SCP-1293 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1293

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1293 is to be kept in a 12’ by 12’ by 8’ reinforced concrete cell furnished with a cot. The cell must be coated in anti-energy metal and carved with religious/occult symbols, all contained within a larger cell with similar protections. Musical instruments, star charts, paper and pen, and assorted fictional books may be given to SCP-1293 on subject’s request by personnel of security clearance level 2-3 wearing anti-energy armor. Similar precautions must be taken with personnel guarding SCP-1293’s cell. Under no circumstances should subject be allowed to leave cell.

Description: SCP-1293 appears to be a young, androgynous human with pale blue eyes, white hair, and extremely pale skin. Subject is commonly described as “beautiful” by test subjects and personnel. On examination of SCP-1293’s back, two 18” long scars were found. Beneath scars, bones and atrophied muscles appeared under medical examination. When asked about scars, subject remained silent or attacked violently. SCP-1293 has no other major distinguishing physical features. Subject is able to speak Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek, and Latin with fluency, as well as several unknown languages. SCP-1293 demonstrates telekinetic ability when tested using strands of wire in a sealed box, and abilities that mimic those of On-site links, though subject shows restraint in their usage. When recordings of SCP-1293 were played to non-religious test subjects from ages 16-34, all subjects displayed an overwhelming devotion to SCP-1293, and an immediate urge to obey any commands made in the recording. When the subjects were religious, only half displayed loyalty to SCP-1293. On an unrelated note, SCP-1535 displays severe aversion to religious/occult symbols and the name Michael. The subject also appears to be hostile to individuals that it knows to be human. SCP-1293 will ask the subjects if they are human, and will be hostile if test subjects/personnel respond positively. If SCP-1293’s attack is not stopped, subject will be killed and consumed entirely within 3 days. Any attempt to communicate with SCP-1293 during the 3-day period will result in personnel being attacked.
Testing with Class D personnel has revealed that SCP-1293 has high intelligence. SCP-1293 showed a high awareness of human social rules, and many, if not all, subjects requested permission to enter the cell outside of testing sessions. Subject also responded to insults with extreme aggression.

Addendum 01: SCP-1293 has recently displayed fluent usage of the English language. Several interviews were conducted to learn subject’s background. SCP-1293 answered only sporadically during interviews, and what answers the subject did give were contradictory. In addition, subject only responded to one question, “What is your name?”, with any regularity, however, in every interview conducted a different name was given. The names given were: Lumiel, Lumael, Loki, God, Hybris, Ishtar, Lucifer, Iblis, and [REDACTED]. Further study is required to gain consistent information on subject.

Addendum 02:After incident involving several test subjects, SCP-1293 has now been classified as Keter. Apparently, a particularly religious test subject called SCP-1293 the devil, and the subject responded with extreme hostility, killing all personnel within a 100’ radius. Testing has been ceased, and all human contact with SCP-1293 has been severely restricted. All attempts at sedating SCP-1293 have failed, and no further attempts should be made.