Scp 1623 Backup
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SPC-1623 prior to containment.

Item: # SCP-1623

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Subject shall be contained in a bird cage at all times in a steel, sound-wave blocking, with no windows at all, basement at Site-██. Should any Subject-1623-2 get out, Procedure: Search and Destroy shall be implemented where Subject-1623-2 shall be hunted and terminated immediately. See Description for why.

Description: Subject-1623 is a micro-metro city equal to a city state. The people(known as Subject-1623-2 from now on) are very small people, 5 decimeter in height.(Tall as 5 dimes) The government in the city state seems to be a direct democracy. Observations of the subject has results of estimations of the population to be about 1,000. Technology is roughly on par with normal cities except in the robotics-computer branches. Computers of subject is measured to be on par with Kaze's first computer.(Very low memory,only 1.0 MB, Slow speed, and very low energy efficient.) Yet the robotics branch seems to be near-futuristic levels.(It seems they have already near "true" A.I.)How this is possible is not clear. However, it seems they are using cybernetics(implementing the nerve system in robotics such as putting resistors, insulators, circuits, conducters together to create a nerve system on par with humans. Based on instinct.) for robots instead of computer science. Standards of living for Subject-1623-2 are to UN standards: 1.500 GI. With purchasing power very high(so high as very poor Subject-1623-2's are able to buy supercomputers, A/C, and a modern home), healthcare seems to be top-notch with very few subjects looking sick. It seems that the healthcare system has socialised medicine(medicine where the government pays for some of the bills) and universal healthcare. The Education system seems to somewhere between American and British system. However, the Military and Police units seem to be very under-equipped. Which seems to be because all the money is going to social instead of national security.(But it does have some spaceships) The economy seems to be on par or even stronger than USA. With an inflation rate of 1.0, GDP:$90,000,000,000,000, Growth: 3.2, and unemployment: 2.5. This seems to be because of the Subject-1623-2 high standards of living where they can afford almost anything and we have also observed that they have urban agriculture which seems to fit the needs and such the subjects are focusing on luxury. So they buy everything they can. All this info came from President {DATA EXPUNGED}(Known as Subject-1623-1 from now on) who agreed to co-op in exchange for not destroying them, and to leave them alone somewhere. We have considered to destroy Subject-1623 because of some recent (DATA EXPUNGED) resulting in ██ deaths and numerous injuries. Causalties:████ total.