SCP-1293 Backup The Second
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Item #: SCP-1293

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1293 is to be kept in a 20 meter by 20 meter by 8 meter room with sufficient ventilation. The room must have a carpeted floor and a litter box, which must be cleaned once a day. Every four hours while SCP-1293 is awake, researchers must feed it Fancy Feast brand cat food by placing the Fancy Feast brand cat food in a dish. This can only be done by mentally stable researchers, due to the effects of SCP-1293. Any researchers who show symptoms of nicotine withdrawal must be administered Class A amnesiacs and temporarily relieved of duty for two days before returning to duty.

Description: SCP-1293 is a member of the species Felis catus and is very friendly towards humans. It has brown fur and is twenty (20) centimeters tall. The subject causes a state of infatuation in the viewer, and is often described as "cute". The effective range for this happening has been observed as around 18 meters. Additionally, SCP-1293 can be seen as addictive (see Incident Report SCP-1293 A) and can induce withdrawal symptoms akin to those of a nicotine addict. The subject's effects do not pass through glass or screens, but similar effects can be achieved by recording a video of SCP-1293 and viewing it. The withdrawal symptoms appear in about 55% of those who are affected by SCP-1293. The means of how this occurs is unclear.

When more than one person is in the effective range of SCP-1293, the effects are increased. The strength of the subject's infatuation appears to increase exponentially with the number of people in the room, although the percentage of those who experience withdrawal symptoms appears to remain the same. The likelihood of a person experiencing withdrawal symptoms appears to increase relative to their mental stability.

Additionally, those who are exposed to SCP-1293 for periods of time that exceed 6 hours begin to mutate into feline forms. This process is painless, and any who are effected are marked as SCP-1293-2. The process completes after around 24 hours, turning the person into an exact, completely normal replica of SCP-1293-1 with no anomalous effects. Instances of SCP-1293-2 are just as friendly as SCP-1293-1, and especially friendly to those who they knew and liked before the mutation.

Incident Report SCP-1293 A: On ██████████, three D-Class personell were released into SCP-1293's containment room. D-7144 immediately began showing infatuation with the subject and proceeded to play with SCP-1293. D-8901, who had no history of smoking, began experiencing headaches and claimed to feel drowsy. D-8901 was immediately removed from the containment room, and requested a cigarette. D-6012 requested a ball of yarn, which was granted, and then played with SCP-1293, along with D-7144. D-7144 and D-6012 were removed from the containment room after 10 minutes with no ill effects, although D-8901 was still showing signs of extreme nicotine withdrawal 2 hours after being removed from the vicinity of SCP-1293. All D-Class personell were convinced that it was all a dream.