Scp 1497 Backup
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SCP-1497 in containment. Reddish coloration derived from night-vision recording. Eyes remain yellow, possibly as a result of [REDACTED].

Item#: SCP-1497

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1497 is housed in a 10m x 10m structure, which is to be furnished as a normal living quarters until conflicting command is given. Despite a lack of good behavior and Keter classification, conventional containment has proven to be more effort than it is worth, as SCP-1497's behavior becomes unmanageably aggressive and violent. SCP-1497 in this agitated state has been shown to overcome her standard distractions, making her challenging to contain and upkeep. This "house" is to be protected by at least five (5) centimeters of solid lead on all sides.

Absolutely no lights or light-sources, static or mobile, may be allowed in SCP-1497's containment unit.

All personnel (D-Class recommended due to unpredictable attitude of SCP-1497) are forbidden to bring lights or light-sources into SCP-1497's containment unit, and will be provided with model #129C night-vision helmets in order to interact with her. Bringing a light or light-source into SCP-1497's containment unit will result in immediate termination in the result in the employee's survival. Reflective armor is also to be worn, as it seems to remain effective despite a lack of light, and no less than five (5) personnel are required to enter the containment unit at any one time.

SCP-1497 is highly intelligent with what appear to be basically human thought processes, including boredom and poor temper. As a result, she has requested personal items for the purposes of entertainment and relaxation multiple times, including:

  • A diary and pencil (denied)
  • A diary and charcoal (granted)
  • A dress-up doll (granted)
  • A kitten (denied)
  • Various books and magazines (granted when material was non-inflammatory/violent)
  • Occasional specific personal items from various personnel (always denied)
  • A supply of human blood (denied, security increased)
  • [REDACTED] (denied, security increased)

Description: SCP-1497 appears to be a humanoid woman of implacable age but objective beauty. Unidentified runic symbols adorn specific areas of her body, as do various sections of stitching. Tests confirm that 100% of SCP-1497's internal viscera remains entirely intact, suggesting that nothing was removed as a result of these wounds.

Specific abilities majorly include the subject's muscle-speed, which has been challenging to record due to SCP-1497 being largely uncooperative with movement testing. This speed is consistent. What is not is SCP-1497's seeming ability to vanish from sight; this only manifests in the direct presence of any sort of light. As a result, SCP-1497 is to be monitored on night-vision cameras at all times.

Subject is also seemingly omnilingual and capable of intelligent, civilized speech, though personnel communicating with her have always described conversation with her as decidedly "sinister". Testing has shown that SCP-1497 only speaks her own language, but somehow manipulates linguistic brainwaves. She is therefore seemingly capable of communicating with any intelligent, living entity. Further testing (and possible cross-SCP procedures) pending.

Subject has a seeming obsession with mirrors and is immediately distracted by them. Any sufficiently reflective surface such as glass or polished metal causes SCP-1497 to stop taking action and stare raptly, occasionally pawing curiously at the surface as if attempting to figure it out. This has proven useful in multiple outbreak cases, as well as when attempting to perform basic upkeep on SCP-1497. Presence or absence of a light source does not seem to effect this, raising the inquiry as to how SCP-1497 is capable of seeing her reflection. Further tests pending.

Victims of SCP-1497 have an 81.4% survival rate. Subject is violent but does not seek the death of her victims. Instead, she takes an item, usually of some worth or significance. This item can, however, be a specific piece of her victim. Taken items include:

  • The victim's epidermis (resulted in the victim's death)
  • The victim's wedding ring
  • Both of the victim's eyes
  • 100% of the victim's blood (no puncture wound found) (resulted in the victim's death)
  • The victim's safety goggles
  • A small keychain that depicted the victim's cat
  • One (1) sample of SCP-500
  • The victim's undergarments

In addition to a multitude of others. Extensive searches of SCP-1497's containment unit have proven that she is not storing these items anywhere that can be found. None of them have yet to be recovered. Interrogating the subject results in her claiming they belong to her, and she is keeping them safe.

Surviving victims of SCP-1497's "harvesting" show severe emotional trauma in 100% of cases, including paranoia, catatonia, dementia, and amnesia. Time has not yet proven whether these effects wear off.

Additional Notes: Subject SCP-1497 was originally intercepted in school parking lot holding a [REDACTED] in its hand. According to witness reports, subject was caressing and murmuring to car windows. The language it spoke was described as [REDACTED]. Subject seemingly at random became agitated and began breaking windows with its bare hand. This reaction to reflections has yet to be explained or repeated. (Note: Intricate forearm stitching was present at acquisition of 00X and is unrelated to glass breaking.)

Local ███████ police were called in to deal with SCP-1497, resulting in █ deaths, and one (1) critical injury. The Foundation picked on police transmissions of an invisible attacker. Agents █████ and ███ were sent to investigate.

Subject was docile and complacent until arrival at ████████ when she became verbally and physically hostile. Under spotlighting, SCP-1497 [DATA EXPUNGED] and escaped her bonds. Her method of escape is a matter of investigation.

Agent █████ had his tongue "harvested" by SCP-1497. It was cleanly severed, and took several moments to be noticed. Tongue was not recovered for reattachment. Nothing else seemed to be missing from his person.

Agent ███ seemed untouched by SCP-1497 until a Contamination Protocol Examination took place, whereupon Dr. █████ noted his [REDACTED] of cancer cells. Testing of SCP-1497 for its potential medicinal uses is pending approval.

Addendum 1497-1-a: After continuous complaints of hunger, it was found that SCP-1497 does need to eat to live. Staff are currently struggling to learn what it is that SCP-1497 needs to consume, but results have been inconclusive. Despite her abilities of communication, she merely responds that she requires "nectar".

Addendum 1497-1-b: After Outbreak 1497-█ we have learned what SCP-1497 feeds on. During a routine examination and interview between reenforced mirrored glass, SCP-00X's typical distraction was interrupted immediately after the entrance of Dr. ██████, resulting in a crazed outburst the likes of which the Foundation has never seen from the subject. SCP-1497 showed a level of strength we had not before seen or accounted for, breaking easily through the reflective barrier and [DATA EXPUNGED]. It appears that SCP-1497's diet subsists solely of human breast milk.

Though this outbreak was regrettable, SCP-1497 was re-contained after she was found standing in front of a reflective glass window. How the subject managed to survive with this distraction is presently an enigma. Thirteen (13) D-Class personnel and two (2) members of Foundation staff were "harvested" by SCP-1497, resulting in three deaths.

Opening of presently-classified documents and records pending.

Interview 49-1497:

Interviewed: SCP-1497

Interviewer: Dr. ███████

Foreword: Interview conducted by Dr ███████ between the hours of 6:00 AM and 4:00 PM, the time when SCP-1497 is recorded as the most talkative.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ███████: Where did you come from?

SCP-1497: From the learning place.

Dr. ███████: Please try to cooperate. Where are you originally from?

SCP-1497: I came from home.

(Subject refused to comment further on this topic.)

Dr. ███████: Why do you have stitching on your arms and chest? Were you damaged in some way?

(Subject smiles, shaking her head.)

Dr. ███████: I don't understand. Please answer the question.

(Subject appears to get a bit moody.)

SCP-1497: I don't know.

Dr. ███████: What do the markings on your face and body mean?

(Subject's attitude changes suddenly and dramatically. She smiles.)

SCP-1497: Do you like them?

Dr. ███████: They're… interesting. What do they mean?

SCP-1497: I guess that depends on how you see them. I like to think [DATA EXPUNGED].

<End Log>

Interview 52-1497:

Interviewed: SCP-1497

Interviewer: Dr. ███████

<Begin Log>

Foreword: Second interview conducted by Dr. ███████.

Dr. ███████: Good morning, SCP-1497.

(Subject mumbles something.)

Dr. ███████: I have some questions for you.

(Subject nods. She appears tired.)

Dr. ███████: Would you care to explain why you took Agent █████'s tongue?

SCP-1497: I liked it.

Dr. ███████: You liked his tongue?

(Subject nods.)

SCP-1497: It's mine now.

Dr. ███████: Did you eat Agent █████'s tongue?

SCP-1497: No. It's safe now. I keep them all safe. I keep them [REDACTED].

Dr. ███████: Can Agent █████ have his tongue back?

(Subject becomes visibly annoyed, standing up from her seat.)

SCP-1497: No! It doesn't belong to him anymore! It's mine!

(Dr. ███████ attempts to speak in a placating way, as the subject is becoming increasing agitated.)

Dr. ███████: Okay, okay. It's yours. You also removed Agent ███'s [REDACTED] cancer. Did you like it as well?

SCP-1497: Yes. Its belongs to me now.

Dr. ███████: Can you remove anything you want?

SCP-1497: I take things I like.

Dr. ███████: I have a proposal for you. If you remove something for me in a test, I will get you a [REDACTED].

(Subject nods and smiles.)

SCP-1497: I like those.

Closing Statement: Subject is friendly but consistently uncooperative. Regardless, progress made. SCP-1497's talents may be useful if we can find ways to keep her motivated. - Dr. ███████

<End Log>