SCP-1524 Backup
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1524 must be kept in a sealed box made of a nonconductive material. SCP-1524 poses no risk while connected to a power source. Approval of at least two (2) level 3 or higher personnel is required for the removal or use of the object. SCP-1524 should not be connected to the internet or any other wireless network UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Description: SCP-1524 is a small memory stick. it seems to have the ability to connect to any network and break through any firewall almost instantly. When connected to a power source SCP-1524 seems to have some sort of electromagnetic attraction to any computer system within the vicinity of about 5-10 meters depending on the strength of the power source. SCP-1524 was discovered in the year 20██ when a suspected computer hacker tried to break into a secure banking server. At the time SCP-1524 was unable to connect to the internet but recent tests show that the object has evolved its software and is now able to connect to any network and given the opportunity will probably send us back to the stone age.