Scp 1155 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1155

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1155 is to be contained in its air-tight chamber on Site-██ at all times. Entrance to this chamber is to be through an adjacent antechamber containing Level-A Hazmat suits and an Industrial strength dehumidifier. All personnel accessing SCP-1155's chamber are to remain in the antechamber in their Hazmat suits with the dehumidifier on for no less than twenty (20) minutes, as well as when leaving SCP-1155's chamber. The chamber is to be kept at minus twenty (20) degrees Celsius, meaning it is to be kept frozen at all times, unless during authorized testing periods. All testing is to be done only with written permission from O5-█. Under no circumstances is SCP-1155 to come into contact with another body of water.

Description: SCP-1155 is a mass of pure water of ██ liters, in liquid state. When in liquid state, SCP-1155 has the ability to shape itself in any form it chooses, though it usually takes humanoid form from the waist up, although with distorted features. SCP-1155 can also move at rapid speeds from one point to another.

SCP-1155 is hostile towards all objects it is presented with that contain moisture, including organic life. When presented with a such an object, SCP-1155 will quickly move to the subject and engulf it. After some time, SCP-1155 will recede from its target, larger than before. When SCP-1155 does this, it completely dehydrates its target, leaving the target completely parched.

SCP-1155 cannot, however, change its physical form when frozen. Dr. █████ also noted that with temperatures decreasing towards freezing point, SCP-1155 exhibits decreasing speed and mobility.

When in the gas state, SCP-1155 will condense itself into a ball-shaped mass, which can move freely, but has no effect on foreign objects when it tries to absorb their moisture.

SCP-1155 seems to possess some degree of sentience, as it tends to avoid objects that are can potentially cool its temperature.