Scp 1632 Backup
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Item : SCP-1632

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1632 is to be kept in a secure cell at all times. SCP-1632 requires no nutritional substances (e.g food/water) for it does not appear to require the consumption of any nutritious substances. No one is to enter SCP-1632's cell at any time due to risk of fatal or critical assault. D class personnel are only to enter the cell during testing and must keep eye contact with SCP-1632 at all times unless instructed not to do so. Upon entry D class personnel must not blink when maintaining eye contact with SCP-1632 until the cell is closed and secured (the same conditions apply upon exit). Due to risk of accidental blinking, two D class personnel must maintain eye contact with SCP-1632 upon entry and must notify each other when blinking. SCP-1632 must be contained in a dark conditions due to loss of appearance in light conditions. Cameras are placed within SCP-1632's cell for observational purposes and must be placed out of reach of SCP-1632 for due to risk of damage.

Description: SCP-1632 appears to be a large malnourished black dog. SCP-1632 (also known as "the black dog") has extremely bright green eyes permitting it very effective night vision. The high arch of the "black dog's" back reaches approximately 1.5 meters off the ground. Though SCP-1632 is believed to be some obscure species of dog, its features are very wolf like. Due to many reports of black dog sightings worldwide it is believed that the "black dog" is in fact a species of mammal. Reports of black dog sightings usually differ in appearance which suggests that there are different breeds and types of SCP-1632 though they all share very similar qualities. SCP-1632 is a much more aggressive than those of its species described in other sightings, reasons for which are unknown. SCP-1632 is only can only be viewed in darkness, usually easily spotted due to its eyes. SCP-1632 is inactive and invisible in the light yet its presence is recognizable due to the sound of its breathing. SCP-1632 often lurks in corners in a sitting position unnaturally still. SCP-1632 has shown no interest whatsoever in other animals of any species and will always focus on whichever human is closest to it (if there are any humans within its vicinity). SCP-1632 does not blink and will always attempt to make eye contact with the closest human. If eye contact is broken with SCP-1632 by means of turning or looking away, SCP-1632 will slowly advance towards the person who has done so, though will immediately stop if eye contact is re'established with SCP-1632. If however a person blinks while within eye contact of SCP-1632, SCP-1632 will move at unnaturally high speeds toward he/she who blinked in an attempt to kill him/her. It is unknown why SCP-1632 reacts in such a manner but if this situation occurs it is advised to look away from SCP-1632 and immediately look back at SCP-1632 re'establishing eye contact, this will usually cause SCP-1632 to stop and return to its still state. If a human becomes within a 1-2 meter distance to SCP-1632, SCP-1632 will usually lurch at the person in an attempt to cause fatal injury upon that person. SCP-1632 will always kill by biting the neck or head, reasons for which are unknown. SCP-1632 does not consume or excrete.

Addendum: SCP-1632 may indeed be a species of animal only just discovered due to its lack of appearance and the fact that it can be so easily mistaken for an average dog. Very little is known of SCP-1632 therefore further research and testing is required. The ability to perform tests on SCP-1632 is very limited due to the high risk of fatality (two people have been killed by SCP-1632 so far).The foundation is currently attempting to secure contain and protect other "black dogs" of a less violent nature but so far attempts have been unsuccessful. Due to the danger SCP-1632 places staff in, SCP-1632 has been considered for termination.