Scp 1540 Backup

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The Queensland manifestation of an SCP-1540 entity.
Item: SCP-1540

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the extraterrestrial and extradimiensional nature of the SCP-1540 entities, containment is considered to be currently beyond Foundation resources or assets and is likely a physical impossibility. Any possible means of ceasing, delaying, or hindering manifestations of SCP-1540 entities should be tested for viability and employed immediately if possible; likewise, any viable efforts to destroy, or shield the Earth from, cases of SCP-1540 should be given equal and full consideration. However, despite the Foundation’s efforts, cases of SCP-1540 appear to be beyond human influence, and as such, priority will be given to reducing the human and memetic toll inflicted by the manifestation of an SCP-1540 entity.
Upon a materialisation of a case of SCP-1540, Operation Fragma will be initiated, and carried out by Operational Task Force Paliria. The main objectives of Operation Fragma, are, variously;

• The full and efficient evacuation of any population centres within the designated Orange and Yellow Zones of SCP-1540 influence;
• The destruction or containment of any anomalous objects emitting from the Red Zone of SCP-1540 influence;
• The salvage, lockdown, or destruction of any and all Foundation assets and Sites within the SCP-1540 area of effect;
• The administering of Class A amnesiacs to any civilians resistant to SCP-1540’s memetic influence. All civilian or Foundation personnel, assets, or constructions within the designated Red Zone of SCP-1540 influence should be considered irrecoverable.

Description: Cases of SCP-1540 are fully-formed, albeit diminutive and parasitic, universes existing within and alongside our own. From an exterior viewpoint, a manifestation of SCP-1540 will appear as a spherical, 200 kilometre diameter zone of significant deviation from normal physical, spatial, and temporal laws in conjunction with, variously, warping of the surrounding geography and structures, the materialisation of entities native to the SCP-1540 reality, and space-time stress hazards such as areas of gravitic and temporal warping. However, the SCP-1540 zone of deviation is considered to be merely a forced localised intrusion of the SCP-1540 reality into our universe, and from an interior viewpoint the SCP-1540 universe may be of dimensions similar to that of our own. Cases of SCP-1540 often elect to create a physical form for the duration of the manifestation, frequently this is in the form of unusual or impossible cloud or nebulae formations, as well as patterns or balls of light; although some cases have been observed to remain invisible, or manifest in tangible, humanoid forms.

Cases of SCP-1540 exhibit traits similar to that of a parasite. An SCP-1540 universe is entirely dependent on a ‘host’ universe, such as our own, for continued survival. Although for the vast majority of its existence an SCP-1540 universe will exist in a dormant state in inter-universal space, it must regularly manifest within this universe, apparently for the purpose of extracting raw matter or energy from an existing astronomical body; although why they must do so is unknown. In a similar manner to how most parasites will strive to make the host unaware of its presence, instances of SCP-1540 generate huge memetic influence within its zone of deviation to direct attention away from it, with control schemata implanted within populations virtually worldwide.

Implantation of the control schemata has been observed to be completely effective in 98% of cases, with affected brains immediately disregarding all information relating, or alluding to, the existence of SCP-1540 entities before it can be consciously processed. For example, virtually all influenced humans confronted with an image of SCP-1540 will confidently state that the image is blank; if made to examine a model of an SCP-1540 entity, sufferers will look everywhere except directly at the model, and state the room is empty. Sufferers that are forced to acquire knowledge about the SCP-1540 entity will often immediately exhibit symptoms of severe mental breakdown, such as manic depression and suicidal tendencies; although this can be cured by conventional means. Although an SCP-1540 manifestation will often lead to a worldwide rise in anxiety disorders and instances of depression, SCP-1540 manifestations frequently go completely unnoticed. Through usage of Procedure Vigilo-7, Foundation personnel can be made artificially immune to SCP-1540 influence.

- SCP-1540 Sub-entity Classification
Individual SCP-1540 realities are believed to be entirely unique to that entity; and therefore, no two SCP-1540 beings have ever spawned the same entities. In fact, ascertaining whether an individual case of SCP-1540 has attacked Earth in the past can often be discovered through observing the nature of the entities it spawns into the local reality. Although spawned entities vary dramatically between cases of SCP-1540, they can be subdivided into three general categories;

Guardian: A Guardian- class entity is a weaponised being intended solely for the defence of the SCP-1540 manifestation, and will arrive and depart alongside the SCP-1540 entity. They will react with extreme and lethal hostility towards any sapient beings entering or approaching the Red Zone area. It is unknown if they are created by their host SCP-1540 entity, or if they are captured beings from other universes that are slaved to the SCP-1540 intelligence. They are usually unable to survive outside the SCP-1540 reality and will often be severely destabilized, or destruct, if exposed to the normalised Universe.

Native: A Native-class entity is a being that inhabits, and is native to, the SCP-1540 reality, and finds itself inadvertently deployed into our universe alongside the SCP-1540 manifestation. Native-class entities may or may not be sapient, or react with hostility towards encountered lifeforms. Native-class entities are frequently left behind upon SCP-1540 departure, although very few can survive exposure to normalised physics.

Passenger: A Passenger-class entity is an being native to this universe, occasionally a human lifeform, that has been trapped inside the SCP-1540 reality upon its departure and is released upon its next materialisation. Sapient lifeforms deployed in this manner are typically mentally or physically warped through exposure to the SCP-1540 reality, although instances of Passenger-class entities frequently display no signs of having aged between manifestations.

- Observed SCP-1540 Sub-Entities (Selected Inventory)

Uncontained instance of SCP-1540-A
STATUS: Guardian
AKA: Can, Floater, Metalhead.
Instances of SCP-1540-A were heavily encountered throughout the Virginia manifestation and posed a severe hindrance to Operation Fragma. A case of SCP-1540-A was a two-meter wide metal sphere composed entirely of the element Iron. They would typically hover at an altitude of three meters and assault Foundation personnel by firing arcs of electricity from their surface. They displayed a weakness towards physical attack, with concentrated arms fire or explosive weaponry proving sufficient to destroy them; this, coupled with their slow movement speed, allowed the production of tactics sufficient to contain them. Cases of SCP-1540-A could apparently survive removal from their host SCP-1540 reality, however the departure of this reality caused all contained cases to detonate.

STATUS: Guardian
AKA: Bouncer, Rodah.
Instances of SCP-1540-B were encountered during the New South Wales manifestation of an SCP-1540 entity. They appear to be nebulous, sentient gravity anomalies, identifiable by their gravitational lenseing of nearby light sources and loud buzzing noise. They are capable of emitting blasts of gravitational and anti-gravitational force to assault Foundation personnel. Abandoned by their host SCP-1540 reality during departure, exposure to normalised physics weakened them considerably and allowed containment.

STATUS: Passenger
AKA: The Townies.
The Peruvian manifestation of an SCP-1540 entity released a population of 64 French-speaking humans of varying age, who spoke using archaic terms and were dressed in fashions dating to the mid-Victorian period. They repeatedly claimed that a ‘bright light’ had consigned them to ‘hell’ and begged for assistance. However, removal from the SCP-1540 reality caused various anomalous effects such as spontaneous combustion and dimensional displacement among the population, with the survivors forcibly returned to the SCP-1540 reality and held there until its departure.

Uncontained instances of SCP-1540-E
STATUS: Native
AKA: Spines, Dragontails, Spikes.
The ██████ manifestation of an SCP-1540 caused the rapid growths of over two hundred cases of a tall, spike-like plant organism with a bone-like exoskeleton. Mature cases grew in excess of two hundred meters high, and released a yellow, gaseous substance believed to be for the purpose of attracting pollinators. Unusually, they survived the departure of their SCP-1540 reality and had to be forcibly destroyed, during which it was discovered that they displayed a weakness against fire. Some seed pods and juvenile cases are kept in Foundation containment.

STATUS: Guardian
AKA: Ray, Screech, Hunters Bane.
The Wisconsin manifestation of an SCP-1540 entity deployed a number of instances of SCP-1540-H to deter the completion of Operation Fragma. Instances of SCP-1540-H bore some resemblance to common manta rays, with additions such as shark-like fins, unusual jaw structures and atypical size, with an average length of 3 meters. One notable effect of the Wisconsin manifestation was extremely reduced gravity throughout zones Red and Orange, allowing cases of SCP-1540-H to fly, and rise on atmospheric thermals, with relatively little effort. Their main mode of attack was emitting a loud screech and dive-bombing their target, using their spiny bodies and fangs to inflict damage; the deployment of flak weaponry proved effective in combating them. All cases of SCP-1540-H dematerialized alongside their host reality.

STATUS: Passenger
AKA: Scorp, Bug.
The ██████ manifestation of the SCP-1540-13 entity resulted in the release of a large number of creatures designated SCP-1540-J. OTF Paliria members reported these to be scorpion-like animals of unusual size, with a flat carapace and flexible tail, measuring 1.5 to 2 meters. These entities are believed to have been eurypterids, which have been extinct on Earth since the Permian-Triassic extinction event 251 million years ago. SCP-1540-J was noted to be hostile towards humans, however posed relatively little threat. Instances survived the departure of SCP-1540-13, and a breeding population is currently kept in Foundation custody.

Uncontained instance of SCP-1540-N
STATUS: Native
AKA: Squiddie, Freak.
Instances of SCP-1540-N were sighted in several small groups of approximately twenty during the Pyrenean manifestation of an SCP-1540 entity. The entities were around two metres long and appeared to be asymmetrical and cephalopod-like, with a varying number of tentacles. Turquoise metal bands decorated several of each entity's limbs. One limb led to a sphere covered with metal devices (believed to be a "head"), with an array of similar devices running down one large tentacle at the entity's rear. Instances of SCP-1540-N were non-hostile, and reacted to members of OTF Paliria with little apparent interest. All entities encountered were successfully returned to the SCP-1540 reality before its departure.

STATUS: Passenger
AKA: The House
The Colorado manifestation of an SCP-1540 entity resulted in a large dilapidated farmhouse being released into the Orange Zone. The building was deposited on a major motorway, injuring several members of OTF Paliria that were in the vicinity, the farmhouse being largely undamaged by the descent. Carbon dating of wood revealed SCP-1540-O to date from roughly 1900. The skeletons of a preadolescent female and a small dog were found in the basement of the building. The farmhouse survived the departure of the host SCP-1540 reality and was demolished.

STATUS: Native
AKA: Kite, Glider, Origami Floater.
Instances of SCP-1540-Q were sighted during the Guatemalan manifestation of an SCP-1540 entity. The manifest entities appeared to be kite-shaped objects roughly 50 cm wide which floated around 100 meters above ground level. Each instance had a "string" that reached to the ground, where it was embedded roughly 10 cm deep into the surface. The SCP-1540-Q entity has been found to be entirely two-dimensional, with a near-infinitely sharp edge. Handling of instances of SCP-1540-Q has proven to be difficult, since introducing them to three-dimensional spatial laws caused them to dematerialize. They displayed no hostility towards Foundation personnel, although their constant presence above encampments was a threat to morale.

STATUS: Passenger
AKA: Merger, Cannibal.
Instances of SCP-1540-T have been reported during and after the manifestations of SCP-1540-5 on seven occasions. SCP-1540-T are created from trees, both native and non-native, with man-made wooden products fused with the bark and branches. Such artificial items behave as part of the tree, with leaves and small branches growing from surfaces, and sap leaking if the item is damaged. Common items include furniture and building materials. Items are not removable without severe damage to the tree and/or item. One notable instance was a spruce connected to a wooden block of knives, which still contained five knives. OTF Paliria members noted that the tree in question would leak sap at a considerable rate if a knife was removed.

- Operation Fragma Protocol F- Zones of SCP-1540 Influence
The extent and power of the spatial-temporal warping brought about by an SCP-1540 manifestation is not uniform across the affected area; rather, the spatial-temporal instability is an exponentially increasing factor as one moves towards the epicentre of the manifestation, with the extremities of the SCP-1540 entity experiencing little to no warping and the epicentre generally accepted to be a localised intrusion of the SCP-1540 reality. SCP-1540-spawned entities frequently find survival increasingly difficult towards the edges of the zone of influence where naturalised physics re-asserts, similarly entities native to this reality frequently find survival more difficult as they move towards the SCP-1540 epicentre.

Note that the ranges given are for template purposes only, and should be adapted to suit the particular SCP-1540 manifestation.

GREEN ZONE: Range >200 kilometres from epicentre
Reality is naturalised and not under any form of physical SCP-1540 warping; rather the Green Zone designates the effective rage of SCP-1540 memetic influence. The range of the Green Zone varies between manifestations, with SCP-1540-12 observed to implant control schemata on a virtually worldwide scale to SCP-1540-42 generating only a 50-mile effective range. Sapient beings within the Green Zone are typically highly susceptible to SCP-1540 influence, with only a 2% rate of total or partial control schemata rejection across all populations. Although there is frequently a rise in instances of depressive and anxiety-related disorders across the affected population, the majority of human lifeforms within the Green Zone area will endure an SCP-1540 manifestation with no ill effects.

YELLOW ZONE: Range 200-150 kilometres from epicentre.
Reality will be naturalised for the most part, however there will be small areas of instability where naturalised spatial-temporal laws do not directly apply. Time, spatial, and gravity warps are relatively infrequent. SCP-1540 spawned entities are typically capable of survival within the Yellow Zone, however they will usually opt to inhabit the unstable regions whenever possible or migrate between them. Guardian-class entities are usually weakened within this region.

ORANGE ZONE: 150-50 kilometres from epicentre.
Reality is severely warped within this region; with intrusions of the SCP-1540 reality manifesting throughout the Orange Zone area, and spatial-temporal warping becoming common and at hazardous size and strength. Although there will be areas of moderate stability the long-term duration of these areas should not be taken for granted, as they are liable to collapse at any time. Spawned entities will be comfortable within this region and Guardian-class entities pose a severe threat. Inhabitation of the orange zone, even in the short-term, is strongly discouraged.

RED ZONE: <50 kilometres from epicentre.
The Red Zone reality is considered a local manifestation of the SCP-1540 reality; with the exception of local geography and structures will bear little resemblance to Earth. All naturalised physical laws have collapsed; all spatial-temporal laws within the Red Zone will be emitted by the manifest SCP-1540 entity. Survival within the Red Zone of a manifest SCP-1540 entity is frequently, although not always, impossible, as some instances of SCP-1540 contain realities that operate on similar physical laws to that of this universe; such cases will usually lead to the creation of Passenger-class sub-entities.

The methods by which removes matter is largely typical between manifestations. Cases of SCP-1540 generally merge their own reality within our own universe to such an extent that the Red Zone area is considered to be existing within the SCP-1540 reality; therefore upon the departure of the SCP-1540 entity, which has never occurred longer than 7 days after its arrival, most of the surface matter, as well as any structures or living beings within the red zone, are cleanly removed. Such traces of SCP-1540 manifestations have been disguised as, variously, atomic weapon test sites, the actions of unscrupulous logging companies, open-cast mines, sites of construction efforts or the aftermath of volcanic eruptions. Cases of SCP-1540 generally avoid large population centres, presumably because of the likelihood that a greater number of people will be resistant to their influence; although small towns and villages have certainly been affected or destroyed.

Due to the memetic nature of the SCP-1540 entities, and the fact that many manifest in isolated areas, it is likely many manifestations are not recorded. Additionally, it is at least probabilistic that, due to the varying levels of memetic strength between cases of SCP-1540, some may have the size and power to override Procedure Vigilo-7 and direct all human attention away from itself. It has been theorized that popular tales of ‘lost cities’ and ‘lost continents’ may be corrupted projections of facts being suppressed by implanted control schemata.

The following written message was found within Site-,██ which had been trapped within the Red Zone of an SCP-1540 manifestation. Although lockdown of the site prevented a containment breach, no human personnel were ever recovered.

- Site-██ Recovered Message- Transcript
Don’t you get it? It’s the screaming! The sound of a million souls being torn to pieces only to be put back together again! It’s the endless cycle of chaos and insanity! The Pattern Screamer, didn’t you ever wonder WHY it was called that? I should be sad, but I’m laughing, laughing! Do you know why? Because I wasted my whole, worthless, staring the impossible in the face, trying, TRYING [INCOMPREHENSIBLE] prove that, somehow, everything made sense! Oh yes, I’m scared. I’m scared of it more than anything. I’m scared because the screaming has been growing louder and louder. In my head, when I sleep, I hear the screams. I hear the creatures, its sons, crying out in pain, praying to Him to give end their misery and give them nonexistence instead!

I walk these halls, and the [INCOMPREHENSIBLE] blinded to HIS glory. They avert their eyes, for they would rather see nothing than see the TRUTH. HE took the ceiling and the top floor, and these [EXPLETIVE] just shivered. I remember, I remember the blind and the mad shouting into the darkness ‘Why do they only attack us? Why not stars?’ [INCOMPREHENSIBLE] because what is a God, if there are no minds to shape Him into the living avatar of our darkest fears and wildest dreams? The Red Zone is uninhabitable? For me it is more comfortable by the day! HE speaks to me, a tower of shimmering glass, and I hear the words in the screaming. David! He calls night and day Come to me Be me I see the captured tugging at the seams of what I laughably called reality and know I go to be part of a greater whole! THEY will be the end of everything! We will all join the cacophony of noise that is the Screamer, and we will help them grow, and there is nothing we can do to stop it happening!

It will break your spirit first, and do it in such a way you aren’t even aware of it happening. It adds a new fear to you, it forces your subconscious to associate its name, the Pattern Screamer, with fear. It forces you to hear the sounds of unbearable pain, but makes you think it’s an illusion. As their influence grows the [EXPLETIVE] blinded will respond differently. Some will treat them as a disease, something that can only be cured by a bullet to the brain. Most will ignore it, choosing to think of them as just a part of daily life. And those who can SEE will read the words in the screaming and know they are Gods, and worship them, and rightfully so!

Because now I see the Pattern. I see everything, and now… I know there is nothing. Because…I see them, feasting, gorging themselves, GROWING, and expanding, getting bigger and bigger, reaching out into heavenly dimensions…until they fall prey to their own kind! DON’T YOU SEE? That’s the Pattern! That’s the whole cycle of creation! For everywhere, for every universe in existence! All of it is born out of its own destruction! A universe nibbles away, bit by bit, expanding itself, until the same tiny mouths tear it down! I walk through these halls and sparks fly from my fingertips. I see them coming. They have been watching this universe for a while. A foolish universe with a blind God, who took too much too soon, and I see them massing in the dark mad spaces between creation, and we are a pretty…pretty prize indeed. We are a crop, ripe and fully grown, and this is only the beginning. Because what happens when a crop has ripened…?