SCP-1617 Backup
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Item#: SCP-1617

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1617 is to be contained in a 5 cm reinforced steel cell. SCP-1617 should never be removed from the cell unless approved from a Level 4 or higher personnel. If removed, SCP-1617 must be chaperoned (carried) by five guards. Two guards for the arms and two for the legs, one guard should be aiming the gun at the head. SCP-1617 must be placed in a reinforced steel box, in case of an episode (Raging or lashing out), if being escorted (wheeled) to another room.

Description: SCP-1617 is a humanoid female, varying from about 90 lbs. to 95 lbs. and 5.9 ft. Its body seems to be made from plastic and doll-like features. It has long black hair; with triple the proteins as there would be in a human. SCP-1617 seems to be wearing an old 1950s nurse’s gown and will always carry a knife that seems as if it’s pasted to its hand. When SCP-1617 sees a mannequin that is in range of cracked to completely broken, it will be in a state of rage or sob uncontrollably. It will blame humanity for ‘all of the broken dolls in this world’, and try to cut its way through the reinforced steel walls. After a tantrum, it will ask if it can make mannequins out of ‘unwanted’ personnel’s.

SCP-1617 was discovered in ██████, in a rundown hospital. The motives of it are unclear, but it seems it wants to make mannequins out of any living thing it thinks is beautiful.

SCP-1617 can go at excessive speeds, and if injured, can rebuild any part of its body if given the right material. SCP-1617 will get seemingly smarter as days pass.

Interviewed: SCP-1617
Interviewer: Doctor ████████
Foreword: SCP-1617 seems to be mumbling to itself while toying with its knife. Looks as if it’s muttering in a foreign language.

Addendum 1: SCP-1617 was ordered to come down for a second interview for the third day in a row.

<Begin Log, 00h-10m-45s>
Doctor ████████: Do you know why you've been called here?
SCP-1617: To let me out perhaps?
Doctor ████████: Now why would we do that?
SCP-1617: Because I am not an animal.
Doctor ████████: Of course you're not an animal.
SCP-1617: But I am treated like one, no? {Begins scraping the knife on the table}
Doctor ████████: Is that really what you think?
SCP-1617: Yes.
Doctor ████████: Would you mind answering a few questions?
SCP-1617: (Mutters in a foreign language)
Doctor ████████: Excuse me?
SCP-1617: Would you mind if I made a doll out of you Doctor?
Doctor ████████: {Motions for two guards to come over} Why?
SCP-1617: Fools. {Becomes silent}

Closing Statement: "Perhaps we could give her something that she could toy with, she might calm down then."