SCP-1302 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1302

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1302-1 is to be contained in a standard beta-level storage cell at Site-██. Additional reels of ██████-████ brand payout tickets and ink cartridges are to be installed whenever required. All Foundation personnel are forbidden from interacting with SCP-1302-1 without the explicit approval of its Level-2 overseer (currently Dr. █████). All interaction is done at the sole risk of the individual. The Foundation will not reimburse any costs, financial or otherwise, incurred through the use of SCP-1302-1. Occurrences of SCP-1302-2 must be deposited at secure observation cell 3-1302 for thirty (30) days, after which, and assuming no anomalous properties have been detected, they are cleared to be collected as part of the personal effects of their depositors. As of ██/██/████ instances of SCP-1302-3 are to be documented and the relevant operator placed under observation until confirmation of event ‘███████’.


Description: SCP-1302-1 is a ██████-████ brand electronic blackjack machine. It was recovered from ████████ Resort and Casino, Las Vegas shortly after [DATA REDACTED].1 SCP-1302-1 is structurally identical to other electronic blackjack machines of the same brand. Money fed into the machine does not; however, appear to reach the secure section designed for its storage and is therefore not recoverable. No explanation for this behaviour has been ascertained through physical examination.

When SCP-1302-1 is operated, function appears to be identical to any comparable ██████-████ brand electronic blackjack machine. Dollar notes of any denomination can be fed into a slot below the display, upon which the value inserted is transferred to the on-screen credit meter. The operator may then participate in a standard game of blackjack.2 The value of the credit meter may be withdrawn from the machine at any time. Withdrawn credit is produced as a ████████ Resort and Casino branded ticket, printed with the relevant value alongside various barcodes and reference numbers (SCP-1302-2). These tickets appear entirely unremarkable. No anomalous properties have been detected in any instance of SCP-1302-2. They can be exchanged for the hard currency equivalent of their credit value at the ████████ Resort and Casino.

SCP-1302-1 can be operated without first inserting money/play can be continued when no further credit remains in the on-screen meter (hereafter referred to as ‘playing with credit’). It is in these circumstances that SCP-1302-1’s anomalous properties become apparent. The function of the game while ‘playing with credit’ is identical to that experienced when playing normally. If the wagers are successful, winnings will be transferred to the credit meter and money will be effectively created out of nothing. Losses when playing in this state lead to credit being removed from the on-screen meter and therefore to a negative credit balance. Bets can still be made while the credit balance is below zero, with the operator either reclaiming a positive balance or falling deeper into the negative. At any point in this process, the balance may be withdrawn. A positive balance leads without exception to an unremarkable instance of SCP-1302-2. A negative balance, however, leads to the printing of a ticket showing only the value in red ink, without any branding or other marking (SCP-1302-3). Despite the difference in printing, chemical analysis has shown SCP-1302-3 to be identical to SCP-1302-2. Any attempt to move away from SCP-1302-1 without printing either SCP-1302-2 or SCP-1302-3 will result in an automatic print of the relevant ticket. The ticket will then be linked to the operator as if they had printed it themselves.

Within seven (7) days of the acquisition of SCP-1302-3 the operator presiding over the game leading to its issue will, without fail, experience seemingly random events through which, through no subsequent fault of their own, they will lose personal possessions amounting to the value printed. These losses are unpredictable in nature, and can range from the minor (see Test Log 1302/████/1) to the devastating (see Test Log 1302/████/3). When the relevant operator has lost a sufficient amount of property to cover the balance printed, instances of SCP-1302-3 will spontaneously combust (event ‘███████’). This is rarely dangerous due to the small size of SCP-1302-3, but it is advised that those in possession of an instance avoid carrying it in their pockets. It is uncertain what effects would be noted were the operator not in possession of items to the value of the sum printed. **SEE PWC TEST LOG 1302/████/4**. Those linked to an instance of SCP-1302-3 have reported a feeling of general unease. This general malaise appears to increase in magnitude with the value printed on the ticket. After the conclusion of event ‘███████’, this unease generally disappears and no further anomalous events are recorded. The exact function of SCP-1302-3 and its relation to the events experienced is unknown.

Addendum 1302-1: ‘Playing with Credit’ Test Logs

PWC Test Log 1302/████/1

Supervisor: Dr. ██████.

Operator: Dr. █████.

Procedure: Unintentional test. Dr. █████ (Level-4) expressed irritation at SCP status of ‘waste of space’ object, enquired as to why it ‘wasn’t in the break room’, pulled rank and began unauthorised operation after inserting ten dollars ($10). Session lasted approximately five minutes, at the end of which Dr. █████ commented that ‘the thing is broken, anyway’ and pointed to credit display reading of negative two dollars (-$2). As Dr. █████ left room, a ticket was automatically printed showing a value of negative two dollars (-$2).

Results: First recorded instance of SCP-1302-3. Interview with Dr. █████ scheduled after physical examination of SCP-1302-3. During interview on ██/██/████, Dr. █████ notes feeling slightly ill in the days following his operation of SCP-1302-1, however states that he is feeling much better. As interview ends, he asks when ‘that [DATA EXPUNGED] vending machine in the break room is going to be fixed’, as it’s ‘eating his [DATA EXPUNGED] quarters every time he tries to buy anything’. No records of any other complaints regarding this vending machine. SCP-1302-3 self combusted day prior to interview without explanation.

PWC Test Log 1302/████/2

Supervisor: Dr. ██████.

Operator: Dr. ██████████.

Procedure: Dr. █████ has reported nothing out of the ordinary since events of PWC Test Log 1302/████/1. Dr. ██████████ has volunteered to deliberately achieve a credit balance of negative five hundred dollars (-$500). This is successfully achieved without issue in thirty (30) minutes. Ticket printed, confirmed instance of SCP-1302-3. SCP-1302-3 placed under surveillence.

Results: Dr. ██████████ appears incredibly jumpy the following day yet cannot explain why, but nothing out of the ordinary is apparent. Four days after the test, Dr. ██████████ bumps into someone turning a corner and was so shocked that he fell, his laptop falling from his hands to be permanently broken. Later examination confirms laptop to be worth approximately five hundred dollars ($500). Dr. ██████████ is unable to explain why he had become so uneasy, yet noted that upon getting up from his fall it felt 'like a weight had been taken off my shoulders'. Surveillence of SCP-1302-3 confirms self combustion at precisely the moment of Dr. ██████████'s fall. During interview with Dr. ██████████ the following month, he confirms that he has experienced nothing out of the ordinary since his fall, but still cannot explain his earlier feelings of uneasiness.

PWC Test Log 1302/████/3

Supervisor: Dr. ██████.

Operator: Dr. ██.

Procedure: One million dollars requested for research purposes. Request approved by O5-█). One millions dollars ($1,000,000) in full is paid into Dr. ██'s bank account (Bank of █████, Acc. No. █████████████). Dr. ██ agrees to deliberately achieve credit balance of negative one million dollars (-$1,000,000) on condition that he can keep the transferred money. O5-█ in agreement. Target balance is successfully achieved after thirty seven (37) hours. Ticket printed, confirmed instance of SCP-1302-3. SCP-1302-3 placed under survellience.

Results: Immediately after ticket is printed, Dr. ██ collapses and begins sobbing uncontrollably. Dr. ██ remains inconsolable for thirty (30) minutes, after which the decision is made to sedate him and place him in a secure padded cell for observation. Dr. ██ remains in this state for five (5) days, six (6) hours and ten (10) minutes after which he appears to completely regain his composure and SCP-1302-3 is noted to self combust. Dr. ██ is allowed out of containment yet cannot give any reason for his behaviour. Interview scheduled for one month's time. Dr. ██ found dead in the bathroom of his quarters on ██/██/████. Opened letter on his bed states that Dr. ██'s home in ████████,████ caught fire in the early hours of the morning on ██/██/████, killing everyone within, including his wife (Mrs. ████ ██) and two sons (Mr. ███████ ██ and Mr. ███████████ ██). Dr. ██'s house confirmed to be valued at approximately one million dollars ($1,000,000). After thirty (30) days, the one million dollars ($1,000,000) in Dr. ██'s bank account is transferred to that of his surviving daughter.

**SEE ADDENDUM 1302-2**

PWC Test Log 1302/████/4

Supervisor: Dr. ██████.

Operator: D-19429.

Procedure: D-19429 has a net worth of $0 and no possessions, having been taken from [DATA EXPUNGED]. He will not be able to 'pay' for any debt to SCP-1302. D-19429 is instructed to gamble until he has a negative credit balance. After one (1) hour of play, ticket is printed at negative seventy eight dollars (-$78) and confirmed as SCP-1302-3. Both D-19429 and SCP-1302-3 placed under observation.

Results: D-19429 appears very uneasy and appears to display trouble sleeping. Nothing out of the ordinary. After exactly seven (7) days of this, D-19429 begins screaming uncontrollably. Camera feeds to D-19429's cell cut out, while feeds observing SCP-1302-3 show it self combusting. Camera feeds resume after ten (10) seconds to show D-19429's cell empty. No trace of him has been found.

**SEE ADDENDUM 1302-3**

ADDENDUM 1302-2: We cannot allow what happened in PWC Test 1302/████/3 to happen again. All Foundation staff must now immediately cease playing if their credit balance reaches negative fifty dollars (-$50) or less. Testing of figures greater than this must use only D-Class personnel. Failure to adhere to this rule will be met with severe disciplinary proceedings, though given what happened to Dr. ██ I'm sure none of you will be so careless - O5-█.

ADDENDUM 1302-3: We simply can't risk a repeat of PWC Test 1302/████/4. Whatever happened to that D-Class, it happened right under our noses and we were completely powerless to stop it. All testing of SCP-1302 is hereby aborted. No Foundation personnel are to interact with it in any way, shape or form. Failure to adhere to this will result in immediate termination - O5-█.