Scp 1276 Backup
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Item#: SCP-1276

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1276 is to be contained in a 10 m x 10 m x 10 m, 5 inch thick Titanium cell at all times. Video surveillance is allowed in SCP-1276 cell to monitor and check on it, but audio equipment is strictly prohibited. All personnel are instructed to wear earmuffs inside it's cell and around SCP-1276 cell at all times.

SCP-1276 will walk around its cell crying intensely with its hands over its eyes. If any human being comes within a two point thirteen (2.13) meter radius, SCP-1276 will began to hunt, stalk and [DATA EXPUNGED] the person (this person will be called SCP-1276-1).

SCP-1276 crying has been known to cause people to be very nervous and uncomfortable up to a major mental breakdown. Subjects who listen to SCP-1276 crying have for a long period of time have reported seeing visual anomalies. Subjects who have listened to SCP-1276 crying describe it has a high pitch wailing that sound humanly impossible and very damaging to their ears. It is unknown but speculated that SCP-1276 is deaf though.

Description: SCP-1276 is a humanoid creature measuring at a height of 2.57 meters with a arm length of 2.29 meters. SCP-1276 face appears to be a human face with the exception of a nose. The subject face is always in a sadden and crying state, it's eyes appear to be all black with no pupils visible and are sunken into SCP-1276 face. SCP-1276 appears to have no body hair or eyelids.

SCP-1276 fingernail's are 4 inches long and are very sharp and sturdy. The subjects nails have been known to cut though flesh, bone, and metal. Since SCP-1276 arm are abnormally long, not many people who have entered SCP-1276 radius have been alive along enough for it to be documented.

If SCP-1276 is to break out of containment, all MTF units must capture and secure SCP-1276 at all cost.