SCP-1389 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1389

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1389 is contained in a reinforced steel cell that is 13 inches thick, to be checked on a hourly basis for cracks or holes. At least 10 guards with experience of a containment breach are to patrol the perimeter, and are to be equipped with firearms containing explosive ammunition for use against SCP-1389.

4 Class-D personnel are to go inside the cell on a weekly basis for testing. Under no circumstances are Class-D personnel supposed to communicate with SCP-1389 (See Addendum 1389-05), any communication with SCP-1389 is grounds for immediate termination.

A special lead-lined door with a 7 digit lock is the only entrance to the cell. The pass code is to change on a monthly weekly basis by personnel with clearance level 4 and higher. Any personnel without clearance who attempt to open the lock are to be terminated. SCP-1389 is required to wear a tracking device made from a material obtained from [DATA EXPUNGED] while doing a series of tests.

A 60 megaton nuclear warhead is to be kept at the current location of SCP-1389. In the event of a major containment breach, the warhead is to be detonated as a last attempt to contain the SCP Object, this should only be used if the specimen has broken through Wing A. If a containment breach caused by SCP-1389 should happen, all personnel are to report to the nearest security post for weapons and armor detail. Should SCP-1389 be captured before the warhead detonates, personnel are to deactivate the warhead before detonation.Any rogue Class-D personnel should be terminated on-site.

Description: SCP-1389 is a large, bipedal entity with luminescent red eyes, a pair of large cranial horns. It is also very muscular and possesses immense strength. SCP-1389's epidermis is composed of an unknown toughened hide that is able to withstand heavy assault and is flame-retardant. The entity is also capable of communication, preferring to speak to people fluent in Latin although is capable to speak in modern English. SCP-1389 has been seen to preform a number of feats including :

  • Ripping a 5 inch steel door in half.
  • Breaking through a concrete wall several inches in thickness.
  • Take multiple heavy calibre rounds to the head without showing signs of damage.
  • Enduring multiple missile and napalm attacks.
  • One of SCP-1389's most unusual abilities is that it is able to teleport short distances. This occurs whenever it is fired on by MTF members, it can travel up to approximately 500m in one teleport. Although when fired upon by non-combat personnel such as Class-D personnel, it will not teleport but instead ignore the incoming fire from said personnel.
  • SCP-1389 is also capable of going into another dimension which is now commonly known to the personnel responsible of SCP-1389 as the "Chaos Dimension". Using cameras implanted onto the tracking bracelet, the Chaos Dimension appears to contain several pools of magma and is apparently barren. Images containing unknown columns were also taken.

SCP-1389 was found in a underground facility at ████████,██████ after locals described SCP-1389 as a large demon who dwelled in the sewers. Mobile Task Force Zulu-9 (aka "The Grave Diggers") was sent down into the underground sewers to locate SCP-1389, when they discovered an underground facility with lab equipment and records dating back to 19██. They discovered SCP-1389 in a large tank filled with irradiated water, the entity was in a sleep-like state in the tank and was extracted without any trouble. SCP-1389 was then transported to Site-██ safely.

It is unknown if it is possible to terminate SCP-1389, several tests have been conducted to measure its endurance, stamina and destructive capabilities. Further testing of this nature has been prohibited (See Addendum 1893-4). It should also be noted that SCP-1389 shows some sort of aggression or hate towards SCP-079 and will refuse to speak about 079.

SCP-1389 shows some kind of weakness to radioactive material and will take a sort of unconscious state when exposed to high levels of radiation. SCP-1389 is aggressive and shows almost no concern towards human life, except in some cases towards scientists that have monitored or have experimented with SCP-1389 for a long period of time.

SCP-1389 is to be terminated as soon as a method is available due to the possibility of a XK scenario, but extreme caution is to be exercised in the event of a containment breach, as SCP-1389 will try to take the quickest way to SCP-079-1. It is believed SCP-1389 holds the key to SCP-079-1's destruction, but is unadvised due to SCP-1389's hostile nature towards 079-2.

SCP-1389 is noted to receive a sort of enhancement in strength whenever in proximity of any sources of heat, mainly from fires and magma. Any major sources of heat is prohibited inside site-██, failure to do so is grounds for immediate termination and also runs the risk of a containment breach. Should SCP-1389 reach extreme sources of heat such as a reactor or a magma core, protocol Xray-Kilo-One, which is to [DATA EXPUNGED] all WMDs at [DATA EXPUNGED]. This event is to be classed as a XK end-of-the-world scenario and should be avoided at all cost.

Addendum 1389-01: SCP-1389 has made first attempt of communication to Dr. █████.█.██████ in English:

Interviewed: SCP-1389

Interviewer: Dr. █████.█.██████

Foreword: Dr. █████.█.██████ was recording his findings concerning [DATA EXPUNGED] when SCP-1389 began to communicate to him. All non-related data was omitted from the interview log

<Begin Log Date: ██████,███,20██, 1:59pm>

SCP-1389: Where…

Dr. █████.█.██████: What th… *Loud crashing noise due to dropping of the recording equipment*

SCP-1389: Where am I? Who are you? What am I doing in this….

Dr. █████.█.██████: Um, you can…

SCP-1389: Speak? Yes, of course I can, I haven't found anyone to speak to… Now answer my questions, human.

Dr. █████.█.██████: Ah yes. You are in a secure facility in the middle of nowhere. I am one of the head researchers here and you are in a special containment cell for examination.

SCP-1389; So you have trapped me, is that correct?

Dr. █████.█.██████: Well, if you want to be crude about it then-

Note: The remainder of the log has the scientist screaming, then afterwords a sudden crack sound is heard and a containment breach alarm is heard.

<End Log, 2:05pm>

Closing Statement: After breaching containment, SCP-1389 had been captured and successfully contained after using several Anti-Tank Rifles and Missiles. Dr. █████.█.██████ and several other scientists, security guards and Class-D personnel were reported dead with fourth degree burns all over their bodies. Enhanced security and containment measures were taken.

Addendum 1389-02: Testing on SCP-1389 was conducted with the subjects consent, after testing, SCP-1389 refused to communicate to any personnel for a long period of time. After █ months, SCP-1389 resumed to communicate to site personnel.


Addendum 1389-04: Further testing regarding the limits of SCP-1389 has been prohibited due to containment breach 5-8-Zulu. Total casualties : 57 including civilians. Dr. ████ was also killed, cause of death is unknown.

Addendum 1389-05: When interviewing SCP-1389 about other SCP Objects (Due to it claiming about its knowledge of "other entities like itself"), he responded to the images of SCP-079-1 and 079-2 claiming "this is impossible". SCP-1389 then became extremely hostile and proceeded to attack site personnel while trying to escape, only to be stopped by an explosion caused by a malfunction on one of the Tesla Gates in Wing B. All security personnel are now required to use explosive ammunition for use against SCP-1389.

All unauthorised communication with SCP-1389 is now prohibited, all level 2 personnel and higher who communicate with SCP-1389 without authorisation is to be questioned and then terminated, any Class-D and level 1 personnel who attempts to communicate with SCP-1389 without authorisation is to be terminated on site, bodies will be disposed of via [DATA EXPUNGED].

[ADDENDUM 1389-06 - 1389-08 CORRUPT]

Addendum 1389-09: SCP-1389 is now being detained in Site-██ after the previous site's nuclear reactor, in what appeared to be an act of sabotage, overloaded and contaminated the site with high levels of radiation. No personnel of Site-██ survived.

FROM: Agent █████
TO: Dr. ████████
Dr. ████████,
You are a piece of shit, you cocksucker. First you install a nuclear reactor, and then it overloads and contaminates the goddamn site! Do you have any goddamn idea how many people died thanks to your bloody idea! Whats worse is that…thing still lives. I still can't believe that after the disaster in Site-██, you decided to put a live nuclear warhead in the next site! You sadistic scumbag… as long as that thing is still alive, you're going to die, we're all going to die…

Those men who were guarding it had no idea what was going on when the reactor overloaded, their families deserved to know what happened, but you didn't want anyone else to know, well guess what.
I know everything.
Notice: Agent █████ was found dead in his home in ████████,██████ on ██/██/20██. Cause of death was from multiple gunshots to the head, torso and left leg, most likely murder. Dr. ████████ was questioned about the email and Agent █████'s death, he stated that "he had nothing to with that grunts death and that he didn't care in the first place. When questioned about the overloaded reactor, he stated that he didn't know what happened but that the personnel were "Expandable". Dr. ████████ has now been under constant watch for any unusual behavior.