SCP-1276 Backup The Second
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Item #: SCP-1276

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1276 is to be contained at the Foundation Anomalous Aerospace Research Site (FAARS) and sealed in a Level 4 Secure Aircraft Bunker. Under no circumstances are any personnel to approach SCP-1276 during its active phase. No jet fuel or other combustible liquids capable of bringing SCP-1276 airborne are to be brought within 40 yards of its hangar. No less than 8 MTF "Flyboy" vanguard units are to patrol the surrounding area. Unauthorized personnel attempting to fuel SCP-1276 are to be terminated.

In the event of a containment breech, all on-site personnel are to observe Protocol "Crimson Horizon"-266, and all on-site automated SAM launchers are to be activated in the hope of destroying SCP-1276. If all on-site defenses fail, the Foundation private air force is to be informed of the breach and all on-site D-Class personnel and researchers are to be terminated in order to prevent the leak of classified information regarding SCP-1276.

Description: SCP-1276 is a blacked-out F-22 "Raptor" stealth fighter, a common high-performance plane employed by the U.S Air Force. It's wings and tail fins are tipped red, the cockpit glass is a bright yellow and no makers marks/insignia are visible on the fuselage of the plane. Collaboration with the U.S Government confirms that the Air Force never designed such a plane to be built.

SCP-1276's anomalous effects begin when fuel of any kind comes within the 40 yard "red zone." (Note that keeping jet fuel away from SCP-1276 is extremely difficult, as the Foundation Aerospace research site commonly moves/ships fuel in close proximity to SCP-1276 due to the fact that driving the fuel tanks closer to the runway runs the risk of having a Level 5 collision incident and loss of research personnel. Therefore, all fuel truck drivers currently employed at the Aerospace Research site are to observe Protocol "Crimson Horizon-266 a minimum of once a week.) SCP-1276 will synthesize the fuel into its own fuel tank and begin to start its engines. Previous containment breach surveillance videos have also shown that buttons and switches inside the cockpit will begin to flick themselves, hinting to the possibility that SCP-1276 may be [DATA EXPUNGED].

Afterwards, SCP-1276 either taxi to the nearest runway or, in the event that it is inside its own hangar, it will ram the doors aside and proceed to the runway. It will then take off, and fly in a seemingly random pattern.
When SCP-1276 encounters another airborne aircraft, it will immediately rush in at near-supersonic speeds and either gun down the aircraft at close range, or launch missiles that anomalously appear at either side of the aircraft, regardless of weather or not the aircraft was armed previously to take off. Study of the missiles is impossible as their usage destroys them, and all attempts to rig a camera to SCP-1276 have failed, as previous containment breaches have shown that SCP-1276 will do various airborne maneuvers in order to shake the camera rig off. Previous containment breaches have also shown that SCP-1276 is capable of incredible air-to-air combat, and has shot down [REDACTED] Foundation fighter jets before being brought down.

Afterwards, SCP-1276 will enter a state of dormancy in which it will replenish all damaged parts of its plane, taking between two (2) hours to four (4) days to completely replenish, depending on the severity of damage caused. Once finished, it will continue to be in a comatose state between two (2) weeks to six (6) months, before returning to its active phase.

Addendum 06B-I personally recommend that SCP-1276 is to be terminated as soon as humanely possible. There is no way of keeping fuel away from 1276-it would spell disaster for any pilot taking off if he/she were to clip their wings against a swerving fuel truck. Plus, imagine what would happen if the Chaos Insurgency got their hands on this thing? It would mean complete air superiority to a hostile faction. It could turn into an XK. -Dr.Wilson