SCP-1226 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1226

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1226 Is to be kept in a cell of any reinforced material, provided at least minimal space is available to contain SCP-1226. An adjacent room built of equally durable material should be connected through a remotely locked steel or concrete entrance, built to resemble a typical household entrance door. Both rooms should be equipped with one (1) intercom each, two (2) in total.

When SCP-1226 requests to pass through the door on either side, the door is to be unlocked immediately and any personnel is required to inform SCP-1226, via intercom, that it may enter.

Description: SCP-1226 appears to be a large, bulky and hairless man approximately 201 centimeters of unidentifiable age. Subject is exceptionally pale with numerous scars over the chest, fingers, scalp and genitals, suggesting previous mutilation. Subject also appears to have Colombo of the iris, resulting in a "drooping" shape in the pupils.

Occasionally, SCP - 1226 will be found standing at the front door of a home asking in a voice with no discernible fluctuation, "May I come in". If no response is given to SCP - 1226 within a few seconds, he will repeat "May I come in," followed by "Hello, I want to come in," and if left without a response for more than two minutes, SCP-1226 will make a sighing groan sound which will progressively increase in volume, only stopping just before reaching 85dB.

When given permission to enter, SCP-1226 will say "Thank you," still in a monotone voice, open the door and proceed to stand in any part of the house or room completely still, often times for hours or even days on end. The location and duration SCP-1226 chooses to stay is observed to be completely random. Once entering, if food, drink, use of the facilities etc.., are offered, SCP-1226 will politely respond with either "Yes," or "Yes, thank you." When food or other offered materials are held or placed near SCP-1226, he will thank the provider and make no further acknowledgments to the item(s) in question, making no attempts to consume or otherwise interact with said item.

It should be noted that SCP-1226 does not appear to eat, sleep, or engage in any such bodily functions typical to normal living beings. SCP-1226 has no recorded pulse or brain activity.

If denied entry, or if a response is given to SCP-1226 during his "Groaning Period," SCP-1226 will become extremely hostile, attempt to smash his way into the domicile in question first via door, then windows or other points of entry and finally killing nearly all living objects within. SCP-1226 has been recorded attacking men, women, children, dogs, cats, lizards and rodents. Oddly enough, SCP-1226 does not seem to bother fish contained in aquariums.

If physical injury is inflicted upon SCP-1226, he will groan extremely loudly, reaching up to 170dB for at least one (1) hour. Personnel performing biopsies and other similar experiments should be wearing full, protective ear wear. SCP-1226 will display no other response to aggression, violence or harm.