SCP-1622 Backup
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Item #: SCP: 1622

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1622 is to be held in a 5 m x 5 m (16 ft x 16 ft) room and given adequate room to move with proper bedding, furniture, bathroom, and multiples puzzles for SCP-1622 to be replaced every four (4) weeks. It must be fed three (3) times daily and the room must be maintained regularly. All maintenance personnel must not under any circumstance come into contact with SCP-1622. Any personnel found to contact SCP-1622 without direct permission from level 4 clearance or higher will be detained and may be terminated upon investigation.

When contacting SCP-1622, personnel must always be with two or more class-E guards. Testing must only occur when given consent of SCP-1622 unless otherwise instructed by level 5 clearance or higher. If SCP-1622 seems to be in a state of discomfort any and all personnel must evacuate the room and wait until it has calmed down. If SCP-1622 attempts to attack or otherwise harm any staff it is to be shot without discrimination. If SCP-1622 escapes the site the current staff will be notified and asked to report any and all sightings of it.

Description: SCP-1622 in it's most common form is a humanoid figure standing at 2 m (approximately 6 ft) in height having no distinct facial features save two abnormally large crimson eyes, in this form it appears to be a lightly tanned Caucasian male. SCP-1622 is known to have above average intelligence and appears to posses paranormal abilities such as an innate knowledge of every staff member it comes into contact with. SCP-1622 refuses to talk to most researchers and is known to break down the psyche of those he finds "unworthy" of conversation. SCP-1622 has never harmed any personnel that has attempted to contact it.

The first attempt to interview SCP-1622 was unfruitful and resulted in Dr. ██████ needing psychiatric therapy following the interview.

Dr. ██████: Hello I am Dr. [interrupted]

SCP-1622: Yes I know Dr. ██████.
Dr .██████: How did you know my name?
SCP-1622: I know more than just your name, but I will not talk to you.
Dr. ██████: I don't know if you've realized but you are not under any circumstance to make demands.
SCP-1622: I know they told you my capture was [Redacted]
Dr. ██████: I am well aware of this but that is [interrupted]
SCP-1622: I am able to escape as I please but I choose to stay here.
Dr. ██████: Why don't you leave then?
SCP-1622: *sighs* isn't it obvious? Although it would not kill me, your weapons are extremely painful and it is much easier to just submit. I will not answer any more questions from you.
Dr. ██████: My superiors made it clear to extract what you are and your intentions. Now what are you?
SCP-1622: If you do not stop questioning me I will reveal your deepest, darkest secrets.
Dr. ██████: Answer my question. What are you?
SCP-1622: If that's what you want, [Data Expunged]
Dr. ██████: Wait how do you know that! Tell me now!
SCP-1622: *slowly* I saw you
Dr. ██████: What? How! What are you talking about!
SCP-1622: I also know [Data Expunged]
Dr. ██████: Everyone! Get out! This interrogation is over! Tell me how you knew that! Tell me you peice of shit!