SCP-1458 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1458

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1458 is to be contained in a half-spherical reinforced steel room with a determined height of 4.62 meters and a determined base diameter of 9.24 meters. SCP-1458 is to be bound to the floor of it’s cell by a set of steel chains whenever any other person's are present in the room. All personnel affected by SCP-1458 are to be terminated immediately.

All entry into SCP-1458’s cell not essential to it's survival is prohibited until further notice. All non-essential staff are to be re-assigned to different projects with the exception of security personnel. All personnel working on site with SCP-1458 are to be rotated out every 6 days for psychological evaluation and are to be terminated immediately upon showing any behavior symptomatic of being affected by SCP-1458. The on-site nuclear device is to be detonated in the event that any affected personnel reach the determined distance of 98.6 meters or greater from SCP-1458. If any persons become affected at a distance of 98.6 meters or greater and are outside of the on-site nuclear device's blast radius, SCP-1458 is to be terminated conventionally.

Description: SCP-1458 is a Caucasian brunette woman with hair long straight hair standing at approximately 1.5 meters tall. The only physically abnormal trait SCP-1458 possesses is a second set of arms a few centimeters below the first pair. SCP-1458's extra set of arms are not anomalous in any way other than their position on SCP-1458's body.

SCP-1458 rarely attempts to move, other than to eat or void fluids, and tends to retain a meditative posture with it's legs crossed and it's fingers interlaced. On a few notable occasions SCP-1458 has acted in sudden violence. On one such occasion Security Officer ████ was nearly asphyxiated to the point of death by SCP-1458 when he attempted to remove it from it's cell.

SCP-1458 was recovered after a police raid on a small residence in ████████. The police team, upon gaining access to the basement of the residence, discovered several [REDACTED] in addition to several corpses of nearby residents and the corpses of a handful other persons wearing long black robes. The small organization was eventually identified as “The Emissaries of Rakalaal”.

Most of the survivors had entered into various states of random, and in some cases, violent behavior. The only unaffected survivors were SCP-1458, a single wounded member of the organization, and the organization's leader who was reported to continuously proclaim “She is the daughter!”. All three were reportedly huddled together, with SCP-1458 clinging tightly to the other two. SCP-1458 was immediately recovered by Foundation personnel and the afflicted persons were terminated. The remaining member of the organization was admitted to a local hospital, and the organization's leader was taken into custody under the charges of illicit drug use and murder. No narcotics were actually recovered.

SCP-1458 was later identified via DNA sampling as Barbra Jenson, a 17 year old girl who was abducted from her home two years prior, and who's investigation was still ongoing.

Test 1458-Alpha

Subjects: Personnel D-112, Personnel D-097, Personnel D-237, Personnel D-067, Personnel D-068, Personnel D-820, Personnel D-516, Personnel D-224, Personnel D-347, Personnel D-070.
Procedure: Subjects are to be contained within SCP-1458's cell and are to be observed for changes in behavioral patterns over the course of five days.
Results: Nine out of ten subjects showed a drastic change in behavior, and began to act erratically and randomly. Three out of ten subjects either self-terminated or were terminated by an affected specimen over the course of the experiment. One subject broke through a cell wall and escaped the cell. The escaped subject was subdued with high-explosives and was brought back to the cell before being terminated via firearm after a struggle.
Analysis: SCP-1458's ability to affect the behavior of human specimens was confirmed, however no patterns of behavior changes between subjects was observed; the behavioral changes of each subject was unique if not random. In addition, extreme variations in physical strength and resilience between subjects at different times suggests a possible correlation between a subjects physical abilities and their distance from SCP-1458. Further experimentation is required for confirmation of this hypothesis. For more information see Dr. Steinburg's log.

Addendum 1458-A: SCP-1458 has been transferred off-site to a more appropriate holding cell following the failure of initial containment. (See Dr. Steinburg’s log for more details.)

Test 1458-Beta

Subjects: Personnel D-086, Personnel D-052, Personnel D-257, Personnel D-031, Personnel D-168, Personnel D-722, Personnel D-660, Personnel D-514, Personnel D-239, Personnel D-408.
Procedure: As with the previous test, the subject's are to be contained within SCP-1458's cell for five days. However, subjects are also to fitted with weights on their their arms and legs. The reaction of afflicted subjects in response to the weights are to be observed.
Results: As the behavior of the subjects shifted, subjects closer to SCP-1458 became over-encumbered and were unable to move, while other subjects near the edge of SCP-1458's cell appeared to be completely unaffected the weights. Subjects a moderate distance from SCP-1458 behaved as if they were encumbered by the weights but continued to move as much they were able. Three subjects were terminated in total throughout the entire experiment. A single subject was terminated when it moved quickly from one side of the room towards SCP-1458 and collapsed next to SCP-1458 under it's weights breaking several bones and rupturing three organs.
Analysis: The results of Test 1458-Beta strongly support the hypothesis that an afflicted subject's physical strength and resilience scale with it's distance from SCP-1458.

Addendum 1458-B: Dr. Huffman’s log: No organized group behavior has been observed so far. In fact it seems like everything these things do is completely random. They sleep at random times, eat at random times, and their behavior ranges from the obscenely violent to the totally docile. The specimen istself just sits there, chained up like always. I just find it odd that she doesn’t even TRY to move.

Incident 1458-I: While having SCP-1458 contained at the center of the cell successfully inhibited the afflicted personnel from directly reaching the camera via an sort of jumping or scaling, the installed observation equipment was destroyed after a severed foot from a self terminated afflicted Class D Personnel was repetitively thrown at the camera by a second afflicted Class D personnel, the final blow to the camera was dealt by the subject while standing near the far edge of the cell. All afflicted personnel were terminated following this incident and a policy dictating that all further afflicted personnel are be terminated was implemented, thus concluding the experiment early.

Addendum 1458-C: The following journal entry was written by hand by Dr. ████, who became afflicted after having no first hand contact with SCP-1458. The entry was deemed relevant enough to add to this file as it provides insight into the thought patterns of persons becoming afflicted by SCP-1458 before they're behavior shifts entirely.

Every time I see them It makes me sick to my stomach, they waller in their own feces, cannibalize each other, spread their remains across the room, and smear the fluids all over the floor and walls, I even saw one disembowel himself and still live for a whole hour, picking away at his wounds. Harry described to me the other day how terrible the stench is in there, he went in there when they had to clean the place out to set up the cameras. I think I’m going to have to request a transfer, and can’t work with this project anymore.

It makes me sick and lightheaded when I think about these things. You know the other day, one of them was outside the cell. It got loose, I don’t remember how it happened but, when it was outside the containment, it was running away. Well not really away but it was running, the guards tried to shoot it, the afflicted specimen I mean. It didn’t die though, it shrugged off the bullets, killed a lot of them think. I don’t know I didn’t see I just heard about it. I think harry told me that they had to use explosives to stop it. When it was back in the cell. They had to bring it back. Last time bullets didn’t work but now they did. It was resisting again and they shot it and it died.

I feel like I’m very light headed now, I just need out. This working for me. It’s not. I don’t feel like im feeling. Right. I don’t know. Much longer can I make it without my. Find I. Entropy’s axis. I running want in…

The rest of the entry is composed of illegible words and characters. There are multiple erase marks present, particularly near the middle and end of the entry. This entry was determined to have been written approximately 20 minutes after Dr. ████. finished reviewing recordings made of SCP-1458. Approximately thirty 30 minutes after Dr. ████ finished reviewing the footage of SCP-1458, a loud repetitive banging was reported originating from Dr. ████'s private quarters. Shortly after, Dr. ████ was discovered dead in his private quarters with his skull crushed and the tile floor shattered. The majority of Dr. ████'s personal possessions were scattered around the room randomly.

Addendum 1458-D: SCP-1458 has been reclassified as Keter following evidence that SCP-1458 is capable of afflicting persons without direct contact.