Scp 1328 Backup
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Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1328-1 through -17 are to be contained in individual, 25.5cm x 35cm x 25.5cm stainless steel boxes in a standard holding cell (modified with video-surveillance and Level 2 keycard lock) in Unit █ on Site ██. It is required that all personnel in Unit █ are to wear noise-canceling headphones or slightly modified █████ brand earplugs. Personnel must communicate via bluetooth earpieces at all times, as this has eliminated some of the threats SCP-1328 poses. If any corrosion of the boxes themselves or the holding cell locking mechanism or doors is observed, the personals finding the corrosion are to report immediately to any research personnel available at the time. The researcher to which the corrosion was reported too is to report to O5-█, who will have 7 D-Class personnel replace the a) boxes or b) move them to a new holding cell with equal modifications. After the needed changes have been made, the D-Class personnel are to be administered class-A amnesiac and transported to a new unit before the end of the month. No false memories are to be implanted.

All involved D-Class personnel are to be briefed on their previous assignment and transported to Site ██ for psychological evaluation. All D-Class personnel having previously serviced SCP-1328's containment are not to be informed of the date, or any events postdating their exposure to SCP-1328.

Description: SCP-1328 is an organ strongly resembling the vocal cords of a male [REDACTED], but with 8 centimeter protrusions from the Epiglottis and Ventricular fold. SCP-1328-1 through -16 are not connected to any animals (see addendum 1) but are still capable of entering an active state at random intervals; emitting a sound that is remarkably similar to a feline purr. The purr, otherwise quotidian in nature, has proven to effectively lower the intelligence of any sapient life form within seventy meters, averaging 3 IQ (Intelligence Quotient) points per second. Class-E through -A amnesiac reverses the effect if the exposed person has not dropped in IQ more than 40 points, though why it does so is still being tested (see addendum 2).

Note: In some cases, prolonged exposure has led to minor but permanent brain damage.

SCP-1328 also emits a [REDACTED] frequency that makes video and audio surveillance impossible, as it interferes with the required equipment.

Addendum 1328-1: SCP-1328-17 was found at █████ ████, ██, on █/██/2███ by Sgt. █████ ███████ of Squad █, having recently been deployed to contain SCP-███. Sgt. ███████ reported hitting a speed bump on the road to █████ ████, though no speed bump was reported. The "anomalous bump" was assumed to be a raccoon, raccoons being common in the area. A cleanup team was sent to remove the carcass, but found what appeared to be a highly evolved species of Capybara, notable evolutions being extra [REDACTED], [REDACTED], and [REDACTED]. The neck was badly torn, exposing SCP-1328-17. The three men assigned to clean up the carcass returned having each dropped in IQ approximately 45 points, making an average IQ of 37. SCP-1328-17 was put in containment with a slightly larger container than SCP-1328-1 through -16, and has shown to be in no way different from the previously contained instances of SCP-1328.

Addendum 1328-2: As certain chemicals in amnesiac have an affect on the temporal lobe, some tests have found class-E through -A amnesiacs to have unanticipated effects on neighboring parts of the brain, such as the frontal and occipital lobes, which has been proven, 8 times out of 10, to reverse the effect of SCP-1328. As SCP-1328 mainly affects the frontal lobe, the effect only works for the 5 strongest classes of amnesiac, which has affected certain protocols overtime, and most likely will result in another change in protocol in the near future.

Addendum 1328-3: Exposure to SCP-1328 lasting longer than 30 seconds has proven to act as amnesiac far more powerful than any available class-A amnesiac, though it is not recommended, as the intelligence lowering effects persist even after class-A amnesiac administration, and often worsen; most tests end in severe and permanent brain damage.

Test 1328-A - ██/█/1███

Subject(s): Several D-class personnel, averaging 79 IQ points (D-05984, D-05985, D-05986, D-05987, D-05988, D-05989, and D-05990)
Procedure: D-05985 through D-05990 were placed in a soundproofed room with SCP-1328-1.
Results: Within seventy seconds, all seven personnel were terminated by SCP-1328-1. Autopsy revealed massive deterioration of the cerebrum.
Analysis: I formally propose to changing SCP-1328's object class to Keter. It's just that dangerous. -Dr. ████████

Test 1328-B - █/█/2███

Subject: Five D-class personnel, averaging 114 IQ points (D-06017, D-06018, D-06019, D-06020, and D-06021)
Procedure: D-06017 through D-06019 were placed in a non-soundproofed room at Site ██. The others were placed just outside of the room. The room contained SCP-1328-1 through -5.
Results: Within thirty seconds, the men in the room were killed by SCP-1328-1 through -5. Approximately fifty seconds later, Incident 1328-A occurred, being filed the next day.
Analysis: Forget what I said before, I want these things destroyed! -Dr. ████████