Scp 1105 Backup
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Common instance of SCP-1105

Item #: SCP-1105

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the non-hostile and heavily memetic nature of SCP-1105, no known containment methods exist or are necessary

Description: SCP-1105, sometimes inaccurately referred to as the "Stussy S" is a stylized version of the english letter S. it consists of exactly fourteen (14) line segments at 45 or 90 degree angles.
The symbol is ubiquitous to all sapient life, any entity capable of self realization is aware of SCP-1105, whether or not it is capable of depicting SCP-1105.

Attention was called to SCP-1105's existence during the 1990's, as young school children would absent-mindedly draw the symbol. Most cases of drawing the symbol were performed without the children having ever seen the symbol depicted in any medium, but claiming to have "seen it somewhere before". This has been verified by the children of Foundation personnel drawing the symbol, when detailed Foundation records indicate their never being exposed to it.

Example of "stussy" products, bearing little resemblance to SCP-1105

Initial research implied the symbol was copyrighted by popular apparel manufacturer Stussy during the 1980s. However more detailed examinations and interviews of Stussy staff having also doodled the symbol when they were young. The majority of Stussy "S" products are not visually similar to SCP-1105. See attached image.
This has been recommended as an acceptable cover story for SCP-1105's ubiquitous existence

SCP-1105 displays mild expression compulsion. Sentients become aware of the symbol naturally, and then have a mild urge to draw it or otherwise express it in a visual form. Subjects do not experience any longing or otherwise compulsive desire to express SCP-1105, and are fully capable of suppressing the urge. For this reason it's often found in the notebooks of bored school children, as well as lax Foundation personnel assigned to monotonous SCP monitoring tasks, where such urges are less likely to be suppressed

SCP-1105 poses no threat to sentient beings or humanity as a whole, and as such no further research or containment procedures are necessary at this time. However there is great speculation as to SCP-1105's origin, leading theories include;

*A memetic marker of sentience, a direct visual consequence of self awareness
*A malicious vehicle for a more dangerous memetic weapon to be deployed at an unknown time.
*Intentional tampering by higher-complexity beings, possibly as a message or warning.

Addendum 1105-a: Recommend tracking instances of SCP-1105 in randomly sampled log books to locate inattentive personnel - Dr. Ouros