SCP-1410 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1410

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1410-1,SCP-1410-2 and SCP-1410-3 are to be contained in grassland terrarium with some trees scattered around, spanning four (4) km^2 in Area-██, protected by twenty (20) feet thick steel bar-reinforced concrete wall.

Observation performed via twelve (12) security cameras fitted around the area.

Damaged areas must be observed and maintenance at least once a year. SCP-1410-1 must be fed before performing to avoid accidental attack.

<slash- Any researching request regarding to SCP-1410-1 must be committed by at least two (2) separated O5.> After incident 1410-05. Under no circumstance are personnel to research regarding to SCP-1410-1 (See casualties and number of damaged buildings in Document 1410-005-C). Except the research regarding to SCP-1410-2 and SCP-1410-3 (See Experiment Log 1410-D74096-1) When research is complete. All remains must be take out of the containment area and must be incinerated immediately.

There is no security personnel around containment area because SCP-1410-1 will senses their smell and becomes rage after that.

SCP-1410-1 is to be fed three (3) time a week by sent two (2) D-class personnel to containment room. SCP-1410-3 is to be fed by banana, sugar cane, or other tropical fruits.

Whenever SCP-1410-1 becomes rage and escapes its containment. All personnel in Area-██ must evacuate immediately. MTF-Delta-██ (“Elephant Keeper”) will be on action, kindle on several point in area and paths to herd it. Every personnel revolved an incident must wear gas mask all time until SCP-1410-1 is contained again. Any personnel do not evacuate promptly in time must be incinerated immediately.

Description: SCP-1410-1 appear to be Elephas maximus (Asian Elephant) measuring approximately 4 m. in height. It has no sexual organs. Its two tusks long 3.2 m each. Its skin is very hard and thick, there is no currently-known weapon that can pierce through. SCP-1410-1 has incredible strength, can crash four (4) stories building fell down, run with speed over 100 kph, jump 30 m height, and capable of floating midair for 20 minutes per jumping.

The method used by SCP-1410-1 to float is currently unknown, presumably manipulating gravity force or magnetic field by create opposite magnetic pole under its stomach. Despite of violates the law of Thermodynamics, it can move vertically on tree trunk or increase its speed suddenly to “pounce” its prey.

In addition. SCP-1410-1 is capable of reproducing human speech by [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-1410-1 hunts human for sustenance. When it saw human. Its will rush the victim or pounce from midair, then proceed [DATA EXPUNGED] its trunk pierces into victim’s brain or [DATA EXPUNGED] to suck victim’s blood and internal organs. During that time. SCP-1410-1 will exhale ████████████ gas that tranquilizes victim to does not fear and escape. Except during its molting period happened once every four years. For maintain its bristle to tough and hard. During molting period SCP-1410-1 will eat vegetable to maintain carbohydrate level in blood.

SCP-1410-2 are human remains, as known as "elephant gauntlet", manipulated by SCP-1410-1 and SCP-1410-3. They manipulate SCP-1410-2 by insert their trunk into SCP-1410-2’s body through [DATA EXPUNGED] They used SCP-1410-2 to lure other humans into their trap. When other human comes close enough. They will exhale some exotic gas called ███████ (Derivative of Tetrahydrocannabinol) from the tip of their trunk. This gas interfere all five sense. Victim will become hallucination, cannot distinguish between normal human and SCP-1410-2.

SCP-1410-3 appear to be normal asian elephant that have no sexual organs. However. They have no incredible strength like SCP-1410-1. It was born after SCP-1410-1 kill its victims. It will insert elephant embryo in the remains. After one week. Elephant baby will come out from victim’s abdomen and grow the adult further. In addition. SCP-1410-1 is capable of manipulating SCP-1410-2. Currently the Foundation has contained SCP-1410-3 ██ instance.

SCP-1410-1 was found on ██/ ██/ 19██ in ██████, ████████ by Dr.D████████’s exploration team who know an existence of SCP-1410 prior was attacked by SCP-1410-1. Mr.████, only one survivor, broadcasted data regarding to SCP-1410 to public via [DATA EXPUNGED]. Foundation retrieved all data and all material regarding to SCP-1410. Mr.████ was administered Class A amnesiacs.

Addendum 1410-A:
Experiment Log 1410-D74096-1: Birthing of SCP-1410-3 : Date ██/ ██/ 19██
Researcher: Dr.██████
Subject: D-74096's remains

<Begin Log>

01:20 - D-74096’s remains was placed on table in operation room. The remains skin was dry and the stomach is swell like tumor

01:28 – Something moved in the tumor.

01:35 – The tumor was torn apart. Reddish liquid flow out. And tiny elephant trunk emerged from tumor.

01:48 – SCP-1410-3 fully emerged from remains, stand up, walk around, and shriek loudly like kitten’s sound.

<End Log>

Dr. ██████ has found that SCP-1410-3 has umbilical cord connected to egg yolk, which happen to oviparous.

“I guess this is evolution to another step of sapient mammal for adjusted oneself to conform current world’s condition.” Dr. ██████