Scp 1622 Backup The Second
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Item #: SCP-1622

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1622 is to be kept at Site-17 in a 6 m x 6 m cell constructed of 60 mm of concrete, with a locked metal door. General living furnishings such as a bed and chairs are to be provided and SCP-1622 is to be given food and water and books are to be supplied for entertainment. If SCP-1622 does attempt escape, then it is to be given harsher containment procedures.

Description: SCP-1622 appears to be an African-American male, age 24, 170 cm tall, 65 kg, who frequently wears a pointy purple hat, red cape, and sunglasses. SCP-1622 identifies itself as Magic Master P and swears by this name. Personnel are to refrain from calling SCP-1622 Magic Master P to avoid inflating its ego. SCP-1622 claims knowledge of many magic tricks and of being a magician, however it is rarely even able to successfully pull off a card trick. Its speech patterns can be closely identified to the average inner city African-American male.

SCP-1622 has the innate ability to morph into an array of different jet aircraft. Upon transformation, SCP-1622 will either be stationary or it will already be accelerating at top speed. SCP-1622 can only morph into jet aircraft that it is aware of. In order to test if it was capable of learning, it was shown a picture of a Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor. After exposure to the picture, SCP-1622 was then able to take form of a F-22 Raptor. This learning ability does not include any aircraft that doesn't use jet propulsion. After being shown pictures of propeller aircraft, SCP-1622 claimed that it "just wasn't feeling it." It claims that the Harrier Jump Jet is its favorite aircraft to take form of.

Video feeds show that when SCP-1622 transforms, its skin takes on the shape and metallic properties of the aircraft it is mimicking. It is unknown how this process takes place but is being tested. Upon 'crashing,' SCP-1622 reverts back to its humanoid form unscathed but exhausted. Taking physical damage as a jet will physically drain SCP-1622. When it assumes the shape of military aircraft it does not form the typical armament of the aircraft in question. SCP-1622's cockpit is unable to open under any circumstances.

SCP-1622 has asked for release on many occasions, claiming to be a normal person. When told it must be kept in containment for testing, it claimed that the Foundation was "trying to keep the black man down." Aside from its various comments or complaints, SCP-1622 seems indifferent about its containment and does not actually see Foundation scientists as racists.

Addendum 1622-A: A portion of transcript between Dr. ██████ and SCP-1622.

Dr. ██████: So you're a magician?

SCP-1622: Yeah man you already know, I'm the Magic Master P!

Dr. ██████: Was your jet transformation ever part of your act?

SCP-1622: Ah hell nah! You do a couple magic tricks and people will be impressed; you start turning into a fuckin' jet and people are gonna get scared.

Dr. ██████: Can you show me a magic trick?

SCP-1622: Yeah [REDACTED], I got you. [SCP-1622 pulls a deck of cards out of its pocket] Pick a card.

[Dr. ██████ pulls a card out of the stack]

SCP-1622: Remember that card, 'cuz you're gonna see it again.

[Dr. ██████ slips the card back into the deck.]

SCP-1622: Aight now I'm gonna shuffle the cards and pull yours out. Then you'll see.

[SCP-1622 shuffles the deck and pulls one card out of the middle of the deck]

SCP-1622: This your card?

Dr. ██████: No.

SCP-1622: Man fuck! [SCP-1622 throws the deck of cards on the floor] That usually works man I swear.

Dr. ██████: I see.

Closing Statement: After several more attempts at magic tricks we can conclude that SCP-1622 has no "magical powers" or inherent abilities to perform tricks besides its ability to morph into jet aircraft.