SCP-1219 Backup
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Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment features: SCP-1219 is to remain unseen and unheard. To assure this SCP-1219 should be kept in a room void of lighting and with sound proof walls. Under no circumstances should any unauthorized entrance be allowed into aforementioned room. Anybody who has entered the room should be psychoanalysed terminated. It is of utmost importance that fire does not come into contact with SCP-1219 so for this reason, when not in use, the containment room should be drained of oxygen.

Description: SCP-1219 is a small red piece of card which has been estimated to have 4 to 8 words written upon it. The object is hexagonal in shape and each side measures approximately 5mm. The full effect of the words is unclear but so far we are sure that reading or hearing the words scribed on the SCP will result in:

- Immediate loss of the receiver's sanity.

- An overwhelming urge to tell others the 4-8 words on the piece of card.

- Aggression towards those who have not heard or seen the words.

SCP-1219 was recovered on an unknown date in the 19██s in a ransacked art room in Manchester,England.


Incident: Dr. Z████ took it upon himself to destroy SCP-1219 using a lighter. When set alight the words burned brightly onto Dr. Z████'s skin who promptly fled the room. Dr.Z████ was seen by 12 SCP workers, all were psychoanalysed, 6 9 11 12 were terminated.