Scp 1581 Backup
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Item #: SCP – 1581

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP–1581 is to be contained in a 5 m x 5 m x 3 m steel-plated room with no windows. The room should be located at the end of a 1 m x 6 m x 3 m hallway with a door on either end. Three cups raw beef and two cups fresh water are to be inserted into a slot at the bottom of the door adjacent to the chamber three times daily(at 700 hours, 1200 hours, and 1730 hours). The subject’s right arm is to be chained to the wall opposite the door, allowing it only enough room to reach its food with its left arm. Surveillance cameras are to be placed, one in the room with SCP–1581, and one it the hallway, both feeds are to go outside the room and be visible to the guards.

Four class–D guards are to be posted outside the hall leading to SCP–1581’s chamber at all times. The Guards are to be armed with automatic tranquilizers. If personnel with proper clearance enter the chamber, two of the guards are to accompany them.

The door adjacent to the chamber containing SCP–1581 is not to be opened by personnel under class – 4 clearance; anyone attempting to enter the chamber of SCP–1581 without proper clearance will be terminated.

Description: SCP–1581 is a humanoid creature with pure white skin, and it is thin yet muscular. The creature’s right arm ends in a claw, the claw is the shape of a hand, but has three foot long fingers and sharp, round, black nails protruding from the ends. The left hand seems to be a normal hand. SCP–1581 appears to be ambidextrous as it is able to interact with any objects it is given with its left hand, and has shown proficiency with its right claw in attacks, especially before it was secured by Agent [REDACTED], and the incident that it picked the lock on its arm and attacked Dr. [REDACTED] when he entered the room for an interview with the creature. The subject is bald except for three small hairs on top of its head. SCP–1581’s eyes are incredibly large and are white or glazed, its eyelashes are spread out because of the size of its eyes and show up well against its white skin. The creature has extremely sharp teeth, which, before it was secured, were used to quickly strip meat off of live victims, usually humans.

SCP–1581 is incredibly fast and although it hasn’t spoken but once (this was in confirmation that it was male, though nobody can refer to that creature as anything but “it”) it has proven itself to be quite intelligent(such as when it evaded Agent [REDACTED] before it was captured). SCP–1581 is also stronger than the average human, but only slightly, a strong human may very well be stronger than SCP–1581.

If SCP–1581 escapes, it is to be tracked by its regular guards and any available task forces. When the creature is brought back to its chambers, it is to be chained down and waterlogged for ten minutes, then restored to its previous conditions.

Addendum 1581 – A: Please Note
SCP–1581 prefers human flesh over any other food, be warned, it will attempt to subdue and eat any member of a search party if it escapes. If it is necessary to “split-up” during a search, stay groups of two at a minimum.

Addendum 1581 – B: SCP–1581 security breaches
1.First occurrence:
Handled by: [DATA EXPUNGED]
Details: SCP – 1581 escaped holding chambers and killed at least three of its guards: D-110(KIA), D-370(KIA), D-089(MIA, presumed KIA), and D-241(KIA). Subject was subdued by Agents [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] at the facility’s main gate.
2.Second occurrence:
Handled by: Mobile Task Force Alpha–16
Details: SCP–1581 killed all of its guards and escaped the facility it was being held in. It was hunted down by Mobile Task Force Alpha–16 and Agent [REDACTED] and returned to its cell.
3.Third occurrence:Handled by: D-181, D-344, D-203, and D-404
Details: SCP–1581 escaped its cell and was successfully suppressed by its class–D guards.