SCP-1183 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1183

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1183 is to be contained in a 5 by 5 meter concrete room with windows barred shut with steel. Within the room is to be a single bed, and multiple bars on the ceiling and walls which can be used by the object to exercise to keep from boredom. There are to be no class-D personnel within ten meters of SCP-1183, unless they have been given strict orders to do so.[Edited 8/1█/█3]

SCP-1183's containment procedures have been increased to being chained to the walls with chain, and it is to be contained in a 3 by 3 meter concrete room with no windows. Because of the incident in which it “teleported” outside of it's containment chamber(See addendum-1183-2.) [Edited 4/2█/█7]

SCP-1183 has been deemed as unable to be contained after displaying the capability to break the chains containing it and kill multiple personnel, some of which include [DATA EXPUNGED](See addendum-1183-5). SCP-1183's class status has been debated, but left at euclid. Object is no longer in containment.

Description: SCP-1183 appears as a Caucasian human male in his late teens, and is roughly 1.75 meters tall, with gray eyes and orange-red colored hair. Upon very close inspection, object is not human, despite it's convincing guise. Because of it's other characteristics, some personnel which keep watch of it refer to it as a demon lord.

SCP-1183 is capable of thinking using both human methods and and another unidentified method which seems much faster than the human method of thinking. This foreign method of thinking was discovered in an interview with the object(See interview #1.) This method of thinking is also known to increase the object's fighting abilities and reaction time, with reaction times reaching over ███% the average human's reaction time. In other interviews, the object has been noted to have knowledge of the world outside the Foundation, even during it's containment(See interview #2.) SCP-1183 expresses a desire to change the course of the human race for the better. This has been explored further to be seen as malevolent, despite the benevolent outcome.

The object has been noted to mutter in a foreign language when not being engaged in conversation with personnel or occupied with some other task. When asked what language it was speaking, Dr. ██████ was told “[DATA EXPUNGED]”(See interview #3.) Further research in this language has found that the object refers to itself as “Kliha Varkovia”, with no current translation, except that there may be other beings similar to it. Along with this discovery, class D personnel have noted that SCP-1183 is capable of using this language to force changes in it's environment. There are no other occurrences of this language in any historical or biblical records.

Addendum-1183-1: While transporting SCP-1183 to it's containment chamber, it expressed a desire to have interaction with multiple other objects, all of which where denied, including SCP-███, SCP-███, and SCP-████. Upon all of them being denied, the object broke away from the personnel leading it, turning to find some of the objects specified. Upon attempt to prevent this from occurring, multiple personnel attempted to attack SCP-1183, which ultimately lead to them being unable to hit the object, and several broken limbs on the accounts of the personnel.

Addendum-1183-2: SCP-1183 has been been seen bursting into flames and burning away, only to reappear outside it's windows a few seconds later. This has been discovered after decision to keep watch on it at all times to learn how it knows of the outside world despite it's containment.

Addendum-1183-3: SCP-1183 has been engaged in conversation by personnel, in which it was to be referred to as “Kliha Varkovia” to attempt to translate the phrase. Attempt was unsuccessful, ending up with the interviewer being vaporized and a large portion of the Foundation nearby the containment area of the object being set on fire. Object is not permitted to be experimented with or engaged in any way given it's increasing hatred for containment.

Addendum-1183-4: SCP-1183 has been noted to speak telepathically to personnel around it's containment unit. Personnel have been noted to, if exposed for long enough, be driven to madness. This behavior has increased slowly, eventually becoming instantly maddening. Despite attempts to keep the object contained, SCP-1183 has been deemed too dangerous, and has been marked for destruction.

Addendum-1183-5: Personnel opened SCP-1183's containment unit to destroy the object. All attempted to neutralize the object have been useless. While the chamber was opened, SCP-1183 escaped from it's containment area in a state of rage, killing multiple personnel. Any survivors found were [DATA EXPUNGED]. Those that had not been found report hearing the phrase “[DATA EXPUNGED]” repeat over and over in their heads. Multiple suicides have been noted to be caused by this phrase.

Interview #1
Interviewed: SCP-1183

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: SCP-1183 has requested to speak with one of the personnel, and has been granted this request, as to appease the object and to experiment with the object's thinking method, which has been seen to be advanced due to multiple instances of it answering questions for personnel regarding other objects which would usually require a large amount of time to figure out.

<Begin Log>
SCP-1183: Thank you for hearing out my request to speak with personnel, Dr. ██████.

Dr. ██████: I've seen what you're capable of, didn't think it would be good to deny you this request, as it can be beneficial for both of us. Surely you understand why we had to deny you your request for interaction with the other objects, however.

SCP-1183: Yes, yes, I understand. I know this may sound crazy, but are my current containment procedures going to be like this as long as I'm here?
Dr. ██████: If you don't cause problems, they might get better, otherwise they will only get worse if you make problems.
SCP-1183: No interaction with the outside world, either?
Dr. ██████: Not unless we're sure that the interaction will not be dangerous in any way, no. And yes, you'll be here for as long as we can or want to keep you here. Now, I've answered your questions, please let me know how you could solve the containment issues regarding SCP-████ so quickly, as we could use a thinking method like that.
SCP-1183: Simply disregard what you know of it and come up with a crazy way to contain it, and then reapply what you know about how to contain it. Or, if you wish it to be in simpler terms, think outside the box, find a new box, and then put the new box into the old one, or the old one into the new one.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-1183's method of thinking has been noted, and applied to multiple objects. The method has not worked for any personnel in charge of containing objects and was quickly disregarded for broken logic.

Interview #2
Interviewed: SCP-1183

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: Further investigation has been decided upon to see how the object's thinking works.

<Begin Log>
SCP-1183: You're back, Dr. ██████.

Dr. ██████: I'm here to request further understanding as to your thinking and mind in general, and how it works.

SCP-1183: So now the personnel request of me? That's nice.
Dr. ██████: Enough of the sarcasm, and just please tell me what I wish to know.
SCP-1183: But I wanted to talk of the state of the human race as it is, Dr. ██████.
Dr. ██████: The Foundation requires that you ans-
SCP-1183: Does it look like I wish to appease the Foundation? No, you're the ones who locked me here, so I have the right to go on about what I choose, which right now happens to be the human race. Really, please just look at yourselves, Dr. ██████, you're slowly falling into economic destruction, potential world destruction, and not to mention that humans are in general weak. Given a leader, such as me, who is unlike them, I could fix all of these problems. Make humans more and more like my race, and fix their economy, halt their wars, it would be ama-
Dr. ██████: That's enough for today, 1183.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The decision to stop attempting to understand the object's thinking has been agreed upon, and SCP-1183 will only be engaged to translate it's foreign language. This will only occur once unless the object is agreeable, as the object does not seem willing to give information unless given it's own turn to do so.

Interview #3
Interviewed: SCP-1183

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: Dr. ██████ has been assigned to translate the language the the object is known to mutter.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: Before you say anything, I'm going to say right now that if you are not agreeable with me, there will be no further interaction from this point on.

SCP-1183: Alright, fine.
Dr. ██████: Now, personnel have noted you to mutter a language while not occupied in your unit. Would you mind telling me what language this is?
Dr. ██████: If you won't speak English when speaking of your language, I am done here, Kliha Varkovia.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: After referring to SCP-1183 as “Kliha Varkovia”, the object shouted another foreign phrase, obliterating Dr. ██████ and setting most of the surrounding facilities on fire.