Sage and ALICEL

Sep 19 22:48:42 <Dexanote> Radios all go /krzzzzztch/
Sep 19 22:49:17 <Dawny> "I sleep nude"
Sep 19 22:49:33 * Tox|Laptop (~ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D0676176-CRInys|agemO#ten.nozirev.soif.cdhsaw.D0676176-CRInys|agemO) has joined #afteraction
Sep 19 22:49:51 <Waxx> "You have let the fucking scarecrow see you nude?!"
Sep 19 22:50:15 <Dawny> "I DIDN'T KNOW HE WAS WATCHING ME!"
Sep 19 22:51:05 <Ragazzo> Dusty looks at his radio puzzled.
Sep 19 22:51:38 <Waxx> Dmitri goes to pull another cigarette from his pack, but just ends up breaking it in half in RAGE.
Sep 19 22:51:44 <Gerald> Charon looks at his. "It appears that somebody is hailing us."
Sep 19 22:51:50 <Waxx> "That -fucking scarecrow-."
Sep 19 22:52:02 <Dexanote> /Krrrcgh zzzgh BLIP BLIP/
Sep 19 22:52:22 <Dawny> Kay hands him her's. "Sir, he has no sexual feelings…"
Sep 19 22:53:33 <Salmander> «The fuck is going on?»
Sep 19 22:53:36 <MartinSage> *brrrzzzztttskree* Kitchen Sink *brzzzz* auth code *skreeee*
Sep 19 22:53:53 <Gerald> "I believe that was the Site 23 specialty unit, yes?"
Sep 19 22:54:05 <Salmander> «…The fuck?»
Sep 19 22:54:57 <Waxx> "…this is unacceptable."
Sep 19 22:54:58 <MartinSage> *zzzzzzzzz* Sage proceeding Southeast *grbzzzzz* Mudgee. One potential *bzzzzz* tow.
Sep 19 22:56:16 <Gerald> "If I may, though, this could be any number of people. The name 'kitchen sink' is not exactly unknown."
Sep 19 22:56:59 <Salmander> «Whozzage?»
Sep 19 22:58:52 <MartinSage> «Repeating, Sage heading Southeast to Mudge*shhhhhh***Auth code Alpha 29, Omega three five. Standing by for contact.»
Sep 19 22:59:24 <Salmander> «Guys, somebody named Sage is commin'. Get ready.»
Sep 19 22:59:42 <Waxx> Dmitri momentarily puts aside his rage and keys his mic. «Stand to. Weapons out and ready.»
Sep 19 23:00:02 <Waxx> «Sage, this is Direktor Strelnikov. Do you read me?»
Sep 19 23:00:13 <Gerald> Charon sits down, waiting the new arrival.
Sep 19 23:00:35 <MartinSage> «Director? What the hell happened? No one is responding.»
Sep 19 23:00:45 <Waxx> «Sage, repeat identification.»
Sep 19 23:00:54 <MartinSage> «I'm heading to Mudgee safehouse Victor-9 but there;s nothing left.»
Sep 19 23:01:18 <MartinSage> «Auth code Alpha 29, Omega three five. Designator Kilo Sierra.»
Sep 19 23:01:39 <Waxx> Dmitri doesn't remember any of that, but just wings it.
Sep 19 23:01:50 <Maddy> Alice perks up. "Is that Sage?"
Sep 19 23:02:09 * Notify: E4D is online (SCP and Related Channels).
Sep 19 23:02:11 * E4D (PI.B08D965B.17C6AEC6.7D53AD95|tibbiM#PI.B08D965B.17C6AEC6.7D53AD95|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Sep 19 23:02:34 <Waxx> «Affirmative. This frequency potentially insecure, do you copy?»
Sep 19 23:03:14 <Gerald> «More than potential, I believe, we have already been found once due to its usage.»
Sep 19 23:03:18 <MartinSage> «Sir, with all due respect, I don't think there;s much left to intercept.»
Sep 19 23:03:31 <Maddy> Alice gets up to lookg for Jason. "Jason? H-hey!" she sticks her head in the tent.
Sep 19 23:03:34 <MartinSage> «Much less that which cares about it, or at least me»
Sep 19 23:03:51 <Waxx> «You would be surprised. Proceed to designated safehouse and await further contact. Will advise if necessary. Do you copy?»
Sep 19 23:03:57 <E4D> «Break, break, clear the net. Station calling, identify.»
Sep 19 23:04:15 <MartinSage> «Auth code Alpha 29, Omega three five. Designator Kilo Sierra.»
Sep 19 23:05:35 <E4D> «I said *identify*, not authenticate. Try again.»
Sep 19 23:05:59 <MartinSage> «It's fucking Sage, Sir. What the fuck is going on?»
Sep 19 23:06:29 <Salmander> «So… whozzis?»
Sep 19 23:06:32 <Gerald> «I believe the proper term is 'apocalypse'.»
Sep 19 23:06:43 <Soulless> «Is that what this is? An apocalypse?»
Sep 19 23:06:52 <Maddy> «Clear the r-radio please.»
Sep 19 23:07:18 <Gerald> Charon sets down his radio and just listens.
Sep 19 23:07:29 <MartinSage> «Is that….Doc? Doc E? Christ.»
Sep 19 23:07:29 <E4D> «Yeah. Colonel? You want to get our transponder set up? Locked switch next to the PLGR in the LAV. Set crypto.»
Sep 19 23:08:18 <Waxx> «Copy.» Dmitri takes one more look at Kay before heading over to the LAV and getting the gear ready.
Sep 19 23:08:46 <Dawny> Kay heads to the LAV, waiting for orders.
Sep 19 23:08:59 <Waxx> It's a lot easier than he expected. He flicks the switch, sort of disapponited that there wasn't more to it.
Sep 19 23:09:09 <MartinSage> «Skipper recommend we switch to a one-time pad scheme, I need to relay something quick.»
Sep 19 23:09:14 <E4D> «Doc D now. Lotta shit's changed. You have transpo? Get your ass here. Flash in, await visual confirmation, copy?»
Sep 19 23:09:22 <MartinSage> «I'm showing page 46 for current date.»
Sep 19 23:09:30 <Maddy> «D-doc D now but w-we can catch u-yeah what he said.»
Sep 19 23:09:50 <Gerald> Charon's already sitting by the LAV.
Sep 19 23:10:18 <E4D> «Go ahead, Sage. Standing by.»
Sep 19 23:10:53 <Dexanote> Chainshank fades back in, on top of the LAV.
Sep 19 23:11:12 <MartinSage> «*clicks as his handheld system syncs*»
Sep 19 23:11:51 <MartinSage> «Sir, I dunno what's happening. But if it's as bad as it looked, well, I happened to….pick up a potential safe-class along the way. If was are really in X-ray Kilo, this thing might be useful.»
Sep 19 23:12:27 <Soulless> «…Sir… I am very much nonlethal to begin with.»
Sep 19 23:12:40 <MartinSage> «Yeah. That.»
Sep 19 23:12:53 <E4D> «Exo-Keter doesn't begin to cover it, and I don't know how useful anything smaller than a fuel-air is gonna be to us at the moment, but hell. We're standing by.»
Sep 19 23:14:05 <MartinSage> «Roger. We are inbound, eta 10, will visual auth once we are in range and wait for reply. Approaching from 290 true.»
Sep 19 23:14:21 <Maddy> «Heh, w-wait tll you see some of the people w-we're traveling with..»
Sep 19 23:14:35 <Dawny> Kay chews a nail, wondering how she's going to fix this.
Sep 19 23:14:46 <MartinSage> «Oh dear. Sage out.»
Sep 19 23:14:57 <E4D> «Colonel? Alice?»
Sep 19 23:15:11 <Maddy> «Yessss?»
Sep 19 23:15:23 <Salmander> Redd leans against the Stryker, watching the outback and flipping his coin,
Sep 19 23:16:31 <Waxx> «I say, let him come in.»
Sep 19 23:16:43 <Waxx> «He has the proper credentials and is using our band.»
Sep 19 23:16:47 <Dexanote> Shank kickflips off EVE and onto the Stryker
Sep 19 23:17:17 <Dawny> Kay climbs up by Dmitri. "I'm sorry"
Sep 19 23:17:41 <Maddy> «He was part of O-23, seemed on the level t-though I never saw him in a-action.»
Sep 19 23:17:57 <Waxx> He holds up a hand. "Hold on, a moment, Kay-lee." Some of his anger appears to have subsided.
Sep 19 23:18:24 <Dawny> Kay nods and continues to wait for orders.
Sep 19 23:19:05 <Dexanote> "Eh, Redd."
Sep 19 23:19:14 <Salmander> "What?"
Sep 19 23:19:35 <Dexanote> "Whaz it gonna be this time?"
Sep 19 23:19:41 * MartinSage flashes his light in morse into the camp he scoped out -kilo sierra, kilo sierra, oscar two three *repeats*-
Sep 19 23:20:03 <E4D> Jason arrives back at camp after leaving his hide, and flashes back at 290.
Sep 19 23:20:06 <Dexanote> "'m bettin its gonna be like a fairy or some shit.?"
Sep 19 23:20:21 <Salmander> "I'm thinkin' robot, I gotta be honest here."
Sep 19 23:20:34 <Salmander> "I mean, maybe, like, a wizard robot."
Sep 19 23:20:36 <Dexanote> "Eh?"
Sep 19 23:20:40 <Salmander> "With tentacles."
Sep 19 23:20:47 <Dexanote> "I knew a robot once."
Sep 19 23:21:00 <Salmander> "Was it any good?"
Sep 19 23:21:03 <Dexanote> " 'e was alright. Had a TV in his belly."
Sep 19 23:21:14 <Gerald> "If it was designated as Safe, I truly doubt it will be very much spectacular."
Sep 19 23:21:16 <Salmander> "Sounds kinda freaky."
Sep 19 23:21:35 <Dexanote> "Yor prolly right, Chair."
Sep 19 23:21:40 * MartinSage slowly walks closer, with his light illuminating the ground in front of him, a figure trailing slightly behind and to the left. He has a large case attached to a large framed backpack with a small sack below. His arms are raised sky high. He's got sand colored fatigues on.
Sep 19 23:22:05 <MartinSage> Lt. Martin Sage, Kitchen Sink, E-division. Reporting for whatever the fuck it is we do now.
Sep 19 23:22:06 <Salmander> "Aw fuck, it's a normal-ass guy."
Sep 19 23:22:13 <Flames> Midnight's tail slashes back and forth from where she quietly observes.
Sep 19 23:22:27 <Waxx> Dmitri approaches and stands just behind Jason.
Sep 19 23:22:41 * MartinSage looks back over his shoulder "Keep your hands up Alice….er, Alice ell."
Sep 19 23:22:42 <Dawny> Kay follow Dmitri, what else would she do
Sep 19 23:22:56 <E4D> "You're straight, Sage." Jason pops a half-ass salute to the Lieutenant and turns, heading back to the vehicles.
Sep 19 23:23:09 <Soulless> Alicel follows Martin step by step exactly, his hands in the air similarly excepting a small bag in his left hand. He says nothing, but gives everyone a thorough and piercing stare.
Sep 19 23:23:11 <Maddy> Alicce wanders up. She still has her juice box. "Alicel? ause t-that's not g-going to get confusing."
Sep 19 23:23:48 <Salmander> "Ain't that a chick's name."
Sep 19 23:23:48 <Dexanote> "Dammit another soldier."
Sep 19 23:23:48 <Dawny> Kay stanps to attention and holds a salute.
Sep 19 23:23:53 <Dawny> snaps*
Sep 19 23:23:56 <Waxx> Dmitri stands rigid and appraises Sage, waiting for a salute.
Sep 19 23:23:57 * MartinSage returns a crisp ass Salute, turns to both Alice and Dmitri and salutes them both in turn.
Sep 19 23:24:18 <Waxx> He returns it just as crisply, except in the Russian manner of saluting. "Mr. Sage. Good evening."
Sep 19 23:24:24 <Gerald> Charon stands and strides over, head breaking well over seven feet. His thin arms sweep under him in an ornate bow.
Sep 19 23:24:32 <Gerald> "Greetings, dearest Sage."
Sep 19 23:24:34 <E4D> "What's wrong with military, Shank?"
Sep 19 23:24:34 <Dawny> Kay stays at attention.
Sep 19 23:24:35 <MartinSage> "Hello Sir. Good to see a friendly face and WHAT THE HELL?"
Sep 19 23:24:41 * MartinSage is staring at Charon.
Sep 19 23:24:55 <MartinSage> "Huh. Excuse me. Sorry about that."
Sep 19 23:25:06 <Gerald> Charon grins. Oh god the proportions are even more fucked up there, no human mouth stretches like that.
Sep 19 23:25:10 <Waxx> "Ah, yes. Mr. Sage, this is Charon. Charon, Mr. Sage."
Sep 19 23:25:17 <Maddy> Alice doesn't salute, she just smiles and sips from her juice box. "T-told you wee have some i-interesting companions."
Sep 19 23:25:20 <Gerald> "The feeling is quite mutual, I assure you."
Sep 19 23:25:34 <Soulless> Alicel places his hands behind his back silently, dressed in a faded but formal-looking outfit. He glances at Charon curiously but does nothing else, obviously waiting for Martin's word.
Sep 19 23:25:34 <Salmander> Redd walks over. Apparently Martin failed to notice the animated Zoot Suit flipping a coin against the stryker. "So another Foundation fuck, eh? Whozza stiff?" Redd gestures to ALICEL.
Sep 19 23:25:42 <MartinSage> "Well then. That you did Ma'm, and might I add congratulations to you and the Skipper?"
Sep 19 23:25:57 <Waxx> Dmitri motions to Kay. "This is one of my assistances, Miss…uhh…"
Sep 19 23:26:10 <Waxx> He leans closer to Kay and whispers. "How to say your last name?"
Sep 19 23:26:15 <MartinSage> "Oh. Real quick, this is Alicel. Some kinda android but way too smart. Pretty rough and tumble too. After I saw the mushroom cloud….well, I decided to pick up anything I thought might be useful."
Sep 19 23:26:26 * MartinSage nods and salutes Kay briefly.
Sep 19 23:26:35 <Dawny> Kay stands at attention, not answering.
Sep 19 23:26:52 * MartinSage frowns briefly then shrugs.
Sep 19 23:27:12 <Waxx> "At ease, young lady."
Sep 19 23:27:20 <Salmander> "Yeah! Fuck you shank! It was a robot!"
Sep 19 23:27:25 <MartinSage> "Is….that a suit? Are we partying with entities now instead of containing them, Sir?"
Sep 19 23:27:52 <Soulless> Alicel waves briefly to accompany the introduction. "I can do electronics." His words are fairly artificial and fall on flat tones.
Sep 19 23:27:53 <Dawny> Kay sighs "Thank you Sir. Donnachaidh, Kayleigh Donnachaidh."
Sep 19 23:27:54 * MartinSage frowns and scratches his scraggly beard. "Well, guess I am too."
Sep 19 23:28:28 <Salmander> "Hey, that's Mr. Entity to you, bud." Redd slaps Sage on the back.
Sep 19 23:28:45 <MartinSage> "Sir, not to be abrupt, but could someone fill me the fuck in on what's going on? After 23 was glassed no one responded and I've been wandering around holding my dick trying to find someone."
Sep 19 23:28:46 <Maddy> "End of t-the world, Sage. C-can't be picky about who we join up w-with."
Sep 19 23:28:48 <Waxx> "To answer your question, Mr. Sage, we are all in this situation together. Some of us have skills that lend well to supporting the group, so they are allowed to travel with us."
Sep 19 23:29:09 <Gerald> "I believe the proper phrase is 'strange times make for strange bedfellows', yes?"
Sep 19 23:29:24 <Dawny> "Yes Charon, it is"
Sep 19 23:29:26 * MartinSage nods at Alice. "Makes sense, Ma'm. Didn't think it was that bad yet. Where did Dodridge head off to?"
Sep 19 23:29:59 * MartinSage glances at Redd. "A Zoot suit with a sense of humor. What a great way to end this damn trek."
Sep 19 23:30:17 <Maddy> "W-we got a scarecrow, a talking cat, a chick who t-teleports…uhhh, hmmm." she grins. "Well you'll m-meet them all in time."
Sep 19 23:30:22 <E4D> He returns a few moments later with a bottle of water, as if on cue. "Master plan at the moment is to reach the HMAS in Sydney to access a ULF transmitter, link up with USSOCOM or anyone else that's listening, and acquire a minesweeper to get where we need to go if we can't arrange pickup."
Sep 19 23:30:22 <Dawny> Kay lights a cigarette and offers the pack around.
Sep 19 23:31:10 * MartinSage nods. "Sound plan. Everything was dark, I've been traveling about….*glances down at his watch*…7 days now and haven't had a hit at all."
Sep 19 23:31:23 <E4D> "We got a swarm of 10 million insects twice the size of people after us, a CI armored column conducting sweeps with us as the target, and a hundred other things."
Sep 19 23:31:30 <MartinSage> "Batteries dead on my toughbook so I couldn't check satcom."
Sep 19 23:31:35 * MartinSage blinks.
Sep 19 23:31:36 <E4D> "Shit's pretty fucked."
Sep 19 23:31:38 <Salmander> "Most of 'em also bugs."
Sep 19 23:31:44 <Gerald> "It has been….eventful, to say the least."
Sep 19 23:31:48 * MartinSage murmurs "Out of the frying pan….."
Sep 19 23:31:50 <Soulless> Alicel relaxes somewhat, assuming it was alright to. He crosses his arms and watches, facial expression a mixture, confusion, and curiosity.
Sep 19 23:32:30 <Waxx> Dmitri motions for Kay to follow him into afteractionmission.
Sep 19 23:32:34 * Sabitsuki has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Sep 19 23:32:37 <Dawny> Kay bites her ip slightly, looking the man in uniform over.
Sep 19 23:32:47 <E4D> Jason looks at Sage's companion. "Who are *you*?"
Sep 19 23:32:47 <Dawny> Then Kay follows Dmitri
Sep 19 23:33:19 <Salmander> "She's a robot, boss."
Sep 19 23:33:24 <Salmander> "Or… he?"
Sep 19 23:33:32 <Salmander> "Your name's alice, right?"
Sep 19 23:33:36 <Soulless> Alicel waves at Jason, extending his right hand for a handshake as per etiquette rules. "Advanced Learning Intelligence Capable of Evolution and Language. Alicel for short."
Sep 19 23:33:49 <Maddy> "L-looks male, f-female sounding name. Oh no no no…Alicel j-just wont do…"
Sep 19 23:33:52 * MartinSage chuckles.
Sep 19 23:33:57 <Dexanote> Chainshank watches from afar. His face is alight; this is him. standing atop the furthest vehicle in the dark.
Sep 19 23:34:02 <Dexanote> He has a huge scythe.
Sep 19 23:34:05 <E4D> He reaches out cautiously, shaking the robot's hand. "Yeah, you need a new name."
Sep 19 23:34:37 <E4D> "ALICEL? Frenchbot. Yeah, that sounds French."
Sep 19 23:34:41 <MartinSage> "It seems pretty useful. At least, it seems to be more interested in helping people than harming. I have no other info, but I figured it couldn't hurt to have a traveling companion."
Sep 19 23:35:02 <Maddy> "I w-was going to s-say Lou, l-like from the Lou Reid music v-video."
Sep 19 23:35:07 <Salmander> "How about Al?"
Sep 19 23:35:10 * MartinSage drops his gear and shrugs out of the straps of his backpack.
Sep 19 23:35:22 <E4D> "We already have an Al."
Sep 19 23:35:37 <Soulless> Alicel smiles briefly, before it returns to a defaultly cold expression. "I was a project for Professor O'Brian. He disappeared, along with the rest of the university, shortly after my creation. I'm not sure what is going on."
Sep 19 23:35:41 <Salmander> "How 'bout… uh… Robby?"
Sep 19 23:35:44 * MartinSage notices the large figure in shadows on top of the vehicle. "Seriously? A flying suit, mr fantastic, and the grim fucking reaper?"
Sep 19 23:35:54 <E4D> "The world ended. Australia's dead."
Sep 19 23:35:56 <Maddy> Alice shakes her head. "Wait we can't n-name an AI. He can name himself."
Sep 19 23:35:59 <Salmander> "Ok, O'brian might do."
Sep 19 23:36:31 * MartinSage whistles. "FUBAR."
Sep 19 23:37:07 <Soulless> "…The Professor used to say he would nickname me after his microwave once I was in operation."
Sep 19 23:37:16 <Salmander> "Yo, O'brian, how long you been operational?"
Sep 19 23:37:19 * MartinSage sighs and opens his Pelican case, inventorying his weaponry and ammunition, which was stowed for camp entry.
Sep 19 23:37:25 <Salmander> "I specialize in manufactured humanoids."
Sep 19 23:37:30 <Dexanote> "No, Jazon, Australia's sick. It'll heal." Shank scuttles off the vehicle and towards Martin. "An' i'm not THE grim reaper, only one of 'em." Heavy cockney accent. British.
Sep 19 23:37:48 <Gerald> "And you may call me Charon."
Sep 19 23:37:54 <MartinSage> "Well fuck me swinging, I wasn't expecting that."
Sep 19 23:38:09 <E4D> "Also, Shank, what's your problem with military?"
Sep 19 23:38:33 <Dexanote> "No problem. Jus' harder ta scare."
Sep 19 23:38:35 <Soulless> "…Since humans disappeared, sir. I was operational a day before that."
Sep 19 23:38:37 <Dexanote> "You understand."
Sep 19 23:39:02 <MartinSage> "Mr. Charon, excuse me earlier. It's been a long week."
Sep 19 23:39:20 <Salmander> "Oh, so you're pretty fuckin; new to this whole world thing. Don't worry, I know the feelin'."
Sep 19 23:39:37 <Gerald> "Oh, it is quite alright." He puts his hands together. "It is by no means the worst greeting I have received."
Sep 19 23:40:02 * MartinSage nods. "I saw a mushroom cloud sprout over my former home and knew it was time to get my ass in gear."
Sep 19 23:40:32 <Soulless> Alicel smiles a bit. "Did the humans just… dissappear, excepting the few here? I don't understand."
Sep 19 23:40:37 * MartinSage goes back to rummaging through his items, counting and inventorying.
Sep 19 23:41:21 <Dexanote> "Yeh." Shank looks ay Alicel.
Sep 19 23:41:34 * MartinSage says over his shoulder "I'm sure we will get more information soon. Doesn't get more simple than end of the world, really. How it happened isn't as important as what do we do now?"
Sep 19 23:41:34 <Dexanote> He tilts his head.
Sep 19 23:41:44 <Soulless> Alicel mirrors Shank's movements exactly.
Sep 19 23:42:04 <Dexanote> "… Yor not right."
Sep 19 23:42:20 <Soulless> "Apologies for any offense, sir."
Sep 19 23:42:26 <Salmander> "They kinda all killed each other with bombs and shit. And don't copy that fuck, you'll end up destroyin' the convoy."
Sep 19 23:43:00 * MartinSage stands up. "Well Sir," directed towards Dodridge "I'd like to request permission to join…again. Since, apparently, I am out of a job. Also, it's really lonely in the outback. And boring."
Sep 19 23:43:36 <Soulless> Alicel continues to stare at Shank unblinkingly, mostly out of curiosity, looking for some semblance of a body underneath everything.
Sep 19 23:43:55 <Maddy> Alice smiles. "Shit I don't s-see why not. Always good to hhave another gun."
Sep 19 23:44:24 * MartinSage nods and smiles very slightly. "Good to be home. So to speak, of course."
Sep 19 23:44:34 <MartinSage> "We got anyone else from the old unit?"
Sep 19 23:44:43 <Salmander> "No, seriously, I know you're curious, but do /not/ do what he does, understand?"
Sep 19 23:45:07 <Soulless> "Understood, sir."
Sep 19 23:45:37 <Gerald> Charon chuckles. "So you were part of the infamous Kitchen Sink then."
Sep 19 23:45:52 <E4D> "Only ones left are me, Alice, Kens, and John."
Sep 19 23:45:58 * MartinSage nods. "I was out and about a lot."
Sep 19 23:46:02 <Maddy> "W-we had Akane and Vriska b-but they stayed in Port Agusta."
Sep 19 23:46:12 <E4D> "Left Jill and Akane back in Port August-… yeah, what she said,"
Sep 19 23:46:37 <MartinSage> "Christ, that psychopath Williamson is here? Actually, end of the world and all, that might be useful."
Sep 19 23:46:43 <MartinSage> "Well, at least they survived."
Sep 19 23:46:46 <Dexanote> "Ya 'ave no idea."
Sep 19 23:46:47 <Salmander> "Good."
Sep 19 23:47:21 <Soulless> Alicel speaks to Shank quietly, not meaning to be rude. "…Where is your body….?"
Sep 19 23:47:25 * MartinSage eyes Shank. "Somehow, I think he's not the only one."
Sep 19 23:47:26 * Sabitsuki (PI.07EA0955.AF5E4523.DA653DA5|tibbiM#PI.07EA0955.AF5E4523.DA653DA5|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Sep 19 23:47:47 <Dexanote> "Yor a bit dense, innit ya?"
Sep 19 23:48:01 <Dexanote> He leans in close. "Where's yor soul?"
Sep 19 23:48:57 * MartinSage sighs and begins repacking his gear, leaving his rifle and magazines out and strapping a pistol to his right thigh.
Sep 19 23:49:04 * Nioki (~ude.erihspmah.9A9CBD97-CRInys|alliztahc#ude.erihspmah.9A9CBD97-CRInys|alliztahc) has joined #afteraction
Sep 19 23:49:18 <Gerald> "Oh, you may very well wish to consider your next words wisely, dear Al."
Sep 19 23:49:21 <Soulless> "…The soul cannot be programmed, nor manufactured. I do not know how to aquire one. When I do, I will be sure to let you know, sir."
Sep 19 23:49:46 <Soulless> "Apologies for any inconvenience caused, sir."
Sep 19 23:49:50 <E4D> "Do yourself a favor, and don't."
Sep 19 23:50:12 <Gerald> Charon chuckles.
Sep 19 23:50:17 <E4D> "Be better if you don't get yourself tangled up when the hammer falls."
Sep 19 23:50:22 <Dexanote> "… Heh." He drifts around ALICEL. "Yor a strange one…"
Sep 19 23:51:22 <MartinSage> "It sure as shit knows a lot."
Sep 19 23:51:36 <Soulless> "…The Professor was not able to program every aspect of humanity in, sir. Some parts… are not capable of being programmed. I assure you I am a very close simulation of personality, but the Professor was unable to acquire or program a 'soul'. "
Sep 19 23:52:09 <Salmander> "Looks like my boss won out on that one, eh?"
Sep 19 23:53:11 <Dexanote> "Mm." Shank drags the Scythe after him, as he stalks around Martin now. "E certainly did, Redd."
Sep 19 23:53:16 <MartinSage> "Ok Sir, where do you want me? I'll get settled for the next rollout, and I'll take whichever shift is needed. Got some shuteye about 5 hours ago."
Sep 19 23:53:37 <Maddy> Alice sips at her juice box. It makes a sad empty sound. she pouts.
Sep 19 23:53:41 * MartinSage eyes the large, Scythe dragging thing. "Help you, Sir?"
Sep 19 23:53:46 <Dexanote> "Nah."
Sep 19 23:54:09 <Salmander> "So, O'brian, you're male, right?"
Sep 19 23:54:13 <Soulless> "…There is no need, Sage sir. My battery is still able to continue for seventy-six hours and fifty-four minutes. I can keep watch if that is necessary."
Sep 19 23:54:22 * MartinSage nods. "Formidable weapon." *points at the Scythe*
Sep 19 23:54:39 <Soulless> "…Yes, sir, I am considered male. The professor let me know this when he programmed speech for me."
Sep 19 23:54:51 * MartinSage blinks. "Not how it works, Alice-ell. Skipper makes those choices. Get used to it."
Sep 19 23:55:01 <Dexanote> "Yeh."
Sep 19 23:55:41 <Maddy> "W-well nothing wrong with thems that don't s-sleep taking watch." she shrugs, still a little sad there is not juice box left
Sep 19 23:56:30 <Salmander> "Ok, and I'm guessin' you got learnin' integration and all that shit, yeah?
Sep 19 23:56:41 <MartinSage> "I'll buy that, Ma'm."
Sep 19 23:56:45 <Dexanote> There's a cold wind, and Chainshank vanishes.
Sep 19 23:57:09 * Dexanote has quit (Quit: Goodnight.)
Sep 19 23:57:28 <Soulless> Alicel was about to ask Shank a question when he disappears. He is surprised a moment but quickly regains composure.
Sep 19 23:57:58 <Soulless> "Yes, integration." It appears to be an afterthought.
Sep 19 23:58:01 * MartinSage blinks. "Well that was unexpected."
Sep 19 23:58:25 <Maddy> "N-nice to see you again, Sage, and y-yeah, he's a shepard of s-souls, someone must have j-just died."
Sep 19 23:58:33 <Gerald> "Oh, that simply means that some poor fool died recently, and our dear comrade needs to go collect."
Sep 19 23:58:57 <Salmander> "Ya got a real winner hear, Sage. Better teach it some good shit."
Sep 19 23:59:03 * MartinSage nods. "If I survive this it will be awesome to say I hung out with death."
Sep 19 23:59:04 <Salmander> "Him, sorry."
Sep 19 23:59:32 <MartinSage> "Not mine. I don't think it's a pet. I just figured he would be more useful wherever I ended up, and here I am."
Sep 19 23:59:39 <Soulless> Alicel sits down. "I do not mind being referred to as 'it'. The professor did not see reason to include male genitalia. I am technically an it."
Sep 20 00:00:29 <E4D> "I killed it before."
Sep 20 00:00:30 <Salmander> "Well I dunno, man. I mean, I'm a talkin' suit and I'd be pretty pissed if somebody called me a chick."
Sep 20 00:00:59 <Maddy> "W-what ever you p-prefer, Alicel. I try not t-to make a habit of making a-asuptions about s-stuff like that."
Sep 20 00:01:18 <Gerald> "I believe that is the difference between a robot and an animate suit, Redd."
Sep 20 00:01:28 * Dawny has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Sep 20 00:01:37 <MartinSage> "No offense, Mr. Redd, but I still find this amazing. It reminds me of a movie I saw when I was younger, who framed roger rabbit. Or something like that. No offense again, but you seem somewhat cartoonish."
Sep 20 00:02:13 <Salmander> "Well I'm a fuckin' toy, whaddya expect?"
Sep 20 00:02:17 <Soulless> "Apologies, sir." Alicel places his bag on the ground and opens it to reveal a few small trinkets, including a few small music boxes and some pieces of a traditional clock, cogs and all.
Sep 20 00:02:38 * MartinSage chuckles. "Fair enough."
Sep 20 00:03:43 <Maddy> "S-so yeah, w-we got a talking cat, so don't be allarmed if she s-says hi. Very polite, a-and probably l-like the only completely a-altruistic being I've e-ever met."
Sep 20 00:04:05 <Soulless> "…Is there anything that needs repairing?" Alicel speaks at a louder tone, apparently addressing everyone at once.
Sep 20 00:04:07 * MartinSage looks surprised. "A cat? Altruistic? Somehow I always imagined them more demonic."
Sep 20 00:04:38 <Maddy> "I know right?"
Sep 20 00:04:41 * MartinSage sits down and reopens his case, spreading a large cloth on the ground and beginning to assemble a large rifle.
Sep 20 00:04:54 <MartinSage> "Well, the world is ending, so I guess it makes sense. Or ended. Whatever."
Sep 20 00:04:59 <Gerald> "I do believe that our little Convoy fits every definition of the word 'motley' that exists."
Sep 20 00:05:05 * Dawny (moc.ishcm.tneilc.A610044E-CRInys|tibbiM#moc.ishcm.tneilc.A610044E-CRInys|tibbiM) has joined #afteraction
Sep 20 00:05:21 <Flames> "You've never met a real demon, then." The voice is… Catwoman? Julie Newmar, certainly. "And I suppose I would agree with that, Charon."
Sep 20 00:05:30 * MartinSage nods. "Fitting. Old unit name still fits, too."
Sep 20 00:05:50 <Maddy> "And A-alicel, the vehicles c-can always stand to be l-looked at.
Sep 20 00:05:57 <Maddy> "H-hello Midnight,:
Sep 20 00:06:07 * MartinSage looks around. "Shot a few, at least they said they were. Nasty beasties for sure."
Sep 20 00:06:34 <Gerald> "Oh, quite. A living facet of Death, Foundation Directors, robots, kittens, Chaos Insurgents. All we need is a Church Priest to be completed."
Sep 20 00:06:50 <Soulless> Alicel looks over at Sage once, before nodding at Alice. He stands and walks patiently to the nearest vehicle.
Sep 20 00:07:12 * MartinSage chuckles, then stops. "Chaos Insurgents? In this group? Fucking seriously?"
Sep 20 00:07:34 <Maddy> It should be noted, Alie is dressed in CADPAD desert camo, and is carrying her DSR-1. "Uhhh, Charon…we got one of those too."
Sep 20 00:07:38 <Flames> "The former, so we've been assured."
Sep 20 00:08:07 * MartinSage frowns, then shrugs. "Seen stranger things, I guess."
Sep 20 00:08:09 <Gerald> "Oh, yes. A most twisted individual, who managed to worm his detestable way into our quaint little family."
Sep 20 00:08:15 <Soulless> He takes off both his gloves, shaking his hands once. An amalgamation of tools and wires pop out with a muiltitude of clicking sounds. He tests his ability to manipulate each tool before beginning his examination.
Sep 20 00:09:28 <Maddy> Alice looks at Charon. "Stop that." She does a fairly good Shank impression.
Sep 20 00:09:35 <Gerald> He chuckles.
Sep 20 00:10:19 <E4D> "Don't forget the GOC assassin."
Sep 20 00:10:19 * MartinSage glances at Charon, carefully working with his large rifle. "I never woulda guessed, honestly. Which is probably why they used you."
Sep 20 00:10:26 <E4D> "Prometheus Labs researcher…
Sep 20 00:10:30 * MartinSage blinks.
Sep 20 00:11:04 <Maddy> "Oh and a c-couple SH guys, hehe."
Sep 20 00:11:12 <E4D> "Course… those are the same as the Directors, though."
Sep 20 00:11:20 <Maddy> Alice griiiins!
Sep 20 00:11:21 <Gerald> "Strange times. Stranger bedfellows."
Sep 20 00:11:34 <MartinSage> "Well, I guess if anyone could survive the end of the world, such a….diversified crew could."
Sep 20 00:13:57 * Sabitsuki has quit (Quit: ajax IRC Client)
Sep 20 00:14:18 * MartinSage glances over at the cat. "That's definitely going to take some getting used to."
Sep 20 00:14:57 <Maddy> "T-that reminds me, I was l-looking at our route. There's a PL lab that s-suposed to be in the area."
Sep 20 00:15:09 <Maddy> "F-figured it might b-be worth checking out at s-some point.
Sep 20 00:17:11 * MartinSage finishes assembling the large rifle, slotting a large scope on the top and sighting it. He does that with three other scopes before beginning to remove the barrel.
Sep 20 00:18:29 <MartinSage> "Well, I'd imagine some people are turning in soon. Shall I take a watch or settle my gear and catch some more shuteye?"
Sep 20 00:22:39 <Maddy> "Hmm, Jason w-what say you?"
Sep 20 00:24:09 <E4D> "Well… it's cool I know about this *now*, and yeah, Sage, get some rest."
Sep 20 00:24:29 <E4D> "We get cooked meals, so bring an appetite in the morning."
Sep 20 00:24:45 <Maddy> "Oh I didn't mention it b-before cause honestly, I forgot."
Sep 20 00:24:58 <Dawny> Kay stomps up to Jason. "I need a fucking cigarette…please"
Sep 20 00:25:33 <Waxx> Dmitri sits in the Soviet camp, typing.
Sep 20 00:25:38 <MartinSage> "Doc you cooking? Fantastic. I'm down to 5 packs as is."
Sep 20 00:26:05 * MartinSage salutes Jason and moves to set up his small tent near the II.