SCP-1532 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1532

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1532 is to be kept in a locked cell at site█ 10 meters by 10 meters when not permitted to roam the facility. SCP-1532 is to be provided with a toilet and sink for hygiene, pants for modesty, and a pull up bar to facilitate its upside-down sleeping habits. The subject does need at least 10 pints of blood per month to survive, which shall be delivered in bags. Synthetic Blood has shown to be as effective as natural and SCP-1532 does not appear to care what blood type it is fed. Any personnel interacting with SCP-1532 are required to carry tasers should the subject become violent. While SCP-1532 has not attacked any foundation staff working with it, many have put forth this precaution due to the subjects threatening appearance. After a feeding, SCP-1532 may require exercise. SCP-1532 is permitted to use the gym at site█ . When moving after feeding, SCP-1532 is to be kept under armed escort until it reaches the gym. Once it is exhausted, SCP-1532 is to be brought back to its cell unless it wished to wander for a while. SCP-1532 is to be kept under surveillance by way of a radio collar to determine its location when other surveillance is ineffective. As a result of psychological tests, SCP-1532 is also allowed access to the Foundations library for intellectual pursuits. However, it is not permitted to go there. Instead, SCP-1532 is to be given a request form when it seeks to take out a new book and said book is to be delivered to its cell. SCP-1532 has submitted a request to join a Mobile Task Force which is currently under review.

Description: SCP-1532 is a 2 meter tall male bipedal carnivore with characteristics commonly associated with the Grey Wolf (Canis Lupus), such as a digigrade leg structure, canine face, and thick grey fur. SCP-1532 also possesses large ears like those of a bat, feet capable of gripping, and a wingspan of 2.5 meters grown out of its back. The subject possesses a tail roughly 1.5 meters long for balance both on the ground an in the air. X-rays show a honeycombed bone structure for lightness, allowing it to fly. SCP-1532 possesses intelligence on par with humans, allowing it to maintain conversation with SCP Staff who have worked with it. SCP-1532 is friendly to most people, but has issues with being called an object, but has no name as of yet. DNA of the subject is predominantly of Canis Lupus, but there is also a large percentage that comes from the Vampire Bat (desmodontinae) which accounts for its bloodlust and wings.

Addendum: Notes on recovery
SCP-1532 was recovered in a remote village in [REDACTED]. His presence there started with cattle going missing. however, as the months went on more and more villagers started showing up dead. Early on we dismissed these reports. However, after actually seeing the wounds on the human victims, it was decided to send a contingent team to investigate. A week into the investigation, it became obvious whatever was responsible was clearly hiding its tracks. SCP-1532 was finally found taking refuge in [REDACTED]. SCP-1532 was resistant to traditional tranquilizers, so it was necessary to use a high-voltage stun baton to incapacitate the creature for transport. After awakening in a cell, it demanded that the first guard who saw it explain where it was and why. It had been decided to inform SCP-1532 that he was in fact the last of his kind, despite many more existing in the [REDACTED] wilderness. While it may have been prudent to capture every known specimen, the [REDACTED] government viewed it as an endangered species and allowed the foundation to secure the one specimen. SCP-1532 was classified as Euclid on arrival, but time showed it to be non violent, as it admitted that it only kills to survive. It has not killed any foundation staff up to date and has been reclassified as safe.

Document SCP-1532-1:
Request: Test the effects of SCP-1532s bite on Class D personnel. Experiment SCP-1532A

Given that SCP-1532 has only consumed its required blood from animals or transfusion bags, we are still unsure of the effects that its bite has on humans. I have seen the report on SCP-1532s recovery but none of the bodies were ever found by SCP field agents and Romanias government has refused us access to the bodies their military police have recovered. I feel that SCP-1532s reclassification was perhaps premature. We have had it here for [REDACTED] and still know very little outside of it's genetic structure and literary preferences.
Dr. [REDACTED] SCP Scientific team.

Response: Approved

Experiment SCP-1532A results:
Two of the four Class Ds sent into the cell died from the bite after five hours. The other two died instantly. Despite or because of this, it did take a lot of provoking to get SCP-1532 to bite the personnel.

Document #1532-2: Interview transcript
[REDACTED] days after containment.

Dr. [REDACTED]: Hello. How are you feeling?
SCP-1532: Hard to say. I had the dream again. about what I did in [REDACTED]. Those farmers…
Dr. [REDACTED]: Why did you kill them?
SCP-1532: I was starving. The livestock were gone and when I had to feed, they were the first living things I saw. I had to survive…
Dr. [REDACTED]: Do you feel bad for killing them.
SCP-1532: I had little choice. I was deprived of sustenance and entered the blood rage. I wish there had been another way.
Dr. [REDACTED]: You mentioned this blood rage before. Can you tell me more about it?
SCP-1532: If I go too long without feeding, I lose all control. I become little more than the monster I appear to be. I will kill anything for blood.
Dr.[REDACTED]: have you tried hunting wildlife before you came here?
SCP-1532: What wildlife? everything I could have hunted was killed by the humans or forced elsewhere. I had no food. I had no choice.
Dr. [REDACTED]: Have you ever felt this toward foundation staff?
SCP-1532: Not since they started giving me blood packs. And the pants are nice, too.
Dr. [REDACTED]: We can get you shirts, if you wish.
SCP-1532: Shirts are… problematic. I appreciate the offer, but my wings my make it hard to fulfill.
*interview ends*

Document SCP-1532C
Request for assignment to Mobile Task Force Kappa 42 Filled out by SCP-1532 himself.

I have been held here for [REDACTED] and I am led to believe that the goals of the SCP foundation would require one with my particular talents. MTF Kappa 42 in particular is in danger of losing the remaining "lucky 7". You have all seen what I am and what I can do. Any MTF would be privileged to have me on-board. I doubt I will live forever and you have learned all you can about me. It would be ill advised to keep me locked up in this facility when I can do so much for the foundation elsewhere. As such, I hereby submit my request to be assigned to MTF Kappa 42.

Response: Interview requested before such a placement is considered.

Document SCP-1532D
MTF Kappa 42 recruitment interview transcript.
Agent Rosen

Rosen: So, you want to join MTF Kappa 42?
SCP-1532: Yes. I believe one of my talents could be quite useful to the MTF.
Rosen: What talents would those be?
SCP-1532: I can fly, for one. I am faster than you, stronger than you, my senses are also far beyond what humans are capable of.
Rosen: But can you follow orders, fire a gun, or respect a chain of command?
SCP-1532: The lab boys say I am part wolf. The pack is the chain of command. If I am to follow, I will. Tell me to kill, I'll kill. Tell me to fire, I'll fire.Tell me to stop, I'll stop… eventually.
Rosen: Why do you want to join MTF Kappa 42 when you know our history?
SCP-1532: Because sometimes aerial recon saves lives and you may need an ambush hunter such as myself.
Rosen: Even if I wanted you, you are considered an SCP object. None have ever been anything besides.
SCP-1532: There will come a time when you need me. Kappa 42 is dangerously low on manpower. good luck finding other recruits.

Additional observation required