SCP-1245 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1245

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be kept in a sealed humanoid-containment chamber at all times. Under no circumstance must the subject either be released, or be allowed outside the Foundation. Subject may ask for objects such as video game consoles, decks of cards, books, and other objects. Objects currently in SCP-1245's chamber are:

One (1) Single bed, with standard flora pattern sheets.
One (1) Wardrobe and one (1) chest of drawers containing clothes in young men sizes.
Fifteen (15) books comprised of different authors.
Four (4) mini-fridges, containing twenty four (24) cartons of half-gallon 2% milk each. (Milk consumption by SCP-1245, is because of his affinity of milk.)
One (1) table and one (1) chair.
Fifty seven (57) white and black plastic cups.
One (1) dish washer. (When told that we would take the cups he consumed milk from, subject only replied "Please bring me a Dish Washer.")
One (1) sword stand and thirty seven (37) bamboo and wood targets. (While SCP-1245 does not own a real sword, he still has it for SCP-1245-1)

Any other items in which SCP-1245 may request need to be approved by a staff member of level 4 or higher. Subject is to only exit cell during manual inspection by Junior Researcher █████ Vigilon. SCP-1245 is to be tutored at an eight grade level of education and higher afterwards. If any personal hear anything other than silence or the cutting of bamboo or wood, please alert a level 4 or higher staff member.

Description: SCP-1245 is a seems to be an American male, 1.60m, fifteen (15) years of age, and has a fascination for sharp objects, yet show no use for them. Subject is mostly safe, but if provoked subject will lash out. Subject remains attached to a foam sword of the NERF brand, and this object has been dubbed SCP-1245-1. SCP-1245-1 appears to be "battle" worn and has several bite marking on the tip and the base. While it is uncertain why it has bite markings on it, the Foundation does not worry that it does not effect the object. SCP-1245 often refers to itself as "Lenard" or "Lenny", it is not advised that you call it by those names. SCP-1245 was contained on 3/█/20█, the subjects birthday. When the Foundation first confronted him, he stated that he would go, after he collect his items. Afterwards we told the parents, who abandoned him, they did not care nor did they care what happened to him.

SCP-1245's person included:

A bag of Nabasco brand cookies.
A half-gallon of milk.
Two (2) pens consisting of red and black with the caps switched.

After these were brought, they were confiscated upon arrival. Subject began to ask why they being taken away, and when told otherwise he attacked the guard next to it with SCP-1245-1. The guard was decapitated and, in the same motion, was cut in two separate parts. Subject was TASERed, but still continued towards containment agents. Subject was finally brought down by flexible baton rounds from a guard who was not injured. While SCP-1245 was in containment, Junior Researcher █████ Vigilon was told to take SCP-1245-1 for testing. Further testing showed that the object was made of foam and plastic. When tested in a physical test against D-Class personal, the only reaction was the D-Class complaining that it hurt. When SCP-1245 was asked to demonstrate on a D-Class, he refused. But when the D-Class began provoking him with "Yo Mama" jokes, SCP-1245 cut the D-Class into 126 pieces, without SCP-1245-1 touching the D-Class. When confronted about how the subject did this, he answered "Air." Subject also appears to have fascination of the Moon, yet it does not know why.

Interview between Junior Researcher Vigilon and SCP-1245

█████ Vigilon Tell me, 1245, how are feeling today?
SCP-1245 …Better… Thanks…
Vigilon OK, can you tell me what happened yesterday?
SCP-1245 (Raspy breaths) They… talked…
Vigilon Who did? Who talked to you?
End of interview.

It's unclear of what SCP-1245 was talking about, or why he was afraid, but Vigilon believes that it maybe because of Multiple Personalities.