nut"
Sep 12 01:08:47 <DawnyWorks> «Two Romans?»
Sep 12 01:08:48 <Waxx> "Do your best to ignore it."
Sep 12 01:09:01 <E4D> He spoke that.
Sep 12 01:09:02 <Maddy> "Well not shot a-at , I assume he was t-tying to get a message out…forgot h-how to write in english."
Sep 12 01:09:14 <DawnyWorks> fine, redact
Sep 12 01:09:24 <Maddy> «I s-say again, anyone know Latin?»
Sep 12 01:09:45 <Gerald> «Of all the dealings I have done with various languages, Latin was not one of them. My deepest apologies.»
Sep 12 01:09:45 <DawnyWorks> «I know a few words…but not much»
Sep 12 01:10:07 <Maddy> "Welp…w-what fell out o-of it hun?"
Sep 12 01:10:18 <Z-4> "I only know the spooky words…"
Sep 12 01:10:27 <Salmander> «Uh… exempli gratia.» Even that short bout of latin is butchered by Redd's accent/
Sep 12 01:10:31 <E4D> Jason reaches down and gingerly picks up the glass.
Sep 12 01:10:59 <Nusquam> It's just a blue shard of glass, totally unremarkable in appearance.
Sep 12 01:11:30 <E4D> "Fuck me sideways…
Sep 12 01:11:31 <Maddy> "…if that…you think it's…like the red s-shard?"
Sep 12 01:11:33 <E4D> ""
Sep 12 01:11:54 <MisterFlames> "Let me look at the shard." Midnight says.
Sep 12 01:12:19 <E4D> Jason kneels down, holding it in front of ze Kat.
Sep 12 01:12:32 <Nioki> Alanoch sits and waits for things to make sense.
Sep 12 01:12:33 <DawnyWorks> "I'm not going to ignore a man who'd rather *I* get shot then himself, and then fix it when he gets hurt."
Sep 12 01:12:55 <Gerald> "Well, it would be strange if one would give us a shard and expect us to break it. I would assume that the instructions are contained within the message."
Sep 12 01:12:58 <Waxx> "Know when to pick your battles, girl."
Sep 12 01:13:09 <Gerald> "The agency we received the last shard from spoke English, yes?"
Sep 12 01:13:24 <Maddy> "He s-slipped into latin o-ocationally."
Sep 12 01:13:38 <DawnyWorks> Kay glances at Dmitri and sighs. "I'd shoot him if you wern't here, so feel damn special."
Sep 12 01:13:58 <Salmander> Redd stays in EVE. «So, uh, what'd you find?»
Sep 12 01:14:08 <E4D> "He was… guy looked like a Roman soldier or somethin'. Had a snake with him. Snake was a smartass. Talked a lotta shit."
Sep 12 01:14:13 <Waxx> "You have to wait until it is only you and him, then say it was someone else."
Sep 12 01:14:13 <Maddy> She rolls up the note, placing it carefully into a pouch. "B-best put that somewhere fucking s-s-safe…"
Sep 12 01:14:15 <Gerald> "That is something of note then. I would still assume that he had the intelligence to know we spoke English, though."
Sep 12 01:14:20 <E4D> "Both of 'em, black and red."
Sep 12 01:14:34 <E4D> "Yeah, he started speaking it after we spoke it."
Sep 12 01:14:37 <DawnyWorks> "Or I could pay someone else to do it"
Sep 12 01:15:23 * Ragazzo (ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.5F2DDD7A-CRInys|tibbiM#ten.llebcap.ac2tks.lsd.5F2DDD7A-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Sep 12 01:15:25 <Rights> ~YOu guys have weird acquaintences.~
Sep 12 01:15:52 <MisterFlames> "You're telling me, Ghost." Midnight replies.
Sep 12 01:15:57 * Z-4 peers at the ghost. "Yes, we do."
Sep 12 01:16:17 <DawnyWorks> "How much convincing do you think it would take Shank…?"
Sep 12 01:16:32 <Maddy> Alice looks at Z-4. "Y-you would be able to see ghost w-wouldn't you…"
Sep 12 01:16:58 * Doctor_Light has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Sep 12 01:17:18 <Waxx> "I do not make deals with the devil, sorry."
Sep 12 01:17:27 <Rights> The ghost looks at Z-4. She's whisps of an etheral woman, her form tattered and indistinct. ~…What are you?~
Sep 12 01:17:28 <E4D> Jason is still kneeling down, holding the shard for the cat.
Sep 12 01:17:38 <Z-4> Z-4 looks back at Alice. "That's a ghost? That's interesting…"
Sep 12 01:17:51 <DawnyWorks> "Good point…will you kill him for me? Maybe Misha…"
Sep 12 01:18:00 <Maddy> "I c-can't see her, so I'm only g-guessing that's who you're tlkaing to.
Sep 12 01:18:21 <Waxx> Dmitri weighs his options.
Sep 12 01:18:26 <Waxx> "If Dodge Ridge says I can."
Sep 12 01:18:27 <Z-4> He looks back to the ghost again. "I'm a machine," he said, shrugging.
Sep 12 01:18:42 <Rights> ~Weird!~ The ghost drifts around him like smoke.
Sep 12 01:18:52 <Rights> ~Then again, I'm dead. Androids are hardly a stretch.~
Sep 12 01:19:29 <DawnyWorks> "Sweet" Kay glares at Charon
Sep 12 01:19:36 * ChanServ sets mode +a #afteraction Sabitsuki
Sep 12 01:19:36 * ChanServ gives channel operator status to Sabitsuki
Sep 12 01:19:50 <Z-4> He moves his hand through the ghost experimentally.
Sep 12 01:19:55 <Gerald> Charon smiles, and gives Kay an ornate bow.
Sep 12 01:20:18 <Rights> She does not seem to exist, physically.
Sep 12 01:20:21 <Salmander> Redd finally steps out of EVE.
Sep 12 01:20:24 <Waxx> "I will let you know, I have eaten ham with this man. I harbor no ill feelings towards him."
Sep 12 01:20:36 <Nioki> «Is it safe to get out?»
Sep 12 01:20:43 <DawnyWorks> "He called you an idiot"
Sep 12 01:20:49 <E4D> «It's been safe for fifteen minutes.»
Sep 12 01:20:52 <MisterFlames> "I think it's safe," Midnight says.
Sep 12 01:20:56 <Waxx> "What? No he has not."
Sep 12 01:20:59 <Gerald> "I have done no such thing!"
Sep 12 01:21:25 <Salmander> "The fuck is goin' on?"
Sep 12 01:21:30 <E4D> «Midnight, my back
Sep 12 01:21:37 <Z-4> "Interesting… but that's not magic.." he mumbled.
Sep 12 01:21:43 <E4D> 's getting stiff. You want to check this thing out or not?"
Sep 12 01:21:43 <DawnyWorks> "You said we were all idiots. Every member of the convoy. Sir is a member of the convoy. You called him a idiot."
Sep 12 01:21:52 <Nioki> Alanoch gets out, and walks around to take a look at the pilum.
Sep 12 01:22:05 <Rights> ~Magic magic bo-bagic.~
Sep 12 01:22:11 <Waxx> "I do not believe that."
Sep 12 01:22:18 <Nusquam> The shaft is in Jason's hand. The tip is lodged firmly in Eve's hull.
Sep 12 01:22:29 <Nioki> Rowrr.
Sep 12 01:22:30 <Sabitsuki> huff huff
Sep 12 01:22:34 <DawnyWorks> "That's why I shot at him, he kept calling everyone idiots and I was sick of it."
Sep 12 01:22:47 <Ragazzo> Dusty blinks walking up.
Sep 12 01:22:55 <Z-4> "That doesn't seem like a good reason…" He looks around.
Sep 12 01:23:04 <Rights> ~Hm.~
Sep 12 01:23:06 <Ragazzo> "You call me /much/ worse things."
Sep 12 01:23:17 <Gerald> "…..You are quite possessed about the idea of discrediting me with such a lengthy logic train, dear Kay. My, that is an unhealthy obsession."
Sep 12 01:23:29 <Waxx> "I have killed men for many reasons, but never for calling someone stupid."
Sep 12 01:23:37 <Nioki> "I wonder if they'll want it back."
Sep 12 01:23:43 <Waxx> "…well, no. I cannot be sure of that."
Sep 12 01:23:45 <MisterFlames> "Sorry, Jason."
Sep 12 01:23:52 <Waxx> "But I do not -remember- killing anyone for calling someone stupid."
Sep 12 01:24:06 <DawnyWorks> "I didn't try to kill him, I aimed at his foot"
Sep 12 01:24:09 <MisterFlames> 4df+4 Midnight concentrates, and looks at the Shard carefully.
Sep 12 01:24:09 <Glacon> MisterFlames: Midnight concentrates, and looks at the Shard carefully.: 5 (4df+4=0, +, +, -)
Sep 12 01:24:31 <Waxx> "Why would you aim for a foot?" he chastises.
Sep 12 01:24:32 <DawnyWorks> "And, Dusty, I do that out of…well, not love…but not anger either"
Sep 12 01:24:42 <Ragazzo> "Mhm."
Sep 12 01:24:42 <Rights> The ghost seems to dissipate, becoming an odd distortion as she drifts out of focus.
Sep 12 01:24:56 <DawnyWorks> "Because I told him if I was such an idiot I'd give him a hole he could fix his damn self"
Sep 12 01:25:11 <Z-4> Z-4 wanders off somewhere…
Sep 12 01:25:34 <E4D> «Colonel, we got another shard-thing. Like the one from before, looks like.»
Sep 12 01:25:54 * Sabitsuki is now known as Mal
Sep 12 01:26:00 * Z-4 (~ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.50D600C7-CRInys|LyorT#ten.tenreitnorf.nt.lvkc.20rd.50D600C7-CRInys|LyorT) has left #afteraction
Sep 12 01:26:05 <Waxx> «Did we ever get a reward from the last time?»
Sep 12 01:26:22 <Mal> "OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE."
Sep 12 01:26:30 <Maddy> "…lovely."
Sep 12 01:26:31 <Ragazzo> «….hey!»
Sep 12 01:26:40 <Ragazzo> «We never did get shit for that did we?»
Sep 12 01:26:48 <Mal> "YOU ARE ALL SO STUPID."
Sep 12 01:26:56 <Salmander> "The fuck is that?"
Sep 12 01:27:19 <E4D> Jason levels his gaze, flatfaces, stands up, and turns around, still holding the shard. "Hello, Mal."
Sep 12 01:27:20 <Mal> The parchment writing burns for a second, and then the Latin moon language changes to English.
Sep 12 01:27:31 <MisterFlames> "It's not cuneiform, Snake." Midnight points out.
Sep 12 01:27:36 <Gerald> "Oh, we are not the ones who make such base assumptions. When a delegation speaks to you in a language, it is rather asinine to assume they know another."
Sep 12 01:27:46 <Waxx> Dmitri pats Kay on the shoulder and steps outside to observe the proceedings.
Sep 12 01:27:58 <Maddy> "We're stupid b-because we don't knwo a dead language" Alice pulls the parchment from her pouch, looking at it again.
Sep 12 01:28:00 <Ragazzo> Dusty watches all this curiously.
Sep 12 01:28:28 * Mal is now known as Sabitsuki
Sep 12 01:28:31 <E4D> "…"
Sep 12 01:28:40 <Nioki> Alanoch listens in mild confusion.
Sep 12 01:28:41 <DawnyWorks> Kay follows and looks around. "The fuck?"
Sep 12 01:28:42 <Maddy> "I fucking hate t-that thing."
Sep 12 01:28:44 <Gerald> Charon chuckles.
Sep 12 01:28:52 <E4D> "So, Mal…"
Sep 12 01:28:56 <Salmander> "I'm not mortal and I don't have a head, ya fuck."
Sep 12 01:29:03 <E4D> "What do we get for doing what you asked?"
Sep 12 01:29:14 <Salmander> "And I'm not made of meat either."
Sep 12 01:29:15 <E4D> "I broke the shard, and we killed your monster.:
Sep 12 01:29:21 <E4D> "I nearly died doing it."
Sep 12 01:29:37 <Sabitsuki> No response.
Sep 12 01:29:41 <MisterFlames> "Nasty thing, at that," Midnight says. "I only heard rumors of them before."
Sep 12 01:29:50 <Maddy> "…fucking useless."
Sep 12 01:29:58 <Maddy> Alice reads the parchment!
Sep 12 01:29:59 <Nioki> "That was a joke, right? I'm not good at recognizing those. Okay."
Sep 12 01:30:49 <E4D> Jason continues staring at the snake.
Sep 12 01:30:58 <Sabitsuki> there's no snake bro
Sep 12 01:31:04 <E4D> Very well.
Sep 12 01:31:20 <Ragazzo> "Well."
Sep 12 01:31:26 <Ragazzo> "That was bullshit."
Sep 12 01:31:37 <Ragazzo> "What's on the parchment?"
Sep 12 01:32:10 <Maddy> "Shut up and l-let me read it, fuck."
Sep 12 01:32:31 <E4D> Jason raises an eyebrow at Alice.
Sep 12 01:32:32 <Ragazzo> "Alright, damn. Sorry."
Sep 12 01:33:51 <Nusquam> The parchment, now in plainly written English, states: "As payment for completion of your task, you may select any payment you desire in return, at my sole discretion. I have obligations elsewhere and, considering your woefully lacking hospitality, this is simply more expedient. When you have reached consensus, write what you've selected and burn this
Sep 12 01:34:09 <Nusquam> message. Attached is the next shard."
Sep 12 01:34:57 <Maddy> "S-says we are to r-reach a concensus on w-what we want as pament, w-write it on here, then burn it. A-also, yea that's like the other shard."
Sep 12 01:35:03 <Waxx> Dmitri looks at Jason. "I would like Aleks and Doktor Geier to be freed from their servitude."
Sep 12 01:35:22 <Ragazzo> "No arguments here."
Sep 12 01:35:26 <Salmander> "I don't give a shit."
Sep 12 01:35:34 <Gerald> "Aha, I would suggest new vehicles."
Sep 12 01:35:58 <Maddy> "We just got rid of ours. On p-purpose, w-why would we want more?"
Sep 12 01:36:05 <Waxx> "If that is not possible, I would like to kill every gypsy."
Sep 12 01:36:07 <Nioki> "Anything?"
Sep 12 01:36:09 <Waxx> Dmitri is dead serious.
Sep 12 01:36:20 <Nioki> "What are their limitations?"
Sep 12 01:36:26 <Maddy> "A-any payment you desire."
Sep 12 01:36:30 <Ragazzo> "You know what would be great?"
Sep 12 01:36:36 <E4D> "How about a fucking tank? An M1A2 Abrams."
Sep 12 01:36:36 <Ragazzo> "Turning the Ways back on."
Sep 12 01:36:44 <Gerald> "Ah, a tank would be nice."
Sep 12 01:36:53 <Ragazzo> "Or at least getting one temporarily to america."
Sep 12 01:36:53 <Maddy> "At m-my sole descretion."
Sep 12 01:36:53 <Gerald> "Destroy the Insurgency in its entirety."
Sep 12 01:36:59 <Nioki> "Then we shouldn't ask for anything we could get in any other way."
Sep 12 01:37:14 <Maddy> "So h-he could say no i-if he doesn't feel like it or w-whatever."
Sep 12 01:37:16 <Sabitsuki> There's something on the backside of the note!!
Sep 12 01:37:25 <Salmander> "How about transportation to our destination and a goddamn boat."
Sep 12 01:37:42 <Maddy> Alice looks at that too!
Sep 12 01:38:40 <Sabitsuki> "Also - tell the little Jap spirit she isn't nearly as clever and she thinks, and she will never beat me in a rap off."
Sep 12 01:38:45 <Sabitsuki> - Mal
Sep 12 01:38:50 <Sabitsuki> *as she
Sep 12 01:39:08 <Waxx> Dmitri thinks. "…How about my wife?"
Sep 12 01:39:24 <Maddy> "Then t-theres a n-not from Mal to a "jap spirit about a rap off."
Sep 12 01:39:32 <Maddy> "Wat."
Sep 12 01:39:35 <Nioki> "There must be limitations. Or we could simply ask that the apocalypse never have happened."
Sep 12 01:39:38 <Gerald> "……"
Sep 12 01:39:59 <Ragazzo> "Yeah."
Sep 12 01:40:02 <MisterFlames> "Dmitri, I would suggest that you read the story 'The Monkey's Paw' as to why that might not be a good idea."
Sep 12 01:40:02 <Gerald> "Again, I would say an upgrade on our vehicles. Or a better way to move undetected."
Sep 12 01:40:07 <Maddy> "Did no one h-hear the at his discretion part?" she rubs her temples.
Sep 12 01:40:10 <E4D> "We've run into these guys before."
Sep 12 01:40:14 <Ragazzo> "Resurrection might be possible. I did it once."
Sep 12 01:40:28 <Nioki> "Simple material requests seem like a waste."
Sep 12 01:40:28 <Ragazzo> "So I'm pretty sure these fucking traders could."
Sep 12 01:40:40 <Waxx> "MY WIFE IS NOT AN ANIMAL."
Sep 12 01:40:46 * DawnyWorks has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Sep 12 01:40:49 <E4D> "There are limits. We already asked about it. And the resurrection shit was a no-go. It's a life for a life with them. They gave the bottom line, remember? Blood for blood."
Sep 12 01:40:50 <Waxx> Dmitri kicks the side of the LAV.
Sep 12 01:41:05 <Ragazzo> "Such bullshit."
Sep 12 01:41:20 <Waxx> "WELL IF THAT WILL NOT WORK, I THINK THE BLOOD OF EVERY GYPSY IS FAIR." Dmitri has a coughing fit from the rage.
Sep 12 01:41:51 <MisterFlames> "Colonel… please."
Sep 12 01:42:03 <Waxx> "I WILL NOT BE LECTURED BY A KAT."
Sep 12 01:42:11 <E4D> "
Sep 12 01:42:17 <Maddy> "Oh for fuck sake. We are not asking for the blood of gypsies, or anything that benifits only a single member of this convoy. We will reach a concensus of something we can all live with."
Sep 12 01:42:18 <Sabitsuki> we could get some other animal to lecture you
Sep 12 01:42:33 <Waxx> a bear might be more acceptable
Sep 12 01:42:46 <Nioki> "We could ask for knowledge about the apocalypse. The things that have happened. What we need to know to survive."
Sep 12 01:43:04 <Gerald> "Ah, if I may point out, the destruction or hampering of the Insurgency would benefit the convoy as a whole /quite/ well."
Sep 12 01:43:06 <Ragazzo> "Getting them to give us a way to open Ways would be immensely helpful…."
Sep 12 01:43:13 <E4D> "Colonel. Get yout bearing. If we want your wife back, we got to trade someone. And we ain't takin' anything that goes for one person, like Alice said."
Sep 12 01:43:34 <Maddy> "Stop shouting before I start shooting people in the shins." more temple rubbing. "Alanoch and Charon's excellent idea's are c-currently on the table,"
Sep 12 01:43:47 <Waxx> After gaining control of his coughing fit, Dmitri mutters to himself. "The death of every gypsy would be a benefit to all."
Sep 12 01:44:10 <Maddy> "…" Alice doesn't dignify that with a response.
Sep 12 01:44:30 <E4D> "Know about the apocalypse. What happened. How to survive. Well, the last one seems pretty well understood. And the first two aren't prerequisites."
Sep 12 01:44:41 <Waxx> He is too pissed off to partake in this conversation, so Dmitri retires to Eve and returns to his typing.
Sep 12 01:44:42 <Ragazzo> "No one thinks the advantage of magical shortcuts is worth considering?"
Sep 12 01:44:50 <MisterFlames> "All right, then. I like the idea of knowledge. A tank would be interesting, but we don't really have the people to handle it."
Sep 12 01:45:01 <Ragazzo> "We could be in america /today/."
Sep 12 01:45:03 <Maddy> "Not everyone is comfortable with magic."
Sep 12 01:45:11 <E4D> "Dusty, the Ways are GONE."
Sep 12 01:45:16 <Gerald> "Note necessarily a tank, simply an upgrade on our vehicles."
Sep 12 01:45:21 <MisterFlames> "Dusty, having the Ways back would be lovely, but he could just say No."
Sep 12 01:45:26 <E4D> "This came up before."
Sep 12 01:45:49 <Ragazzo> "Gone, or Shut? If they're gone, forget it."
Sep 12 01:45:53 <E4D> "They said this reality's been declared *dead*."
Sep 12 01:45:55 <Nioki> "Mine is probably too general. We shouldn't let them decide what to do with our reward."
Sep 12 01:46:17 <Ragazzo> "They'd probably say no anyhow."
Sep 12 01:46:34 <Ragazzo> "What about Redd's idea?"
Sep 12 01:46:37 <Salmander> Redd just stands by, leaning against Eve and flipping his coin.
Sep 12 01:47:13 <Maddy> "It's a possibility. Keep the idea's coming."
Sep 12 01:47:25 <E4D> "Transportation to where we're going and a boat falls under the category of shit we already have or can get."
Sep 12 01:47:34 <E4D> "Goddamn."
Sep 12 01:47:40 <Maddy> "Jason brings up a good point."
Sep 12 01:47:59 <Maddy> "We should ask for things we can get ourselves."
Sep 12 01:48:03 <Maddy> *shoudnt
Sep 12 01:49:21 <Rights> The ghost says, quietly, to Jason. ~Fair weather, what with the whole boating thing.~
Sep 12 01:49:27 <Salmander> "All I'm sayin' is that we could spare ourselves a goddamn long car ride and a fight with Insurgents if we just ask to be there already."
Sep 12 01:49:57 <Maddy> "Our d-destination is a day or t-two away, seems a waste of a reward to me."
Sep 12 01:50:31 <Gerald> "Ah, dear Corporal? Please, refresh my memory, was there an Item under Foundation control, a machine that granted whatever liquid the user requested?"
Sep 12 01:51:05 <Ragazzo> "…you had something like that?"
Sep 12 01:51:09 <Salmander> "If ya say so." Redd keeps flipping.
Sep 12 01:51:18 <Gerald> "Such a device would certainly ease a number of issues in regards to the more important of bodily needs."
Sep 12 01:52:01 <Nioki> "As I said. Maybe knowledge on the best methods we could use to eradicate the hellflies? Or locations of military hardware and Foundation sites with potentially useful artifacts?"
Sep 12 01:52:42 <Nioki> "With locations, we have the chance to gain much more than by asking for a solitary item."
Sep 12 01:53:29 <Gerald> "A map, then. One with the location and descriptions of everything in our surroundings."
Sep 12 01:53:50 <Gerald> "One which would constantly upgrade itself."
Sep 12 01:53:54 <Ragazzo> "A map that changes to show whatever we need too…"
Sep 12 01:53:59 <Ragazzo> *need it
Sep 12 01:54:01 <E4D> "Locations of military hardware? Foundation sites? We have that. I can rattle of the name and location on a map of every major military installation in NATO and UN allied countries."
Sep 12 01:54:08 <E4D> "Colonel can giveyou the rest."
Sep 12 01:54:19 <Gerald> "Ah, excellent then."
Sep 12 01:54:30 <E4D> "Alice and I were both Directors. Joey's got higher clearance than us. Again, shit we already have."
Sep 12 01:54:31 <Nioki> Alanoch frowns.
Sep 12 01:54:41 <Ragazzo> "Fuck. Uh."
Sep 12 01:55:02 <Nioki> "I would have thought that we would have been passing near them whenever possible."
Sep 12 01:55:03 <Ragazzo> "A ton of Balm Of Gilead? For when we get hurt?"
Sep 12 01:56:01 <MisterFlames> "I suspect we are giving them entertainment on our debate," Midnight notes.
Sep 12 01:56:12 <Ragazzo> "Probably…"
Sep 12 01:56:24 <Gerald> "Who cares if we give them entertainment, we are still receiving quite a boon for it."
Sep 12 01:56:55 <MisterFlames> "Ah, but if we're entertaining and polite, we might get word. You can get more with a good word…"
Sep 12 01:57:29 <Sabitsuki> get wood
Sep 12 01:57:48 * Tom90deg has quit (Quit: ~ Trillian Astra - ~)
Sep 12 01:58:02 <Ragazzo> "Mmm. If we asked for some Words of Power…but that'd only help Midnight and I. Maybe Joey."
Sep 12 01:58:38 <MisterFlames> "And Magic's just a tool, Dusty. It's like asking for better vehicles. It's a thing we can get."
Sep 12 01:58:46 <Ragazzo> "Mmmm."
Sep 12 01:59:01 <Ragazzo> "We could ask for some sort of generally useful artifact…"
Sep 12 01:59:26 <Ragazzo> "I'd pitch a philosopher's stone, but you know, alchemist."
Sep 12 01:59:37 <Nioki> "We could… hm."
Sep 12 01:59:49 <Maddy> "This is hard."
Sep 12 01:59:50 <Nioki> "We could ask for assistance, to come when we most need it."
Sep 12 02:00:00 <Ragazzo> "…I like that."
Sep 12 02:00:00 <Maddy> "I like that."
Sep 12 02:00:04 <Nioki> "Insurance."
Sep 12 02:00:16 <E4D> "Some big ol' fuckin' eagles to fly down, right when we don't think we can take another step…"
Sep 12 02:00:22 <MisterFlames> "I'm all for knowledge. But that's a good idea."
Sep 12 02:00:37 <Salmander> "Sure, why not."
Sep 12 02:00:51 <Rights> ~Magical life insurance~
Sep 12 02:00:52 <Gerald> "Ah, are they likely to be stringent on the definition of this? How literal is this pair?"
Sep 12 02:01:40 <E4D> "Pretty goddamn literal."
Sep 12 02:02:16 <Gerald> "Then I suggest we write up the exact context and terms for this bargain. Simply putting 'assistance when we most need it' will end in disaster otherwise."
Sep 12 02:02:43 <MisterFlames> "Hold it. What's the shard, if I may ask? Is that how we make the wish?"
Sep 12 02:03:02 <Gerald> "It is the next beast we are requested to fight."
Sep 12 02:03:35 <Maddy> "No the s-shard is like the r-redd one."
Sep 12 02:04:05 <MisterFlames> "Okay, so is that an obligation, or does that give us another reward?"
Sep 12 02:04:29 <Maddy> "Another r-reward, i assume"
Sep 12 02:04:30 * Ragazzo has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Sep 12 02:06:05 <Gerald> "Yes, at the risk of all of us dieing to another beast. The last one we fought nearly ended with our dear Corporal dead and all of us injured."
Sep 12 02:06:14 <E4D> "We got all night, and we got all day."
Sep 12 02:06:27 <MisterFlames> "Truth."
Sep 12 02:06:46 <Maddy> "Ok, I vote, if we're going with the help thing, t-that midnight things up the w-wording. D-don't want to fuck this up."
Sep 12 02:07:19 <E4D> "No reason to sit around like kids at the toy store debating what we're gonna uy with a shared allowance. I say we get some sleep, everyone gets a meal in 'em, we all sit down tomorrow, and figure the shit out."
Sep 12 02:07:33 <E4D> "For now? Alice? Throw the shard in the lockbox?"
Sep 12 02:07:52 <Maddy> "Alright. I'll k-keep the parchment s-safe p-personally as well."
Sep 12 02:08:20 <Gerald> "Very well."
Sep 12 02:08:34 <Maddy> She carefully puts it away in a pouch.