Scp 1242 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1242

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be held within a modified humanoid containment cell at Site ██, fitted with basic necessities such as a bed, a toilet with a children's “booster seat”, a water fountain and a desk. Desk is to be filled with approximately 100 pages of lined paper, along with 10 dull, “jumbo-sized” pencils. Cell is to be lined with a steel lattice embedded within the structural concrete of the cell to prevent escape via impact. The cell is also to be installed with an observation deck separated from the cell with shatter-proof glass no less than 10 centimeters thick, a two-way audio system, and cameras from within the observation deck to prevent damage to the equipment.

Subject is to be fed daily with a choice of █████ █████ brand putty, artificial breast implants, standard-issue emergency glow sticks, or any other plastic matter primarily comprised of silicon and hydrogen. Under no circumstances is the subject to be given alcohol, following Incident 1242-02.

Following Incident 1242-04, SCP-1242 is currently uncontained and at large. Mobile Task Force Theta 24 “Circus Midgets” is to survey all reported sightings of anyone resembling SCP-1242, suppress knowledge of it, track it down and contain it. Methods of permanently containing SCP-1242 are being researched, euthanasia is currently the most feasible option. Due to the emotional and physical nature of SCP-1242, it is to be kept away from any sites containing dimensional SCP objects at all costs.

Description: SCP-1242 is a stout, humanoid life form which, while superficially similar to Homo sapiens, appears to be extraterrestrial in origin. Subject's biochemistry is not one known by science, primarily consisting of silicon, including rare or exotic elements such as gallium and titanium. Subject is approximately 95 centimeters in height, and weighs approximately 220 kilograms, its extreme weight appears to originate from [DATA EXPUNGED], interwoven with a ████████ lattice. Subject's morphology seems extremely exaggerated, with a large head and round eyes, short, muscular legs with extremely small feet, and long muscular arms with disproportionately large hands. Subject's hair is a loud, easily recognized violet color. Subject appears and claims to be female. It is capable of human speech in the English language. Subject speaks in an extremely gruff and often outwardly insulting or aggressive manner. SCP-1242's most interesting feature is the large object protruding from its back, which appears to be a large windup key with a solid, plastic-like texture. It turns and clicks with the subject's emotional state and appears to be part of the nervous system.

SCP-1242, while approachable, is highly aggressive and extremely strong, capable of lifting over 30 times its own body weight and punching with a force of over ████ N/cm2. Subject also possesses extremely acute acrobatic abilities, and has been observed jumping straight off of walls and running at speeds of over 20 km/h. Subject becomes aggressive typically under physical or emotional pressure, but also shows aggression when irritated, displeased or when suffering from depression. It is highly encouraged that the subject is convinced to perform actions with calm instruction, as opposed to with physical force.

Subject is nearly impervious to all blunt trauma, artillery, █████, and cutting objects, but appears susceptible to fire, strong chemical reactions and [DATA EXPUNGED]. In addition to this, the key on the subject's back appears to be a weak point; subject shows extreme pain and disorientation when the key is hit with sufficient force. Subject also becomes completely immobilized if the key is removed, and it appears to enter an inert “shut-down” state. Key can be re-inserted to bring SCP-1242 back into consciousness, but it appears to be aware of what happened to it and will usually respond with extreme violence upon wakening. Exploitation of this behavior is the best option for recapture in the event of a containment breach.

Addendum-001: SCP-1242 was brought to the Foundation's attention following a series of crime-sprees, with the assailant reported to be a purple-haired dwarf with extreme strength and agility. Crime sprees usually consisted of the theft of toy putty, silicone implants, jewelry and gold, and alcohol of various types. Subject was easily captured in ████████, Yukon, Canada on ██/08/20██ after following a report of it taking up residence in a barn, seemingly drunk and passed out, surrounded by sacks of stolen goods and empty alcohol bottles. Subject was safely transported to Site 19 without incident. Only after it was placed in a humanoid containment cell, and upon awakening, did the subject's abilities become apparent to Site 19 staff, this event is outlined in Incident 1242-01. Following the ensuing containment breach of ██ SCP objects and ██ D-class personnel, which resulted in the deaths of ██ on-site staff and many more minor casualties, SCP-1242 was placed within a solid steel containment box while a cell was modified for its containment. Upon being placed in its cell, subject thrashed around for a period of 18 hours, screaming profanities at staff within the observation deck. Subject then collapsed out of fatigue, and soon began begging for food. Researchers assigned to SCP-1242 instructed that if it would comply to their requests, it would be given food. The following interview can be viewed in document Interview 1242-01.

Addendum-002: Following the information derived from document Int.1242-01, SCP-1242's dietary needs and biochemistry are to be studied. Efforts to make it more compliant with staff are top-priority, as better communication and information gathering with SCP-1242 will result in the development of better ways to contain it, and the origin of the subject discovered and brought under control.

Addendum-003: Information derived from document Interview 1242-08 suggest that SCP-1242's home dimension could possibly serve an an expanded base of operations during evacuations or XK-events, due to the readily available resources and permanence of breathable atmosphere throughout the dimension as well as [DATA EXPUNGED]. Efforts to find SCP-1242's point of entry or methods to open one up are to be prioritized.

Addendum-004: Due to the nature of the information derived from document Interview 1242-28, efforts to contain SCP-1242 are to be elevated considerably. While SCP-1242 itself is not a threat to the human race, the extra-dimensional origins of it could pose risk of an XK-class end-of-the-world-scenario if the subject were to return to its own world. [DATA EXPUNGED]. Efforts to discover and destroy SCP-1242's point of entry are of extremely high priority so further interaction between our world and SCP-1242s cannot occur.

Note: Interview logs 02-16 and 19-27 were corrupted in an event unrelated to SCP-1242.

We have enough trouble keeping tabs on one of these things… They're infinitely stronger than us, bullet-proof, and apparently have technology far exceeding our own. If an entire universe of them- all completely pissed off at us for imprisoning 1242- were to invade Earth, we wouldn't stand a chance. Under no circumstances can SCP-1242 escape, ever.
- Dr. ████

Addendum-005: Following the events of Incident 1242-04, reclassification of SCP-1242 to keter requested by Dr. ████. Pending O5 approval.