SCP-1383 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1383

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1383 is to be contained within a single cell furnished with whatever SCP-1383-1 requests, as long as these requests do not violate standard containment guidelines. Two (2) automated doors are to be placed between the observation room and the entrance to SCP-1383’s enclosure. At NO point is any staff allowed within six (6) meters of SCP-1383-1 without obstruction. Communication should be facilitated through the use of the intercom system and the one-way mirror installed in the cell for observation. Subject is usually docile if exposed to a like demeanor, although she has been known to fly into “tantrums,” resulting in small-scale faculty casualties. If subject must be engaged in person, her enclosure must be flooded with a relaxant agent prior to entry. Entry will not be permitted until subject is visibly under the effects of relaxant.

In the case of a containment breach, both automated doors will be sealed and locked prior to the whole enclosure being flooded with sevoflurane gas. The doors will remain locked until SCP-1383-1 is unconscious and will only be opened after the sedative has been fully ventilated.

Description: SCP-1383 is the collective designation for two entities, hereby referred to as SCP-1383-1 and SCP-1383-2. SCP-1383-1 appears to be a Caucasian female, age 20. She claims her name is Jade ████, confirmed by birth certificate (SCP-1383-1 may be sporadically referred to as “Jade” throughout, for convenience’s sake). Parents have been informed that subject was killed in a drunk-driving accident, with a body double successfully cloned by SCP-038 and identified post-mortem. Subject has shoulder-length black hair and hazel eyes, weighing approximately 65kg, give or take, and heighted at 1.7m. No anomalous properties manifest directly in SCP-1383-1, although she is prone to severe hyper-emotionality. Subject is willing to communicate and seems to find joy in talking about herself. If ever SCP-1383-1 becomes emotionally or physically distressed, manifestations of SCP-1383-2 inevitably occur.

SCP-1383-2 appears as a large humanoid entity, heighted at approximately 2.1 meters, wearing a black, apparently leather, trench coat and black pants of an unidentified material. The entity has been called a “blank slate” in regards to its appearance, with seemingly no facial features apart from a nose and two (2) ears. Instances of SCP-1383-2’s manifestations have almost always been lethal, and have resulted in █ staff fatalities over the █ years that SCP-1383 has been in custody. When questioned about SCP-1383-2’s presence, SCP-1383-1 responds naturally, with apparently little regard for its anomalous nature.

According to SCP-1383-1, her “protector” remains around her at all times, a claim which has yet to be proven. Current testing through thermal and carbon-based scanning have turned up nothing regarding SCP-1383-2’s presence without being visible, yet SCP-1383-1 claims to be able to see and hear it at any given time. She has been known to converse with it at times. Under normal circumstances, it will remain in this “invisible” state indefinitely.

SCP-1383-2 is extremely hostile to persons identified as a threat to SCP-1383-1. Evidence suggests that it will perceive any kind of emotional stress on SCP-1383-1’s part as a symptom of attack, and will engage the cause with deadly results (See Document 1383-5). SCP-1383-2 possesses immense physical strength, able to cause damage to a human body the likes of which are equitable only to damage caused by [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Attempts to damage SCP-1383-2 with both conventional and exotic weapons have gone without success. Small arms fire has no effect whatsoever, bullets and weapons appear to strike SCP-1383-2 but do not penetrate or leave any signs of damage. Large-caliber bullets have been noted to stagger it.

Thus far, all attempts to communicate with SCP-1383-2 have been unsuccessful. According to SCP-1383-1, it is capable of speech but so far refuses to communicate to Foundation personnel. SCP-1383-2 is, in fact, capable of speech. It has been witnessed speaking to Foundation researchers on rare occasions, and only doing so through terminated persons (See Document 1383-6 for details). Literally speaking, SCP-1383-2 can communicate through corpses. How this is achieved is currently unknown.

Where SCP-1383-2 is when it is not visible or where it comes from when it manifests is entirely unknown. It is described by those who have witnessed it as “fading into visibility from empty space.” SCP-1383-2 is apparently unable to move through walls and interfere with objects while it is not visible, and thus cannot exit its enclosure. It is also unable to manifest any distance away from SCP-1383-1 greater than six (6) meters. SCP-1383-2 has been noted to remain active even when SCP-1383-1 is unconscious, but appears sluggish and defensive in these instances.

Interview 10-A █/█/██: SCP-1383-1 (from here on referred to and addressed as “Jade”) engaged by Foundation psychologist, Dr. █████, through mirror and intercom.

Dr. █████: Jade? Can you hear me?
Jade: Yes. Who is that?
Dr. █████: My name is Dr. █████. I’d like to ask you some questions.
Jade: Ok.
Dr. █████: Do you acknowledge the presence of SCP-1383-2? Your “protector?”
Jade: Yeah, of course. He’s right there. *Subject points to an area of her cell. SCP-1383-2 is not visible on thermal scan.*
Dr. █████: But you know that we can’t see it, right?
Jade: I know. He’s shy.
Dr. █████: Does “he” have a name?
Jade: I don’t think I’m supposed to tell you. He only told me. Can I tell them? *Subject pauses.* He said no. Sorry.
Dr. █████: Quite all right, Jade. But he, himself, said that you couldn’t tell us his name?
Jade: I just kind of told you that, yeah. He says…he says it’ll hurt your ears or something. Can we talk about something else? He’s getting uncomfortable.
Dr. █████: Certainly. But, do you or he mind if I ask just one more question?
Jade: I guess not.
Dr. █████: Do you think we mean to hurt you? Or do you any harm?
Jade: Like…how do you mean?
Dr. █████: Do you think we’re enemies?
Jade: I mean you guys, like, keep me locked up in this room all day…what do you want me to say?
Dr. █████: That’s for our own protection…from him.
Jade: He won’t hurt you if you don’t bug me. So just don’t bug me and then…what’s the problem?
Dr. █████: We never mean you or him any harm, but you must understand that you think we’re hurting you when we’re not. And we would allow you more freedom if you would just convince him to communicate with us.
Jade: Don’t tell me what I think! *Subject becomes visibly agitated. Thermal scans show increasing heat signatures in SCP-1383-2’s supposed location.* You don’t know what the hell I think!
Dr. █████: Jade, please calm down.
Jade: I’m done. Go away, right fucking now! I’m seriously done talking. *Thermal scans show a large, humanoid-shaped heat signature in the location subject has designated as SCP-1383-2. No visible contact.*
Dr. █████: Jade, sit back down please.
Jade: What’re you gonna do? Come in and make me? I dare you. *At this point, subject jumps into her bed and puts headphones in.*
Dr. █████: *Long pause.* Alright, that’s all for now. Thank you, Jade.

As an unofficial addendum, I’d like to go on record saying that Dr. █████ had my expressed permission to proceed down the line of questioning that he took. This was solely an attempt to engender a less hostile relationship with the subject. My sincerest apologies to Dr. █████ for this misunderstanding. –Dr. ██████████

Document 1383-5:
D-10091 is a Caucasian male, age 40, of heavy build and a history of violence towards young women. D-class designation chosen over death row, based on thirty (30) separate convictions of homicide and rape. Victims were all women around the age of 20. Subject was given a combat knife and told to “act naturally.”

(Prior to entry into SCP-1383’s cell) D-10091: So, what? You actually want me to go in there and…
Dr. ████: Yes.
D-10091: This just seems a little…weird.
Dr. ████: Yes, D-10091. We went over this, much to my displeasure. It’s necessary.
D-10091: Hey, I’m not complaining! I’m actually starting to like you guys, giving me such a beautiful little…present…
Dr. ████: Of course. Please enter the cell. Guard, could you remove those cuffs?
(D-10091 enters SCP-1383’s cell and draws the weapon.)
Jade: Who’re you?
D-10091: Don’t worry about it.
Jade: What…oh god, wait…*Subject becomes visibly frightened.*
D-10091: Just shut up and this won’t have to get messy. I promise.
Jade: Please, don’t…
D-10091: I love it when they beg. *D-10091 grabs SCP-1383-1 by the hair.*
(Heat signature appears rapidly and without prior indication. SCP-1383-2 materializes behind D-10091.)
D-10091: Wh-

At this point, SCP-1383-2 grabs D-10091’s head in one hand and proceeds to crack the one-way mirror with his skull. Immediately after this, subject faces window and then subsequently becomes invisible again. Window is noted to be made of improved Plexiglas, triple-layered.

Document 1383-6:
This document details the most extensive interaction between SCP-1383-2 and Foundation personnel. Rather, of ANY persons excluding SCP-1383-1. Occurring around five (5) minutes after the events of Document 1383-5.

Jade: What the fuck were you people trying to do? Did you want him to fucking rape me?
Dr. █████: Absolutely not, Jade. We had faith that your…“protector” would neutralize the threat. If that were not the case, you would have been protected otherwise.
Jade: Bullshit! You fuckers wanna know why he still attacks you? Take a fucking guess!
Dr. █████: Is he still around?
Jade: Yeah, and he’s fucking pissed off. I wouldn’t come in here if I were you. *Subject turns towards a location in the room at random.* What? Wow, really? He wants to talk to you.
Dr. █████: Really? Can he hear me?
Jade: I don’t know.
Dr. █████: I am speaking to the entity referred to as-
SCP-1383-2: Do not pretend to know me.

At this point, it is to be noted that the source of this voice is D-10091’s corpse. Thermal scans indicate that D-10091’s brain was immensely hot, recorded at upwards of 65.55ºC, but was otherwise biologically deceased. The source of this heat is attributed to SCP-1383-2’s influence.

Dr. █████: May I ask for your name?
SCP-1383-2: No. You are not my charge.
Dr. █████: Your charge? I’m afraid I don’t understand, could you explain?
SCP-1383-2: No. I use your tongue merely as a warning. You do not hear me when I speak otherwise. If there is another attempt on her life, orchestrated by you or your ilk, I shall dismantle this entire structure.
Dr. █████: We won’t entertain your threats.
SCP-1383-2: Entertain my promise.

Further communication was unsuccessful. After the heat spike faded from D-10091’s cranial area, Jade indicated that SCP-1383-2 was still in the room but did not wish to continue speaking. Recently, testing has been left inconclusive and certain… structural procedures have been implemented into Site-██’s foundation to provide extra security.