SCP-1074 Backup
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Picture taken on █/█/20██

Item #: SCP-1074

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1074 and the surrounding towns are to be kept under surveillance at all times by at least two (2) Level 2 security members from a distance of at least 5km so as to make sure the specimen is never revealed to the general public. Any staff who remain within 5km of SCP-1074 for more than a day are to be transferred off the island for at least twice the time spent within distance of the specimen pending mental evaluation.

Description: SCP-1074 is a large structure constructed of one hundred fifty six (156) pipes of varying material, including iron, steel, zinc, copper, and fool’s gold. The object is in the shape of a metallic tornado.
At air speeds of a minimum 104kph the specimen releases a low noise that can be heard within a 5km radius. The sound disappears at exactly 5km and is entirely inaudible at any distance further. This sound has a telepathic effect upon any human within range, calling the person(s) to the base of the structure. All the person(s) gather in a circle and wait until the sun is no longer visible. At this point, [REDACTED] and is killed by the other person(s), or themselves, at the base of the object by [DATA EXPUNGED]. All person(s) involved immediately retreat to their respective homes/buildings and fall asleep. They have no recollection of either the event or the person who was [EXPUNGED]. The person who [REDACTED] disappears with no trace of he or she ever being there.

While the human mind cannot remember any of the event, cameras and other electronic devices are perfectly capable of recording the specimen and its effect.

A team of Level 3 clearance members including Dr. ████ were sent in to extract SCP-1074 on ██/█/20██, but failed to do so as the structure emitted its sound upon [REDACTED]. All members of the team were [EXPUNGED]. This event was captured on film by a Level 2 clearance team. The footage is now being held at ████████.