Scp 1242 Backup 2
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Evolution of a single Virion of SCP-1242 at t=0s, t=0.15s and t=1s

Item #: SCP-1242

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Single living sample to be contained within a sealed glass vial suspended within a vacuum. Vial must be exposed to an equivalent dose of at least 0.1Sv/s of radiation from appropriately high energy source.
Warning: Any other samples, outbreaks or suspected infections of SCP-1242 must be handled with extreme caution. All other instances of SCP-1242 should be sterilized at no less than 790 Kelvin, surfaces exposed should then be treated with absolute ethanol and monitored for several days for any continued growth.

Description: SCP-1242 is a virus capable of extremely accelerated evolution. This is attributed to its rapid reproduction and its ability to transmit genetic data both vertically, to its offspring and horizontally, to other virions or the cells of other species.
SCP-1242 multiplies at an incredible rate, roughly doubling its population every 38 nanoseconds, and is able to do so even without the benefit of a host cells further separating it from what one may deem a "normal" virus. This rapid genetic advancement coupled with its DNA sharing abilities allow SCP-1242 to accelerate its own evolution, reaching sentience after mere hours.
It is thought that SCP-1242 is able to assimilate beneficial qualities from any host it currently resides within, this in turn leads to it's evolution being manipulated by the hosts it possesses, aiming more directly at survival in hosts such as rodents as opposed to intelligence and adaption when infecting higher mammals.

SCP-1242 is thought to have originated in Research Cell 109-B where SCP-914 resides. It is believed a tennis ball was not correctly sterilized before being placed into the machine, which was then set to very fine. While the tennis ball [REDACTED] and hence became SCP-████, The unknown contaminant is believed to be the first known instance of SCP-1242.
This led to the 15/3/████ outbreak, as well as the deaths of ██ personnel.

Following repairs after this outbreak, attempts were made to control and better understand SCP-1242. Having initially met with failure, scientists noted increasing [Redacted] Leading to the events on the ██/█/████ (See log L-1400-0A Through log L-1400-0E)
This incident is responsible for most of the current understanding of SCP-1242's behavior, which is as follows;

  • SCP-1242 is capable of resuming its evolution regardless of the current state of it's DNA so long as one virion remains alive.
  • Any surviving virion from a given outbreak retains some form of genetic memory of any information and evolution gained during that outbreak, the exact method by which it achieves this is unknown.
  • Separate instances of SCP-1242 are able to communicate, but do not share the same knowledge or evolutionary progression.
  • SCP-1242 is able to evolve without the addition of suitable host cells provided 2 or more virions are functional and in close proximity.
  • SCP-1242 is vulnerable to mutations caused by mutagenic chemicals or highly ionizing radiation, this is effective as a means of containing it as its own evolution is unable to "keep up" with the unwanted mutations caused by said sources.
  • SCP-1242 is capable of learning and consequently, deception and manipulation.
  • SCP-1242 will only multiply when it is beneficial to continued evolution, it's primary motivation appears to be exclusively evolution to an, as yet, unknown destination.
  • SCP-1242 is currently contained as per an agreement reached with the virus on the 21/5/████, it should be noted that while harmless at present, SCP-1242 still poses a strong threat.

Addendum 1: Usage of SCP-1242 has been considered as a method to eliminate SCP-682, however with evidence to suggest SCP-1242 is able to use beneficial DNA from those it infects, even if it DID work, the risk of getting something more dangerous is too high a risk.

Addendum 2: Experiment designed to see the effectiveness of SCP-500 on SCP-1242 has been planned, request sent.

Addendum 3: Consider reduction of logs, these entries should contain minimal information exclusively for the purposes of containment and protection.