Scp 1612 Backup
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Item #: SCP-1612

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1612 is to be held in a 15*20*7 meter concrete cell with walls a minimum of 1.5 meters in thickness. There is to be a 1 meter thick concrete door with sliding mechanism to avoid SCP-1612 from simply breaking the weakest point on the deadbolt. Outside the Containment unit, there is to be a pair of Class-D personnel stationed on either side of the doorway, on guard duty at all times and the guard post must be changed every eight hours to prevent over exhaustion due to the closeness of proximity to SCP-1612. The Cell is to be furnished with any non-living, non-metallic form of furniture, but there is to be a maximum of 8 pieces of furniture at any time. SCP-1612 is allowed to leave his cell only upon request and a requisition from a minimum of three personnel with a security clearance of Level 4. Testing is permitted, but must only be administered within a period of 15 minutes time at most, and direct contact must not occur between the personnel conducting the test and SCP-1612. SCP-1612 is to be kept off-site at ████/██/██.

Description: SCP-1612-1 appears to be a male Caucasian human at about the age of 20, but claims to be somewhere around the age of 127, which leads us to believe that SCP-1612-1 has at least one or more genetic modifications that have either halted or slowed the age process of SCP-1612-1. SCP-1612-1 stands at about 5'7" and has unkempt brown hair which it claims to keep that way on purpose. Beyond that, SCP-1612-1 always has the unusual habit of wearing a specific pair of goggles, henceforth referred to as SCP-1612-2.

When SCP-1612-1 creates an indirect contact with any living individual, the subject feels intense pain which has been reported as a sensation compared to "having your bones temporarily replaced with fire." This indirect contact-based activation of SCP-1612-1's ability is the direct cause of SCP-1612-1's seemingly natural tendency to give off a form of radiation that, while not radioactive, interferes with the nervous system's receptors of both pain and pleasure. This radiation is impossible to reproduce due to the waves it travels having not one, but two extra dimensional variances in path. This radiation has been found to have an adverse affect on hard metals when they come in contact with the subject's skin. The radiation produces a vibration that without much of an easily understood concept, causes whatever the object might be to vibrate at its first or third harmonic, inevitably causing the object to either shatter or disassemble itself. This radiation doesn't have the ability to permeate any more than 2 meters of concrete, and has a large radius of projection, the limits of which the SCP foundation has yet to discover. This is compounded by SCP-1612-1's enhanced strength, and stamina. The limits of SCP-1612-1's strength has been confirmed to be 200kg before SCP-1612 truly begins to over exert itself.

When a test subject enters into the room, unprotected by any special means, they are faced with the instant sensation of a wriggling warmth across their skin, which is described as both a delight, and a minor pain simultaneously. When a subject looks into the eyes of SCP-1612-1 when not covered by SCP-1612-2 they tend to begin to have seizures, and survivors of these seizures have been known to develop early Alzheimer's disease, and extremely severe Epilepsy to the point where turning a light on in a dimly lit room will induce seizures without fail. This affect has lead researchers to believe that the radiation escapes through SCP-1612-2's eyes at a deadly level.

The Class-D personnel designated to stand guard outside of SCP-1612's cell have described that their muscles feel thoroughly exhausted at the end of a guard shift, and have found that they gain strength over a long period of time. This has lead researchers to believe that the weakened form of SCP-1612's radiation, due to the need to pass through concrete, causes a minor cellular vibration that promotes muscular tissue growth. When a subject comes in direct contact with SCP-1612's skin they become instantly overwhelmed by [DATA EXPUNGED] byproduct of which must be cleaned off the walls of SCP-1612's cell over the course of an entire hour, meaning that SCP-1612-1 must be the one to clean it so that no personnel are overexposed to the radiation given off by SCP-1612.

SCP-1612-1 has been questioned on multiple accounts, and has submitted to a lie detector test on multiple accounts during its statement of the fact that it knows its birthday is ████████ ██, ████, and that it doesn't know why it is like this, how it became like this or exactly what it was like before it acquired the characteristics that have classified it as a certifiable SCP. On one of these accounts, SCP-1612-1 stated that it was an accomplished hacker, and when given access to an extremely outdated computer without internet access, it had hacked into the SCP Foundation Database before SCP-1612-1's observer had even returned with his notepad. SCP-1612 was found looking through the other Humanoid SCPs.Since the incident involving the SCP Database, SCP-1612-1 has requested to acquire visitation rights for SCP-275. Since SCP-1612 arrived at the SCP Foundation it has displayed both suicidal and lonely characteristics, and explains that this is the reason for his request. Request still pending approval by a minimum of two people with Security clearance level 5.

SCP-1612-2 has been proposed to be tested upon, but the current state of the material has influenced Level 4 orders to state that they must not be tested upon, lest they become even more damaged than they already are, and become broken, and cease to filter SCP-1612-1's ocular radiation.

SCP-1612-1 has been put on Psychiatric Alert so that it will keep itself in a sane state of mind, although it does enjoy chatting with its psychologist and other females. SCP-1612 is not allowed to engage in any ██████ activities with said personnel which has resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED], a mess which SCP-1612 takes two-three days to fully clean.