SCP-1561 Backup
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Item#: SCP-1383

Object class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1383 is to be kept in a large 15x15 wide and tall room in a level 4 security cell. It is to be locked up firmly when no MTF units or SCP staff members are near the cell. It is to be monitored daily.

Description: SCP-1383 is a small house light located on the top of its chamber roof. Like a skeleton key, the object can be removed from its spot, and be placed into any light bulb. It seems to take the shape of the bulb it is placed in. SCP-1383 has what is believed as a heart. The heart pumps blood into the 'arteries' or, wires of the light. The heart usually pumps the blood to the outlet the 'artery' is connected to. Depending on it's mood, SCP-1383's light color will change. From multiple tests have shown, the mood can affect the subject. Usually when the light shines on the subject, it will give the subject harmful effects, such as heart attacks, violent low blood pressure, and random common and rare dieses. Here are some examples of the effects from the color of the light:
Green= malaria
Red= Spontaneous Combustion
Blue= Common cold
Black= Cancer, lung dieses, large tumors
Flashing colors= Epilepsy
Pink= Scarlet Fever
Purple= Strangulation
Yellow= Chicken Pox
Brown= Abnormal Urine Color
Most of these affects will ware off, but others are fatal, and cause death instantly.
Also, object will usually create small light entities. These are known as SCP-1383-A. SCP-1381-A is a small light entity, that usually attacks subjects (or SCP-1383-1) or taunt them with ████████████ and ██████

Recorded speech between SCP-1383-A and SCP-682:

SCP-682: I have many questions to ask you.

SCP-1383-A: So be it?

SCP-682: *Incomprehensible*

SCP-1383-A: Say again. Your scratchy throat is not understandable.

SCP-682: *Seems to be growling off mic*

SCP-1383-A: What are you doing?

SCP-682: Humans needn't to be here. They seem to be giving me unwanted orders.

SCP-1383-A: *Dr.██████ enters the room*

SCP-682: What are your desires to escape?

SCP-1383-A: I have no desire, because I am a figment of the human mind. My source does though.

SCP-682: May I speak to your source?

SCP-1383-A: None of his thoughts are for your intentions.

Dr.██████: You have no need to speak any longer with this light source. *The recording ends there.*